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QBittorrent is a client for sharing files in P2P networks. Written in C++ using the QT library, and therefore cross-platform. Among explicit features qBittorrent want to mention its similarity with the same clients for Microsoft Windows: µTorrent and BitTorrent. The similarity is not accidental, because qBittorrent also functional and fast as its counterparts. It also has the following: * Well-adapted and extensible search engine Search Engine o Simultaneous searches in the most famous search sites systems BitTorrent o the Ability to search by specified categories (e.g. Books, Music, Movies)) * Support all extensions Bittorrent o DHT, Peer Exchange, full encryption, Magnet/BitComet URIs, etc. * remote management through a web interface o Almost identical...

Cheese is a program that allows you to take pictures and record video from a web camera connected to the computer (or the built-in laptop) under Linux. In addition to Cheese, there are several fun effects that you can apply both video and photo. Program Cheese is very simple to operate and has a simple interface.

Sage is a very powerful free mathematical software. Sage affects many areas of mathematics, including algebra, linear algebra, mathematical analysis, computational mathematics, combinatorics, graph theory and others. it is not strange sounds, but the Sage works through a web interface. This interface is called the notebook. Sage can work both locally and remotely. In the simplest case, the program is as follows. You enter point (expressions, instructions, and then click the Evaluate (Start) and get the result. Architectural Sage includes many (about 100) of an open source mathematical software (subroutine libraries). The full list can be viewed on the official site of the program. Sage may well be a free alternative to such mathematical programs as Matlab...

Alg3py - program to work with matrices and vectors. Suitable primarily for students and pupils. Supported unary and binary operators. Program Alg3py able to perform the transposition, a few, finding keys, finding the inverse of a matrix, addition, subtraction, scalar product, and other actions with matrices and vectors. Alg3py fairly simple interface, though and very rudimentary. In the left part of the screen displays the matrix, with which you work, and the right list. After executing any action over the matrix, a new matrix, which you can edit. Installation program Alg3py in Ubuntu Linux For Alg3py there PPA repository. To install the application in Ubuntu, run the commands in the terminal: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jorgealda115/alg3bra sudo apt-get...

GCalctool - standard calculator the Gnome desktop. Has more features and is easier to use. GCalctool has 4 modes: simple (Basic), advanced (Advanced), financial (Financial) and programming (Programming). GCalctool use standard symbols mathematical operations instead of abbreviations, for example, instead of sqrt (), use the icon of the square root. Russified versions of Gnome calculator GCalctool looks a bit ugly, because of the fact that the names on the buttons translated into the Russian language - the size of these buttons is large enough. To start the calculator GCalctool using the English language, perform the command line: LANG=C gcalctool

Galculator - scientific calculator for Linux. Galculator has three modes of operation - a simple, scientific and paper mode in which calculations can be performed by entering expressions in the text box. Program Galculator supports decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary number systems. It also supports various angular measure degrees, radians, degrees. Galculator has many settings. You can configure the program's appearance, fonts, colors. You can create constants and functions. Program for Linux translated into Russian. Galculator is written in the C programming language and uses the GTK + 2.

Anki is a popular free program for memorizing foreign words. The study is by showing cards with words. The program Anki supports plugins, displays statistics and has a number of other possibilities. Anki is an indispensable assistant for those who learn foreign language. Works on the type of flash card that is displayed card with the word that you want to translate and, in consequence, to assess their knowledge of the word (I don't remember - remember - you know - very easy). From the evaluation of the card depends on the frequency of its occurrence. Anki have the option of getting ready decks of cards and add your own. Wide possibilities to customize the appearance of cards multimedia Support a Large number of plug-ins Setup learning algorithm Detailed...

In this article I will talk about the hierarchical notebook, which are already more than half a year. CherryTree convenient for those who need to make any notes, prepare a personal knowledge base. Interface CherryTree very beautiful, intuitive, immediately the location of me. On the toolbar are all necessary actions". All Russian interface. I will not tell much about it, show it in action: now. will Create a new knowledge base. To do this, add a new branch"and then choose "save": Now, when there is a branch, you can save our base of this. You can either File - Save. Or on the toolbar icon "Disk drive with an arrow": Select the type of data it is better to choose Sqlite, as appropriate, with the password or without. Now this database can be stored in Dropbox...

Quickplot - program for Linux to build a two-dimensional graphs. The program is not able to build charts based on formulas, and uses as input files (array numbers). Thus, Quickplot created to visualize the finished set of input data. Input files must contain indications of the graph, for example, in a column or coma. Also as an input file, you can set the music file such as WAV. "Random" in the program to understand not work, you need to read the manual, which, unfortunately, is not very detailed. Read more about the formats and other features, refer to the manual: Quickplot supports a number of command line options. You can run Quickplot from the command line, specifying the necessary input parameters, and then...

Functy - free software for 3D graphing. In the program you specify options for your graphs in spherical and Cartesian coordinates. Functy builds them in a three-dimensional different colors. Schedule can be rotated with the mouse, and to zoom in and zoom out using the scroll. the Program allows you to save and open graphics in XML format. Also be exported into a format PLY (Stanford Triangle Format). This format can be opened in the editor Blender . Functy available for Linux and Windows. On the website of the program is available for download ready DEB packages. To install a DEB package in Ubuntu, download it and double-click the file. The installation program will start, follow its instructions. unfortunately, Functy no documentation, but it's pretty...

Linux DC++ is a free client file-sharing network Direct Connect (DC) under Linux. Linux DC++ has a lot of features and has a large number of settings. You can limit the data rate, configure the connection settings to customize the appearance and sounds. Linux DC++ (Linux DCpp) is a ported version of Linux DC++ for Windows and almost as she functionality. Program from the official Ubuntu repositories I got in English, and without support for Russian filenames. You can find a programme that supports Cyrillic. Please unsubscribe in the comments (provide relevant links).

Transmission - free BitTorrent client for Linux with a simple and convenient interface. The Transmission program is easy to use and will not be difficult even for beginners. Allows you to create a torrent, control the speed reception and transmission, when downloading torrents you can choose files or folders to download. Has enough options to complete the work. Transmission can operate as a daemon in the background and run from the command line. Transmission is written in C using GTK+ and is not demanding of system resources. Program for Linux is fully translated into Russian. Transmission is also available for MacOS X.

FileZilla is a popular free FTP client for Linux. All the settings, which are many, are performed in graphical mode. Supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP. FileZilla you can set bookmarks for different FTP connections. Bookmarks allow you to navigate through the directories in sync with the remote FTP connection. That is, you move around the directory tree on your local computer, and in the right pane, open synchronously directory on the FTP, which is very convenient. Program FileZilla completely Russified. The program is available for Linux, Windows, MacOS X.

Psi - free client im suomenniemi (IM client for Jabber (XMPP). Psi can be used for communication, for example, Google Talk, LiveJournal. the Program for cross-platform, uses the Qt library and can run on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Psi is an IM client, which is focused on the Jabber Protocol. Small client, written in C++ using QT4 libraries, however, are able to compete with other clients like Pidgin , Gajim and Tkabber. Lovers ICQ and other modern services instant messaging will help different transports which allow you to link Internet users Jabber, which is becoming more with subscribers which use other clients. The list of such transports and recommendations for their connection can be found on the website

Skype is a free program that allows you to chat with others with microphones and Webcams - easy and convenient voice communication between people. Skype also offers paid services, such as calling phones and mobiles and send SMS. Skype for Linux is fully translated into Russian. On the official website of the program versions available for different Linux distributions. In Ubuntu Skype is the easiest way to install from the repositories (although you can download and ready deb-package Skype for Ubuntu from the program site). Skype is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, as well as for mobile OS.