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Geary - simple mail client for Linux with a pleasant, easy interface. Has a basic set of functions for working with the mail. the First thing that distinguishes Geary from other email clients is its simplicity. The program has a fairly miserable functionality, but for some it is only a plus. Supports viewing of conversations. Now Geary supports only one mail account. Developers write on the site, which in future versions of this limitation will be fixed. When you first start the program you will need to enter your account e-mail account. Already have predefined settings for Gmail and Yahoo to other email services will need to enter additional settings. Geary written entirely in the Vala programming language. Install email client Geary in Ubuntu In the...

Claws Mail client for Linux. Supports email search, email templates, plugins, etc. Support basic mail encryption protocols. program Interface standard for programs of this type, but the icons and some interface elements are significantly outdated. Claws Mail has many settings. You can customize the appearance of the program, mail handling, writing messages, and more. there is no automatic Manager settings, mail accounts, such as that made by the mail client, Thunderbird , which contains a database of settings for popular e-mail services. Claws Mail Program uses the GTK + library. The program is available for Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free e-mail client for Linux. Thunderbird is distinguished by simplicity and ease of use. Pleasant, we can say that the standard interface for a program of this kind. In Thunderbird you can create multiple accounts, supports virtual folders. I would like to mention the excellent integration with Gmail (synchronization of folders and emails, IMAP). The program supports installing add-ons. There are built-in spam filter training. Supported tab, flexible email search, filtering of messages, etc. Thunderbird is developed in the framework of the Mozilla project. Many elements of the interface is similar, for example, with the same Firefox. Program platform and can run on Linux, Windows and MacOS X. There is a Portable version of the...

Evolution - a program for Linux, which has the functions of the organizer. Has the following features: email management, contact management, calendar, to do list, to-do lists), notes, synchronization with external devices and others. Features of the program can be expanded with additional plug-ins.

Gufw is a simple firewall for Ubuntu. Allows you to block network packets in accordance with set rules. You can configure the network to a specific application or Protocol, or to enter any parameters packet processing. the application Interface is simple and clear. In the main window displays a list of rules for handling network packets. Setting new rules in Gufw performed in graphical mode. You just consistently choose from predefined lists the steps that you must follow, enter the required parameters (ip addresses, ports), click Add a new rule begins to work. Also set the rules for some programs that work with the network. You can, for example, restrict access to the Internet for the torrent client Transmission. Or, for example, prohibit the Protocol FTP....

Wireshark - traffic analyzer (sniffer) for Linux supports more than hundreds of network protocols. Wireshark can in real time to view and keep track of traffic, to collect information on all the packets pass through the network map. Allows you thoroughly (fields) to view the contents of packets to filter and sort the results by many parameters. Supports the export of data in various formats. Originally, the project was called Ethereal, but was later renamed in Wireshark. Wireshark is available for Windows and there is a Portable version that allows you to run Wireshark without installation on a computer, for example from a flash drive. In Ubuntu to run Wireshark need as root: sudo wireshark.

FlareGet - download Manager for the Linux operating system. Supports automatic dynamic segmentation, downloadable files, load speed of each segment, and so on. Interface FlareGet seems standard for such programs. In the upper part there is a panel with buttons to the left of the category of downloads, the right of the table with a list of downloads and their data. Download automatically categorized, based on the file extension. the Program supports HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. Saznace that FlareGet free, but not Open-Source. Now the program is available only for Linux, but are porting the program on Windows. The program does not translated into Russian. Installing FlareGet in Ubuntu Linux FlareGet missing in the official Ubuntu repositories. In the Internet you can...