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How to draw a Toucan? And who is this Toucan? And this bird is very exotic appearance. Words will not describe -let's start at once to draw. Draw a Toucan - lesson 1 Here is this bird. Drew a sketch in pencil, made sure that everything is correct and looks like and proceed to the main pattern. To start, the classics need a very large.Vskidku it [...]

How to draw a Chaffinch. This is an article from the series"Draw songbirds ", but can be attributed to the "Drawings of migratory birds," choose what you need. As for myself, I would call -"small birds". Here's what a paradox - studying the biology Department, I have not advanced to distinguish between all the flying around birds and only after many [...]

How to draw a Robin - step by step drawing lesson series "draw migratory birds". This bird is known as the Robin for its brightly-painted orange breast. But before painting we will come later. Yet draw the very bird. Find in Internet a photo and copy. I literally do this: Draw on a sheet of paper and, putting the screen of your laptop [...]

How to draw a lark. This is an article from the series "How to draw a bird". Lark just perfect under the definition of "bird". However, it is unlikely you've seen these birds up close - except that while walking in the meadows could hear their warbling coming from the sky. Drawing lark we use the Internet. Find an expressive photo and get started. Schematic [...]

How to draw a pine marten - a lesson from the series "Drawing wild animals". Marten is a medium-sized animals from the weasel family. Like most members of this family they are very agile, quick and graceful. A further description of the appearance of a marten to connect to drawing. Draw pencil sketch: the Body is squat, long, neck too long and nimble: the Legs are short. The tail is long and fluffy, [...]

How to draw a Church - quite a popular search query. Let us learn. We're not just grasping to make complex and ornate cathedrals which are difficult to understand. Let's start with this beautiful Church which is quite clear: it's time to draw, of course, with a pencil sketch. Not possessing special architectural terminology I will try to give more piecemeal pictures. So, [...]

How to draw a poodle. The poodle is a popular breed of toy dogs. The ancestors of poodles were hunting dogs, but today this question is no - if you look in the Internet , the request "poodle" you will see hundreds of unusually trimmed dogs, like toys (of human desires). Well, if such their fate, and will draw such fashion [...]

Some call this breed - Dalmatians, but on the Internet I read that the name is wrong, it's "Dalmatian". Anyway you probably know what it looks like this dog. But in the description I am going to quote information from websites on dog breeding. So , "the Dalmatian is a large, harmoniously built dog, strong, very muscled. The animal is very hardy [...]

How to draw a dog husky. We won't go into detail about different breeds of husky (Yes, husky is a group of rocks), and learn how to draw a certain husky - dog hunting-driving directions. Just to clarify that husky huskies are very similar, but is a separate breed and to them we devote a separate lesson. So, draw the husky. Looking for a picture of Laika is in [...]

How to draw a dog breed bull Terrier. About the bull I read in my childhood in the book Sheila Burnford" an Incredible journey". Old bull Terrier is a loyal friend of cat and Labrador liked me and I was dreamt that he came home alive. And I strongly advise you to read this wonderful book - it is written with great love [...]

How to draw a dog breed pug. The pugs I really like - very charming dogs - this business and fun at once. When I walking to meet a pug, I have immediately lifted the mood. Here let us draw yourself this wonderful creation. Here I found a picture of a pug looks very typical: First a pencil construct a General structure of the scheme [...]

How to draw a pit bull or should I say pit bull Terrier. From Wikipedia I learned that this dog is also called "the American pit bull Terrier" or "Staffordshire pit bull Terrier". Porda this is not clearly defined, there are more bulldogs, there are more Terriers, there are middle options. These dog - fighting. At first they were bred for baiting bulls.When such violent entertainment were banned, pit bulls have become [...]

How to draw a Waxwing. The Waxwing is a very beautiful and graceful bird. Some even say that the most beautiful bird in the world. Like it or not, I will not say, but exactly what style of waxwings there. In our band the waxwings appear around the same time and bullfinches - with the onset of cold weather we can observe flocks of these lovely birds [...]

How to draw a crossbill. This article is from the series "How to draw forest birds". Closer to us Klest-elovik and Klest-sosnovik. It looks very similar birds, the only difference in the nutrition of spruce or pine seeds.In accordance with this, the elovik beak is slightly weaker, and sosnowica, splitting very tough nuts, the beak is thicker and more powerful. Klest belongs to the order vorobjevyh [...]

How to draw a Stingray. Rays I love from early childhood. My mother read me a story, Horacio Quiroga about skotovataya stood up for his man and did not let the tigers eat the wounded. This is one of the strongest childhood memories and now the art class electric ray I want to dedicate the selfless defenders. Draw electric ray, Yes, that's a form [...]