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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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In the cities, more and more people prefer Bicycle as a means of transportation. However, our street is still not adapted for this mode of transport. Usually, cyclists have to drive on the pavement, interfering with pedestrians, or go on the roadway, exposing themselves to danger from vehicles: dedicated lanes for bikes we have virtually nowhere to be found. Read more →

The Decision to divorce is rarely easy. It is especially difficult to resolve this, if the family has a child. It's hard not only from an emotional point of view, but also from a legal – not a secret that the divorce process is harder if you have to decide with whom, and on what grounds the child will live. Read more →

Article in the administrative code relating to the drinking of alcohol in public places and being drunk on the street are some of the most controversial. It is clear to anyone that the drunk person on the street potentially even dangerously, but, nevertheless, a great role plays the human factor. the fact that the detention by police of a person in alcoholic intoxication, the officer subjectively evaluates the degree of his intoxication and the danger potentially posed by the drunk. So in the same situation man can draw a fine or not paying any attention to him. Read more →

In our days, it becomes extremely relevant section of law concerning the protection of copyright. Placing their works on the Internet, the authors simply do not know how to protect themselves on the Internet. You need to know the basic laws. Copyright applies to all objects of intellectual property: books, music, research. They are United in two groups: property and neiromaster type. Property rights (also known as exclusive) are available to the author of his work, that is, to its dissemination and processing (e.g. translation into another language). Read more →

A question for the lawyer we Have a cottage in horticulture Soviet times. In recent years all around actively built, since this territory became part of the city. Last month it was a registered letter in which we have been informed that our land is in a built up area and will be withdrawn for municipal purposes. What will happen now? Read more →

All law-abiding people should be aware of legislation relating to restriction of noise level. of Course, the law does not prohibit to collect guests at home or listen to music, but the time when it is allowed, strictly regulated by law. Too loud? it is Worth remembering that the noise level should be within an acceptable range, not only at night but throughout the day. Read more →

Under current law (article 219 of the Tax code), the citizen has the right to provide a paper on the deduction after receiving the honey. services and purchase of medications and after checking to part of the money spent. it is necessary to pay 13% tax (i.e. working under an employment contract). When deduction is possible? Return to 13% is possible in the cases: Read more →

According to statistics, couples who live together without formally concluded marriage in Russia very much. Reasons for not to go to the registry office, each with their. In Russia, for a long socialstudies without legalizing the relationship is called a civil marriage. Civil marriage – what is it? Read more →

The Work of law enforcement officers is regulated by the law"On police", regulations of the Department, as well as management guidance. Thus, verification of documents is lawful in the following cases: There are reports that the man is a suspect in a crime or wanted by law enforcement; There is a reason for detention or the institution of proceedings; if the Person carries out activities for which a permit is required. And to validate this document has the police the right (paragraph 2 part 1 article 13 of the Federal law "On police"). Read more →

In this article we will tell you how to act, if you the doorbell rang, the representative of law and order in and demands to open it. That status can make a COP and what is not? What formalities must comply with the law? On the inviolability of the home you Need to remember that the Constitution and the housing code to protect the inviolability of a person's home. This means that the police cannot enter without your permission or without a court order (the exceptions are the separate exception). Read more →

Under current tax legislation (article 219 TC), the citizen has the right to return 13% of the amount of tuition. But it is necessary to be officially employed and pay income tax. to Issue a refund as possible for their own learning and the tuition of children and siblings. To do this, you need to fill in the Declaration form 3-NDFL and to collect the packet of papers. Read more →

In the field of use of territories, disputes over public land occur very often. Particularly acute problem in cities, where buildings around the territory, in common the possession of tenants (clause 1 of article 36 of the LC RF). Illegal occupation of land is expressed in the illegal building, warehousing of items, and the like. Read more →

Arrest by the police in any case of serious stress for any person. It's one thing when the offense is obvious, and quite another when a person is held without reason or when, during that violated his rights. Next, we describe how to obtain compensation for unlawful detention. About when the detention is legitimate, what actions should a representative of the law in the process should be drawn up and that you need to pay attention to. In which case the detention is lawful Read more →

In Russia, unlike the developed West, compensation for moral damage shall be appointed by the court is not often. And this sort of thing not so much. In GK the Russian Federation the possibility of obtaining compensation was enshrined in the nineties. Many people do not understand how you can get money for the suffering incurred, especially when seemingly there is no documentary evidence caused the harm. However, when properly drafted claim and sufficient grounds for it, to receive compensation is possible. What does the term "moral damage", what are the grounds for receiving compensation is enshrined in legislation, will be discussed in this article. Read more →

To Receive compensation after the flooding of the apartment is possible not only by the court. Often the situation can be handled by the pre-trial settlement of the dispute. In this case, it is first necessary to properly prepare a claim. It should be consistent with the abovementioned requirements and deadlines. If the perpetrators agree with the claims and the court do not want to go, just to satisfy all the claims and the situation will be resolved peacefully. Read more →