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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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With the end of work and retirement, the individual is released with a lot of personal free time. And it can stimulate a person to start their own business. Besides, a small business can be a good tool in life. What difficulties might face the elderly person when registering IP? Read more →

Land for agriculture or agricultural land – these areas, which are located outside the city limits and are used to produce products of agricultural production. These lands are particularly fertile. They grow vegetables and fruit as well as cattle feed. Read more →

Copyright protects and identifies opportunities to use works created as a result of intellectual activity. Copyright works are protected by the civil code of the state in which it is created or distributed. The nuances of copyright if the Creator of the alien, or if the work is distributed abroad, are regulated by international acts concluded between the countries. Read more →

1. You have no right to deny the entrance of the school catering In the situation when an employee of the institution where you want to go, forbids to enter on the grounds that the internal rules of the institution, or not declaring, then you need to understand that this is a direct violation of your rights. Catering establishments should provide their services to all who turn to it. To deny it can only in a situation where there were no seats if it is closed on spec. service, or if for objective reasons it cannot provide the service properly (in the room there is no light, gas, water and the like). Read more →

The Legislation of Russia establishes fraud as theft of property or obtaining it through fraud or through abuse of trust. the Essence of this operation lies in the fact that a fraud specially deceives or conceals true and is required to report information. Thus, such information may be completely different – it may be associated with the identity of the crook, to touch his rights and opportunities, or to touch the laws, situations and others. It does not matter how this information was communicated to all – oral, written, or otherwise. Read more →

What does the term "all the apartments", is familiar to many firsthand. Often until the turn to the apartment people have to expect five, ten, even twenty years. With that face and large families. How to be in such a situation, reveal in this article. of course, the Government tries to take care of the cells of society and various ways to support them, by offering and preferential mortgage terms, and the provision of land for construction, and the provision of social housing. Spoon of tar in this barrel of honey is formed the line, and invariably faced the question of when the turn will come? Read more →

The interior Ministry on behalf of the Government intends to include in the current rules of the road, a new term "dangerous driving", for this is ready amendments. They are designed to reduce the number of accidents. For dangerous aggressive driving will be assigned administrative sanctions. In the draft resolution, the term is defined as "creating the driver in the process of driving a vehicle danger to traffic by repeatedly committing one or more actions associated with the violation of the Rules, expressed in a failure when rebuilding the requirement to give way to the vehicle having the priority right of movement; rebuilt in heavy traffic when all lanes are occupied; the failure to a safe distance to the vehicle ahead; the failure to comply with a...

Parents have the right in 2016 to a standard tax deduction on personal income tax was paid. This refers to their right to receive for each child, both native and adopted, monetary compensation, which is determined by the number of children and their health, by reducing the tax on the reimbursement amount. Who and when should apply for tax deductions for personal income tax? Read more →

We All grow old. And not everyone will have the privilege to stay in old age with a clear mind and physically active. Some old age ailments in the force can no longer make responsible decisions, and someone can't even take care of himself. At such moments, relatives and friends should come to the aid of man. the Reasons for recognition of the person incapacitated On the basis of article No. 29 of the civil code of the Russian Federation only a court may declare a person unable to clearly assess the situation and take responsibility for themselves. Such decision the court shall issue solely based on the opinion of experts from the psycho-neurological dispensary. Read more →

Can hardly be called pleasant situation, when a delay period of payment of the fine penalty is assigned, or when the case comes to trial. The question of how to know if hanging on you debts, worries many people – those who pay child support, drivers, businessmen and others. the Website of the Federal bailiff service Read more →

Medical staff working in the intensive care unit, gravely concerned by the probability of occurrence of various complications after the operation caused by the infection. Each health care facility tries to resolve the issue of occurrence and spread of nosocomial (nosocomial) infections, making every effort to avoid it. The responsibility for postoperative complications are on the employees of the institution. To reduce this probability at most hospitals introduced a strict ban on visiting the relatives of people lying in the intensive care unit for recovery after major surgery. Read more →

Hello my husband from his first marriage had a baby. It's been seven years since we married and it turns out that my husband is wanted for failure to pay child support. Husband called ex-wife to find out why? She said either pay child support for the child or make the child. We thought and decided to abandon as a child he didn't communicate and haven't seen him for five years, and we expected completion, so every penny counts. How to make a child? Can a former spouse to abandon the child to avoid paying child support? His ex said that as soon as he will write a waiver, she will write a waiver of alimony. Read more →

Many short-sighted citizens taking on a debt don't think about the consequences in failing to timely pay the debt. Today very easily get into debt because banks and micro lending institutions tell you very clearly how easy it is to take money on credit if you do not have to purchase them, to be honest, it's not so needed in the moment things. Meanwhile, debt default threatens the loss of property. It just may be arrested and sold to pay my debt! How does the sequestration of the debtor Read more →

There are plenty of reasons for transfer of employee from one organization to another. Such a transfer, for example, may be associated with the division of firms between owners on several independent from each other units, or the employer's desire to attract other members with relevant qualifications, as may be the employee decided to move from one company to another. Such transition employee is accompanied by certain difficulties related to the legal aspects of the translation process. In this article you will find a description of the main stages of the relocation, as well as learn about some of the intricacies of this process. Read more →

25.03.2016, in Moscow, at the state site is not known before the order of reception of examinations on the rights. After the entry into force of a regulation (01.09.2016), applicants for right to drive vehicles will take exams on advanced rules. is a New, well forgotten old theme Read more →