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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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The Most affordable method of reducing costs for payment of utility bills, is to install water meters. Starting from 2016, the payments of consumers who forgot about accounting methods, become overly increase. Every consumer wants to save, asked the question: "How fast, reliable and secure, install the meter and seal it? Who can I entrust this work, what documents do I need?" the Installation and sealing of water meter Read more →

For many, the issue of payment capital repair is not particularly pleasant, although it is considered important. Muscovites troubled by this issue in July 2015, while the regions already before that practiced this system. How much is now paying housing and who cannot spend money for the repair? the Price range is refurbished in 2016. Read more →

If the woman going away on maternity leave (maybe even 30 weeks), according to the Law of the Russian Federation No. 255-FZ of 29.12.2006, she is entitled to receive maternity benefits from their employer or from the social security authorities. PT. 11.1 of Law No. 255 reads as follows : - a woman may receive benefits for pregnancy, childbirth, or make monthly payments for the care of the child. the Amount of maternity payments in 2016. Read more →

The reason for the transfer of property in the inheritance, according to the law, is the will or kinship with the deceased. In the presence of a will the heir has at his place of residence to go to the notary. Before the visit to the notary to prepare the following documents: a passport; a will (without comments about the changes, cancellation); certificate form f-9 with data on place of registration of the testator, which can be obtained from the passport office. A list of other documents that may be necessary for registration of inheritance, the heir will inform the notary, after studying the composition of assets in the will. Also, the notary will open a case in probate. Read more →

If the heir inherits property under a will, as a rule, the issue of responsibility of such property, it is not necessary. That is specified in the will, the property, the heir will inherit under the will. But not all so is simple if to the heirs the property is transferred according to the law. In this case, all the heirs accepted the inheritance of the appropriate line in equal parts (usually it's several people), a reasonable question arises: how to divide inherited property? Because it is often a part of the inheritance includes not only divisible things (for example, money), and indivisible (for example, apartment, car, jewelry, paintings, etc.). Well, if all the heirs agree to the conditions section, if unable to agree, a section is possible in a...

Type of construction: equity. This type of construction, as the equity arose in the distant Argentina. From the moment of its establishment until the present day the principle has not changed: the construction of residential buildings at the expense of citizens, legal entities or individual entrepreneurs – the future owners of the land. While the motive of real estate investors may be profit, and personal needs. We consider the investment by individuals, as the most common type of shared construction in Russia. The housing issue standing in our country, forcing citizens to actually pay developers for their work on the construction of houses. Read more →

Five years ago, the uses of the parent capital there is a new item: construction materials. This is the case when a young family prefers self-construction of the house, rather than waiting for ready separation from the state. There are some restriction. For this purpose financial assistance is necessary to wait trehletija the child. However, there are some conditions under which this clause can be circumvented. Read more →

Deciding to buy an apartment, people evaluate the proposals according to various criteria. Such of them as area, location in the house, the floor cannot be changed. When buying from a private individual on a price can be negotiated. There is another important criterion – the layout of the room. If it is changed, then the buyer may have some problems after he becomes owner of the property. What are the risks of buying an apartment with illegal re-planning? Read more →

In the Russian Federation there is a special social program, aimed at assisting young families, the provision of housing. This problem remains relevant because of the strong difference in the cost per square meter of housing values and wages of most Russians. Five years ago the Government decree numbered one thousand and fifty approved this program, consisting of several subprograms, one of which is to assist in the provision of affordable housing, known popularly as the "young family". Who is covered by the program? Read more →

Decided to resign, a citizen of the Russian Federation are entitled to some payment. This also applies to pre-retirement people, including employees of state institutions, police, prosecutors and military personnel. Received Finance will be based on: Severance pay in case of closure of the facility and other similar factors; For hours worked and not paid time entitlements; Paid not spent vacation days. During the liquidation of the institution or by the end of the contract also provides for payment. Their sizes depend on various factors, the main of which is the average wage in the last before dismissal time. the Calculation of severance pay according to the letter of the law. Read more →

If the employee organization is pregnant, she already has the right to the thirtieth week to go on maternity leave. In this state she is guaranteed financial support from the workplace or the social welfare system. These standards are enshrined in Federal law under the number two hundred and fifty-five from twenty-ninth day of December 2006. Material support can be expressed in a single payment for pregnancy and childbirth, and further regular payments for the care of the child. how much maternity you can count? Read more →

Federal law 150-FZ on weapons in the new edition 2015 responsible for the regulation of legal relations that arise when the turnover of the service or civil weapons of different types (cold and combat handguns). The provisions of the arms act 2015 aims to create conditions that protect the health and life of citizens, protection of public order and security, the development of the sports competitions connected with sports weapons and interaction of international bodies, hindering the development of shadow schemes of the arms trade. Read more →

Let's Start with the basics. Tinted call various coatings applied on glass of a car to reduce their translucent ability. Due to this, the vehicle interior heats up less, and to some extent is protected from prying eyes. Further in the article we consider the legislation of the Russian Federation to the tint, including to excessive for which you may be fined. Read more →

December of this year was marked by the Decision of authorities of the capital, where it talks about the abolition of Amnesty to redevelop previously affected housing in apartment buildings. This applies only to those cases where the redevelopment was made without proper notification of the state housing Inspectorate and to the first of December 2015 remained without written permission. Read more →

With my phone number for services that were connected on my number without my consent, illegally written off money. From 5 November 2015 to 15 December 2015 with my personal account № ***3611**69*, money debited without my knowledge. Would like to have your lawyer prepared and sent to the address of MTS and the CPS complaint in order to refund me the $ 1475 rubles 60 kopecks to the account of my mobile phone. VAT and indemnity caused me moral harm, having enlisted on my personal account cash in the amount of 3000 rubles. Read more →