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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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For anybody not a secret that using the Internet daily transmits various personal details of citizens of different countries. Naturally, such situation is used and fraudsters for their own selfish purposes. To protect its own citizens from possible fraud with their data, the Russian Government has drafted a law on protection of personal data. This rule of law has become a reality. More detail about its aspects will be discussed later in the article. Read more →

This year for car owners launched unpalatable, institutionalized in the tax code. We are talking about the increase in government duties payable in connection with the change or the issuance of a driver's license. Its cost has grown almost three-fold to two thousand roubles. Read more →

Car market has long been familiar with that term, now trade-in and is fastened in the housing market. It is connected with falling of solvency of the population in the current crisis. However, ten percent of transactions in the capital carried out under this scheme. How to get the living space in the new building in exchange for their second homes? Deployed on the principle of trade-in in real estate will tell you more. the Options trade-in housing. Read more →

This year in mid-summer was revised indexation of tariffs on housing and communal services. In pervoprestolnoy kept on raising the bar in ten percent, which is 1.5 times less than the expected inflation rate. However, residents of the capital raised real cash amount, which we will mention. That and how expensive? Read more →

The Housing problem spoiled Muscovites not only, as mentioned in the famous movie, but also all Russian citizens. And during the crisis of the living space to get harder and harder, because Bank loans are not for everyone on the wallet, and their own finances in most cases is not enough. Then it's time to remember that the apartment can provide our state, free of charge. This privilege is put not for everyone, but only six categories of citizens, which now will be discussed. Read more →

State Duma, in considering the bill in the second reading adopted the amendments, although initially considered a temporary forfeiture of the right to drive vehicles and only for unfair alimony. 10.11.15. Note that the so-called second reading is the main consideration of bills. In the second reading the state Duma approved the final version of the law, standing on the agenda. Now with the accumulation of fines, including alimony debt, more than ten thousand rubles from the citizen will be suspended the right to drive vehicles, transport of air and water. Read more →

Sometimes, the acquisition of living space in the new building, the bonus from a construction company and is the company's management. Someone from the new tenants don't care and others will surely be interested, what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a system and whether there is an alternative. Just about these aspects will be discussed in this article which will also referred to the difficulties encountered during the change management company from the developer. the Tendency of occurrence of the criminal code affiliate. Read more →

Large families in our times a rarity. By law, however, is a large family, the education of which there are three or more children. For housing such cells society often organizes special state programme aimed at addressing urgent housing problem. Thus, families with many children fall under the state agencies granting free land plots for construction of housing. Today let's talk about how square meters of land to get the property or refuse to provide the territory, in case of unfitness to wear. Read more →

In this article we will go "On state registration of real estate". It is the name is the Federal law number 218, which was passed by the State Duma of Russia and also already signed on the thirteenth of July 2015, the President of the Russian Federation. The peculiarity of this bill is its consideration of the responsibility of the registry before the property owners affected by fraudulent actions up to loss of housing. For the avoidance of doubt, this Federal law will gain power only with the beginning of two thousand seventeenth year, replacing the current law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it", valid since August 2004. Read more →

The Term cadastral value applies not only to residential property but to land. In this regard, nearly thirty million of private parcels subject to revaluation by modern standards and a clearer delineation of the documentary. In this article we will talk about a similar process. What areas fall under the accounting? Read more →

Very soon get a driver's license will become more difficult because until the end of 2015 in Russia enters into force the new regulations of the exams in the traffic police. The corresponding order according to which approved the new administrative rules signed by the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. Let us consider what now to wait for future drivers. the Motivation to change the rules Read more →

Because Of economic problems in the country and the associated deterioration of material well-being of Russian citizens, the participants of trades were more likely to save, in particular, on the services of a realtor. Today there are not so many examples when the seller, lacking experience and knowledge, but confident, tries to conduct a transaction on their own. However, towards the end, he realizes how hard it is, and then orders legal support. How does statistics show about 30% of individuals who wished to buy or sell real estate on their own. Read more →

The Current instability of the domestic economic processes, the variability of the level of the ruble relative to foreign currencies – all this has a negative impact not only on individuals but also on legal. In particular, companies engaged in the construction of new buildings, are in a difficult position – due to the weakening domestic economy, the construction of their facilities may be suspended or the date of commissioning will be transferred forward. Unfortunately, according to authoritative experts, this situation leads to the bankruptcy of construction companies. But what do the slicer? Read more →

The man's Death is undoubtedly a tragedy, but after the incident with the property of the person needs to do something. If the deceased managed to make will, in the right heritage take these people in it. If the decedent has not left written evidence of the will, the estate must go to relatives in the relevant order of priority that supported the Civil code, namely article number one thousand one hundred forty-one. In any case, all treatments require the notary at the place of registration of the deceased. However, to declare their rights to the remaining property or to relinquish them must, within six months from the date of registration of death. If the time has gone, the law determines various ways of action of the heir. Read more →

Despite the assurances of the authorities about the control problems in Finance, the economic crisis has hit viability of the citizens. Response to defaults on foreign currency and credit markets was the publication of the bill on bankruptcy of natural persons came into the lives of citizens on the first of October this year. From now on, holders of Russian citizenship will be able to submit an application for recognition of its bankruptcy. But how to do what it takes and what consequences can be expected, You read this article. Read more →