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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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Collapses When the family is not only sad from a moral point of view, but still fraught with all sorts of legal difficulties. After all, with divorce sometimes have a hard division of joint property. But if the parting couple have outstanding loans or mortgage - the situation gets more complicated... that is why before going to the registry office for the "coveted" certificate of dissolution of marriage are advised to study carefully the intricacies of mortgage credit section or the burden. Read more →

With the month of October in Russia has the power above the law. Now any person can try to prove in court that the ability to pay off the Bank that issued the loan, has no. To do this, first you need to write and bring this to the court an appropriate application for bankruptcy protection, and it does not depend on the debt amounts. You want the ability to prove their own insolvency. Read more →

Yet age does not allow a child to work and, thus, to affirm themselves as full citizen, the parents present their child before the law, and also take on their shoulders the full responsibility for the minor. the Status of young people in the social. environment is determined by the origin of its parents. But this ephemeral component of human destiny, is subject to the same origin. A certain percentage of moms and dads are unfair to the upbringing of their own children, so in a unit may develop an unhealthy atmosphere, aggression. In such cases it is necessary to intervene the state, you might even go to extreme measures, one of which is termination of parental rights. Read more →

Closer to two thousand twentieth year on the whole territory of our Motherland calculation of property tax will be different than now. The fact that all the buildings and structures residential and non-residential premises (in other words, the whole real estate) has its own cadastral valuation. It is the value of this indicator will depend on the amount of property tax. In the three largest cities of Russia, this relationship operates at the moment is the Crimean Sevastopol and St. Petersburg and our capital Moscow. As for taxes on the land plots of citizens, they are charged depending on cadastral valuation right now in many regions of the country. Read more →

Legally separated from their mothers only the child who has not reached the age of majority, that is officially the law is a child. However, there are precedents where the court finds a full citizen a person who has not attained the age of eighteen, because in such a situation, the person himself is responsible for himself and comes out from under the legal guardianship of their parents. the Family code there is an article at number sixty-nine, which describes for what reason the woman may be deprived in trials of their parental rights: Read more →

Who does not want to have their own homes?! Not to live with relatives and not to get into bondage under the name "mortgage"... Who can apply for free housing from the state? According to the legislation of the Russian Federation there are at least six categories of citizens having the right to obtain housing at state expense. Read more →

Divorce — it's not tricky. However, when it comes to property matters for some reason the vast majority of cases, the couple immediately arise disputes and conflicts. To perform legal division of property at divorce in this case, the court can only. If the couple had no dispute regarding joint property, then they can conclude an agreement on the division of such property. If desired, it can be notarized. But this is not necessary. The law allows ordinary written form for such a document. The main thing — to understand what property spouse passes. Read more →

The Sum of the parent capital since the first of January 2016 will increase to 475 thousand rubles, which is more current at 24 thousand rubles. Besides matkapital can now be used also to pay for services and purchase of different products for children with disabilities. Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said she personally this innovation in the media. "it would be Important to emphasize that this is the amount to 475 thousand was budgeted for next year for the parent capital since January 1," said Deputy Prime Minister. Also, it was noticed that will expand the various options for application of the prisoner, in consequence of which happens additional burden on the budget, namely 6.4 billion rubles. Read more →

Copyright, being a rather complex area of law that relates to the mental, i.e. intellectual property of our citizens. Intellectual property refers to something intangible and immaterial, created by using the human intellect, to put it simply – was first invented. This property can be expressed in a certain invention or composition. the Assistance of a lawyer on intellectual property Suppose you need to register your invention and get a patent, or you wrote the book or article, and don't know how to register a copyright. Read more →

Hello. I had a serious problem connected with the arrest of the Bank account. Can you explain how to remove the seizure of account? the lawyer Answer: If one asks the question, so we are already dealing with the consequences and looking for opportunities painlessly avoid them, as, in the good, you need to exert maximum efforts to such extreme measures to avoid it. Well, in answering your question, I immediately notice that the situation you describe, fairly simple, but, unfortunately, not uncommon in our reality, especially given the rather broad rights granted to judicial and tax authorities. Read more →

The real estate Market is going through difficult times, especially for sellers. The experts unanimously declare - time buyers. The crisis can be profitable to trade and to buy an apartment at a significant discount. As the seller determines the price of housing in a falling market Today, a real estate salesman enters the market with a price that is caused by various reasons. Someone puts the price of the apartment the view from the window, someone- the amount of money spent on her own means, and the third puts the price tag "like everyone else". Read more →

In the context of the economic crisis has seen a significant rise in the prices of basic consumer goods, while incomes only decline. All this has a negative effect on the ability of the Russians to repay the Bank mortgage. However, hiding from creditors also not a better output. Should try to reduce the amount of payment for housing loan, using different methods. Read more →

Of the Federal migration service (FMS) proposes to issue a second passport. According to the head of the Russian Federal migration service Konstantin Romodanovsky, the relevant documents have already been sent to the government. This will provide additional comfort to the citizens", - said Romodanovsky. At the press conference dedicated to the Agency's results for the first half of 2015, the head of the FMS reported that the Russians were half as likely to apply for passports. He linked this trend with a gradual transition to the passport for a period of ten years instead of five and the reorientation of Russian citizens on domestic tourism. Read more →

For anybody not a secret that in Russia almost a full banking anarchy. High interest rates, the almost complete absence of strict regulation of banking activities in the sphere of lending and many other legislative omissions allow banks to dictate terms to the Russians. They simply are forced to contract lending in disadvantaged conditions. That, based on common rules, norms of the system of Russian law, is unacceptable. Read more →

NACE represent information to public authorities about what exactly plans to do the latter-day entrepreneur. There is a "all-Russian classifier of types of economic activity", in abbreviated form just gives the name of the codes. According to this document, are assigned numerical values. Read more →