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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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2017 Russian citizens legally are entitled not to pay utility bills, if they do not have a personal office in goeinformational the system utilities (GIS HPU). Because it is through your personal account mandatory from 2017 they will be exhibiting all bills for housing and communal services. In the absence of a personal office in the GIS utilities Russians got the right not to pay bills for utility services. This statement was made by Deputy Minister Andrei Chibis, at the Friday meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of construction. the lapwing clarified that the owners of the purchased flats from January 2017 can't pay "a communal flat" if they have not created a personal account in goeinformational the system utilities (GIS HPU), as from 2017...

Hello. today I am waiting for a second child. I have a good job, but without official registration in Moscow, that is registered in another city of Russia. The conduct of my pregnancy the doctors in private Moscow clinic. Still can't decide how best to proceed is to stay to give birth in Moscow or go home. I would like to clarify my questions: Read more →

After marriage in a girl's life comes a few changes. One of them is the change documents. Immediately raises several questions: what to change and what to leave? How to start the exchange procedure? Whether, and to what extent to pay duties? the first question can be answered immediately – here is a list of documents to be reissued in the event of a change of surname: Read more →

On released in a communal apartment living room on a priority basis to eligible needy families who have owned the smallest living space. the Initiative prepared by the legislators of the Leningrad region, was admitted to the state Duma in the near future deputies will examine a draft law regulating the order in communal housing. first of all, the authors of the new law serves to provide an opening in a communal dwelling for those needy citizens whose families have owned the least number of square meters. Appropriate amendments will be made to Silktex Russia. Read more →

One result of the outbreak last year of the crisis was the inability of many citizens in the period to repay the mortgage debt. To help such borrowers will come the state is expected from the Federal Treasury will be allocated to Finance the restructuring of the loan, but not more than 200 000. These funds will be transferred to the Bank account from the Agency on mortgage housing loans for debt of the borrower. But exactly who and on what conditions will be able to take advantage of this privilege, please explain further. Read more →

In accordance with the changes introduced in the Federal law "About veterans" with the number 135-F3 dated 29 June 2009, the veteran of the great Patriotic war, if it accounts for less than 36 square metres of total living space, has a right to demand better housing conditions. the Deputies of the Federation Council, propose to extend this rule and to disabled persons consisting on the account as needing improvement of their housing conditions. Today, the norm of providing housing for persons with disabilities is 18 square meters of total living space. Read more →

By far the most simple and affordable way to purchase a new home or any other property is mortgage lending. In this case the future owner of the housing may receive benefits under one of the many programs, for example, mortgages for young families, mortgages with state support and other. One of the important documents for the loan is a mortgage on the apartment. But not everyone knows how to prepare and what to specify. We will help you to understand. Read more →

How many times have you not been able to sleep because of the noise under the Windows? Now providing a comfortable stay is to be regulated at the Federal level – has recently adopted the law on silence. On the basis of the Federal law №52 "On the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population noise levels during the daytime (from 7 am to 11 PM) should be no more than 40 dB, and at night (from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.) is only 30 dB. Earlier in the Russian legislation was not shared normative act, and all rules were set individually in each region. It is expected that the new bill will provide citizens the peace and quiet at any time of the day and will also enhance the protection of people from adverse noise impacts. Read more →

Due To the high number of applications received in the service of state registration, cadastre and cartography related to clause 1, article 28 of the Federal law №122 "Law on registration of immovable property, service, cadastre and cartography made clarification on this item. In clause 1, article 28 it comes to filing objections in the manner prescribed by law in the unified state register (ssrr) from the previous owner. This amendment is due to the need to protect the previous owner of real property from the fraudulent actions of the buyers of these properties. According to the law, the previous owner may be a person previously made in USRR, and regardless of the duration of the recording. Read more →

Innovations from the FSSP and the KJV in the fight against debtors Banks tend to make loans to creditworthy clients to avoid the risk of non-repayment of funds. For these purposes, the security service specialists of financial institutions are developing new ways to verify the reliability of future borrowers. One of the newest methods of dealing with unscrupulous taxpayers was recently created by the FSSP (the Federal service of bailiffs) in conjunction with the BCI (Bureau of credit histories). On the basis of the amendments introduced on 1 March of the current year to the Federal law "On credit histories, the Bureau will transmit the information about all pending enforcement proceedings, in which there is a debt, for example, for utilities, rental...

In the State Duma in the second reading considered very controversial bill on the "right to oblivion" on the Internet. The essence of it is to remove from the world wide web hyperlinks to irrelevant information on citizens. In order to do this, a person must apply to the authority of a search engine asking about how to remove information. Those, in turn, is a statement to consider and adopt a positive or negative decision. In case of refusal, the person has the right to address the court. Read more →

1 July in the rules of the road will be a number of changes than 29 June in a press conference said Alexander Bykov, Deputy chief of the traffic police, special events and enforcement activities of GWADD the interior Ministry. In particular, the changes will be drivers who sat down behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication. Now, a second driving while intoxicated or refusal of medical services will be considered a criminal offence. changes in the SDA 2015 Read more →

Not only Russian citizens should have the address of the residence on the territory of the country. Similar rules exist for visitors to our home. The law provides for the provision of certain documents to the FMS office. If any within the stipulated time frame has not been filed, foreign nationals can be prosecuted. Read more →

Renting apartments for temporary use – a popular service these days. It is relevant for young people who have just thrown out from under the parental wing, honeymooners or tourists. Buy your own living space not all the strength, and to remove for a while someone else's is quite simple. to protect yourself from all possible risks when renting a room or apartment are urged to sign the lease agreement. How to make a deal on renting a residential facility Read more →

From the point of view of the legislation of our country, every citizen need to have registration at the place of residence or the place of temporary stay. To define the child in school requires a registration. How to make temporary registration of the child to school? It could be registered in the migration service at the place of stay, providing a package of relevant documents. the Definition of the formalization of the place of residence of the citizen can be done in various ways. the Basic concepts that need to be distinguished to every citizen: Registration stamp in the passport. This mark indicates that the person is officially registered at a specific address without time limit. Earlier the registration was understood to be permanent residence. the...