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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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Decision "to buy an apartment in a new house" is not a spontaneous move, but a deliberate decision. Not to be disappointed in it, you need to enlist the support of professionals. What are the options of buying an apartment in Moscow? now you can join in shared construction of houses, purchase of under construction flats in Moscow or even to purchase the property "turnkey". Learn about all the subtleties and nuances of such aspects can from the experts. Read more →

Good day We live on the land for common use, it is 3 different families, each user on those passport equal shares, but in fact they are all different. On the plot there is three houses. First neighbor very long ago, separated a very large area, guarded by a fence and making himself a private entrance and thereby determining the borders of their area. Read more →

Hello! We want to appeal the building permit, addressed to the lawyer, but he said he can't fail this question under any rule of law. But the situation is the following: the administration of our city gave no one the company Ordinance on the allocation of land for construction. According to this regulation there are a number of houses that are recommended prior to construction to demolition and resettlement of residents. And although the resettlement nobody has made, despite this administration issued the building permit. Now it is a LLC, there is little that is building right next to our house, so also on the basis of this resolution came out against us to court on termination of ownership of the house, in order to eliminate obstacles to the use of land...

May 1, 2015 today in Russia came into force the amendments to the so-called anti-piracy law that significantly expand its scope. the Essence of new amendments According to the new legislation, the authorities will be able to block access not only to sites with illegal content (movies), but also other objects of copyright and related rights is pirated electronic copies of books, music and software, with the exception of the photographs. In the new edition of the anti-piracy law provides the opportunity to resolve the dispute with the copyright owner, without waiting for the verdict. Read more →

Hello. My father took out a loan and now can't pay it. When applying for a loan he gave the Bank my phone number. Itself does not respond to calls, and therefore from the Bank calling me daily. Threatened that I will be responsible for the debt of his father. Also send text messages threatening that I have to return the money, otherwise I will sue. What to do and how to stop these calls from the Bank, where to go, what to refer? Read more →

Hello! the Court ruled to recover from my brother about 400 thousand rubles debt on the loan and transferred the case to the court bailiffs. From execution of court orders brother evades. Brother registered in the apartment where I live and my mother, but in fact lives in the other apartment. Our apartment is completely within my property, property of my brother in the apartment no no. 1. Can I not let the bailiffs in? 2. How do I prove to the police that the brother does not live at the residence? 3. How can I prove that the apartment property brother is not? 4. Can I prevent seizure in my apartment? 5. Can I give/sell the property (furniture, appliances, and other valuables) to a third party, having made a deed of gift or sale; whether it will stop the...

Hello Neighbor from downstairs accused me of breaking the silence. For this, he called the police and representatives of the CPS. I don't know exactly, but I think that was an official act. To my great regret, doing cleaning of the apartment, my mother accidentally pressed a button and turned on the music center, and was the cause of the noise. But my mother is disabled - deaf, so she heard nothing. The music played long and loud, until my return. Am I considered guilty in this situation? The apartment is privatized, my mother and the co-owners of housing. All this happened in the daytime when I was at work. Our apartment no one came, no regulations, decrees, etc. I have not received. What threatens me? Read more →

MOSCOW, April 9. the President of Russia Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma for consideration a draft decree "On declaring Amnesty in connection with the 70th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war 1941 - 1945" and "On the procedure of application of the Decree "On declaring Amnesty in connection with the 70th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic war 1941 - 1945", the press service of the Kremlin. As appreciated by specialists, Amnesty may affect about 60 thousand for the persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty and about 200 thousand on probation and convicted, the unserved part of the punishment which was replaced by a more lenient punishment, as well as convicted persons, who deferred sentencing and sentenced to punishments not...

Hello last night when reverse Parking moved next car. His alarm went off. I left the scene. After 10 minutes, came back, went to the car, there wasn't nobody there, the alarm didn't shout. I looked around on the car, no scratches are present, and other damage not seen. Now my car be declared wanted? I threatened for leaving the scene of an accident? Read more →

Hello. My name is Vladimir. The question is this, I have an old debt and, as I understand it, a collection Agency became its owner. Now I decided to pay off the debt and ask the collectors to provide me with an official paper, which will indicate what there was my duty, its full amount, including interest, penalties, etc., in order to understand what I'm going to pay. They tell me that such a document, they do not provide. Is this true? Or do they need me to write it? 't want it so happened that after the payment you suddenly discover that I have still the same. Thanks Read more →

I was a guarantor on the loan. The borrower maliciously evaded their obligations, and as a result, the entire debt will have to pay me. Can I recover these costs (and how) with the borrower? Rostislav, Moscow Hello, Rostislav Certainly can. But initially You must repay to the Bank this debt. the Rights and obligations of the guarantor Article 365. Rights of the surety who has performed the obligation · To the surety who has performed the obligation of creditor's rights under this obligation and rights owned by the lender as mortgagee, to the extent that the guarantor has satisfied the creditor. The guarantor is also entitled to demand from the debtor payment of interest on the amount paid to the creditor, and compensation for other losses incurred in...

In today's economic situation and business organizations, and individuals trying to get debts, including debts, with long expired Statute of limitations. Effective, efficient method of debt repayment is the direction to the debtor of the claim, the debtor negotiations, with the aim to reach an agreement on the repayment of debt . It is possible to provide for debt repayment schedule, repayment period, interest on the loan and the terms of the liability of the debtor in the payment of debt. Debtors themselves often return the debt as soon as receive a complaint. To encourage the debtor to the early repayment of debt, the text of such claims must be made legally correct, reasonably justified, on the official form (preferably) a law firm and a list of all...

The renunciation of citizenship of the Russian Federation is regulated by the Federal law "On citizenship of the Russian Federation" Chapter III. Termination of citizenship of the Russian Federation Article 18. Grounds for termination of citizenship of the Russian Federation the citizenship of the Russian Federation shall be terminated: (a) due to renunciation of citizenship of the Russian Federation; b) on other grounds provided for by this Federal law or international Treaty of the Russian Federation. Article 19. Renunciation of citizenship of the Russian Federation Exit from the Russian Federation citizenship of persons residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, is carried out on the basis of voluntary expression of such person in the General...

Hello, I have the length of service is 20 calendar years. In 2007 I passed, I owned the property rights of the apartment to his eldest son, after he got married. Recently I applied for recognition of me as needing residential area, but was refused. Say, I have intentional to poor housing conditions. The legality of the refusal and what can be done? Read more →

Hello! In September 2014 the residents of the house where I'm staying, terminated the contract with their management company and the house was transferred to another management company. One of the points of the contract with the old criminal code stipulates that in case of early termination of the contract and if the house still had debts, the UK has the right to claim them. I just paid all the bills and on the day of cancellation of the contract, I had no debt on utility bills, but the whole house in General was payable for a decent amount of old management company. Without hesitation the old MC has decided to divide this amount by all the residents of the house and recover it, including with good payers. After that, I, like everyone else, received a claim...