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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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Good afternoon. Want to ask 2 questions: the first Question: In regard to my article 158 part 2 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case. Currently am under recognizance not to leave. During this time suffered acute myocardial infarction (all supporting documents are available). Now I have opened the sick list. Calling the investigator and invites you to come to the police station, but I refused because of his poor health. Could this be interpreted as a breach of the rules of subscription and the absence to the investigator's request for investigation? (at home I am constantly, and representatives of the investigation to answer all calls). At the present time, the victim has no complaints. The aggrieved party agree on...

ANKARA, MOSCOW, March 9 the Turkish Authorities are considering a move to the use of Russian citizens internal Russian passports for travel to Turkey. This statement was made by Mevlut Cavusoglu, the foreign Minister of Turkey, Alanya, meeting with representatives of tourist business. In his words: "considering the possibility of arriving in Turkey from Russian identity". For Russians, it is inner regular passport, the counterpart of which in Turkey is "kimlik" - ID in the form of cards. The Minister did not specify at what stage is this work or how long will the transition to the entry for internal documents. Read more →

In cases when the management company violation occurs and for some reason it persists, you should write in this organization claiming to solve the problem. Communication with community services, usually on a similar scenario. Residents come or call the Management company to discuss the issues raised, and the utilities are trying to escape responsibility and shift the solution of most problems on the shoulders of the homeowner. To stop the endless circle need to take decisive action, which is necessary to protect their own interests to go to court. The first step on this path, it is the execution of a complaint to the management company . Read more →

Want to renounce the citizenship of the Russian Federation, for this I need to get help with tax about the absence of arrears of taxes. I'm in Europe, in Spain. How can I be issued a certificate from the tax service of the Russian Federation about the absence of the above-mentioned debt? Read more →

Improper performance of a tourist firm contract terms can significantly spoil the vacation citizens. Such cases abound: dissatisfied with the services of travel agencies has been talking about this and writing. According to experts of the sphere of tourist services, approximately every fifth trip abroad takes place with different excesses caused by travel agencies. This and the provision of at below the stated categories, and the postponement of the day of departure, mistakes in the visas and the absence of a representative of the travel Agency at the airport of destination, as well as other important circumstances. However, not all of our tourists decide to go to court, believing that it is troublesome and inefficient. Read more →

In the state Duma on February 27, introduced the bill, which will be permitted to disclose information, which is a medical mystery, when placing information in the state information database for missing people. the Author of the initiative - Andrew Krasov, first Deputy Chairman of the defense Committee, said in the apparatus of the state Duma. In his opinion, the bill will accelerate the identification of people entering hospitals without documents. In particular, a component of medical confidentiality information will be provided without the consent of the person or his legal representatives "to store this information in the state information systems for collecting information about people whose whereabouts are unknown relatives and their relatives...

On 20 February, the state Duma passed in three readings of the law, according to which extended the period of validity of the simplified registration rights (the"dacha Amnesty") to the objects of individual housing construction before March 1, 2018. According to the law, for the simplified registration only basis is the presence of the title to the land on which this building. Since the start of the act "dacha Amnesty" has already been registered more than 4.5 million objects of individual housing construction and homeownership. Read more →

Moscow, 21 February the State Duma adopted for consideration of the bill on the extension housing privatization (free) before March 1, 2018. In the first reading the law was adopted on 18 February this year. But on 20 February, the law was adopted in the second and third readings, where the period of free privatization has been extended by one year, until March 1, 2016. Under current law, free transfer (privatization) in the property of citizens living quarters of the state and municipal housing Fund, was completed on 1 March 2015. Until the first of March remained little more than a week - free privatization was over, but the problems remained. The proposed bill was to extend it to 3 years, up to 1.03. 2018. Read more →

MOSCOW, February 16. Among residents of Moscow during the week, activists of the movement "Young Guard" was held in support of the initiative on banning alcoholic energy drinks. Was signed by about 5 thousand Muscovites. The results of the action has informed the author of the bill, the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Cyril Shields, who is Chairman of the Commission MHD for physical culture, sport and youth policy. This result was not unexpected, as the consumption of energy is a serious problem. "Alcohol in combination with tonic components causes serious damage to the health and is addictive. Unfortunately, it can be stated that the main consumers of these drinks became the youth," said the MP. The average age of beginners "fans" of power in Russia is...

MOSCOW, February 13. In Moscow to start the experiment equipment pedestrian traffic lights sound vibration modules, which will alert the hearing impaired and visually impaired pedestrians about to cross the road or not. As reported in the press service of the Moscow Department of transport, such a system the city plan to equip about 30 intersections with traffic lights. The experiment will be conducted in the framework of the introduction of Intelligent transport systems and the implementation of the programme "Transport without borders", which aims at adapting road infrastructure of Moscow under the disabled. Read more →

Hello! From 1 January 2015 introduced a new procedure for the calculation of the pension, which is calculated on points. I retired 2 years ago and as far as I understand, old and new principles of calculation of pensions are somewhat different. Can I in some way to calculate your pension upward because: 1. Old years of child care work experience is not included. Now one year of care for the first child and three years of care for the second child bring a few points. 2. In addition I have over 5 years, I have watched and cared for his parents, which was already over 80 years and for this I was forced to leave work. Read more →

Hello Want to get advice on the issue of late payments to the Bank on a foreign currency mortgage. In 2010, I was issued a credit, and by November 2014 all monthly payments time I contributed. But now delayed payments and the Bank says that passed my case to a collection Agency. How can I resolve this issue, in terms of freezing penalties and fines and restructuring. Will the Bank for me to meet, and what to do if not? Housing is the only one of us. The apartment has prescribed four - I with his wife and two minor children. Wife, housewife, and I'm unemployed. Read more →

3.02.2014, Moscow the Main purpose of the anti-crisis plan of the government of the Russian Federation is to support macroeconomic and social stability, to create conditions for sustainable economic growth. So said Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, on a conference call devoted to measures to ensure social stability and sustainable development of the economy in 2015. Read more →

Moscow, 30.01.2015 g Traditionally, the basis for deprivation of a driver's license were made causes such as speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or other gross violation of traffic rules. Soon this list should be supplemented with another item - non-payment of child support. In the near future, this punishment will be waiting for negligent fathers, unfair or delay in paying child support to their children. The corresponding bill in the end of 2014 presented by the Ministry of justice. And now the deputies decided that it was time to protect the rights of children in the care of their mothers left without financial support from ex-spouses. Read more →

On 27 January. Moscow the Press service of the Russian interior Ministry reported that the Department has prepared a number of amendments in the legislation providing for certain restrictions on novice drivers, the experience of which is less than two years, as well as changes affecting particular vehicle registration and driver licensing in the Crimea and Sevastopol. Read more →