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RSS feed legal advice, answers to questions asked by site visitors on various areas of law: criminal law, housing disputes, consumer protection, alimony, financial disputes, etc.

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The Choice of forms of control over the companies, engaged in the operation of apartment houses, often caused numerous disputes. First considered the option of self-regulation, but then the authorities and the experts agreed that the participants in the municipal market is not ready for it. The result is that legislators have made a choice in favor of licensing, which were adopted relevant amendments to LCD and other laws. Read more →

On January 19, MOSCOW. In December of 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly announced a full Amnesty of capital that will be returned to Russia. Until July 15, 2015, the government was requested to prepare a law on "offshore Amnesty. The document should include a one-time release of the Russian citizens from the tax and criminal liability if they have met the conditions for the return to the Russian jurisdiction derived previously in a foreign jurisdiction funds without the payment of applicable taxes, derived from sources in Russia. Read more →

From 1 January 2015 entered into force changes in migration legislation of the Russian Federation on labour migrants arriving in the Russian Federation without visas for employment purposes. In 2015 has a new patent on the work, according to which foreign citizens will be able to work not only physical, but also from legal persons In a new patent for the work specified activity. Also, the legislation provides for a deadline for the submission of documents for registration of a patent, in violation of stipulated penalties. Also identified an additional list of documents required for registration of a patent. Read more →

13 January 2015, the Russian Government submitted to the Duma a draft law, according to which it is forbidden to carry out public procurement in companies registered in offshore. The relevant draft law published on the official portal of the state Duma. According to the text of the document, a legal entity cannot be a member of the procurement, if the place of registration is the country providing tax incentives and do not involve the disclosure and provision of information about the transactions. in Addition, the bill proposed to make an addition to the law on the contract system. Appears the article prohibiting offshore companies participating in public procurement. Read more →

I in Contact there is a private group, which can be accessed only from my personal invitation. There we are discussing familiar and unfamiliar city girls. All post there pictures, which are available in open access users of our city. That is, in fact, the girls themselves publish your pictures, and place them in open access. is There from our side any violation of the law on personal data, if in fact people in their desire to have their previously published with open access, where you can freely download, store, edit? Read more →

Hello I Have the length of service in the armed forces for 21 years . The contract was after 1999. Under the contract of social hiring received service housing in the place of service. Three years ago. Can I apply for permanent housing service and can I be considered to be in need of permanent housing, if I provided a service apartment? In the control housing organizations I explained that since I was provided with housing, the needy, I have not considered. But according to Art. 15 status of servicemen I can in any other city to obtain permanent housing, apart from the fact that I issued at the place of duty or to wait for dismissal on OSM, ultimate durability, health and so on, to obtain housing in the place where I am now issued by the service. Is this...

Hello More than five years ago, before serving in the army, I have committed an offence under Art. 20.21 of the administrative code. After the army, upon completion of law school, I went to work in the Ministry of internal Affairs. The staff was tested on databases IC MIA, then I got the denial of employment with the argumentation on the basis of information about an administrative offence is not suitable for the moral and business qualities. 1. Does it make sense to consult a lawyer to draw up statements in court, to eliminate or mitigate data on administrative violation of IC MIA? Are there any prospects here? 2. What is the judicial practice on such issues. 3. Ask if the employment of ALL security agencies archival information from the IC MIA? 4. Can I...

The state Duma adopted a law that dramatically eases the financial situation of individuals, citizens who have debts in banks for consumer loans or before utility services. According to the statement of creditors, from 1 July 2015, the debtor may be declared bankrupt, if the arrears in excess of 500 thousand rubles. the Citizen will be able to contact the court to declare them bankrupt. Moreover, the amount of arrears, there is not installed. You will only need to provide a list of creditors, to indicate the amount of the debt, to make an inventory of his property, including that which is pledged, information about accounts, open deposits, the income statement and paid for 3 years taxes. In addition, the debtor will be required to report on all real estate...

I was sued for child support, but I doubt that I am the father of the child. I live in another city, and the court was not, but the court recognized my father without my presence! Whether lawfully entered court? How do I apply for conducting DNA examination and that may be evidence from the women? Read more →

The Exemption from criminal liability in many cases quite real. That is, a citizen who has committed a crime can be exempted from the judgment and the application to it by the state measures of criminal-legal nature. In the criminal code of the Russian Federation provides the following grounds for exemption from criminal liability: 1. (article 75 of the criminal code) Exemption from criminal liability in connection with active repentance the Necessary conditions for the release of a person from criminal responsibility under Art. 75 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation in connection with active repentance: (a) committed a crime of small or average gravity; b) the offence is committed for the first time; Read more →

In the modern Russian society is becoming increasingly important problem associated with the use of knowingly false documents. Modern technical equipment allows us to produce fake documents with high quality forgery, which clearly contributes to the emergence of unscrupulous individuals who are engaged in the manufacture of such documents and the sale of their citizens. it Should be noted that the purchase and subsequent use of knowingly false documents shall be prosecuted as a crime, as provided for in article 327 including 3 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. And no matter what document uses citizen - credit card, medical certificate or work permit, fake rights or registration document, birth certificate, or a certificate in the pool. Read...

Soon consumers will be able to recoup from 1% to 15% of the cost of purchase if the price is deemed too high in collusion. The corresponding bill prepares the FAS. It regulated payments to victims of cartels. the Violation of the Antimonopoly legislation involves three types of legal liability: Read more →

Our family consists of 4 people (my father, his father is our father and I with my sister). In 2009 we took over the two available apartments. One, 3-bedroom, privatized on my sister, who lived there with his father. The second apartment was privatized on grandfather. It registered I and he. Read more →

November 29, entered into force the new amendments to the SDA, which has affected not only drivers, but also pedestrians. For example, outside the towns, they require that all pedestrians to wear special flickers (reflectors). However, because the standards for reflectors still installed, this duty will come into force from 1 July 2015. In addition, cyclists to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, must dismount. The wording of the term "pedestrian crossing" was added to clarify that the corresponding area now extends to the intersection of tram tracks. Read more →

November 25, 2014 the head of state of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the so-called antipsoric a law requiring taxpayers legal entities to report participation in foreign companies. the New law makes changes to the Tax code of the Russian Federation in the part of the tax on profits of controlled foreign companies and foreign income organizations. on November 18, the document was adopted by the state Duma, A19 November approved by the Federation Council. Read more →