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To install the towel rail, you must first attach the brackets to the wall. There are adjustable brackets that allow you to choose the distance between the wall and the towel rail. Installation of heated towel rails can be produced in the hidden pipe-laying, but it will take You longer, but to look like the system will be much better. If You will change towel along with a change of tubes, problems when [...]

During a bathroom renovation requires not only installing the sink, but also its removal. Before removing the old sink, be sure to close water valve in the apartment. First you need to disassemble the faucet on the sink, disconnecting the hoses from the pipes. Then you need to remove the trap from the sewer pipe and unhook it from the sink basin. And at the end of the dismantling wash basin is to remove [...]

Before self-installation of the toilet, disconnect in the flat water. For the manufacture of ceramic bowls used earthenware, profafor and porcelain. As per design bowls divided into visor with direct and oblique release and disc,. Now widespread installation of toilets "compact" with the tank attached to the toilet. With self-installing the toilet is fixed to a concrete or tiled floor with dowels, screws [...]

To perform repair work, it is important to choose a quality building material. Not always expensive material can be better cheaper. In choosing the material, pay attention to its specifications. Proceeding and ctable expensive material may have a moisture characteristics, hardiness, etc., are not required in the repair in Your case, it is better to choose a cheaper material. But to save [...]

Plumbing services are the most expensive among the hidden repairs and perform them is usually at the beginning of the repair. Plumbing work can be performed in the following sequence: 1.Removal of old pipes and plumbing fixtures; 2.Laying new water pipes in the hidden wiring; you can Then perform the tiling wall and floor ceramic tiles. 3.Installation of heated towel rail; 4.Installation of sewer pipes; 5.Installation of new plumbing fixtures [...]

Using decorative plaster can give your wall a different texture, to make the interior and exterior of the individual, it is possible to simulate velour, silk, wood, marble and so on, There are the following types of decorative plaster: 1.Mineral; 2.Acrylic; 3.Silicone; 4.Silicate. Decorative plaster is applied on the wall is usually of a thickness of 1-5 mm How it will look finished decorative plaster on the wall depends on the shape and size of the filler, the way [...]

To perform electrical work must be approached very seriously. Therefore, when choosing an electrician need to find out whether he is competent in this field. A professional electrician should be able to calculate the cross-sectional area of the cable, respectively, load capacity, know the difference between differential machine from ouzo and so on, Usually electrical work carried out in two stages. In the first stage, which should be conducted before [...]

Currently, the plaster is not only the basis for finishing, but also performs the functions of waterproofing, thermal insulation and sound insulation. On purpose we can distinguish 3 types of plaster: 1 conventional for alignment of walls and ceilings; 2. decorative; 3. special functions of waterproofing, sound insulation and heat insulation. Consumption of plaster about 1 to 2 kg per square meter [...]

In the rooms and corridors in the area from 6 to 10 m2 should be provided by installing a wall outlet. In the kitchen you need to consider installation 2 electrical outlets and more. When purchasing, please note how much power and amperage indicated on the reverse side of the outlet. Usually sockets are designed for a capacity of not more than 1.5 kW and a current not exceeding 10A. [...]

If You have enough experience with the electric network before connecting the switch, turn off the electricity in the apartment. Install the switch in daylight hours. When buying a switch, note the voltages and current, as well as on the quality mark of the producer country. On the switches, manufactured in Russia, usually specified character Rostest. Before connecting the switch should be fixed in [...]

Installation baths complex as installing other plumbing fixtures. Besides tubs are made of different materials are very different ways. Install cast-iron tubs are the most common and at the present time. Cast iron baths have high strength coating stekloemali, retains heat well and is sustainable without additional fasteners. During installation of any bath, you need to ensure that its top [...]

The Installation of the mixer can be done independently, with the idea of mounting different types of mixers. Currently you can buy mixers with horizontal and vertical mounting, with two handles adjustment and with one handle. In brass bath shower usually includes a grid on the flexible hose shower or tube. Washbasin or sink is better to buy a mixer that is attached [...]

In the hidden wiring cables are placed in corrugated reinforced, rigid pipes that are installed in the wall on one and with double-lobe staples, conduits, which are attached to the clamps Dimensions clips selected depending on the diameter of the pipe or cable. For wiring routes in various directions in the hallway or room install the junction box. Wiring may consist of one or more lines, each of [...]

Before you begin the installation of sewer pipes, it is necessary to put the markup at the place of their installation and docking with filename. Recently, for installation of a sewage system is used plastic sewer pipes in diameter of 50 and 100 mm Sewer risers and objections to the toilet in the building do with a diameter of 100 mm to avoid clogging of the pipeline. And opening up to sanitary appliances [...]

Building level is used to identify deviations from the surface, vertical or horizontal. The main types of levels: 1) Gidroremont. Used for alignment of horizontal surfaces, this level has the appearance of hose length from 5 to 25 m At the end of the hose are two bulbs, which have a scale. In asks you to increase or decrease the amount of water. When away from heating appliances closer than [...]