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Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia from 29.08.2014 N 88H On making changes in Guidance on the application of the budget classification of the Russian Federation, approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of 1 July 2013 N n" Thus, for example, found that monetary penalties (fines), imposed in accordance with the law on the contract system in the sphere of purchases are recorded at CSC 000 1 16 33000 00 0000 140.

Completed the discussion of the draft law "On culture in the Russian Federation". This was reported on the website of the Ministry of culture of Russia. In further work on the document, the office will consider the submitted proposals. Thus, it was proposed to allow each the taxpayer to allocate some portion of their tax payments in chosen by the public sector (including the development of culture). [Newline] received an offer to direct taxes from certain activities (e.g., lotteries) on the implementation of cultural projects. Also suggested that you define in detail the concepts and literature historical and religious places. In addition, the bill may provide the differentiation of cultural goods (including through a system of state funding).

State Duma Deputy from the "United Russia", the head of the Committee safety Irina Yarovaya prepares for the autumn session of the state Duma amendments to the law state regulation of trading activities that are designed to support domestic producers. She announced this at the meeting Patriotic platform of the party in Kamchatka, reports ER.RU.

The Ministry of labor announced on its website demographic report for January-July 2014. According to the Ministry, in January-July in Russia were born 1119,7 thousand children, which is 1.7% more than in the same period of 2013. the Growth in the number of births recorded in 57 out of 85 regions. It is particularly high in the Republic of Altai, Kamchatka and Krasnodar territories, Tyumen and Moscow region, and the Chukotka Autonomous district and the city of Sevastopol.

In Russia created the Foundation for the development of industry and the Government Commission on the issues of optimization and efficiency budget expenditures. These decisions were approved by the decree of the RF Government dated 28 August 2014 No. 1651-R and RF Government decree of August 26, 2014 , No. 855.

The Size of unemployment benefits in 2015, possibly will remain the same. The Russian Ministry of labor has developed a draft resolution the Government of the Russian Federation. the Document is proposed to establish by 2015 a minimum the amount of the unemployment benefit in the amount of 850 rubles and maximum unemployment benefits in the amount of 4900 rubles Note that these dimensions are not has changed over the last six years (2009 to 2014).

The Ministry of construction of Russia proposed to increase funding the state program "affordable and comfortable housing and utilities of citizens of the Russian Federation". This was reported on its website. the Ministry sent its proposals for approval to the the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of economic development of Russia. If they support the idea, then in 2015 year, the budget funds allocated to the state program, will be increased by to 25.3 billion rubles and will be 121,3 billion rubles In 2016 funding will grow 21,96 billion rubles and will be of 73.5 billion USD In 2017, the state program will 15,94 billion rubles more than planned, i.e. 70,89 billion rubles

Graduates next year will be a new way to pass the exam. In 2015 from materials in the Russian language will be deleted paragraph "A", providing job-choice questions, Interfax reported, citing the words of the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov, who is now with working visit to Kamchatka.

The Russian government approved the transfer outside holidays that fall on Saturday and Sunday in January of the following . The decree, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, published today on the website of the Cabinet. "Move in 2015 following weekends: Saturday, January 3 Friday, January 9 Sunday 4 January Monday 4 may", - the document says.

Russia's Supreme court invalidated the proof of driving penalty due to the lack of in came in the mail the paper data the digital signature of the inspector. The driver, whose violation recorded automatic camera left with their money. It was one of the last decisions of administrative jury still (not yet merged) the Supreme court of Russia. High the court acknowledged that, in fact, technical errors traffic police release drivers from punishment. Have made this decision a certain citizen of Hours, which is almost three years ago was fined in Novosibirsk 300 rubles for speeding.

The Relevant Committee of the state Duma to support the initiative deprivation of drivers rights over a 20 year period in the event of an accident in a state of intoxication. commented ITAR-TASS pre-existing information, first Deputy Chairman Committee Vyacheslav Lysakov. According to him, this measure is inadequate and will not be able to solve the problem of drunken drivers. He noted that in practice there are cases when the totality of drivers disempower 50-60 years, but the punishment they are not stops, and they still sit behind the wheel. Lysakov said that the introduction of criminal responsibility just for the mere fact of driving while intoxicated will be able to change the picture on the roads of Russia.

Good day to all ! At us such was the story: three equity owner in the house, one of them wanted to allocate its share of the total the property through the courts. The court has given him and appointed him as the plaintiff to pay us (s) compensation. We also court ordered to pay the plaintiff for examination at home and for services representative in equal shares. I have only the decision of the court, where the prescribed amount of who and how many should. And here to me the question is how to pay the plaintiff. And what document the court's decision? Should I get a bill from the bailiffs or simply to the plaintiff to come up and handing him the money (and a receipt to take)?. How?

By 2020, additional education will cover 75% of children aged five to 18 years. This task is one of the fundamental to the concept of development of additional education of children (hereinafter - Concept), approved at yesterday's Cabinet meeting.

The Federal law of 21 December 1994 No. 68-FZ "On protection of population and territories from emergency situations of natural and technogenic character" can be clarified. Appropriate zakonoproekt submitted to the state Duma, the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Russian interior Ministry has developed a draft statement on the fight against child crime, prevention of child neglect and child protection from crime. Now this area is regulated by the Instruction on the procedure the interaction between the officers of the Department of criminal police, police public safety, investigation, inquiry and duty parts bodies internal Affairs for the prevention of neglect and offenses of minors, protection of their rights and legitimate interests (appr. by order of the Ministry of internal Affairs Russia may 13, 2003, No. SP).