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Petersburg and Moscow - photo tours, unknown

History of architecture of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg - photo, secrets and mysteries of the two capitals (Photos of Moscow and St. Petersburg)

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The Soviet model Regina life probably wouldn't be a legend if all the details of her life were known. But the fact that it swept through the fashion world like a comet had appeared as if from nowhere and vanished to nowhere. The fate of the mannequins was tragic, but life is hard. Beauty did not bring her happiness, because Regina wasn't. It got her killed.

Studies of the Australian continent began even the great James cook. But they concerned mainly the East coast of the mainland. The rest of the territory, especially distant from the coast, for decades remained terra incognita. With the aim to lift the veils of obscurity from these lands went to the path of the expedition led by Robert O'hara Burke.

To the new religion became stronger, conquered the mind and heart, is not enough just to announce the reform of the Church. You need to give people to feel different. In different churches, countries and at different times worked a variety of means. For the Anglican Church in this symbolic act became the official translation of the Bible into English, made under king James I.

When Bob Marley, the famous singer in reggae style, was once asked about who he has Rita, he replied without hesitation: "Rita is my sister." And his wife Rita Marley is an insult to swallow. Like many other grievances, which caused her husband. About his life with a star she told in the book, which is titled with a quote from a song composed by her husband, — No Woman, No Cry.

Hardly anyone doubts that the main symbol of Paris is the famous Eiffel tower, the symbol of Moscow — the Kremlin. But in 1922, in the center of the white stone has a metallic fishnet structure, which was in Soviet Russia associated with the early years of radio broadcasting. It was the engineer Shukhov's tower.

About the danger of avalanches was known to humanity long ago. But despite all safety measures, almost every year they claim lives. Formidable force sweeps away everything in its path — people, trees, houses. In 1910 it was 2 trains on American Railways.

Perhaps no prominent figure of the Stalinist era, whose death would not be steeped in myths and legends. Not so important how deeply this or that person was involved in politics. Not escaped this fate and "Petrel revolution" Maxim Gorky.

The Terracotta army has long been as much a symbol of China as the Great wall of China. Statues of fearsome warriors were made in order to keep the peace of the afterlife of the Emperor. But for the sake of creating this magnificence in fact, the whole country worked tens of years! Thousands and thousands of lives have been given for the creation of the tomb, which had no equivalent in history.

Frederick Barbarossa was considered one of the most famous knights of the middle Ages. He was famous as a brave warrior and a gifted commander, and as a wise Emperor. But he also had serious damage. And, perhaps the most loud — at the battle of Legnano in 1176.

Every time putting your ear to a mobile phone or opening the lid of the laptop, and the person thinks, what's inside of these devices hidden millions of transistors. Devices, size and cost which is now so small that they seem invisible. But the advent of the transistor can be compared to the invention of the brick, which is built the whole of modern civilization.

Name — a symbol of the state like emblem, flag or anthem. And tell it the name can be a lot, if you look at where it happened and what is. Ukrainian statehood is a long and complicated history. This was reflected in a dispute about its name.

We All remember the wonderful film "Republic SHKID" about troubled adolescents young Soviet Republic, made in 1966. Far fewer people read the book, which he removed. But about the fate of the real "skydove" know even less. They have developed very differently.

The destruction of the monuments of the past — alas, not an uncommon event. Sometimes it happens because of someone's irresponsibility, and sometimes with malicious intent. The destruction of giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan in 2001 caused serious damage throughout the world culture. And some mysteries that hid the statues, apparently, now will remain unsolved forever.

No matter How trying the Orthodox Church in Russia to eliminate pagan superstitions and customs, in a little volume succeeded. Christian saints replaced in the minds of the people of the pagan gods themselves were members of the peasant festivals, celebrated every month. There were such days in December.

Imagine the scene: the patient lies on the couch, leaning over him the doctor. Running her fingers over my skin, gradually immersing them in the body of the patient. From there, remove the clots of blood and flesh. Cleans hands and on the spot of their penetration into the patient's body there is no trace. About the way the witnesses describe the work of the Philippine healers — healers.