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The New sanctions: legal suicide EU Imposing sanctions against Russia, the EU has created a dangerous precedent: it is now possible to refuse to execute any trade commitments. the Council of the European Union announced new sanctions against Russia. There are bans on the financing of the largest banks, as well as oil and gas companies in Russia. Previously I discussed the issue of compliance with sanctions laws of the world trade organization and the UN Charter. However, recent decisions of the EU Council directly violate the European Convention on human rights and other international treaties in the sphere of economic activity.

Yevtushenkov charged with money laundering the Court sent the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema under house arrest, said IC Investigative Committee has charged the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov in money, according to the website of the UK.

From what cities want to leave the Russians what towns are ready to leave applicants, where visitors expect employers and how many are willing to pay them the Author has reviewed all resumes and current vacancies in the 15 largest cities of Russia and found out how many employees are ready to move and how many companies are willing to consider non-local candidates.

Norwegians vlozhatsya in the Chilean fishermen to bypass sanctions Norwegian fish company Marine Harvest, the largest producer of Atlantic salmon in the world, announced the purchase of assets previously bankrupt Chilean producer Acuinova Chile. This was reported in the press release. The transaction amount will be $ 120 million. the Purchase will allow the company to ensure the supply of fish in Russia, which is now restricted by sanctions. Previously about similar plans announced another Norwegian company Cermaq.

Who Killed the children of the woman invited her husband to the funeral and jumped from a 30-meter tower Became aware of the details of the tragedy in the city of Balakovo in the Saratov region. Recall, the 23-year-old woman drowned two daughters, and then committed suicide.

Duma responded to the Ukrainian crisis of failing bills the Events in Ukraine and their political and economic consequences provoked shaft legislative initiatives from the deputies. Many of them remained on the words that were rejected by the state Duma or stuck in committees, not having reached the first reading. Two dozen of such initiatives can be reduced to three main themes: support of the Crimean people and refugees, the punishment of individuals for anti-Russian stance and response to Western sanctions. Populist bills - not always a personal PR, sometimes it sanctioned from the top sounding sentiments in the society, told the state Duma.

Putin against Nazarbayev "Quarrel" presidents covered diplomatic fiasco Europe Categorical "exchange of words" between the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan made in the public field, if you believe the media, became an occasion to talk about one of the biggest fights in the Eurasian family. On the one hand, everything seems to be clear - the media just happened to hastily which has produced from different applications provocation. But, essentially, we are talking about real information sabotage - by using cheap scandal was for some time the blocked output of the Eurasian Union on the geopolitical arena as a new player. "to Make neighbors enemies"

London offers Scotland a broader autonomy in exchange for relinquishing the idea of independence Speech, in particular, will focus on greater freedom of action in the field of taxation and social security, said British Finance Minister George Osborne

Parabellum the Popular expression "if you Want peace - prepare for war" is of Roman origin and Latin sounds like "Si vis pacem, para bellum". The last two words were chosen by Georg Luger as the title of his gun, known as the Parabellum.

As in Ukraine have been discriminated against English One of the main requirements of the East of Ukraine - the recognition of the Russian state. Statistics show that in Russian communicate 83% of Ukrainians. Moreover, during the years of independence has increased the number of young people, speaking only English (40% versus 22% in Ukrainian). Rather, today the Ukrainian language is generally the second most common, and not Vice versa. One of the main requirements of the East of Ukraine in the beginning of the conflict, in addition to federalization, was the recognition of the Russian language as the second state. Perhaps if Kiev authorities would make concessions on this issue, the war in the Donbass could be avoided.

Lady, zamoreva five-month-old daughter hunger, received 12.5 years of the colony Alena Ipatov sentenced to 12.5 years for killing daughter Kirovsky district court sentenced a 19-year-old lady, who had left a five-month-old child to die from hunger. - Alain Ipatov committed the murder with extreme cruelty. She often left one daughter. January 14, reliably knowing that her daughter was left without food and water, care, Ipatov went to his friend, intending to be absent more than a week, no one asked to look after the child. Alena Ipatava is sentenced to 12 years 6 months in a correctional colony of General regime, to read out the verdict on Wednesday, August 27, judge of the Kirovsky district court of St. Petersburg Tatiana Streltsov.

Ivan STARIKOV: "BY the end of the year, the average family will spend on food 40-42% of income" a Former Deputy Minister of economy - about the condition of Russian agriculture, will food embargo domestic farmers that fell from the budget after "accurate response" West and what to do with all that on the eve of a looming crisis Ivan V. Starikov is one of those people who know about agriculture. Education - agronomist, he worked as chief agronomist, Director of the farm, was in the State Duma the Chairman of the relevant Committee, almost six years he worked as the Deputy Minister of economy, four and a half years was head of the agricultural Committee in the Federation Council. Now [18.08.2014] he works as the Vice mayor of Novosibirsk , but remains one of...

Lawyer Henry Reznik condemned the new NTV film, "revealing" of famous musicians and public figures who criticized the policy of Russia on the Ukrainian question. A well-known lawyer held a rally in Central Moscow on Novinsky Boulevard near the monument to Joseph Brodsky. The campaign, which lasted about an hour, ended around 16:00 GMT.

"Nine years "Strokach" is too". Yamal official-briber could not appeal strict sentence. And it's not all Gara Alexander Belavkin held the position of head of the Department of organizational and personnel and legal support for the administration of the village since 2006. Since 2011 he was a member of the Commission on trades. Entered into force on the verdict against the former head of the Department of organizational-personnel and legal support for the administration of the village Harp Urals region Alexander Bulavkina, sentenced for bribery. He failed to change the strict verdict - judicial Board on criminal cases of the court of Yamal left of...

Enough to lose 100 billion dollars annually Published August 7th article of the Minister of economy of Russia Bulucea pleases bold author's position regarding the "sacred cows" of the monetary authorities of Russia - budget rules prohibiting the free use of oil and gas revenues. Although none of sensible economists did not support the introduction of this rule, it was taken for granted after years of unrequited criticism. Some konspirologicheski minded experts even came to the conclusion that in the form of fiscal rules Russia pays a contribution to the winning of the cold war the US. 1. Indeed, in its sense of a fiscal rule means that the profits from oil exports should be reserved in American bonds, that is directed not to the needs of the Russian state...