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On the death of a passenger at the airport Sheremetyevo prosecuted In the current investigation are assigned the necessary expertise, questioning of witnesses Investigative authorities of the Moscow inter-regional investigation Department of the TFR transport initiated a criminal case on the fact of death of men in Sheremetyevo airport. The case is being investigated by h 2 tbsp. 109 of the criminal code (Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties").

Quote (see document below): ...10 October 1997 appointed Director of the Youth theatre of Altai exact date and time the result is not installed, in an unknown place, with unknown consequence of circumstances has developed a plan of criminal acts decided to move their personal belongings home and decided not to return part of the entrusted property... (KD) Ally Zolotukhina will be judged for stealing phone and laptop Ex-Director of the Youth theatre of Altai Tatiana Kozitsyny faces up to 6 years imprisonment Ex-Director of the Youth theatre of Altai (MTA) Tatiana Kozitsyn early acquaintance with materials of the criminal case on the fact of theft of theatre work laptop and phone. Previously she was charged for 3 hours Art. 160 of the criminal code (Theft of...

Face control: how it works On the control at the airport border guard throws at you one quick glance. At this time his brain compares your face and the photograph in the passport at least 13 parameters

Malaysian Boeing was shot down by fighter Combat aircraft in the disaster area was used only Ukrainian army Sunday was interrupted by a two-week period is actually full of silence around disaster Malaysian Boeing in the sky above the Donbass. From Kuala Lumpur sounded sharp statement that the government of Malaysia will be indispensable to achieve punishment in the crash of a passenger airliner over the territory of Ukraine.

A Dignified old age: what pension will receive the highest Russian officials Together with the salaries of senior officials on 1 September will grow and their future pensions and benefits, and current high-ranking retirees. According to estimates RBC, President of the retired will be able to count on the monthly payments to 530 thousand rubles, gone with the posts premiers and speakers of the two chambers of Parliament - based compensation in 320-430 thousand rubles, Ministers are to retire in the range of 60-90 thousand rubles the Refusal of the funded part of pensions for ordinary citizens on social security of the Russian leadership will have no effect.

Igor Sechin asks for help because of the sanctions As it became known, sanctions prompted Rosneft to ask for help. The company asks to borrow it from the national welfare Fund 1.5 trillion rubles the President of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin has approached the government requesting financial assistance of the company, told people from the oil industry, confirmed four Federal officials and one heard about it. This follows from the letter of August 12, Deputy Minister of economic development Oleg Fomichev in the Ministry. In a letter to the Ministry of economic development on behalf of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev examines proposals Sechin.

Mikhail Lesin: "what I don't love, I've used" the Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom-Media" in an interview with Forbes about the plans of the largest media holding in the country, claims to "echo of Moscow", the relationship with Yuri Kovalchuk and friendship with Alexei Gromov and Konstantin Ernst Since triumphant return in media Mikhail Lesin was almost a year. In October 2013 he became the head of Russia's largest media holding "Gazprom-Media" and immediately engaged in active work - both within the company and within the industry. He is considered to be a lobbyist for the many recent changes in the media industry - which he, however, does not deny. In an interview with Forbes Mikhail Lesin told about their plans in "Gazprom-Media", and talked about the...

Belarus: country of mussels and bananas Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko promised to close the transit of goods, banned in Russia, but added that she Belarus from imported goods will not refuse. Theoretically, this means that in a short time in Russia may appear "Belarusian" Parmesan cheese and sea bass. However, according to the national statistics Committee, Belarus and so sells in Russia the most unexpected products. Mussels Belarus has no outlet to the sea, but this does not prevent her to deliver to Russia mussels. For the first five months of 2014 from Belarus in Russia received mussels $777 000.

"Russia will run out of money" a Ban on the import of Western agricultural products will bring the Russian economy new challenges the Russian Government is negotiating with the government of Kazakhstan and Belarus in connection with the entered Moscow last week prohibitions on the import of food products from Western countries. The fact that Russia has announced restrictive measures without prior consultation with partners in the Customs Union, indicates haste taken in the Kremlin sanctions. So says a former rector of the Russian school of Economics, now a Professor at the University of Paris Sciences Po Sergei Guriev. In an interview with Radio Liberty Guriev comments on the situation on the consumer market and talking about new risks for the Russian...

Dark years In the history of Armenia were different times, but one of them stands alone. Despite the short historical duration - 3-4 years, she has left such a deep impression that the life of several generations of the Armenians was divided into "before" and "after". The years from 1992 to 1995 called differently - "hungry", "cold", "bad". But the most widespread and comprehensive title - "dark"...

In public places In the Internet will be allowed only by passport to use public Wi-Fi, you will need to inform on passport details. The operator will record the unique number of the device go online Russians no longer be able to access the Internet cafes, metro and other public places anonymously. The operator should identify them and their equipment. Such requirements are contained in the government decree, signed by Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

The Government will spend 500 billion rubles for the doubling of salaries to officials 462 billion roubles is planned to spend on the motivation of the Federal civil servants and a gradual increase in the remuneration of senior officials in the next three years, it follows from the draft of the Main directions of the budget policy and clarifications of the Ministry of Finance to RBC. These funds will help pay every civil servant by 58 thousand rubles per month and to double their average salary by 2018. By the same date, money intended for policy makers, will be enough to charge up to 152 000 rubles per month. They are now, by calculations of RBC, receive from 132 thousand to 715 thousand rubles, not counting quarterly bonuses.

A call to the phone. The room is hidden. - Ale? stern voice: - zakieva Yulia? - Yes. - In order to confirm the identity tell me the number of your passport. Ofigevayu. - Excuse me, but who am I talking to? - the security Service of Sberbank! Tell me the number of your passport!

Subject Header does not fully reflect the content, even, one might say, does not conform to it, however, this statement is valid at the time of publication, and not on the date September 2015. Let's wait, let's see. (KD) Putin decided to return the sales tax Finance Ministry and the economic development Ministry were against: this option will not solve the problems of the budget and will finally zero economic growth At the meeting with the President on Wednesday, officials decided late, how to collect from people and companies more indirect taxes. There were two options: to give regions the right to introduce a new tax - sales tax in the amount of 3%, but the idea did not like the financial-economic bloc of the government. Officials offered an alternative...

Matveichev: "Putin to be a monument for what he has blocked the deal Khodorkovsky" the Decision of the Hague court - legal lawlessness the Arbitral Tribunal in the Hague has obliged Russia to pay to the former shareholders of Yukos 50 billion dollars. Moscow regarded this decision as politically motivated and prepared to deny that. Famous Russian political consultant, Professor Oleg Matveichev says the situation.