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Business about murder of the family of the employee of FDCS will be considered on July 10 the Leningrad military district court on Thursday will begin consideration of the case about the brutal murder of his wife and child of the employee Federal drug control service in St. Petersburg, said Tuesday the representative of the court. In may 2013 Petersburg drugs police on his return from duty found a home body of his wife and 12-year-old son with multiple knife wounds. Also was found murdered domestic dog. The accused is a 20-year-old former cadet of the military Institute of internal armies of the Russian Federation Ilya Komarov, who lived on the floor below the victims .

Convicted gang members, 20 years terrorized residents of Penza the Leader and the members of the criminal community from Penza, involved in the killings of businessmen, received from four to 25 years of imprisonment, informed the Investigating Committee on Friday. According to the investigation, the gang "Olympia" was leading its history since the beginning of 90-ies - it was formed on the basis of the same name of a sports complex in Penza. Gang sought to control local entrepreneurs, its members attacked as ordinary citizens, and members of other groups.

10 most common fraud schemes Sleight of hand and no remorse After viewing the next report on victims of scams you will definitely feel a sense, similar to pride and in my head thoughts slip like: "anybody but me these rogues just couldn't cheat". Make no mistake - scammers long ago learned how to cheat even the most cautious and suspicious minds, to which you attach myself. Scammers usually know the psychology of potential victims, allowing them to anticipate all scenarios and use against you and your weaknesses. If you don't want to get into the set attackers your network, check with the most common methods of emptying the pockets of ordinary people.

Investigators searched the Moscow mansion founder of the group PIC on Thursday, investigators searched the Moscow mansion of one of the founders of the group's PEAK Yuri Zhukov. The businessman for a couple of days before that flew to London. the Deal, which were searched, connected with the dispute over Russia's largest manufacturer of granite crushed stone - Pavlovskgranit.

Igor Sechin intends to sue Alexei Miller regarding the gas pipeline "the Power of Siberia" Leaders of "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" - the closest assistants of Vladimir Putin - has unexpectedly poskandalil. As stated by the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, his company wants to use is not yet built a new Russian pipeline "the Power of Siberia", aimed at the Chinese market. "Rosneft" is ready to sue Gazprom for access to this pipeline. But the problem, according to experts, much deeper. Providing access to the Chinese branch of the company Sechin, Gazprom, ironically, will be able to resolve the claims of the EU to other export directions, in particular, have not created the "South Stream".

BNP Paribas pleaded guilty in violation of us sanctions U.S. Authorities in court in new York has accused the French Bank BNP Paribas in violation of us sanctions and said it was fine in the amount of $8.9 billion, the largest penalty which has ever been a financial institution. This was announced at the press conference, which was broadcasted by Bloomberg TV.

State Duma Deputy Sergey Katasonov may be deprived of immunity law Enforcement bodies of the Orenburg region suspect the MP in the purchase of military ranks and degrees, and also in financial machinations In the Orenburg region scandal erupted with a nomination for the post of head of the region the Deputy of the State Duma from LDPR Sergey Katasonov. Law enforcement authorities of the region, which will run a liberal Democrat, has a number of claims to Katasonova that may cost him not only the lifting of immunity, but the mandate of the Deputy of the state Duma. Experts note that such spots in the biography of Sergey Katasonov will have a negative impact on his election campaign and reduce its electoral support.

Adventures of Belarusians in Russia. Part one. In Moscow for Land Cruiser Prado it has Happened that a couple of years ago, all refused to believe. Drawn attractive price the Belarusians procession reached out to Russia for hire. And if at the target audience was dominated by theorists, painted on the forums that in Russia you can take the car is much cheaper, and in Moscow - almost for nothing, because the people there, they do not count money and "merge" car, as only comes guarantee, with the passage of time followed the practice, on their own experience learned what Russia in General and Moscow in particular. Not so long ago we published the story of purchase of our reader Audi 100. At the end of that material we promised to tell about adventures of...

In Pakistan, the bride's parents were killed newlyweds for love marriage Young couple from Pakistan found with his throat slit in one of Punjabi villages. According to local police, the murder was committed parents of the bride, because they do not agree with his daughter's choice. In Pakistan, the bride's parents were killed newly-weds who got married against their will, according to Daily Mail, citing the police. The couple was found with his throat slit.

Caucasians, in a fight with whom died Moskvich, released the Judge decided that brutally beaten Vladimir Smailov died... from congenital disease Russian courts are able to surprise. On Friday scored Simonovsky court of Moscow city. Here read out the sentence to the notorious case of the death of 33-year-old Muscovite Vladimir Smolova. All three defendants Arthur Avagyan, Tigran Galstyan and Azerbaijan friend by the name of Mayfly (in the materials of the case only initials, and the man refused to introduce themselves - approx. as amended). is found guilty of beating. And released from the courtroom on all four sides!

How to change our life from July 1, Banks knocked appetite is Coming near the end of the mortgage "secret"from July 1 banks will not be able to enter citizens in confusion about the final cost of housing loans. Credit institutions shall also not be able to cash in on groundless charges. Comes into force of Federal law № 363. It amends the law on mortgage (pledge of real estate). So, if the Bank provides mortgage loans to the citizen, the contract of loan shall be recorded the full cost of the credit (loan). Information about the complete, final cost of the loan will be posted on the first page of the loan agreement.

The Federation Council stripped the immunity of a Senator from the Chelyabinsk region, Zebco MP suspected of receiving bribes in the amount of not less than 28 million rubles the Federation Council at the second attempt to deprive of immunity of a Senator from the Chelyabinsk region Governor Konstantin Tsybko, who is suspected of taking a bribe. For this decision voted 136 senators, five against and nine abstentions.

Nizhny Novgorod surgeon who accidentally killed a guy, joked and had fun in the hall of the court use of sick leave surgeon freed not only from work but from punishment. I shall remind, Andrei Sarychev surgeon 39th hospital - judged for causing death by negligence. According to the materials of the case, he injected 20 years Anton Gvazdiku, whose diabetes of 1st type, glucose is actually a poison to the body. In the end, the young man fell into a coma, and then died

Loud trial ended in St. Petersburg, members of the nationalist groups found guilty of committing a series of murders motivated by ethnic hatred. Participants nationalist groups found guilty of committing a series of murders motivated by ethnic hatred.

Putin submitted to the state Duma a bill on prohibition for state officials to have accounts in foreign banks, the Document proposes amendments to legislative acts on combating corruption Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a draft law "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on combating corruption".