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Was Maharshal Ali will play the first ever black heavyweight Boxing champion in the mini-series from HBO. HBO Boxing is developing a mini-series of six episodes of "Defiance" (Unruly), who will talk about the first ever black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson. According to the portal Deadline, the main role in the film will perform a two-time winner of the award "Oscar" was Maharshal Ali. the Script will do Dominic Morissot, and one of the producers will be Tom Hanks. Will be based on documentary 2004 "Unforgivable blackness: the Rise and fall of Jack Johnson".

It Became known who will play Mayakovsky in the new movie Danila Kozlovsky. During the broadcast of the International film festival them. Andrei Tarkovsky "Mirror" Danila Kozlovsky shared new details of its new project "Karamora". The Director said that the role of Vladimir Mayakovsky got the vocalist of the St. Petersburg group Shortparis Nicholas Komakino. Danila Kozlovsky: We understood that Mayakovsky needs to be a person. It should be a person you look — and all will become clear why he plays this role. And Kohl itself is very informative and insightful person who in music, on stage, I have admired. the painting appears both fictional and real historical characters. The film's release is scheduled for November 19, 2020.

The Shooting of a sequel to the acclaimed Thriller in the genre of "fiction" already completed. Run the process again producer Sergei Shcheglov and Director Maxim Brieuc. Posters new part action-Thriller "Shugaley" has already appeared in social networks. the Teaser poster for the second part the Main role of Russian sociologists Maxim Shugaley and Camera Safina will perform Kirill Polukhin Oleg Abelian, perfectly coped with them in the first part. the continuation of the audience waiting for a new turn of history, the conclusion of our scientists in a Libyan jail. Shugaley and Swapan will face a new ordeal, but no matter what, will not forget about the duty. Getting acquainted with the other inmates, Maxim manages to continue gathering important...

It Became known that a continuation of the painting "the Terminator: a Dark fate" should not wait. the Actress Mackenzie Davis, who plays a semi-cyborg grace in "terminator: Dark destiny", said that the new film will not be sequel. Davis stressed that today we need to focus on independent Directors. Mackenzie Davis I am in awe of the film and proud of what we did, but no demand for rent was not to count on the seventh part would be madness. (...) There are so many people who don't fit the mold of those who create all these franchises who are not able to remove all of these films. Now we must try to invest in them.

Margot Robbie intrigued against johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean". the Magazine The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the Studio is Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer are developing a separate film in the universe of the franchise "pirates of the Caribbean". The film tells a standalone original story with women in the lead roles, one of which will be performed by Margot Robbie. it is Curious that the script will be written by Christina Hodson, the author kinokomiksa "birds of Prey: an Amazing story of Harley Quinn". the Creators claim that it will not spin-off movies with johnny Depp, and the original story with new characters. the Project is at an early stage of development and will be shot in parallel with the reboot of the franchise, which...

Kirill Serebrennikov Fault is completely proved. petty-bourgeois court of Moscow on June 26 verdict in the case of the "Seventh Studio". Director and artistic Director of "Gogol-center" Kirill Serebrennikov was sentenced to three years probation in the case about the theft of 129 million rubles allocated by the Ministry of culture on the theatrical project "Platform". To probation and sentenced the other defendants in the case, "the Seventh Studio" — the former General Director "the Seventh Studio" Yuri Itin and former General producer of the organization Alexey Malopolski. Former employee of the Ministry of culture, Director of the Russian academic Youth theatre Sofia Apfelbaum fined, but released from the payment due to expiry of limitation. the Defence...

A Remake of the disaster movie "Twister" is in development at Universal Pictures. Universal studios has announced the restart of cash of the disaster movie 1996 Twister Jan De Bonta. currently the post of Director Joseph Kosinski discusses with whom the Studio bosses are in active negotiations. Recall that the original picture is told about a group of scientists-meteorologists, who were trying to understand the nature of the "monstrous" phenomenon of "tornado". the Theme of hurricanes for the United States is quite painful, because the greatest number of tornadoes (tornado) concentrated in the Central States, and in Florida from the Florida Keys, tornadoes appear from the sea almost every day from may to mid-October.

A Documentary about African mountain gorillas "Virunga" will get a game adaptation. according to the magazine Deadline, the documentary "Virunga" tells about one of the African national parks, where the threat turns out to be the last of a species of mountain gorillas, will get a game adaptation. Leonardo DiCaprio together with the author of the original painting Orlando von Insidelet will be producers of the project. The script will be written by Barry Jenkins ("Moonlight"). The film will be released on the streaming platform Netflix. "Virunga" was released in 2014 and was nominated for "Oscar".

Jason bloom has no plans to resume the "Dark universe" at Universal. In an interview with Den of Geek Jason bloom said that despite the success of "invisible Man", the Studio has no plans for a reboot of "Dark universe" at Universal. Not so long ago, Universal announced that it has launched the development of other monsters of the universe, "the wolf Man" and "Dracula" in connection with what appeared rumors that the Studio plans to restart the "Dark universe". However, to the disappointment of fans, this will not happen. At least, bloom and his Studio Blumhouse know nothing about it.

Ryan Reynolds may return to the role of Green lantern in the Director's version of the "League of justice". In the vastness of the Twitter rumors that the Green lantern by Ryan Reynolds could appear in "justice League" from Zack Snyder. However, as assure the sources, this is another version of Hal Jordan and will spend some dosemki, which initially strongly denied. So Warner Bros. decided to rectify the situation with the character and to return Ryan to the team DC, while Kevin Feige thinks about the future of Deadpool in kynoselen Marvel.

A New movie from the horror series "S/L/O" will be the restart of the franchise. Studio bosses, owns the rights to the horror franchise "V/h/O", decided to restart the story a new film "V/h/O 94". the Filmmakers of the upcoming project by Simon Barrett ("V/h/O/ 2"), Timo Taranto ("the Night comes for us") and newcomer Chloe Okuno. The script will be written by David Bruckner. it is Assumed that "R/L/O 94" will be the first part of the new horror series, which will consist of several interrelated stories. All the novels will have to be built together into one unit.

David Sandberg returns to his famous genre. According to the portal Deadline, David F. Sandberg, known for the horror film ""And the lights go out... and the Comedy blockbuster DC "Shazam!", will return to its roots and work on a new horror movie. the movie is called "Catching". In the center of the plot would be the story the "problem" of the Holy father who decides to go to a deserted forest hut, to enter into a confrontation with an ancient demon. the Director will also act as Executive producer, and for the project scenario will meet Stephen Herman.

Netflix has put into development a sequel to "chicken run". according to the publication Variety, the creators of the cartoon "chicken run" has announced the release of the sequel on Netflix. The Director of the new history will perform Sam fell ("Paranorm or How to tame a zombie", "Flushed away!"). the plot of the new Chapter will evolve around ginger and rocky, who were in Paradise for chickens. They have a daughter Molly who is growing too fast, causing new parents to be at an impasse. However, their freedom is in danger, where ginger is once again becoming the leader of the struggle for independence. the Start of production of the cartoon is scheduled for next year.

Main Batman of the Burton era is negotiating for the role of the Dark knight in the movie "Flash". thirty years Later, Michael Keaton could return to the role of Bruce Wayne. Negotiations are underway about the appearance of Keaton in the upcoming "the Flash". the story of the film tells how Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is sent back in time to prevent the death of his mother. As a result, the Allen inadvertently creates another universe, protected by Batman (Michael Keaton), who is now 30 years older. reported the publication the Hollywood Reporter, the role envisaged for the actor, something of a mentor, which takes Samuel L. Jackson (Nick fury) in the Marvel cinematic universe. it is Expected that Keaton Batman will be performed for several film projects DC....

There were rumors that Robert Downey Jr. can play in the new "Pirates of the Caribbean". according to the newspaper We Got This Covered, the Disney Studio is negotiating with Robert Downey Jr. about participation in the sixth film of the "Pirates of the Caribbean". The source claims that the actor was offered the cameo role of an eccentric pirate, which will allow to showcase his talent in a new way. No official confirmation yet. with Regards to johnny Depp earlier, the franchises producer Jerry Bruckheimer said that "I'm not quite sure, what role will johnny in the new movie".