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Studio Legendary fired the brothers Tochilov with the Director's post "Texas chainsaw massacre". Brothers Tochilov that Studio Legendary was put in the Director's chair of the sequel to the legendary "Texas chainsaw massacre", were asked to leave on the second week of filming. The Studio, according to the publication Deadline, there was "creative differences" with the Irish Duo. To replace the brothers eventually came Director David blue Garcia, author of the Thriller "the Texan", which last year acquired at the International film festival in Dallas "the prize of spectator sympathies". starring in the new "Texas massacre" went to Elsie Fisher ("Eighth grade"), Sarah Yarkin ("American horror story"), Jacob Latimore ("the maze Runner") and MoE Dunford...

Tom Hanks talks about participation in a new project from Robert Zemeckis, the film adaptation of "Pinocchio". according to the publication Variety, Tom Hanks is in talks with Fox regarding the role of the carpenter Geppetto in the film adaptation of "Pinocchio", directed by will perform Robert Zemeckis. the Original story told about the adventures of a wooden doll created by the old carpenter Geppetto. Puppet animates a fairy, who says he's going to be a real boy, if you show courage. start date of filming have not yet been reported.

Paul W. S. Anderson took teleadapter horror movie Guillermo del Toro "Mutants". Paul W. S. Anderson will deliver a series based on the horror film "Mutants" in 1997 Guillermo del Toro. Anderson will shoot a pilot episode and will be engaged in producing all series. On the basis of the original picture were involved the story of Donald Wollheim "Mimicry". It featured genetically modified insects, and cockroaches infection that caused the epidemic. For the adaptation of the script meets Jim Danzher grey. Guillermo Del Toro to participate in the development of the series will not.

Leonardo DiCaprio to produce movies and TV shows for Apple. Production company and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way has signed an exclusive multimillion-dollar deal with Apple on the joint production of films and TV series. DiCaprio has already begun to cooperate with Apple, the company has invested more than $ 200 million in the new project of Martin Scorsese's "killer's moon flower", in which the main roles will play DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, but now the interaction will expand. Now the production company of actor must first show all of the projects service, after which you have to offer competitors.

Courteney Cox will play again TV reporter Gale Weathers. She will return to her famous role in the fifth "Scream". Actress Courteney Cox said in his Instagram account about returning to the horror franchise "Scream". In the previous films in the series Cox played the role of reporter Gale Weathers. Recall that the actor and former husband of Courtney Cox, David Arquette, who played the role of a police officer Dewey Riley, will also return in the new film. Directors will perform Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillette ("here I come"). to See this publish to Instagram @screammovies @spyglassmediagr @paramountpics Publication from Courteney Cox (@courteneycoxofficial) 31 Jul 2020 10:03 PDT

Cinema Chain AMC and Universal studios has completed the dispute and concluded an agreement under which the films will be able to go to digital distribution three weeks after the premiere of the movie. the Opposition to Universal studios and the largest U.S. cinema chain AMC, which started after the sudden and successful digital release of the second "Trolls", ended with the signing of a historic deal that reduces rolling window to seventeen days. However, there is a small caveat: the picture will cost $20, and only three months later, their value will drop to the standard $3-6. Also, the Studio will decide for itself when to put the film in home services. If the pattern shows itself in the classic theatrical distribution sure, no one to take it off with...

Terry Gilliam will make a film on the idea of Stanley Kubrick. the Legendary Director Terry Gilliam will make a film "Lunatic at Large" according to the original idea by Stanley Kubrick. Gilliam has already approved the cast and the appointed start filming in September, but production had to stop due to a pandemic coronavirus. In 1999, Stanley Kubrick has developed ideas for a few projects, but did not have time to implement them. One of those ideas is the "Lunatic at Large". The action of the story takes place in new York in the mid-1950s In the center of the story are ex-carnival worker with serious problems in anger management, johnny Sheppard, and Joyce is nervous lover to spend the evening in bars for a drink. One day she is sitting in the tavern...

He Died one of the last stars of the Golden era of Hollywood. At the age of 104 years, died the actress Olivia De Havilland, one of the last stars of the Golden era of Hollywood. Death was due to natural causes, which was confirmed by the family and the agent of the deceased. She died in her sleep at his home in Paris, where he lived for more than sixty years. Olivia De Havilland was a two-time laureate of the award "Oscar". World-famous actress brought the role in the movie "gone with the wind", "the adventures of Robin hood, to Each his own", "My cousin Rachel", "captain blood", "the Heiress" and "hush, Hush, sweet Charlotte".

Exclusive clip from the uncut version of "the justice League". Zack Snyder continues to tease fans and shared a ten-second excerpt from a future version of their "justice League". In it, Superman first appears in a black suit. Snyder also confirmed the information about the timing of its release for a duration of 214 minutes. The Director noted that the film will include only those scenes which he took personally. Zack Snyder: No chance, I'll take the frame, taken either before or after I left the film. I would have destroyed the film, set him on fire... That b**th, indisputable fact.

The New film based on the cult game Mortal Kombat promise to make very bloody. the Screenwriter of the new film "Mortal Kombat" Greg Russo confirmed in his Twitter-the account that the film will be rated "R" and fatalities like in the game. Since told me about that other team, I will fix. Mortal Kombat is rated "R" and a fatality for the first time will be on the big screen, and I will not say what. You will have to wait for the movie and find out for yourself! Since it's already been stated by other members of the team, I'm gonna put this one to bed. MK WILL be R-Rated and for the first time EVER, FATALITIES will FINALLY be on the big screen (and no I'm not gonna say which ones) You'll just have to wait for the movie & see!!! ;)

Rob Leifeld not counting on the third movie about a mouthy mercenary. the Author of comics about Tadpole Rob Leifeld reported that the third film of the franchise, "Deadpool" may not be due to the effects of the pandemic. At the moment Marvel studios is considering to release a spin-off dedicated to the cable performed by Josh Brolin. Rob Leifeld: I love Ryan, Josh, Zazi, David, Tim Miller. All of them. Their work was fantastic, but the movies with their participation must be able to withstand the test of time. In a world in which we live, there are no guarantees. And after the quarantine, all can be even worse.

Timur Bekmambetov is completing work on a new screenlife project. Timur Bekmambetov finishes work on his new production short screenlife project "Love in Isolation". Directors and scriptwriters of the project made by young filmmakers Jeremy Coleman and Noah Rinsky. Starring Carlson young, John Karna. Shooting short films have already passed, and neither the actors nor the crew did not have to meet in person. In the story of two lonely people are written off in the Dating app Bumble. Their plans to meet in the real world breaks the quarantine that forced the Americans occupied in their native four walls.

Appeared the first information about the casting of the series "the dragon House". HBO was looking for Actresses for the role of Raniry Alicante Targaryen and Hightower in the episode "dragon House", which will be a spin-off of "Game of thrones". Apparently the new show will talk about the "Dance of dragons". The role of Raniri the Studio is considering girls about 30 years old, and slightly older for the role of Alicante. From the books of George R. R. Martin, we know that the Rainier and Alicante — the main participants in the civil war of the Targaryens. When one of them inherited the throne from his father Viserys, took it from her stepmother, put him on the throne of his son. And so began the "Dance of dragons". the author of the first episode will...

Service shared the teaser of the drama project "Psycho" which is a line of its own series of service more originals. the First directing series of novel "Psycho" got the debut teaser. "Crazy" will consist of eight episodes and will tell about the famous psychotherapist by the name of Oleg, which has no release from the prosperous Metropolitan customers. But once the hero realizes that he himself needed help he finds an inanimate Doll. the author of the script acts as a spouse of Fyodor Bondarchuk Paulina Andreeva. The main roles are played by Konstantin Bogomolov, Elena Lyadova, Anna chipovskaya, Roza Khairullina, Marina Aleksandrova, Aleksandr Gorchilin, Igor Vernik and Oleg Menshikov. the series Premiere is scheduled for November 2020.

Streaming service Netflix filmed the famous comic book about a rabbit samurai. Netflix made animated series about a rabbit samurai based on the comic book "Usagi Ezimba". the comic book Series tells the story of the rabbit-samurai Yuichi, Pocomoke great warrior Miyamoto Usagi. He's trying to become a true samurai, but is not acting alone, and together with his team, which included: the bounty hunter, ninja, pocket thief — acrobat and loyal lizard. Together they battle with moles, rats, and monsters from other dimensions. the Executive producer of the project by the author and Illustrator Stan Sakai.