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Became known the main contenders for the award "Golden globe" in the category "best foreign language film". the Hollywood foreign press Association, published the long list of contenders for the award "Golden globe" in the category "best foreign language film". It turned out to be six Russian films: "Cornstalk" — dir. Cantemir of Balakov "Bull" — dir. Boris Akopov "Save Leningrad" — dir. Alexey Kozlov "the Wanderers of patience" — dir. Alisher Hamidhodzhaev "Kaddish" — dir. Konstantin FAM "wild League" — dir. Andrey Bogatyrev and Art Camacho Just a list of 93 applications from 65 countries. The five main nominees will be announced on 9 December. 77-I ceremony of handing out "Golden Globes" will be held in the night of 5 to January 6.

The Revival of the cult TV series "Beverly hills 90210" will end after the first season. the TV Channel "FOX" decided not to renew restart popular TV series 90s "Beverly hills 90210" for a second season. The show, which launched this summer, will close after six episodes. it was Assumed that the sequel will be able to survive for a few seasons, however, due to the loss of most of the audience, the bosses of the TV channel has refused this idea. the Premiere of the new "Beverly hills" took place in August and gathered at the screens of over a million viewers, but subsequent episodes rapidly losing ranking.

At the 32nd awards ceremony of the European film Academy will compete for their awards "Cornstalk" and "Putin's Witnesses". the Film Kantemir Balagova "Cornstalk" was nominated for the annual prize of the European film Academy in the category "Best actress" Victoria Miroshnichenko. it is Also among the nominees was the film "Putin's Witnesses" by Vitaly Mansky, as best documentary. the 32nd award ceremony will be held on 7 December in Berlin. the Full list of nominees. Best European movie: "Pain and glory" "Homewrecker system" "Les Miserables" "an officer and a spy" "Traitor" "Favorite" Best Director: Pedro Almodovar — "Pain and glory" Marco Bellocchio — Traitor the yorgos of lanthimos — "Favorite" Roman Polanski — "an officer and a spy" Celine Sama...

, was officially announced when will the third film "Fantastic creatures" and who will return in the new film. it was Planned that the shooting trikvela "Fantastic beasts" was to be launched in February 2020. Now, however, "Warner Bros." officially confirmed that work on the project will begin in the spring, and the newly appointed Director David Yates. it is Also reported that Steve Klaus, who previously worked on "Harry Potter", has joined the script writing. Perhaps the biggest news was the confirmation of the return of the entire original cast to their roles, including johnny Depp in the image of the green de Wald, the participation of which for some time remained in question. the Pre in the us the film received 12 November 2021.

Recently launched the shooting of the film "Halloween kills", which continues the story restarted 2018. Today appeared the first video from the set. the female lead Laurie Strode, the legendary Jamie Lee Curtis, shared in his Twitter account the first videos from the shooting of the future of the sequel to "Halloween kills." In the video clip you can see Michael Myers, and a bloody actress, and a few interesting shots. ‘Tis the season..... to start screaming. First look at the mayhem David has created for all of you. @halloweenmovie #halloweenkills #strodesstrong @universalpictures @miramax @blumhouse @halloweenmovie — Jamie Lee Curtis (@jamieleecurtis) October 31, 2019.

Channel "HBO" has decided to close the developed spin-off of "Game of thrones", which was supposed to be its prequel. "the Long night" is one of the five previously announced spin-offs of "Game of thrones", sorry, did not see the light. Despite the shooting of the pilot episode, the channel "HBO" was forced to abandon the production for the entire season, due to the high budget and the protracted post-production. it was Assumed that the prequel will tell about the events that occurred in Westeros long before the unification of the Seven Kingdoms. The audience promised to reveal the origin of White walkers, and to show how out Golden age heroes, and the world plunges into chaos. Also, rumor has it that "HBO" may order the production of another prequel based...

D. B. Weiss and David Benioff were forced to stop developing its own trilogy of "Star warriors". the Showrunners of the series "Game of thrones" D. B. Weiss and David Benioff reported that stopped work on the "Star wars" because of the tight shooting schedule: tandem have recently signed a major deal with "Netflix". Weiss and Benioff thanked George Lucas for the opportunity to work on the franchise, though at the stage of negotiations. it is unknown who will resume work on the project, but the release of the first part of a planned trilogy, is still listed for December 2022.

In the network appeared unconfirmed rumors that the fifth movie about a team of superheroes "Marvel" "the Avengers" will be less ambitious and fall on the big screens in 2023. Information portal "We Got This Covered" shared information that the fifth of "the Avengers" can not be expected before 2023, and the scale of the incarnation will be much more modest. it is Known that the updated team will include spider-Man, Captain marvel, Jane foster (Thor), Dr. strange, scarlet witch, Shang-Chi, etc. most Likely, the film will unfold on the Earth, and to compare its magnitude will be the second film the universe of "the Avengers: age of Ultron".

Apple announced the mini-series "the masters of the sky" (Maters of the Air), which will become part of such series from the "HBO" as "Brothers" and "Pacific ocean". the New Chapter will focus on the history of the "Mighty eight", the eighth air force of the United States. They largely influenced the course of world war II by attacking the largest industrial city of the Third Reich Kassel in 1942. The basis for the plot was taken from the non-fiction writer Donald Miller. the producers of the show will perform for Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The script supervisor has appointed the author of "Brothers in arms" by John Orloff. Recall that initially the series was launched in 2013 by HBO, but later the rights to the show switched to Apple for $ 250...

The Film that brought Denzel Washington the award "Oscar" will receive a new story in the form of a prequel. Became known that the Studio "Warner Bros." started the background of the movie "Training day" by Antoine Fuqua. the Plot will unfold ten years before the original — in 1992, when a jury acquitted four who had beaten Rodney king police, whom he resisted arrest. In Los Angeles start a riot. the script instructed the budding author nick Yarborough, but the Director is still vacant .

Tom Hanks will receive the award for services to the film, and Robert Downey Jr. refused an Oscar for the role of Tony stark. At the ceremony of awarding the prize "Golden globe", which will take place on 5 January 2020, Tom Hanks (15-time nominee for the award "Golden globe") will be awarded the Cecil B. DeMille for a long-term impact on the film industry — told the Hollywood foreign press Association. Meanwhile, actor Robert Downey Jr. said in an interview with the TV host Howard stern that he was offered the opportunity to be nominated for the award "Oscar" for the role of Tony stark, but he refused it. Here is such a real superhero, noble Robert "stark" Downey Jr.

The network is not extinguished talk of a possible sequel to "the Joker" with the participation of Joaquin Phoenix. Throughout time, since the release of the movie, Director and actor constantly give contradicting each other information. Joaquin Phoenix has admitted that the Joker was the role of his dreams. The actor and could not think that this role of his is so severely affected, but now can't stop thinking about her. the words of the Phoenix, he repeatedly discussed the possibility of continuing "the Joker" with Todd Phillips, but the Director believes that in this story, he said everything I wanted. it Should be noted that not so long ago Todd Phillips has admitted that will continue only if it will star Phoenix. The Director stressed that he is ready...

It Became known that the Studio "Warner Bros." started developing two films in the universe of "the Matrix". Screenwriter Zak Penn said in his Twitter account that the universe of "the Matrix" replenished with two new films: the first is a prequel to which Penn will write the script, and the second, as previously reported, will be a continuation of the famous and favorite cyber-punk stories. Recall that this summer, Lana Wachowski announced the development of the sequel of "the Matrix", it also takes the Director's chair will write the script. In the new film return of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne moss. people keep asking, so let me clarify there are two different #Matrix projects at wb. i wrote one set earlier in the timeline of the matrix universe. Lana...

Studio "Disney" and "Sony" came to the agreement that "Spider-Man" back in kynoselen "Marvel". According to the new agreements between the studios, Tom Holland will appear in the image of Spider-Man in the universe "marvel," though only one movie. Sony catapulted and agreed to 5% from fees and sales of merchandise. the producer of the third film about the "Spider" again will be Kevin Feige. At the moment negotiations are underway with the Director of the first two strips, John watts, he again headed the film that even managed to determine the date of hire is July 15, 2021. Meanwhile, in the network there are rumors that Sony is thinking about developing a solo movie about Mysterio with Jake Gyllenhaal, but without the participation of Tom Holland. It...

The Company, "Twentieth century Fox CIS" reported that the satirical Comedy the Secret of Waititi "Jojo Rabbit" will be released in Russian cinemas. The reasons for this decision remained without explanation. the plot of the satirical project of Waititi is the lone member of the Hitler youth (youth organization of the "National socialist German workers 'party"), who learn that mom hides in the basement of their home a Jewish girl, begins to communicate with an imaginary friend — Adolf Hitler, helping him to realize the horrors of Nazism. it is possible that the absence of the picture "Rabbit Jojo" in the Russian hire again put his hand the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, however, no evidence for this at the moment.