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Execution of documents in the state bodies with the grounds and without them. Ukrainian Passport, passport, id, citizenship of Ukraine, residence permit, birth certificate, marriage certificate, transcripts, ID Inn, military ID, law and more. Assistance in obtaining documents, any difficult situation. Please e-mail the passport of the citizen of Ukraine citizenship, buy passport of Ukraine with the wiring on the bases, Ukrainian passport, passport, biometric, buy, id, where to buy Ukrainian passport, how to apply, price, without payment, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, pension certificate, driver's license, right

If you want to get the money immediately secured the apartment without waiting for checks and no reference collection, call today. Grant loans on the security of apartments in Moscow and Moscow region, under a 1.5% per month. Not required information not check your credit history. To get the full amount from you in the same day. Do not renew the property and don't subscribe to the tenants. Give money secured flats with them in the prescribed refuseniks from privatization, minor and retirees without income verification. We have a real fixed rate, the contract term of your choice from 2 months to 20 years. Give deferred payment.

Give up production space for rent in Obninsk, the Total area of all premises 1400 sq. m., useful space 1054 sq. m. Total area of production sites: 965,4 sq. m. storerooms: 88,1 sq. m. Auxiliary premises (toilets, corridors, etc.): 346,5 sq. m. rooms 1 and 2 it is possible to combine in one size to 71.1 sq. m. with a ceiling height of 4 meters; Sites 3 through 7 have the opportunity to bring together up to 415,1 sq. m. with a ceiling height of 6 meters; the Premises from 8 to 12 have the opportunity to bring together up to 202,2 sq. m. with a ceiling height of 6 meters; the Premises from 13 to 16 have the opportunity to bring together up to 172,3 sq. m. with a ceiling height of 6 meters; the Premises from 8 to 16 have the opportunity to bring together up to...

The Modern alternative to metal fiber and frame reinforcement RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE for the introduction of the fibers does not require special equipment or tool. Without prior mixing with water. - enter the fiber it is recommended that at the initial stage of mixing. the fiber evenly distributed in the concrete mix or dry blending the components (sand, gravel, cement). the fiber reinforcement may be added to the concrete mixture during transportation by carriers (avtomiksery) MIXING - the fiber is able to stir in any type of faucets: gravity, forced operation in manual mixing. - add to the mix a fiber of necessary length in accordance with the recommendations for use is based na1m3. - thoroughly stir the mixture until a uniform distribution of fibers:...

Emergency service clearing blockages JPOs. Emergency exit after the call. Good specialists. Special equipment to correct a severe blockage of the sewer pipes. Inspection of Sewerage. Constant high quality of cleaning. Cleaning the drain on Rublevo-Uspensky highway - Barvikha, Zhukovka, Gorki-2, Gorki-10, cleaning the pipes on the Minsk highway - Forest Town, cleaning of clogged pipes in Kiev highway, Moscow, Marushkino, Aprelevka, cleaning of pipes on the Kaluga highway - Troitsk, unclogging Kashirskoye, Domodedovo, sewer cleaning on Pyatnitskoe highway is a welcome, Yurlovo, Brekhovo, cleaning sewer pipes on the Volokolamsk highway - Opelika, Nakhabino, cleaning sewers on Novorizhskoye highway - Istra, Pavlovskaya Sloboda cleaning of sewer blockages on...

Fuel pump control unit for Audi 100, the A6 2.5 TDI (AAT engine) car Model/Year: Audi A6 2.5 / 1994-1997, Audi 100 2.5 / 1991-1994 engine capacity (CC.): 2496 fuel Type: Diesel fuel injection pump control unit of the engine of Audi AAT 2.5 for model 100, the A6. Injection pump removed from contract engine imported from Europe. Fuel pump is in excellent condition. Country producer: Italy. PS-also in the presence of other parts and body part on a car. Sending with skladov in different cities of RF and CIS e-mail - viber/you/phone

Proposed to obtain money from us on favorable terms under the pledge of real estate. They spend their money. Rate 15 - 20% per year. Previously issued pledging the mortgaged property. Refinancing of loans and credits. Legal purity and transparency of the transaction – all the nuances of pre-negotiated and written in the contract, and then notarized. You can get loans from 500 thousand to 100 million rubles, and 70% of the market value of your property. Minimum term of registration – usually the borrower gets the required amount per day. Without guarantors and references 2NDFL. Attractive interest rates. You remain the owner of the property. Flexible repayment terms of the loan – they range from several months to several decades. The valuation of the...

When money is needed in a short time and in addition the sum required is large, take advantage of our offer.. We offer the credit on the security of real estate without confirmation of income 1 day. Rate of 15 to 20% per year. Annuity, differentiated payment. The earlier pledge of the mortgaged property. Refinancing any loans. To obtain such a loan, please contact us – we give out money on the security of real estate without unnecessary questions and requiring additional collateral. We appreciate your time! we do not check your credit history; we don't need any additional documents, in addition to proving your ownership of real estate; we solve all questions very quickly – quick transaction for 1 day.

A Loan from the investor secured by real estate. You will receive the loan as quickly as possible. Appreciate your time to money on the security of ownership of apartments within 30 minutes without financial support. Provide the lowest interest rate - from 15 to 20% per year on very long loans. Money on the security of the apartment - private investor to the loan can entrepreneurs who need a loan mortgage on personal terms for urgent needs no explanation, and individuals to solve their personal problems. Loan secured is the fastest way to solve the financial problems. After the conclusion of the agreement the granting of a loan secured by real estate, it will remain in your ownership, this will be written in the contract. The fastest possible time.

Buy urates in Moscow from the owner? Urates Moscow. The only non-mass urates confirmation. If you are denied because of urates refund of money, legal costs, notary. The price includes the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Bank and the tax Inspectorate, to check the location urates. Urates suitable for initial registration, changes of address within the same tax in Moscow. Free assistance in choosing the right option legal address. Complete your application before the end of the week and get the postal service as a gift.

Call or leave a request on the website. Quickly and efficiently. Perform the following work, the Installation of front panels, including Windows and all openings, installation of exterior angles. Installation saidiga (Board) panels, including Windows and all openings, installation of exterior angles. Installation of lathing Installation of insulation Installation of insulation (two layers) Installation film Installation of the eaves(soffit) Mounting the eaves(soffit) with the device box 90g. Installation of drainage system Installation of flashings at Windows and ground floor Installation only the basement and the sheathing with tides only Installation of drainage system Installation snegozaderzhateley on the roof, Installation of facade panels on the...

What you need for a perfect holiday in nature? First and foremost, a comfortable place to stay! And this is the catalog of our products. , we Offer to your attention the garden furniture. - Length/width/height: 2200mm * 2500mm * 2000 mm. -, Benches and bench made of dry pine boards treated with antiseptic, lacquered BASF by special technology, the Fabric roof of the canopy - Oxford. Optional - dralon. - Gazebo equipped with high-quality, removable mosquito net with sliding system for easy use. the gazebo can be equipped with soft cushions Dralon (for seats and backs - 6 sets). We strive for the perfect combination of quality, comfort, design and price! To find out more about our range visit the website. Or dial on these phones!

Husband by the hour - Master for an hour Khimki, Zelenograd, Skhodnya. Order service Husband for an hour or to call the Master for an hour in Khimki, Zelenograd, Skhodnya. You can by phone +7 (993) 333-58-58. We provide services for repairs and upgrades to plumbing, electric, communications, and small household appliances, repair of laptops, TVs, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. Emergency or urgent call of the master will help to quickly cope with your problem, to carry out installation or repair work: -troubleshoot electrical system -installation of engineering systems -repairing heating systems -repair of residential and access electrical panels-installation of electrical shields street

About yourself Young and beautiful girl. 20 years old, Brunette, breast Size 1, Sell right of the first night man. Expensive. Strictly Moscow! Possible examination by a gynecologist, according to Your desire. All details and contacts in the conversation. Meeting the conditions of and requirements for the buyer: First preliminary meeting is in the cafe for 15-20 minutes to visually evaluate each other and understand how we fit. Further, if we can agree on mutually beneficial terms for both sides, the meeting will be held on neutral territory. You will need to rent an apartment. All meetings are possible only in the daytime.

Kitchen corner Michelle 1,45 wenge. (set of 12,000 rubles) Description: Convenient folding table, small corner sofa two stools. The set includes storage space. Under each seat there is a box for storage. The tree provides a rich and aesthetic appearance. Clear and straight lines give the set elegance and elegance. Stools complete the package and give the coziness to the room. Dimensions kit allows maximum and effective use of kitchen space. The universal model is going to either side. The carved back is made in traditional Russian style. Features: Corner element : length 1450 mm, width 1050 mm, seat depth 400 mm. (front and back of the box - plywood 9 mm) Table : width 600 mm, length 1000 mm (disassembled 1300 mm), height 740 mm. Stool : length 320 mm width...