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We Offer wholesale butter sweet butter "Peasant" unsalted, fat 72, 5% of GOST R 32261-2013 with no additives. The monolith of 20 kg, oil the "Traditional" to 82.5% in the production of the Republic of Belarus as well as Russia shipping from a warehouse in Moscow. we Have the most favorable conditions for cooperation, the best prices in Moscow. a Shipment of 500 kg Want never to use the vendor search? To find out prices? What are possible payment options? pick up the phone and call us now so we can answer your questions! Butter, Byelorussian, Peasant, Traditional, fat content 82,5

Choice of apartments to rent at the price and terms of recruitment in Saint-Petersburg Agency "Practices of real Estate." In the long term - from 1 to 12 months rent from 3 days for those travelling to the city on the Neva. The options of apartments available from budget to luxury. Free preview of an object out of a realtor! The conclusion of the contract of tenancy. Discounts on services Agency for luxury apartments and unsaleable. Also, we invite owners of residential properties to co-operation: place information about Your home and pictures of her on our website, triclinium Your apartment on available resources in the network . If You are not able to take a picture of the living room, window views, landing the agent, in the absence of employment, will...

Version 1 PET film width up to 1000 mm thickness from 200 to 1000 MD. from the primary granules. Any color scheme. Have the ability to laminate polyethylene PET/PE layer PE of 50 microns. Option 2 PET film width up to 1000 mm thickness from 200 to 1000 MD. from the recycled granules processed on equipment of the company "STARLINGER" AUSTRIA technology "botlee to botlee" (bottle to bottle). Any color scheme. Have the ability to laminate polyethylene PET/PE layer PE of 50 microns. Option 3 a combination of the two granules in any proportion preprospectus the PET film. Deferred payment up to 20 days. Industrial samples for test give. Can cut any width. Paper sleeve diameter of 76 mm. a Volume of 300 tons. per month. Supply from 10t.

Sale of winter diesel fuel (EURO-5 grade: E,F, type II) summer (EURO-5 grade: C). We carry out direct deliveries from the largest depots of Russia only from trusted manufacturers and we guarantee the high brand of our fuel. Our clients Vostochnaya Transportnaya Kompaniya, Inkom Avto, Rostelecom we Have the most favorable conditions for cooperation. All fuels meet environmental standards, have passed strict laboratory control safety quality. the Shipment from 20t If You require diesel fuel, please call for information on prices and terms of cooperation. Diesel fuel, fuel, Benin, EURO-5, LED

Many people stremjatsja to freshen up and to be beautiful, you become nature itself. Some people rush to the hairdressers for a new interesting look, others go back to a favorite diet, and others — trying something for the first time of weight-loss drugs. Well, in our days, such funds exist in abundance, and everyone can choose what suits him most. Not so long ago the Russian market came back Xiterm - tool for weight loss of American manufacturing. A distinctive feature of the complex is its complete naturalness. Complex Xiterm is an innovative product that provides the opportunity to be slim and healthy. Using Oxyderm You will forget about exhausting diets that do not allow to live normally. Oxyderm unique formulation of 25 ingredients harmoniously will...

How to get your old bath a NEW LOOK? Call our specialists and after 1.5-2 hours, your tub will Shine like new! Quality RESTORATION of BATHTUBS in Barnaul any method: 1. "TUB IN TUB", the installation of acrylic baths "-liner" into your old tub. 2. "Cheating", the application of the new acrylic coatings by the method of filling. 3. "ENAMELLING", applied with a brush a thin layer of moisture-resistant enamel. Call us to learn more about the differences and order the restoration of the baths. Today our specialist will come to you for measurements and a consultation! • OUR SERVICE works in the market of services already more than 8 years. • Offer only professional artists! • Use safe materials. • Provide services under the contract. • WARRANTY up to 3 years...

Dear fans of weightlifting! Sports club "GRIF" resumed its work in the former hall, at the address: Moscow, Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, 57, building 1 (Metro station Petrovsko-Razumovskaya) Five times a week until 22.00 in our gym - weightlifting, weightlifting, and nothing but weightlifting! We are waiting for everyone ready to train on a training plan to maintain good physical shape and to prepare for the competition, which will soon be in Moscow a lot - especially for fans of our sport, which are not distant goals to win international competitions and wanting to have fun, feeling the bar over his head, to be healthy, full of life and desire to learn and expand their limits!

LTD "AEROMEH Plus" is a manufacturer of advanced equipment for cleaning and calibration of grain. We offer customers we develop and manufacture the separator aerodynamic brand GARDEN. In the development of separator for the first time technology was used high-quality calibration according to the specific weight that allows to carry out high-quality cleaning of grain, to separate high-quality sowing material, which is able to provide a yield increase of up to 40%. Car is unique, is unique, easy to operate, reliable, has low power consumption. Today the company manufactures separators with capacity from 4 to 150 t/hour. To work on the car GARDEN no restrictions on crops, dockage and moisture of the starting material. Easy setup, no lubrication points and...

UK Liquid rubber is a two component cold applied. Modified bitumen-elastomeric aqueous emulsion a dark brown color. In is used as a modifier polychloroprene latex, as the basis of bitumen emulsion. Liquid rubber UK used for seamless waterproofing of roofs, slabs, balconies, blind area, basements, toilets, bathrooms and industrial facilities. UK liquid rubber used for waterproofing of foundations, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic engineering and underground structures, and for anti-corrosion treatment of metal constructions, underground engineering communications. UK liquid rubber retains its elastic properties at low temperatures down to -35C, with high temperatures up to +150C is free of bubbles and streaks. Producer prices, shipping RF.

Brit insulation one-component waterproofing bitumen-polymer mastic for cold application. Brit insulation is used for waterproofing of basements, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic engineering and underground structures. Used for waterproofing of roofs, floors, inverted roofs, balconies, blind area, basements, toilets, bathrooms and industrial facilities. Heat resistance 50 ° C, frost -15S. Consumption for smooth grounds 0.5 kg/m2 at layer thickness of 1 mm and Flow for coarse and porous grounds 1kg/m2 at a layer thickness of 1 mm. the Minimum thickness of the waterproofing coating 2mm. producer Prices, shipping RF.

Mastic roofing polymer magir is used as sealing, waterproofing, corrosion resistant to aggressive media coverage for: installation and repair of roofs, waterproofing of basements, pools, loggias, bathrooms and other rooms. To protect concrete, metal and wooden building constructions, buildings and engineering communications. For anti-corrosion and insulation protection of metal surfaces and structures. Mastic roofing polymer magir applied with a spatula or brush hand application. Operating temperature range of -38C to +100C. Drying time at 1 mm thickness on exposed surface at a temperature of +15C not more than two hours. Layer thickness not more than 2mm, at the rate of 1.5-2 kg per 1 m2. Producer prices, discounts for wholesale, delivery to Russia.

Mastic bitumen-polymer waterproofing magir is used for: waterproofing of flat and pitched roofs, repair of roll roofing and other materials, waterproofing retaining walls, basements and basements on a concrete Foundation, waterproofing of facades, waterproofing of foundations, exposed to biologically aggressive environments. Mastic waterproofing magir is used to protect concrete, metal and wooden building constructions, buildings and engineering communications. To fill joints in concrete, reinforced concrete slabs, and insulating and anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces and structures. Operating temperature range from-40C to +80C. Consumption 1,0 – 1,8 kg/m2 at layer thickness of not more than 2mm. producer Prices, discounts for wholesale, delivery...

Generic polymeric Mastic magir is used for waterproofing basements, swimming pools, foundations, balconies, bathrooms and other rooms. For waterproof protection of concrete, metal and wooden building constructions, buildings and engineering communications. Used for installation and repair of roofs, as well as for anti-corrosion and insulation protection of metal surfaces and structures. Quick dry time allows you to apply a second coat after 2-4 hours. Mastic universal magir polymer resistant to ultraviolet light. After applying not washed off by rain. Can be applied at temperatures down to-20C. Operating temperature range from -50C to +150C. A rate of 1.5 – 2kg/m2 at layer thickness of 1 mm and lifetime of 10 years. Color black, grey, white. Producer...

The Hydraulic unit GP 4 highly effective waterproofing of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Exceptional properties, wide operating temperature range, deep penetration of 600 mm, a reliable protection of concrete from water and corrosive chemicals. Penetrating waterproofing Hydraulic unit GP 4 is brand new material, which is a combination of the cements of different types, supplemented by quartz sand and crushed minerals. Exceptional properties waterproofing gives a special chemical additive. The main function of waterproofing Hydraulic unit GP 4 – increase water resistance and frost resistance of concrete structures. Consumption 1 kg/m2 with consideration of application in two layers. Producer prices, discounts for wholesale, delivery to Russia.

Hello. I, Tatyana Sergeevna will help You in the classes of violin, piano, solfege, theory, harmony, vocal and English. I graduated NMAU Tchaikovsky, a master's degree with honors, majoring in violin, graduated from KIM them. Glier with honors and graduated from a post-graduate in KHNUM named after I. Kotlyarevsky. Laureate of international and all-Ukrainian competitions. Can offer You interesting and useful notes for the development of playing a musical instrument. Classes can spend with a student of any age. Place the study at home or on-site student. The cost of the lesson is 1 hour from 100-200 g