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Engaged in the manufacture and sale of all kinds of packaging materials: bags, gloves, foils, adhesive tapes, corrugated boxes, strapping tape as well as equipment for them. The services include manufacturing of elements for labeling: labels of various types and sizes, cash thermo-tape, etiquette-tape, price tags-rollers and equipment for them. Deliver at the Moscow, Moscow region or to the transport companies.

Budva - Montenegro land for Sale in Bidva 7 acres close to the hotel Maestral part of the city Podlicak Suitable for construction of residential and commercial tourist facilities, hotels motels Dormitories Restaurants residential complex allowed the construction of 1000 m2, paid utilities for the construction of 200 m2 at the municipal level, the Plot is located 200 m from the beach price 350.000 EVRA TEL +381 63 300 530

Classic, European, hardware manicure and pedicure Spa treatments for hands and feet, comprehensive care. Do your hands and nails beautiful and well-groomed! The work of craftsmen with experience! Affordable prices! for FREE each client: removing gel-Polish - tea/coffee/cookies, a small gift, - childcare in the nursery during the procedure, - the procedure for the care of hands/feet Mary Kay. Our page: nn-nail club Nizhny Novgorod, Mira Boulevard, 15

Hello! For our customers we offer the most favorable conditions of supply of goods series shaving brand Gillette. All the goods of excellent quality (certificates of conformity PCT) at the best prices from the manufacturer. We ship goods to all comers, legal.persons, entrepreneurs, physical persons. Minimum order 10000rub, but to start cooperation possible exceptions. We ship goods from a warehouse in Moscow or delivered to the regions through transport companies (PEK, Business Lines), logistics can accommodate Your wishes.

The Detection of the removal of negative programs and magical influences: all sorts of damage, curse, daze, removal of love spells. Magic financial well-being: the range of rituals of opening the roads in the business, the financial sector, removing obstacles and detractors. The rituals of the inflow of Finance, the monetary pumping channels. And much more. Please, I'll be glad to help You! By appointment.

Sell new universal cosy sofa, manufactured using the latest technology of frameless production. With one movement the sofa turns into a cozy full bed. Given the small weight is very convenient to use. Comfortable and safe, does not contain wood and metal structures. Easy to care for them, the upholstery covers can be removed and washed by regular detergents.

For Sale large brick house (800 sqm) with wooden two-storey bath (9x9 meters) and swimming pool (3x3 m) on 15 acres of land. Brick house (2 floors + attic floor + basement) prepared for finishing (2 bathrooms in a tile with installed sanitary equipment), wooden house-bath is fully ready for year-round use. The area is fenced capital fence on the Foundation. Around the neighbors live year-round. In detail the technical issues described in the attached file, a more detailed description You can obtain at the telephone number listed in the ad. I'm the owner and myself built this house and bath. To Moscow 35 km on the Yaroslavl and Shchelkovo highway, by train 50 minutes. However, much closer than Moscow, just 10 km away, the nearest big town is the city of...

Invite young mothers to cooperate! Mandatory conditions: Age 20 to 39 years old for surrogacy and oocyte donation between 20 and 29 years. Without physical and mental illnesses and addictions. The obligatory presence of own child, born naturally. Compensation for surrogate mothers - 350 000 g-n + g 6000-EUMM. during pregnancy), compensation for egg donors 25 000 C. We will reimburse all costs of transportation and medicines. And finally, a priceless feeling that, thanks to You this world is getting better. Biologically You're not family. Will make a childless Family complete! License of Ministry of health of Ukraine Series AB №554391 Contact phone: +38(095).423.16.69 - +38(097).139.84.86 We in Vkontakte: vk com/surmamaplus Our website: surogatnoematerinstvo...

Ready to provide a professional manufacture and promotion online-project in Odintsovo. We are focused on small and medium business, develop common resources and promote them in Google and Yandex is not high rates with a tangible result for the customer. For all the time activities the staff of our company have developed and brought to the first position of the search engines over 230 web sites. have been Developing for 12 years and occupy not the last place in the market of manufacturing and promotion of Internet resources. will Conduct a free consultation, evaluate the competition, to realize all your wishes. let's Take for promotion is not only the resources created by our experts and already functioning your online resources. by ordering the creation of...

Cash, loan, credit, urgently secured from 16% a year. Samara. A pledge from a private person at a lower interest rate. Possible pledge with the subsequent sale. - the sum from 100.R. up to 70% of the value of the collateral, the issuance of funds is carried out on the signing of the agreement (the next day after treatment), the clearance under the loan agreement without changing property rights - to be discharged is not required, the security Deposit remains at your disposal, Consider any situation that will offer the most suitable solution for you. In any case, the consultation is free. Contact.

Requires rybodobytchikami at fish processing factories in the Far East(Kamchatka, Kuril Islands and Sakhalin), Seasonal work. Sending in may-June-July-August-September. On 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, months. - according to your wishes, depending on what plant will go to work, factories are different, choose for yourself. By arrangement you can go to work for coastal fishing - sea. Karaga district village Tymlat, Eastern coast of Kamchatka. Ust-bolsheretskiy district. The Western and Eastern Coast of Kamchatka. Olyutorskiy, Sobolewski, Oktyabrsky districts. South Sakhalin (Dolinsk, Nogliki, karsakova, Wasnae etc. areas.) Shikotan, Paramushir and other Plants are different. Need men, women, and SEM.pair. Processing, sorting, freezing, red fish, red caviar, squid and other...

Puppies for sale breed miniature Pinscher. Born 17.02.17. Dad - World champion 2016 - the Shadow of the moon king crown, mother - Zoloto Magnitogorsk Dynamics -champion of Russia, RKF. At the time of sale puppies will have a metric, branded, vaccinated by age.Possible delivery in other regions of Orenburg.

Invite freight forwarders and cargo owners on the website The focus of the portal - transportation in Russia and abroad. Free search of goods, or to find the carrier in any direction across Russia and neighboring countries. Cargo owners also help to rent a warehouse for storage of goods. For the convenience of users through a personal account, you can send Your messages and sales offers to registered users of our website with regard to the choice of the region and other parameters. Come in, register, arrange yourself! the Website Phone +7(912)722-5-711

M. O. Krasnogorsk, Opalikha microdistrict, street Weaving factory 23 Free sales. 1-room apartment in the monolithic-brick house of variable height (10-12 stories), 5et./12 FL., 42,7 sq. m, kitchen 9,3 sq. m., room-21,2 sq. m, a bathroom-of 2.27 sq. m, toilet-1,25 sq. m, hall, 6,9 sq m, loggia-3,56 sq. m. Not angular, warm, in good condition, clean entrance, quiet neighbors. Two elevators: freight and passenger. The window to the pine forest (located next door). Developed infrastructure, in the courtyard of a supermarket "the Coin", the overhead of a brick Parking lot. One owner, no one registered, the full value of the contract for purchase and sale M. O. Krasnogorsk, Opalikha microdistrict, street Weaving factory 23 Free sales. 1-room apartment in the...

WAREHOUSE MOSCOW DELIVERY to Russia 8 916 39 602 19 Machine EL-15 is an electronic device designed to check the process of manufacture and repair of windings of electrical devices and machines with a capacity of up to 110 kW, voltage up to 660 V when the number of turns in the windings of the test sections or at least two. The unit EL-15 is used to detect winding short circuits and breakages in the windings of electrical machines and apparatus, finding the groove with short-circuited turns in the windings of stators and anchors of electric cars according to the diagram, and marking the output ends of the phase windings of electrical machines. The sensitivity of the device provides the detection of a closed loop for every 2000 turns in the windings of the...