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Loader LIEBHERR A 924 C HD LITRONIC, 2011, time 13800 m/h, weight 34 tons, engine. Liebherr strength. 184 HP, boom reach 13 m, automatic. lubrication system, powerful wheel WITH A hammer. the 924 LITRONIC features a LIEBHERR diesel engine and is equipped with the latest, to ensure optimal stability of the chassis is equipped with a support blade, two point outrigger supports, or both at the same time, Europe will bring in for 24 days, eurodozer europe 13349 additional photo will send on Your request the Price includes delivery to the port of St. Petersburg, customs clearance, all Doc-tion and VAT. ATTENTION! The price at the time of publication of the advertisement, the cost of currently available reduced! Detailed information and photos on this technique...

Articulated dump truck TEREX TA27, 2006, working hours 8000 m/h, operating weight 22 t engine. CUMMINS QSM11, power 370 HP, and a body volume with the top 15.5 m3, unloading at an angle of 65 g load capacity 25 tons, the body of the truck from Terex is made from special. steel with high strength and abrasion resistance and is reinforced with ribs, the V-shaped floor gives the body rigidity and allows to reduce the height of the center of gravity of dumper, deliver from Romania for 15-20 days in the port of St. Petersburg, eurolaser europe 13348 Cost includes delivery to the port of St. Petersburg, customs, VAT and a complete set of documents. ATTENTION! The price at the time of publication of the advertisement, the cost of currently available reduced...

For Sale residential building with total area of 270 meters, the AK Mechet - area ul Zalesskiy, good location, developed infrastructure, near the market Zaleski, convenient transportation, the construction of new schools, there are all communications, water, electricity, gas. The house was built not for sale, first floor partial repair is made, suitable for living. The second floor under the finish. Good smooth area. Garden trees. The owner of one. We invite you to viewings. More information on the phone.

Buy chemicals with expired shelf life, laboratory balances. we Buy all over Russia! Buy unmarketable chemistry Tribenzylamine, tricresylphosphate , Tryptophan DL , Phenylanthranilic acid N , Phenylhydrazine hydrochloride, phenyl salicylate Phenol red , Phenol red in a/R , Phenolphthalein , Fluorecein (Calcein) Flux PV209H, Phosphonoformate acid n-water. Chromium (VI) oxide , Cetylstearyl alcohol TA 1618 , Zirconium (IV) oxychloride 8-aq. Cysteine DL Eosin methylene blue May-Grünwald (dry), Epichlorohydrin , Eriochrome black T ethyl cellulose

Buy chemicals with expired expiration dates, leftovers, surplus stock. we Buy all over Russia! sell surplus stock of chemicals, Sodium dodecyl sulfate (sodium Lauryl sulfate) Sodium nitroprusside 2-aq., Semenistiy sodium , Sodium tetrafluoroboric (2:1:4) , Naphthol (1-Naphthol) , Nigrosine s/R , Nickel (II) diethyldithiophosphate Nile blue A , Nitroaniline pair (red Azoamin W) , Nichromes , Rhodamine S Mercury (I) nitrate 2-water., Mercury (II) oxide yellow Mercury (II) romanista, Salicin D the Safranin T , Selenium , Silver, sulfate , and Steelbase , Sudan II , Antimony (III) chloride Tetramethylbenzene 1,2,4,5 (Doral) , Thymol blue/R , Thymolphthalein , Thioglycolic acid , Thioglycolic acid, Tyrosine DL , Tolidine ortho (Azoamin To blue) .

Buy chemicals with expired shelf life. we Buy all over Russia! Buy unmarketable chemistry innovately Potassium, Potassium meta ignominy ,Cobalt (II) sulphate 7-water., Cobalt (II) acetate 4-water., Dye Chrome bright red 2S , crown-6 18 , Crystal violet , Xylose D-(+) , Magnesium rate of b/in (Anhydro) , Mannitol D-(-) , Mannose D-(+) , Methyl-D-mannoside alpha Methylamine hydrochloride , Methylene blue (blue) , 2 Methylnaphthalene , Methyl blue , Methyl violet , Methylumbelliferone 4 , Molybdenum (IV) sulfide (molybdenum Disulfide), Molybdenum (VI) oxide , Monochloroacetic acid Murexide.

Buy surplus stock of laboratory chemicals, residues of indicators. we Buy all over Russia! sell surplus stock of chemicals Benzidine, Bromine, Bromocresol green , Bromocresol green/Bromocresol purple R , Bromonaphthalene (1-Bromonaphtalene), Bronchiology blue/R , vanadium (V) oxide, Tungsten (VI) oxide, tungsten acid, Gallium (III) nitrate 8-aq. , Dibenzo-18-crown-6 for the hydrogenation of Dimethyl-p-phenylenediamine sulfate N,N, DME yellow, Dimethylsulfone 2,4 the industrial diethylene triamine pentaoxa acid , Inositol L , Iodine,Yttrium (III) chloride 6-water.

Licensed and appropriately accredited educational organization is conducting remote training on labor protection of all existing training programs. Urgent orders are implemented promptly, from several hours to 1 working day. You will receive a certificate and the Protocol of verification of knowledge. Work with all regions of Russia, the physical persons and legal entities with any volume. To order send scan-copies of documents on education. Payment methods are different.

For Sale 2 room apartment in the Central district of Simferopol street . Area with developed infrastructure, excellent location, school, kindergarten, market, shops, supermarkets, convenient transportation, 10 minutes from the city centre. Apartment in normal residential status. Apartment features: one room connected with kitchen, large kitchen living room area of 20 meters, in the second room increased loggia with panoramic Windows and access to a cozy yard, a fenced place in the car. Documents for sale ready, one owner. More information on the phone. Call.

Loans secured by real estate in Perm and Perm region. We give money secured Flats - Rooms - Commercial real estate - Cottage - Life - Auto title LOWEST rates! Perm, Perm Krai from 3% per month Without a change of ownership, with no discharge. Credit history does not matter. Do not need help. Registration for the encumbrance (as a mortgage) a decision on the application for 2 hours, the results on the same day. Free consultation by phone +7 (922) 370-63-87 (WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram) Work seven days a week! Consider cooperation with private investors and financial companies.

Our company specializiruetsya in the sale and wholesale supply of stone, coking and lignite coal grades A, B, T, D, DG, G, SS, K, KO, KSN, KS, F, CL, GJ of GEO, OS, CU and their derivatives carload norms. In bulk in gondola cars of JSC RZHD , and briquetted Packed in containers, road trains, by order of the customer. In Russia, the CIS countries and for export anywhere in the world with customs clearance. With the ability to organize transportation of JSC RZD, its carrier, to organize the handling and freight ship in the ports . Price depends on size and required quality characteristics. We invite all interested organizations to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Only sell 1,000 tonnes. To have regard WhatssApp, Viber.

Sale house in Kiev region of Simferopol, ul Chapaeva near Victory Avenue. Budenovsky market. Cost 4500 rubles. Great location, one of the best areas of the city. Within walking distance there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay, 10 minutes from city center , PL. House in living condition but needs minor repairs, there are all communications, in addition to the yard there is a outhouse, a good flat plot there is the possibility of increasing the area of the house. Land ownership documents for sale ready. Consider exchange for 2-3 Yu apartment in the Kiev region. More information on the phone.

PROFESSIONAL DRYING We value Your time and money !!! Best price guarantee Found it cheaper? Will do a discount on the price of the competitor! Will refund 110% of the difference drying One FREE We stand behind the quality of our work and give You a dryer as a gift! Delivery take More can not worry that shipping is expensive! We take care of it. Working at SPB and L. O. cover the entire city of St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast. For the provision of quality services, we have all the necessary infrastructure: Private drying chamber of a conventional type Automatic controller 16 equilibrium moisture sensors and temperature Monitoring processes by experts from More than 100 programs for drying of wood of different breeds ACTION! Call us now and we will give a...

Priobretaet: PTFE products F4, f4k20 bushing, pipe, rod, circle, film, etc., up f4d, Teflon powder F4, polyimide film, tape FUM F4, fluoropolymer elastomer SCF-26, fluorinated rubber SKF-32. The plexiglass block. Kaprolon. Polyamide. Polyimide film and other materials from the illiquid assets, unclaimed inventory on a regular basis. Departure to the regions! Form of payment – any! the Dimensions of the photo, the number on viber, you, telegram or email will Consider all offers on materials not included in the list above

CROWN Taxis of the NORTH, MOMENTUM invites to cooperation of drivers Why You should work with a cab company crown of the NORTH MOMENTUM: - the Park Commission 5 % of the order! - So do photos control cars of different brands - Instant payments! You can instantly withdraw your earnings to any Bank card immediately after ordering through our app! - 0% - this is the Commission we charge for an immediate transfer! - Referral system. Increase your revenue by attracting new drivers to our fleet - get their orders fiksirovanniy percentage to 2% every day - Support 24/7! You can contact us for any question or problem associated with the taxi! We quickly help to solve! - No hidden interest on our part! You can see how much interest we take order and understand that...