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In the presence of a complete bottling line in PET bottles, the line is in perfect condition, fully automatic. the List of equipment: automatic Machine for production of PET bottles And 1000 M3, 2010 (Kropotkin). Form of blow-out capacity of 1.0 liter, And 1000 M3, 2010 a unit removal, soft OMW-1000, 2010 (Kropotkin) filling Machine LD-8 (AZ)-1 with a set of strain gauges, flow meters and process stainless steel tank 200 l, 2010 (Promotion-PET). Corking machine WA-3000, 2010 (Promotion-PET). Automatic machine for applying labels model "Collamat" 2610 (left), 2011 (Sweden). - 1 PC. Electrocapillary printer Videojet VJ, 2010 (USA). Shrink packaging line UM-1 "Automat", 2011 (bakverk). The conveyor PC-AC-10-6000, 2011 (Konsistekhno - Russia). Conveyor TR...

In the presence of a blowing machine A-1000M2, capacity of 2200 BPH for EMK. 1.5 l, manufactured by CJSC "Kropotkin plant MiSSP". The machine was produced overhaul in 2017. Condition new. Equipment is located in Krasnodar, it is possible to look at the work. If necessary, will send video of equipment operation. Perform commissioning work. Features: Productivity bottles/hour up to 2200 bottle capacity, l of 0.25 - 1.5 Diameter of the neck of bottle, 28 mm and 38 the Number of places in the mold. 2 Maximum bottle diameter, 105 mm Max. height of bottle from throat, mm 350

Bottling Line in an aluminum jar, capacity 36 000 b/h the line: Depalletizer Simonazzi empty cans Air conveyor, Rinser Simonazzi 0.25 l Mouthwash 0.33 ml, 0,237 l SARCMI Bottling of 0.25 l SIG Simonazzi Bottling of 0.33 l, l 0,237 SIG Simonazzi Sealing machine Mixer SARCMI Twister Nimax 0.25, 0.33, 0.237 Ribaltino Rejector CL-X 4708 STRATEC Printer Videojet Tunnel heater CW 25/40, PAC017 Simonazzi SK600T packer (tray-24 cans; for the 0.25 – 12 jars) SMI Printer for the secondary encoding Willit 3150 si Kombi Palletizer, SIG Simonazzi IBP0713 Automatic wrapping machine with rotating Robopac Helix HS30 to Robopac sistemi

Complete bottling line in an aluminum jar 2006 V. Actual performance for EMK.: 0.33 l – 60 000 b/h 0,5 l – 36 000 b/h the line: Depalletizer empty cans Air conveyor KHS KHS Mixer KHS Paramix CMX 35/T30 heat Exchanger Alfa Laval tank Azote TSTK – 1/0,25 KO's Bottling KHS Delta – D 120 control Inspector level of filling seamer Angelus cooling System cap cans JETAIR USA Darowski Videojet Packaging machine Nordson OCME System of conveyors KHS Pasteurizer FBS PARMA Italia Palletizer palletizer on a pallet Stretch wrapper PIERI KHS Pallet magazine-KHS

Complete bottling line in PET performance 3000 butches 2012 V. very good Condition. in the lines: Machine And blowing-1000M 3 Tribloc filling (Isobaric) label maker (PP label) Automatic packer with a grouping device a Mixer-saturator 4000 LCAS Air conveyor conveyor

Semi-automatic equipment for PET bottles designed for production of containers with volume from 8 to 20 liters. The operator only has to place the preform in a die and press the "start" button. The parameters of the production cycle are set using the remote control, depending on the size and complexity of the bottle shape, the computer automatically performs all the steps blowing. The machine can also be operated in manual mode, while the digital display will show the current stage of blowing, and on the screen the current settings of the system

Complete line blowing and filling, SIDEL Performance, vol.: 0.5 l – 28 000 BPH 1.0 l – 24 100 BPH 2.0 l – 12 000 bottles/hour the blowing Machine Sidel SBO-16 Triblock KHS filling Labeling machine CONTIROLL 720-18 HS Mixer-saturator Mixer_Depre water Chiller Heat exchanger Ultrasonic smothering system Printer to print on the label Printer to print on the packaging the Printer for printing on pallet Mobile stand for printer 3pcs. Air conveyor System, plate conveyor System conveyor for ready packs

Description component parts FIMER 16-1-1 (screw the cork and cortex) 1. Single bed, on which are mounted all of the mechanisms 2. A feeding unit that consists of conveyor belts, feed screws and loads of sprockets for the incoming bottles 3. The block fill, which consists of a large storage tank for the product, 16 filling valves, and systems for lifting the bottles to filling heads. 4. Unit for corking bottles consisting of 1 head cortical ocupara and 1 head screw ocupara. 5. Electric switchboard with control panel 6. Protective fencing, opening automatically stop the machine.

Packing machine UMT-1500AL designed for group packaging of products in shrink plastic wrap. Condition is very good, 2009 Technical features: Performance pkg./min to 23 dimensions of the received packet 336x256x340 mm machine dimensions, mm 7520x1150x2550 machine Weight, kg 2000 capacity, kW 34 pneumatic power supply, MPa 0,5-0,7 electric power supply, V/Hz 380/50

In the presence of a blowing machine A-1000M2, capacity of 2200 BPH for EMK. 1.5 l, manufactured by CJSC "Kropotkin plant MiSSP". The machine was produced overhaul in 2017. Condition new. Equipment is located in Krasnodar, it is possible to look at the work. If necessary, will send video of equipment operation. Perform commissioning work.

Stavrolen LLC sells surplus stock in the range of: Equipment for chemical industry, Hardware, valves, instrumentation, HVAC equipment, Pumps and compressors, Electrical equipment, Lifting equipment, Electronic components, Overalls and other nomenclature. We invite buyers to see the list of illiquid assets. Detailed information on the website or by phone: (86559) 5-11-16 Victoria.

Private medical center "Harmony" in Lobnya provides services in the field of surgery: Med. inspection -500.; The first dose is 900 rubles; Consultation with individual scheme of treatment is 1,100 rubles; Removal of benign tumors from 500 RUB; Ligation – 500 RUB.; the Opening of abscesses – from 1500 RUB; Surgical treatment of ingrown nails – from 2500 RUB.; Primary surgery with treatment of the wound – from 1000 RUB. we Invite residents Lobnya in the medical center "Harmony"

Urgently required an egg donor. The clinic invites attractive girls to participate in the oocyte donation program. - reward 71000 RUB; - private tutor; - anonymity examination and drugs by the clinic; - reward in the day of the oocyte. If You are ready, call or email 84999698210 ( We will answer all Your questions.

Treatment Clinic infertility invites women to participate in the oocyte donation program. Requirements: 18-33 years, normal body type (not over weight), without chronic diseases. The survey is conducted by the clinic. Remuneration 71, 000. contact person: Gulnara Phone: 84999698210 Website: E-mail: , Location Moscow Address: 4A Nagornaya

Invite freight forwarders and cargo owners on the website The focus of the portal - transportation in Russia and abroad. Free search of goods, or to find the carrier in any direction across Russia and neighboring countries. Cargo owners also help to rent a warehouse for storage of goods. For the convenience of users through a personal account, you can send Your messages and sales offers to registered users of our website with regard to the choice of the region and other parameters. Come in, register, arrange yourself! the Website Phone +7(912)722-5-711