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The Hydraulic unit MK 1,5 water resistant tile adhesive for bonding various types of tiles, cladding stone, tile fixing, cover pools, dressing open space. Suitable for installation of warm floors. It is possible to apply on different types of surfaces (brick, concrete, plaster, gypsum). When mixed with water, it forms a glue that does not shrink and has a high water resistance, and adhesion to tile and substrate. Water resistant tile adhesive Hydraulic unit MK 1,5 proved to be excellent at gluing of tiles in areas susceptible to deformation, as well as areas with high moisture. Factory prices, discounts for wholesale. Shipment to all regions of Russia.

Hydrogroup GB 12 hydro concrete - modified dry mix of sand concrete M 300. When mixed with water of a mixture of thixotropic solution is obtained, which has high mark-water resistant (w12). The hydro concrete Hydraulic unit GB 12 essential while performing different operations (repair, finishing, etc.) in environments with a high degree of humidity. You can apply for various types of masonry, including stone. Used for the construction of thin-walled and reinforced concrete structures. Factory prices, discounts for wholesale. Shipment to all regions of Russia.

Hi, my name is Daria! I am the owner of salon hats "Queen's weather" is Pleased to announce a great news! Our team "Queen of the weather FAMILY" waiting for replenishment! In connection with the extension we are looking for 2 best seller in our favorite Department in the "ASTANA" will have to Say, you in our team it will be very interesting!!! I guarantee You won't regret it for a minute! I'm sure this you do not even dreamed of Working with the perfect hats, gloves, handkerchiefs, stockings and customers on a full time schedule 2rabochih day -2 days off. Working day from 10:00 to 19:00! We are looking for a congenial man, who will give their experience and will teach everything needed to become a top expert in the field of sales!

Ural18 Company sells heating oil light (like DT) at the price of 35,000 rubles./ton, the pour point is -25°, the density of 0,830, the color of the light-transparent. Also accept waste and substandard oil, waste oil of all grades, etc. phone +7-951-19-55555 company website:

UK BP-G50 — sealant based on bitumen with polymers. Designed for sealing road cracks, expansion joints in the roof of the airport Parking areas, taxiways, and industrial facilities. The main function — protection of structures of concrete from moisture. Softening temperature by Kish +70, cold resistance minus 50C. Producer prices, discounts for wholesale, delivery to Russia.

Tape connecting UK And 50h5 for sealing joints in road surfaces. Elastic band on the basis of bitumen with polymers doesn't crack and provides a reliable seal at the junction of asphalt pavement. Softening temperature by Kish +80 temperature brittleness at minus 25C Fraas. Width 50mm, thickness 5mm. producer Prices, discounts for wholesale, delivery to Russia.

Mastic sealing road Brit DSH-90 on the basis of bitumen with polymers is a material of the hot application. The main purpose of sealing joints and cracks in structures of concrete and reinforced concrete. Heat resistance +90C-25C. Producer prices, discounts for wholesale, delivery to Russia.

LTD "Oris trade" offers high-precision sawing of oak, beech, ash at its production facilities in the Krasnodar Krai and Republic of Adygeya. It is possible to supply dry timber of chamber drying and natural humidity, as well as a CMP (rough planing). Willing to work on customer specifications, including for export. Dimensions: thickness 20-60 mm, width 70-250 mm, length of 0.5-4 m

Buy constantly: bushing PTFE F4, f4k20 height 50 mm PTFE film F4 Ko, EO, IO, EN, in. Teflon powder F4, mon. Teflon rod, circle, plate, tube f-4D, FUM tape F4 tape sklf-4D . other insulating materials. in Russia. with storage, inventory, number of illiquid assets, unclaimed material. size, pictures, quantity, send to address

Our company is interested in purchasing products from the store, the stock, the number of illiquid, non-core assets, unclaimed goods and materials, residues after installation on the territory of Russia power Cable wholesale, leftovers from construction projects, after installation, the possible repurchase of stocks of products in Russia. Power from 0.66 to 35 kV AVVG , VVG , Kg, Avbbshv, Vbbshv, KVVG, Kvbbshv, Ro, CIP, VbV, PVV, Apvv, Pvp, Apvp, a , AC, ABL, ASV, ASB, SB, Apvbbshv, M , Mg and other brands. Wire PV, PV3, etc. communication Cable brand TSG. Entire reels started. Please send the exact brand, year of production, factories, manufacturers, sections, square footage, city, shipping and pictures, photos of the markings on the email. The insulators...

Purchase material from storage, inventory, number of illiquid, non-core assets, unclaimed goods and materials, residues after installation on the territory of Russia: the varnished cloth: LSM, LSM, coatings, LKS, LSK, LSL, LPC , LSM. Insulating tape: letsar, radar, lscw, lscl, Lae, Lale. Fiberglass. Steklolenta: Les, lesb. Tape SKLF-4D. The plexiglass. Polyimide film of the Russian manufacture, import rapton, apical. Teflon brand F4, F4K20.PTFE products: tube f4d diameter is 1.5-3.5 solid; FUM tape F4; film F4 Ko, EO, IO, EN, in; sleeve F4, f4k20 height of 50 mm; the rod diameter from 20-90 length of 400 mm. diameter 100-200 with a length of 100-110 mm; plate thickness 1,2,3,4,5,10 mm. cutting 300*300, 500*500 mm; pipes with a diameter of φ4 to 120, length...

The manufacturer specializiruetsya for the manufacture of metal furniture and furniture from laminated chipboard. Available for sale. - beds metal single and bunk beds metal with backs of chipboard - bedding - furniture for schools - metal cabinets - cabinets made of chipboard. In the range of "Metal-beds" presented as a conventional metal beds and bunk bed metal with welded mesh and mesh rolling spring so the bed can be additionally equipped with a ladder. These beds are good for workers, builders, repair crews (huts, caravans, trailers) - for hospitals, sanatoria, rest houses, boarding house, camp sites for military barracks (army beds) - for budget hotels, boarding school, hostels (students) Standard metal bed from "Metal beds" is a traditional piece of...