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Ready solution for the production of condensed milk, boiled condensed milk (by the natural caramelization without the use of dyes), sour cream products, fruit and milk (heat-resistant, pterosticha), etc. fillers for confectionery promyshlennosti. line: - sets for cooking condensed milk - a mini-setting prescription dosing of dry components - boot device - fat melter shield power - PLC system (optional) - valves piping and pumps the features and advantages of mini-plant for the production of condensed milk: - Capacity 100-1000 kg/hour. - Occupied area of 20-50 m2. - the Design of modular and container type. - no need to purchase energy-intensive vacuum-evaporating units - the Optimal ratio "price - quality". - the Possibility of earning money using the...

Flats and apartments in excellent residence the Les Residences du Palais in nice in the côte d'azur of the Mediterranean sea. The company Cofrance will help to buy an apartment, apartments at the residence Les Residences du Palais in nice, cheap and without problems. We will help you choose and buy an apartment in nice.

The Materials and tools Manufacturer additional element for corrugated Board: valley, ridge, area, drain. Non-standard parts of polimernogo galvanized sheet. Corrugated sheet the size of the customer. Metal cutting (our products) fittings, angle, channel, pipe ... toilet country (roof decking or metal, the colors are different). Sharpening of chains, saw discou. Cutting chipboard. Bars all sizes • Large selection of hose • Pumps • Cauldrons

Sell vulcanizing equipment Rotary shaper vulcanizer Buzuluk. Rotary and drum vulcanizing press Buzuluk, the width of the drum 1800mm for the production of roll rubber plates and conveyor belts. Hydraulic vulcanizing press EAP-250-600-4E Tambov plate 600*600mm + spare plate. Vulcanizing press with plate size 800*800mm 4-storey.

Sell syringe rolls machine calender strainer mixer Rolls 800 PD 550, PD-630 315, PD 1500 CM 660, CM PD 2100 660. The rubber mixer PC-71, PC-250, PC-270. Camera to PC-250, after overhaul. Syringe machine MCHT-63, MCT-125, MCT-32, MKT-90, MCHH-63, MCH-90, MCH-125. Strainer MCT-250. The calender Z-shaped 4-wheel 4-710-1800. Calender 3 roller 1200 mm Mixer ZS-400 for sealants or mastics.

Sell laboratory equipment for the development of control rubber Rheometer Monsanto Monsanto 100 computerized Viscometer Monsanto.Hardness IRHD and shore A. Breaking machine RMI-250. Cutting press. Plastometer for Defoe, according to Williams. Devices to determine the temperature of brittleness, elasticity on the rebound. The climate chamber. Clearesult working volume of 3.5 liters. Calender 4 roller 320 160 mm. Drums PD-320 160. Rubber mixer RS-4.5, RS-20. Mixer SRK is 3.5. Press vulcanizing 100-400 2E, plate 400*400mm.

Good day! Looking for partners investors! 90% of people now that do not use the opportunities offered by cryptocurrency or just don't know about them why? Really little information on this subject? No, quite a lot of information, including overt, but it was either too complicated, or all that is offered, is: - Buy bitcoins for a large amount or equipment that is expensive to earn or even invest money in the pyramid and pray. But how do I make money, if you do not understand this thread?? - Yes, everything is simple. Buy bitcoin and sell or buy power, and produce bitcoins, well, or invest in dubious projects. - But power is expensive, several thousand dollars, and in other cases, the risk is too great. - Well, Yes, but what to do...? Of course I'm...