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Gruzotaksi for transportation of furniture, household appliances, construction materials, upright piano, safes, ATMs. Apartment moving, office moving, country moving, warehouse relocation, commercial relocation, commercial relocation. the Gazelle from 3 to 6 m. from 500 p. H. Thermobody (+5 to -18); San.Books-San.processing; Top loading; the loader 350 p Hour; City Highway; Removal and disposal of construction debris; Work with organizations (delivery of cargo from warehouse to warehouse cargo delivery to customer) the retail Distribution of goods-forwarding; Work around the CLOCK,seven days a week. Associated cargo across Russia with 50% discount payment by Bank transfer Professional drivers and workers Are responsible for the safety of the cargo from the...

Tape connecting 50h5 - bitumen-polymer material trademarks "BRIT" used for sealing joints in the construction of paintings from the blacktop. Connecting tape 50h5 is used to prevent destruction of the elements of the pavement through sealing joints. The seam is completely sealed, preventing the appearance of microcracks. The composition of the binder material suitable for all types of hot mixes used in the construction of roads. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the seal during stacking due to the fusibility of the mixture and formation of a protective layer. The key features of this durable sealing elements, resistance to tear and cracking, plasticity due to the polymer substances. Buying from us, you order products directly from the manufacturer.

Mastic BP-DS-85 BRIT is material for sealing expansion joints on bridges and overpasses. Plate at these facilities take the brunt of the burden, and using mastic kompensiruet all vertical and horizontal shifts of the layers spans. Mastic BP-DS-85 BRIT is often used to create elastic inserts between the tram tracks and urban road pavement. With these compounds prevented the destruction of the town roads. Mastic is resistant to high temperatures and severe frosts. Buying from us, you order products directly from the manufacturer.

PLU-35 material on the basis of bitumen and polymers, associated as a sealant or mastic applied hot for sealing joints of airfield pavements. Has good adhesion, heat resistance and resistance to aggressive environments. BRIT BPG-35 is considered one of the best road sealants. The composition of the sealant includes: polymers, plasticizers, adhesive additives and bitumen. Flexibility on the rod with a radius of 10 mm at temperatures above -35 C. the softening Temperature not below +75C. Buying from us, you order products directly from the manufacturer.

Production company invites to work of welders in three production departments. The salary of 60 thousand rubles on hand (white), the labour code, accommodation is free, grace 3 meals a day. Work will be offered in the cities of Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Krai), art of Starotitarovskaya (Krasnodar Krai), Domodedovo (Moscow region). Work schedule: rotational 30/30. 12-hour working day, seven days a week. Free hostel 2 minutes walk from the shop. Payment of wages is made on the Bank card without delay. On our reinforced frames is "the CRIMEAN BRIDGE".

Offer advanced treatments for a good price. Action until the end of July. LPG body massage from RUB 400 LPG facial massage LPG 800 RUB massage from RUB 400 anticelulitni Carbon laser peel only 2000 RUB Laser hair removal for whole body in just 11000 RUB Bikini RUB 1300 Laser rejuvenation from 4250 RUB the tattoo Removal laser from 35 RUB. see RF - lifting Manicure 2100 RUB 700 RUB Manicure+gel Polish Beautix Paris = 1600 RUB the Unlimited Subscription LPG massage for 2 months - only 30,000 rubles, 1 month - 20000 RUB Hair hall 500 rubles Discount on haircuts, styling, coloring, highlights to 20.08 - 30% Fitobochka 500 rubles Hydromilling from 1000 RUB Manicure+gel Polish Beautix Paris=1600 RUB Cryolipolysis (non-surgical liposuction) = 4000 RUB area SMAS...

Crawler excavator HITACHI ZX 450-3, 2007, registration and operation since 2011, all reflected in the PSM, operating time 11500 m/h operating weight 39 t, ISUZU engine 6W - G1, power 486 HP, bucket capacity 2.5 m3, also can deliver up to 5 m3 tracks 600 mm, standard of the drawbacks to the replacement teeth on the bucket, overall good working condition, the wear of the undercarriage of about 10-15%, one owner one base and one driver-operator for the leases were not given, dealer car, reliable, mine excavator, made in Japan, serviced always on time, to look and buy BU Hitachi 450 excavator on the South of Russia in Krasnodar, special eurodacer 13327 ATTENTION! The price at the time of publication of the advertisement, the cost of currently available reduced!...

AGRO25.RU and trading platform for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, where members of the food industry are completely free to Express themselves, their products or services. The information posted on the website, will see thousands of interested wholesale buyers who can become Your new clients. Easy to use interface, unlimited number of ads, placement of the organization in the catalogue of companies - all for the active promotion of products and search for partners. To place your ad for free at:

GoodMed Medical center provides quality medical and cosmetic services. At the reception competent professionals with extensive experience. Features: beautician, oncologist, physical therapist, endocrinologist, mammology, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, phlebologist, pediatrician, coloproctologist. Any studies and analyses. Affordable prices. The most advanced diagnostic equipment. Confidential! If You have been looking for high-quality medical and cosmetology services, contact our clinic GoodMed. Go to the official website and sign up online. We are near to metro Sportivnaya, Chkalovskaya and Gorkovskaya Petrograd Side of St. Petersburg.

Proposed DIRECT LEASE from the owner deposits of sand and sand-gravel materials. The project is located in Leningrad region, Vyborg R-n, railway station "Gavrilov", the distance to St. Petersburg is 120 km away, and Vyborg - 30 km to Federal highway A-181, about 14 km on the asphalt. Balance confirmed reserves amount to 5000000 m3. According to preliminary estimates additional reserves of sand and PGS materials is not less than 20.000.000 m3. There is a possibility of diazocoupling work field. Granted LICENSE for subsoil use for a period of up to 18.04.2031 G. Square footage licensing - 41.2 Hectares. There is necessary documentation for production. Approved project work at the quarry. Will consider PURCHASE OFFERS career Can offer to sell mining equipment,...

Greetings, dear moms and dads. According to statistics in Russia from the Windows falls more than 2,200 children each year. How to protect your child from this? We present to your attention a unique window guard which will save your child's life and prevent an accident. Installed in 15 min. on any floor! Holds up to 170 kg. in case of fire, the Central part of the lattice is removed in 4 seconds! Watch the video presentation and a review of one of clients. The window guard is patented and has passed the test of Ministry of emergency situations. Production of Russia, any colors. ATTENTION! Looking for partners in regions of Russia! The franchise is ready! Price with installation - 5800 RUB. Call, write right now!

Rent a fully equipped Barber's chair in the cosy beauty Studio located in a 5 star hotel in three minutes from metro Komsomolskaya. All necessary for work. Convenient location! Conveniently and quickly reach by subway and by car. From Komsomolskaya metro station, 3 min walk You and your clients will be comfortable: free Parking, WIFI. a comfortable chair with height adjustment - there is a place to store your belongings - spacious work area - mannered,a young creative team Call! We will be glad to cooperation!

Personal protection for you and your loved ones Why you should choose us: Express check-out. Work 24/7. Providing various types of services. Affordable to all! Only 1000 RUB/hour. Each of our guards are physically healthy man who is decisive, correct and most importantly attentive in any situation! They also have martial arts skills, driving and weapons possession. Our clients: Dmitriy Nagiev, Natalia Oreiro, Irina Shayk. ARMADA VIP Is a high level of service and maximum customer safety Services: Personal security Security measures spouse and children Raiding and protection Support from it of securities and documents Security events and banquets transaction Support tracking of goods Protection of transport of valuables Bodyguard car Security trainings and...

Website CASHOBNALL.CC - this is a proven forum in the field of cashing in, transit of money and optimization of the VAT. Debit card Ready of the company, IE, JSC, CJSC, buy SP with the PC or sell the PI from RS, purchase and sale with RS. A full range of services in the field of cash-out and transit funds. Obnal, transit, paper VAT, the optimization of VAT. Transfers, additional earnings in the financial sector, the discussion of banks and their activities, the transit of any amounts under the minimum percentage, and more on what you can earn or find that you require service. On our site only the most proven sellers in the field of Obna, transit and paper VAT. 100% protection from accidents - guaranteed and insured service guarantor and deposits of the...

Crawler excavator HITACHI ZX 240LC-3G, 2011, time 9849 m/h, weight 24 t, the most reliable Isuzu 6BG1 engine with 170 HP, series 3G with a simple injection pump, etc., for the Russian market, the volume of 1.2 m3 bucket, climate, Webasto, satellite control, it is possible to install additional lines, the full preconditioning, shoes 600 mm, overall excellent technical condition, no flaws there, the glass rests on the base, remaining service life of the undercarriage 90%, dimensions 10140 x 3190 x 3100 mm, machine is fully functional and ready to work, everything is native, original consumables, always timely service under the rules net Japanese selling from a leasing company located in St. Petersburg, eurolaser 13324 Any form of payment, VAT, leasing...