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The Company Bud-Dim offers a wide range of repair services. Including: repair of apartments, home, office, cottage. The repairs to the building. Complex, major and cosmetic renovation under the key. Demolition and installation of ceilings, repair and installation of floor, installation of Windows and doors, electrical work, plumbing and drywall work, repair the roof of the house. a Few words about us. More than fifteen years working in the segment of the repair market of Ukraine, in Kiev and Kiev region. Repair work on all stages is controlled by the developers of the project, which ensures their full compliance with the order. Our company experts – professionals of a high class. We guarantee high quality work at flexible prices. You can always for a...

Construction of houses under the key is the main direction of activity of our company, including the construction of houses, cottages and industrial buildings, reconstruction of buildings. Construction company Bud-Dim was founded in 2000. During this time, formed a reliable team of professionals of high class. It was commissioned on 35 sites in Kiev and Kiev region. the purpose of the company Bud-Dim is a qualitatively new approach to construction, which takes into account not only the use of the full range of technologies, but also individual approach to the Customer, taking into account all his wishes and possibilities. Thanks to the professionalism of the staff, the introduction of new technologies and established partnerships in the business...

List of works on repair of servo motors that we do 1) diagnostics: - check of the stator windings - check the torque on the motor shaft at rated current, - check of the holding torque of the shaft when the motor brake, - check the encoder signals, the checking signals of the resolver, checks of the signals of rotor position sensor, 2) setting (adjustment) of the encoder (resolver or position sensor) relative to the motor shaft, 3) repair of the encoder (resolver or position sensor), 4) replacement of the encoder (resolver or position sensor), 5) supply of the encoder (resolver or position sensor), 6) fast resolver, 7) read data from encoder, data extraction from faulty encoder, 8) record the data in the new encoder, 9) programming of the encoder, 10) the...

Our online perfume store presents you with more than 11 000 products and 800 authentic world leading brands of perfumery and the best shopping centers in the world. In our catalogue you perfumes for women, men, selektovana perfume, "Vintage" and "Exclusive" flavors. The assortment of our shop will allow You to discover new opportunities perfumes, find your favorite and familiar flavor from childhood and to please yourself already familiar spirits.

Kit (satellites) differential gear rear axle Mercedes G(die) G-wagon(Gelandewagen) made in Italy Kit consists of: 1. Gear axle - 2 pieces 2. Satellites (leading bevel gear) - 4pcs. 3. Spherical (adjustment) washer - 4 PCs. 4. The spider of the differential pinion gear - 2 PCs. (DCI) as the main pair (rear axle), differential Viber number

Extendable vehicles such as Lawn, Gas 3307, Gas 3309, MAZ 4371 Zubrenok ZIL 5301 bull the Elongation of the frame under the body length of 5.1 and 6.2 m, 7.2 m wheelbase, will increase by 800 mm and 1300 mm. it Is possible to install an elongated side platform (tent, arc), Euro body (euroforgen) with swing gates, the same isothermal or manufactured goods van. setting the on-Board platform with aluminum sides. Possible strengthening of the frame inside, which will give higher strength frame. For the convenience of unloading it is possible to manufacture the upper and side loading. If You are not satisfied with the size of your body! Then turned right! expandable dimensions: maximum Length 6,4 m! Maximum width – 2.5 m, maximum Height of 2.7 m! That allows...

A Full range of plumbing, electrical, construction, roofing and other works. Repair of apartments turnkey, ordered in our company will release You from all problems related to repair. The apartment will be carried out in accordance with all quality standards, taking into account any Your wishes. Our website:

Proposed angles for protecting glass and mirrors during transport. Area 3-5 mm From 500 pieces 5 RUB. with VAT 2000 pieces - 4,5 RUB. with VAT From 5000 pieces - 2,5 Euro From 10,000 pieces - 1,8 rubles including VAT From 30000 pieces - 1,5 Euro From 200,000 units to 1.3 RUB with VAT Area 6-10mm: From 500 pieces - 6,2 RUB, including VAT 2000 pieces - 5,5 Euro From 5000 pieces of 4.2 Euro 10,000 pieces - 2,8 rubles including VAT From 30000 pieces - 2,5 Euro From 200,000 units and 2.3 RUB. with VAT Contact us!

"VIRST" offers its services in manufacturing of plastic products in accordance with the technical specifications, in the shortest possible time and on favorable terms. Molding is a molding method under pressure is injection molding machines. Develop and manufacture molds according to drawings, 3D models or original products. Work with all types of polymer materials, manufacture of products of rubber and plastic compounds. fulfill orders for import substitution. Prices are set individually, there are various options for cooperation. Performed the work on time! Contact us!

"VIRST" offers services for large-scale casting of aluminium products, brass and zinc under pressure. the work Performed in the shortest possible time, in accordance with the technical specifications and on mutually beneficial terms. Produce castings weighing up to 5 kilograms. design and produce molds on their own instrumental area. fulfill orders for import substitution. Prices are set individually, there are various options for cooperation. currently looking for partners for the introduction of new products with the expansion of production capacity. Perform work in time! Contact us! Website: lite21.Russia

The Russian company OOO "Canyon North" is a manufacturer of facade tiles. For 17 years we have been successfully operating on the market of building materials in developing and producing facade tile, can decorate any building construction: a cottage, a dwelling house, garage. OOO "Canyon North" has an extensive dealer network in the market of construction materials of Moscow and Moscow region, and has representative offices in regions of Russia. Production technology developed by experts of our organization. Facade tiles "Canyon North" patented by the Russian Federation Committee on patents and trademarks.

You own a Ford car? – we have the widest range in stock quality spare parts for Ford turning to us, you will get a warranty, service, the optimal price, the store also operates a wholesale program for trade enterprises, enterprises of the owners of the Park ford, services specializing on repairs of Ford cars

Offer to buy tomato seeds F1 JADWIGA (Netherlands) Type: semi-determinant Plant: supernanny a high yielding tomato plant with a balanced, well-developed, compact, with short internodes Bush with good vigor and strong root system forms for 11 brushes when grown in 2 stalks Rewards: the fruits are large, rounded, thick average fruit weight: 200-220 g fruits aligned, shiny, dark red color having a green spot at the stem good the consistency of the pulp is high fruits set has been registered under the stressful conditions of ripening and the very early returns of harvest the fruit is not prone to cracking, uniform fruits during the entire growing period the most attractive packaging high density and keeping quality is good transportability fruit purpose: for...

Offer to buy seeds of salad KS 190 (Netherlands) Type: Batavia Plant: Matures 40-45 days vigorous type of salad with a high yield Leaves: curly glossy leaves appetizing light green color average weight: 300-400 g the leaves are succulent, thick, delicious, attractive presentation Additional information: it tolerates cold conditions ideal for transporting later strelkovanie; looks nice in salad mixes for cultivation in open and protected ground

RL Hydraulic unit 80 is designed for repairs of structural elements with high strength concrete and reinforced concrete exposed to cyclic strain. In compliance with the required proportions when mixed with water, it forms a self-sealing composition, which does not shrink and has a high adhesion. Hydraulic unit RL 80primenyaetsya in gravy and for the purpose of strengthening metal structures by concreting in a concrete body and reinforcement of bearing capacity, bearing parts of structures. Factory prices, discounts for wholesale. Shipment to all regions of Russia.