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The Hydraulic unit RL 60B is designed to repair various structures by injection method followed by a rapid set compressive strength. Perhaps the use of as in concrete and in reinforced concrete structures. When mixed with water, it forms a self-sealing composition, which does not shrink and has a high adhesion. Hydraulic unit RL 60B quick repair has found application in the repair of floors of concrete and stone. Also used to monolitavia supporting parts, the internal cavities of structures of stone and concrete. Factory prices, discounts for wholesale. Shipment to all regions of Russia.

For Rent 4-room apartment for travel, good condition, sleeps 6, also by agreement bed linen, there are all necessary appliances, oven, fridge, kettle, microwave, washing machine, TV, crockery, the monthly payment.

Rent 3-room apartment, Lenina PR-kt, d. 64. Floor 4/5, square 64/43/6 sq. m., glazing, adjacent-isolated rooms, combined bathroom. The apartment is fully furnished in a usual condition, washing machine, cooking hob, fridge, TV, Internet. Additional payment on the counter. It is possible for travel.

Help in all situations (not beauty), black and white magic. Will help to establish and restore a personal relationship. Return favorite, hex removal, graveyard love spell, diagnostics, rite on appeal, view upcoming scheduled events, clairvoyance. Changing destiny. Help in business and work. Assistance in promotion. Binding of the spirit attendant. The elimination of rivals and the punishment deserved.Destroy the fate of Your enemy. (possible to work remotely)

Article 785806. Magic track (330 cm), glow in the dark, will strengthen Your friendship with your child! Delight and joyful emotions of a child is priceless! Often order 2 sets, because the child is more fun to play with long track! The quantity of the item at such a low price is limited. Hurry up!

A. T. 10 Digidrotahisterol to buy in Moscow. Accompanied by a cheque on the acquisition of the pharmacy in Germany, documents from the manufacturer, but also the official permission of the German customs about the export of product from Germany. Available discounts, you can pay cash on delivery. Transported in refrigeration unit. A. T. 10 Digidrotahisterol to buy in Russia.

Lock rings GOST 13940-86 Lock rings GOST 13941-86 Lock rings GOST 13942-86 Lock rings GOST 13943-86 Retaining rings sizes from 8 mm to 320 mm. Retaining rings are coated in the chemical.OKS.PfP. Steel 65G. Under the order, Proizvodstvo rings any tolidine and any size 60S2A, 50CrV4, 40?13

A Device for measuring flow rate or flow velocity of gases and liquids, which is a pipe with an orifice included in the pipeline. Has the lowest pressure loss among the constriction flow meters. Used in pipelines with diameters from 50 to 1200 mm, the ratio of the cross sections of the neck and tubing should be in the range from 0.1 to 0.6. Used at Reynolds numbers above 2ยท104. The pressure loss when using a Venturi tube be from 5 to 20 %, the measurement error in the range of 2-10 %.

New original rims on armored vehicles. In stock in Moscow. Armoured wheels for Mercedes (Mercedes Benz Maybach Guard) w222 S600 Maybach (Maybach armored) - A2224014600, A222400180051 Size 245 x ET56 490A polished. S600 w222 (armored Mercedes 222) - A2224012302, A222400020051 Size 245 x ET56 490A, design 7spits, color silver. S600 w221 (armored Mercedes 221) - A2214014602, A221400555051 Size 235 x 470A ET56, design 5 spokes, polished. S600 w221 (armored Mercedes 221) - A2214011402, A221400530051 Size 235 x 470A ET56, 7 spokes design, silver color. S600 w220 (armored Mercedes 220) - A2204011702, A220400620051 Size 235 x 450A ET54, design 7 spokes, silver color. Drives a Mercedes and wheels Mercedes Assembly – protection system Michelin PAX System. Inside the...

Economy design store project We select the best destinations in the industry of modern retail design and are ready to provide effective designs for Your business. Our designers focus on design is not only commercial premises but also equipment, creating and implementing a range of practical solutions. Developing future store design, you need to remember a few key rules for success of the company. The interior needs to impress the visitor of shop and to awaken in him the desire to come back to shop again. Also the interior needs to be practical tools for merchandising and marketing. The location of the goods, fitting rooms, tasting areas, marketing information should be logical and easy to use for visitors and employees. The company "Art of interiors" seeks...

Install protective film on Windows of buildings, entrances, office partitions. At the client's request installation: solar control, energy saving, vandal-proof, decorative films. Strengthen glass booking films to class of protection-K4,A1, A2, A3,. Check, measure, consultation is free of charge.Our goal is to make your life comfortable.

This requires special technological equipment, extensive professional experience and skills. Used for the production of selected brands of steel alloys. This allows to achieve high strength, excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance of the finished product. Also used different metal corrosion properties and sufficient tensile strength. Manufactured flanges reducer is fairly simple to install and use. Due to the strength of the structure they are widespread in the Executive mechanisms. Usually the flange is attached to the rear axle, it is attached to the housing of the working node. On the drive shaft has a gear which engages with the wheel gear type. It is located at the splined end of the shaft of the bridge. In attached to the gearbox flange...

Pumping station Grundfos JPBasic 3 PT great prices! A quality manufacturer! (812) 925-68-40 Flexible isolated ECOFLEX pipelines for external networks of plastic Pipes "HENCO" (Belgium) Pipe cross-linked polyethylene "WIRSBO" (Sweden) Pipe cross-linked polyethylene REHAU (Germany) Pipeline OVENTROP fittings (Germany) Pipeline DANFOSS fittings (Denmark) Pipeline NAVAL fittings (Finland) Pipeline TIEMME fittings (Italy) thermal Insulation of "Stanoplex" (Russia) thermal Insulation of "energofleks" (Russia) electric Boilers WESPE HEIZUNG (Germany) electric Boilers "Severyanin" (Russia) Boilers gas VAILLANT (Germany) Boilers (Gas, diesel, TV. fuel) Viadrus (Czech Republic) Coppers (Gas, diesel, TV. fuel) Buderus (Germany) Radiators aluminum Charging (Russia...

I am Mr. Clark Barry, a legitimate and reputable lender money. We are from LOAN FIRM. With the financial help. We provide funds to individuals in need of financial assistance that have bad credit or need money to pay bills, to invest in business. Were you looking for loan? We offer loan from 5 min. 000,00 20 000 000,00 at low interest rate of 3% contact us. Address:

Bathtubs and sinks Luminist! The prestigious Japanese sanitary ware TOTO from the leading Japanese manufacturer. Robotic toilets-Neorest bidet, bath and sink Luminist, shower systems, electronic covers bidets of a top class (seat-washlet bidet), automatic mixers, urinals, elite furniture for bathroom accessories. Also offer seat-bidet and toilet bidet (cleaning toilets) Japanese brands โ€“ Inax, Panasonic, Toshiba Sanyo.Sumato and other producers of Kohler, Duravit. Japanese touch mixers for bathrooms and for kitchen the Warehouse and an exposition in Moscow EKSPOSTROY Nakhimovsky prospect 24 Pav DECOR EXPO exhibition And.5. Flexible prices, discounts.