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Go and diagnose on the road trucks ; Russia MAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ, Gazel. America - Redliner, Kenvord, Caterpillar, Inter, Peterbilt, Mack, Volvo America, Western Old. Europe - Man, Scania, DAF, Mercedes, Volvo, Renault, Iveco, Avia. Asia - Chakman, Hyundai, Foton, Isuzu, CAMC, Weichai, Daewoo, FAV, BMS, Tata, Hino, JAC. Trailers and semi-trailers systems ( Haldex, WABCO, Knoor). Our channel in YouTube ( Specialist Avtodiagnost - YouTube). Work in Moscow, Moscow oblast, 89637756200 in other regions by agreement with the customer. Cashless settlement, for cash. Granted, cheques, documents on prodelannoj work. Are only certified tool. Inspect the car before purchase. Fix little al. transaction.

Leave for the diagnosis of MAZ buses ( with any engine), Lyases ( with any engine), the Groove ( with any engine), GolAZ ( with any engine), Volganos ( with any engine). NefAZ ( with any engine ). And Yutong, Jintong, Hager, king long. Diagnose engine, Abs, Transmission, suspension, etc. Minor repair transaction buses. Check the buses before you buy. Work in Moscow, Moscow oblast and other regions of leave by agreement with the customer 89637756200. Our channel in YouTube ( Specialist Avtodiagnost ).

Tape connecting And 50h8 Brit has a width of 50mm and thickness of 8mm. Made on the basis of bitumen connecting tape Brit A50h8 is used for long-term sealing joints pairing of road surfaces of asphalt concrete. Due to the polymeric additives, it has high strength and is not prone to drying up. This is the best solution for finishing of junctions between car tracks for walling and metal elements of drainage systems. Main advantage: high reliability of sealing — melting material formed a dense protective layer, but due to the high temperatures reduces the moisture content adjacent to the seam areas of the asphalt. The result eliminated the formation of cracks in the adjacent pavement. Producer prices, shipping RF

Sealant BP G50 Britt road bitumen-polymer hot application. Comes in a solid form, Packed in polyethylene film and cardboard drums. Plastic film is melted along with the mastic. BP G50 Brit sealant used for sealing joints and cracks airfield pavements and roads. Reheating sealant must be carried out in a melting and casting plants equipped with a system of indirect heating (via circulating coolant) and the system temperature control and mixing. Producer prices, shipping RF.

The heat-resistant Sealing cord UK innovative material with increased heat resistance and lower residual deformation under compression in comparison with imported analogues. Brit sealing strip used for sealing expansion joints in concrete and asphalt pavements of airfields, roads, storage and process areas. Basically sealing cord is used to save the sealing mastic in the works to eliminate the various cracks, seams, joints. Sealing cord "Brit" is included in the List of materials of the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation (Rosaviatsia), intended for maintenance and current repairs of the airports. Producer prices, shipping RF.

Expensive to buy buy medicines Oncology throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. Sutent, Avastin, Aklast, Actemra, Actilyse, Alimta, Aranesp, Arimidex, Atgam, Afinitor, Betaferon, Brayden, Brilinta, Bonefos, Valcyte, Velcade, Vazaprostan, Vfend, Votrient, Herceptin, Zaborav, Saiga, Zyvox, Zoladex, Intraglobin, Inlet, Iressa, Yondelis, Calix, Our Department Are Suffering Curosurf, Lucentis, MabThera, Myfortic, Metaliz, Metoject, Nexavar, NovoSeven, Oxaliplatin, Octagam, Octreotide, Omnipak, OmniScan, Pegasys, PegIntron, Pentaglobin, Revatio, Recormon, Remicade, Ribomustin, Sandimmune, CellCept, Seroquel, Simdax, Simulect, Sprycel many others......

Backhoe loader FIAT KOBELCO FB200.2 4-PC, 2003, life 6770 m/h operating weight 8930 kg, motor. New Holland - 5.0 - 450T/PD, power 108 HP, loader bucket 1.2 m3, excavator bucket 55 cm, EXT., lines, rear boom arm, maximum options, there are: jaw 4in1 bucket, telescopic boom, quick coupler, loading fork warehouse, hook, crab move, discharge height 2.79 m, digging depth 6 met, all units have a Compact Line native, nothing has changed, the tractor is in good technical. condition, fully functional and ready to immediately go to work, the rest of the rubber on the circle 85% were clear on the rules, at the moment, the tractor is fully serviced, made in Italy, the CE marking, see a car in the city of St. Petersburg, eurolaser 13205 ATTENTION! The price at the time...

Backhoe loader TEREX 970 Elite, year 2011, working hours 5300 m/h operating weight tractor 8600 kg, engines. PERKINS, cardinality. 102 h, the jaw bucket 4in1, the quick release system back arrows, front bucket 1. 2 m3, together with a Cockerel will give 3 of the bucket of 0.3 m, 0.6 m and 0.9 m, also can for some money to give hammer and hydro drill, the tractor on the hammer was down, the boom of the telescope, complement. hydromassage, control levers, condo, on a circle resource tires 85%, fully functional and is in good technical status., the car was bought from a dealer, assembled in England, the absolute analogue of JCB 3CX Super, CAT 434, and the like, but cheaper to maintain and for parts inspection in Nizhny Novgorod, eurolaser 13204 ATTENTION! The...

Backhoe loader CATERPILLAR 432E, year 2010, working hours 12000 m/h, operating weight 8600 kg, CATERPILLAR engine with a power of 91 HP, jaw multifunctional frontal. 4in1 bucket volume of 1 m3, excavator bucket 60 cm, plus a loading pallet forks, extra lines for the canopy. equipment, bystroem, control on the joystick, air conditioning, the residue of rubber on the circle of 75 - 80%, always genuine parts, service official. dealer, good technical condition, ready to go to work a couple of years ago was brought from Europe for themselves, in Russia one hand, the rent did not give the counterpart as the most popular Cockerel JCB 3cx, Terex 860, 71 Volvo, etc., it is conventional wheels without position sensors, which is much stronger, the tractor is now...

Proposed DIRECT LEASE from the owner the Deposit of sand and sand-gravel materials quarry LICENSE for subsoil use for a period of up to 18.04.2031 g, the reserves of 10,000 tons/m3, the area licensing is 41.2 Hectares, the content of stone not less than 30%, the level of the ground. waters is recorded at around 11.3 m, outdoor development method, the overburden layer is removed completely, there is a project of production work at the quarry face the possibility of diazocoupling works, unconfirmed reserves of 10,000 tons/m3, we can provide treatment customer base for Your sales and technical staff to service the career required documentation for production is CONSIDERED fully SALE career as an alternative, the object is located in the County. region, Vyborg...

Diagnose trucks with the departure : man, DAF, Renault, Volvo, Scania, Iveco, Mercedes, MAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ, Gazelle, Paz, LiAZ, Peterbilt, inter, Redliner, caterpillar, Mack, Volvo America, Chakman, Sams, Mitsubishi Fuso, Hyundai, Isuzu, Hino,Foton. 89637756200. Our channel in YouTube ( Specialist Avtodiagnost) Repair electrical wiring cars. Diagnose cars before buying. We repair trucks on the database capitalim engine, repair suspension, Leave, etc. for trucks in Moscow, the Moscow region, other regions in coordination

Company "Prohelp" specializiruetsya in manufacturing and supplying of storage equipment, sredneroslye racks, front racks, stuffed racks, mezzanine on the basis of pallet racks, mezzanine racks on the columns, measurements of the space for storage, development of optimal arrangement of racking equipment modeling. Advice on selection of technology for everyday tasks. Calculation of racking equipment (elements of designs, cost, etc.). Shipping. Installation and dismantling of rack designs of all types. Warranty and service of racking equipment and much more. Free shipping. Warranty up to 5 years.

Sell linear rail clips contact network KS: KS-008 KS-009 KS-011, CS-023, KS-035 KS-037, KS-038 KS-049, KC-053 KC-054, KS-057, KS-066 KS-067, KS-109, KS-117 KS-321, etc., as well as insulators Ncpcr, SPKR, PSPK, NBTS, PSPC, Fspkr etc. Also a large selection of other electrical products: insulators, fittings SIP, power lines, cables, wires, CIP, lamps, lamps, tools for the installation of SIP, steel, beams, beams, galvanized, metal, limiters surge arresters, disconnectors, arresters, fuses, and more. Call, always happy to collaborate!

Metal beds for workers: - Single bed from 1000rub. Bunk bed from 2000rub. Beds from metal is the optimal solution for use in the mass of the people. Metal beds for business designed for use in caravans and other mobile structures for human habitation, but can also be used in other places, like hostels, hotels, camp sites. Furniture of chipboard and furniture used in hotels, sanatoria, rest homes, camps, hostels, boarding schools. Company of the Wholesale Textile Warehouse offers a wide range of products: single and bunk beds economy class bedside of chipboard wardrobes and documents of particle Board tables, dining stools, wall hangers for clothes. For a complete set we offer you to order a bedding -- blankets PSH, padding polyester, wool, polyester fiber...

Grostal sells from a warehouse in Ulyanovsk hand chain hoist explosion-proof, industrial and fire-resistant, domestic production. Tali manual gear stationary TRSCK, CRSSM, Trsp Tali manual gear stationary Trsp execution (NI, PBI) Tali manual gear mobile TRAM/ CRSBM, TREK/ CRSBK, TRAP/Crsbp mobile Hoist gear with a reduced construction height of Tali manual gear mobile Crsbp execution (NI, PBI) Tali worm mobile TRCP execution ( obsidium) Tali worm mobile TRCP execution (NI, PBI) Tali worm stationary TRCS execution ( obsidium) Tali worm stationary TRCS execution (NI, PBI) Low price, fast lead time, high quality. Delivery to any region of Russia and CIS countries. For customers from other cities of Russia, delivery to transport company free of charge.