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BEF-consulting provides services for the development and preparation of business plans for obtaining subsidies, grants, involving a Bank loan, for the investor, the discovery and development of your business. Development of a business plan consists of the following stages: - gathering information from industry; - analysis of competitors, products and services; - drawing up the advertising budget and promotion plan; - calculation of all expenses and revenue forecasting; - calculation of economic indicators including inflation, discounting; - preparation of the presentation of the business plan; - advice on the calculations. Within 2 months after delivery of finished business plan refinement and adjustment free. Cooperation with our company had successfully...

For Sale a cozy room in a one bedroom apartment in walking distance from the metro Shchelkovskaya (2 minutes walk!). The Shchelkovo highway, d. 44, K. 1. The same neighbor. The room is warm, there are Windows, the Windows overlook a quiet green courtyard (not on highway). Floor - parquet, linoleum on top. The total area of 38 meters sold is 14,2 meters. Needs minor repairs. Close to shops, Church,theater. Property in 2013. Call: +7-911-910-89-70, +7-981-146-30-41

Sell fish oil for animals 2-3 grade. Is generated during the manufacture of fish flour. Sold in bottles, 1-5 liters. Final price is given. Also are selling in the cubes. Suitable fish oil for dogs, chickens, pigs, rabbits. Shipping regions. Supply every week fresh fat. Payment on the fact. You can buy ryui fat in roznitsu and wholesale.

The Cost of renovating a bathroom under the key to find out how much the bathroom renovation and toilet as well as get advice on your concerns, you can call us at Mos-santekhremont to Determine the exact cost of repairs of toilet and bath turn-key is possible only after the surveyor will review the scope of work, measure the room bathrooms and will consider all your wishes regarding repair. Specialist help, advice and estimates are completely free and anything you do not oblige. the concept of bathroom renovation in our company includes the provision of such

Privlecheniya Rituals for Money and good Luck.,in Business,Customer engagement,Trade,Increasing Visitors and Sales,the Ceremonies on Return of debts by the debtors. Your earnings considerably will increase several times,will sharply increase the number of customers follow the best deals,Your house will always be around money,the lack of them will not be - about the house with envy will say, a House full Cup.

Will Repair the apartment, room, office, any room or partly in the city of St. Petersburg. Will finish warehouse, industrial premises. Develop a design project will also improve the infield, will conduct and connect any communications. Purchase the materials and install expensive equipment with full responsibility and knowledge +7 (963) 2461230

Urgently required an egg donor. The clinic invites attractive girls to participate in the oocyte donation program. - reward 71000 RUB; - private tutor; - anonymity examination and drugs by the clinic; - reward in the day of the oocyte. If You are ready, call or email 84999698210 ( We will answer all Your questions.

Seafood wholesale. Crab, Scallops, Caviar far Eastern fish company offers Seafood wholesale: (Crab, Scallops, Shrimp, Caviar) 1)Crab Limbs king crab section M (300-350 grams) - 700 p/kg Extremities of the Kamchatka crab section L ( 700-800 g) - 950 p/kg Extremities of the Kamchatka crab section L2 ( 800-900 g) -1050 R/to the Extremities of the Kamchatka crab section L3 (1000-1050g) -1100 p/kg Salad crab/m - 800 p/kg rose crab/m - 900 p/kg Phalanx crab/m 7-10 cm - 1400 R/kg Phalanx crab/m 10-12 cm - 1700 p/kg , Smelt, catfish, lethargic, 1/10, 22+, calf. The price is 1000 RUB Chum salmon PSC, SV/m, 1/22, 1st grade. warehouse in Khabarovsk 145 Price RUB of the contract, we accept applications for the supply of the first fish products fishing season 2017 at...

Make a full technical design project for the realization of good and quality repairs. The project has all that is necessary for complex repairs. Clear schema (understand any woman), and their detailed description, understandable even to a layman. No pseudo-engineering drawings and unrealistically colorful pictures. All just in case. The technical design shall include: 1. Complete technical design from 42-50 sheets (understandable patterns describing). 2. A full 3D model, which you can wander. 3. Technical supervision over repairs. Get not only the project, but also its management (until 1 October - free). 4. Save your money the choice of materials and other performers (shops, air conditioning, kitchen, plumbing, Windows, etc...) as well As the...

Dear customers and visitors of our portal! If You are professionally engaged in the painting of facades or simply want to paint your house - this offer is for You! We offer You a wide range of branded products PARADE facade works!!! A large quantity of goods in stock. Base A and base C tinting the fans RAL and Monicolor. PARADE is a wide range of quality exterior paints for long term protection of facades from aggressive atmospheric conditions - rain, UV rays, and temperature changes. It is not only versatile paints on any surface, but also a special elastic-crack resistant paint silicone with the best waterproof protection self-cleaning with a temperature of up to -20C. Guaranteed superior quality at the expense of imported components and...

KGT, OOO provides a full range of services in cadastral works, engineering-geodetic surveys. Conduct a survey and the survey of land, land, land use, construction and environmental expertise. we Provide comprehensive services for the design of the site, the design of the house, obtaining a building permit. Our cadastral engineers have access to an SRO, use of modern equipment. Here are some prices for our services (a full list can be found on the official website): Surveying 10 000 p. Tekhplan the house - from 12 000 p. Tekhplan on the premises - from 10 000 RUB. the certificate of inspection - from 5 000 RUB. the Survey of the land plot - 10 000 p. Poderina shooting from 21 000 to 215 000 RUB. per ha Geodetic survey of facades of buildings - from 20...

We bring you the most stylish women's clothing store Supermagnete with free shipping to any corner of Russia! Our catalog includes model, fully consistent with the trends of modern fashion, this every customer will definitely find a new thing to your liking. Brands like Gepur, Enneli, Minova, Vip Club, Dress Code, ST-Style, Domenica will not leave You indifferent! And we have very high-quality Chinese brands that are in great demand all over the world. Jackets, dresses, costumes, sports and home wear, skirts, pants, tank tops, leggings, t-shirts, swimwear and much more You can buy on our web store. Also available is men's and children's clothing, shoes, and of course copies of world brands. Before shipping each item is carefully checked, making the...

Urgently required an egg donor. The clinic invites attractive girls to participate in the oocyte donation program. - reward 71000 RUB; - private tutor; - anonymity examination and drugs by the clinic; - reward in the day of the oocyte. If You are ready, call or email 84999698210 ( We will answer all Your questions.

One student who believes in writing a term paper or diploma there is nothing complicated or is a genius or a freshman who has not faced a painstaking selection of literature, finding the right sources and endless revisions and corrections. Writing any student work is complex and painstaking work, which requires the maximum concentration and attention. "ROSSEJAT" knows about all the difficulties faced by modern students and is always ready to help in performing all types of academic papers regardless of academic discipline, level and timing. All the authors of "Rosacea" is a top — end professionals who know and love their work. the Key principle of the company is the absolute uniqueness of each order. All the texts are carefully checked by anti-Plagiarism...

Sell perlite cement slabs PCP-300 (bulk density kg/m3 300) and PCP-350 (volumetric weight kg/m3 not more than 350) size 500h500h50. Application temperature up to +600 C. They are used for insulation of industrial units and boiler equipment up to 600 C. delivery of products is carried out from warehouses in the Moscow region. If necessary, arrange shipping.