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Sold land and houses in a residential gated village Catherine's compound in 46 km from MKAD along the Dmitrovskoe direction. Existing utilities: artesian well, electricity 15 kW, Sewerage. Coordinated the project of gasification of the village. It is possible to register. Owner. Of 22 000 rubles/sotka. Read more on http://assaurovo.rf

For beautiful advertising I leave to my colleagues . And I want to say the following - if you can help me, I'll be glad. it's My job to help you understand through my love spells what is the real chance for each person to return the love. All the details in a personal conversation by phone or in correspondence by e-mail.

Pad Round transparent is used for all types of tables and furniture — from wood, plastic, glass and stone. Consists of a dense, elastic material, designed to protect the surface from mechanical influences, e.g. scratches, abrasion. The diameter of 60cm.up to 120cm. . thickness 1mm,1,2mm, delivery in Moscow free of charge, in other regions of Russia by Mail for more information, call always welcome Your calls .

JSC "Karelian pellet" offers for sale of unclaimed in the production of goods and materials located on the premises. In case you are interested, JSC "Karelian pellet" is ready to consider any counter offers on price, as well as to provide additional information, technical documentation, photos for interested positions. You can contact the following contacts: 8 (81459) 34446 Lidiya Alexandrovna. The same information can be found on the website

P. p1 {margin: 0.0 px 0.0 px 0.0 px 0.0 px; font: 14.0 px `Times New Roman`; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Requires vans 7-14, 18 seats and minivans for non-permanent work. Work commissioned by clients. Payment for drivers of minibuses 20 000 - 25 000 Tg. a day for minivans 15 000 - 20 000 Tg. a day schedule from 9-10 a.m. to 10 nights. The car must be clean driver with no bad habits. It is necessary to carry tourists around the sights of Almaty and Astana: Medeo, Koktobe, BAO, Turgen gorge, Issyk lake and other attractions. All questions on you: +7-778-601-61-43

P. p1 {margin: 0.0 px 0.0 px 0.0 px 0.0 px; text-align: justify; font: 14.0 px `Times New Roman`; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} rent a luxury minibus with a professional driver in Almaty, Astana and long distance. Meeting / seeing off at airport, railway stations. Service celebrations, events, day and night. Check out all the attractions and nature: Chimbulak, Akbulak, Tabagan, Almatau, Almarasan gorge, a woodland tale, Hot springs in Kostanay, Altyn Emel, Charyn, Kolsai lakes, Kaindy, Issyk, Turgen, BAO, the Tuyuksu glacier, Tamgaly, Tamgaly TAS, Urgentes (the navel of the Earth) upland, etc. can Guarantee accurate and reliable service. the phone is asking pin: +7-778-601-61-43

Our company produces and sells: - low-cut, unedged lumber of softwood (pine, spruce); - planed timber (lining, block house, imitation timber); - log otsilindrovochnye (mouldings) in stock; - logs of coniferous breeds. Make order in Your size. Average monthly volume is 1200 m3 All products are of high quality wood, for domestic and export standards. Interested in long term cooperation. Working with VAT.

Sell Sawn timber of natural humidity and drying chamber. - unedged Board 25/30/40/50mm. Length - 4m,6 m., - edged 18/22/25/30/32/38/40/50/63/75mm. Length - 4m,6 m. - timber 100x150;75h150;100x100;150x150;180h180;200x200,250h250 it is Possible to manufacture according to your specification. Shipping is by road and rail. Cash and cashless payments.

Urgently required an egg donor. The clinic invites attractive girls to participate in the oocyte donation program. - reward 71000 RUB; - private tutor; - anonymity examination and drugs by the clinic; - reward in the day of the oocyte. If You are ready, call or email 84999698210 ( We will answer all Your questions.

The Company "Koneks Oil" carries out delivery of diesel fuel in Moscow and the Moscow region. We deliver diesel fuel for 3 hours of 1000 liters shipping is free, applications are accepted round the clock. We supply diesel fuel for: cottages; construction organizations; agricultural enterprises; gas stations; energy companies. Our company operates on the market for over 21 years, our clients include major companies and individuals who buy the fuel for heating private houses. the Prices and products are: • DHA – 29.5 p/litre • Class C – 30.5 p/litre • Class F – 31 p/liter • Winter diesel fuel of 33.5 p/litre prices and discounts, see the official website of the company.

71 grade soap base. All for soap. Soap wholesale from 5000 rubles! All opt for soap from 1000 RUB. prod. handmade soap - benefits up to 500%! Trade handmade soap wholesale 182 grades: stability with a premium of 250%! Advantages: +low investment +low rental risks (the entire range fits 1.5-2 sq m) +high profitability (200-500% of wholesale price) +high turnover (new purchases 1 every 1-2 weeks) +low commodity risks (goods waste-free, 2 year shelf life all sold ten times) +7-499-390-99-05 Skype: visit our website order form-price and file with the description of the proposed 182 varieties of soap and 71 varieties of foundations.

Come to our online store "Wool cloud". Here You will always be welcome. to Present a new collection of innovative, decorative pillows and cushions, sold under the trademark MagicWool. "Just the pillow!?",- you say? And you're right, as always right by our customers. But! Look carefully. The cover of our cushion is universal. On the one hand – a beautiful tapestry that will decorate any family pet – couch. You can choose the figure to your taste, and you can assemble a collection of colors and fairytale characters. On the other hand, most tender virgin wool that is so and indulge in your cheek: to penetrate, to warm up and to close his eyelids in a pleasant dream. The combination of beauty and functionality. Unless it has such properties any other pillow? of...

Specialists provides engineering services for repair, commissioning of any polymeric equipment - vacuum moulds, extrusion lines, flat-die extrusion lines, granulators, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, auxiliary equipment. Range of services: - selection of equipment (only European); polymer repair of any equipment (even China); - consultation on engineering and production matters; - organization of delivery and customs clearance; - Troubleshooting; - installation supervision, installation and dismantling; assessment of the condition and value of equipment; - maintenance of equipment on a contractual basis - commissioning of equipment; - automation (ACS – automation control systems, PPK - programming industrial controllers) - developing and...

Range of children's electric vehicles are so wide that will satisfy different tastes. I do Not think that such toys are only for boys. So, the best kids car for girls too easy to find in stores. Stylish colorful ladies ' car sure to appeal to little princesses. his or her Parents-pogodak or twins useful children's electric. Little restless for a very long time are passionate about riding and parents can rest. a Huge advantage of these toys is that there are models suitable for toddlers. Each electric car for children are equipped with safety belts with sturdy fastenings that will not allow the baby to fall out of the car. All information on the website

Bottling Line QGF-450 19 liters 450 bottles/hour. 2009 V. good condition, it is possible to look at the work. The line includes: - infeed conveyor 7 meters - tribloc filling 3 bottles in a row (the internal 8 stages of washing, bottling, cork) - output conveyor 8 meters. - visual inspection Conveyor, stainless steel