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Dear customers of the online store “Furniture of Theodosius” sells home and office furniture, shop furniture “furniture Theodosius” has prepared the special conditions for hotels, guest houses and holiday homes economy and economy plus segment: dressers, tables, books, writing desks, computer tables, book cabinets, cabinets for bedrooms, hangers, shelves, hallways, stools, tables, kitchen, cabinets, under shoes, coffee tables, soft corner, bedside tables, beds, bunk beds, dressing table. Dear customers, the prices of the online store “Furniture of Theodosius” 30-40% lower than any furniture store of the Crimea, the furniture is made from environmentally friendly materials and packaged in beautiful boxes made of corrugated cardboard, the procurement and...

LTD Ooometresurs performs EXPENSIVE the purchase, processing and supply of scrap of ferrous metals, produces a complex dismantling of high-rise industrial facilities. The company's production site is located at the address: Tula, street shcheglovsky Zaseka, d. 31, korp. 2, you can contact us by phone: 8 (4872) 58-34-34, 70-71-60, a lot of information on the website: Site equipped with truck and rail electronic scales, press-scissors HPS 1000 Austrian company ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH , hydraulic baling press, PP-250, by means of radiation control, has railway and automobile access roads. Shipping and handling the scrap is seven scrap trucks with manipulators, two p/trailers, two wheel loaders "FUCHS MHL-350". the Payment is made in...

Gazebo for relaxing,cozy,simple,reliable. Gazebo-Capacity: 6-8 person Height of 3,125 m Area 10,3M2 Diameter of 3.62 m Weight about 200kg Gazebo on the pallet 84H124H76sm (transportation). Tent: polyester fabric. Frame: technically treated wood with a hydrophobic coating. Metal parts: steel with galvanic zinc plating. The frame colour available: wenge,alder bright. Awning color available: light grey,beige. the Assembly manual. Ordering Minsk, delivery of TC. plus 375 (twenty-nine) 687 - twenty-seven - 33 WhatsApp

Shop Alushta Furniture sells home furniture, hotel pension: dressers, shelves, hallways, computer tables, racks, cabinets for bedroom, mirror, bedroom, stool, rack for shoes, tables, books, modular system, TV stand, kitchen tables, writing desks, coffee tables, living rooms, cabinets, office, beds, bunk beds, bedside tables, dressing table. Dear customers, if you decided to change the furniture in my office, either in the apartment or in his hotel or boarding house and to save personal funds, please contact the sales Department the Internet-shop of Furniture. Our experts will conduct a thorough consultation, place your order and arrange delivery and Assembly. Dear customers of the online store Furniture Alushta the only store on the territory of the...

Furnaces for roasting nuts and seeds plants Machinery equipment for packing and frying – the production of roasted seeds and nuts in the tunnel electric, natural gas furnaces for roasting. It's not drying! Natural cooking: pistachio, sunflower seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, coffee, peanuts, etc. high-Quality professional ovens allow you to broil salted and no salt nuts and seeds. In the process natural roasting all kinds of seeds and nuts have excellent sweet taste, a pleasant and strong aroma of fresh fried seeds and nuts. Performance 30-1300 kg/h. the excellent quality of seeds and nuts is achieved by cooking (no drying) at elevated temperatures, the lack of artificial injection of the air multi-level roasting, strict temperature distribution in the...

Fryer oven frying and roasting peanuts in oil. The highest quality of oil-fried peanuts. Professional, high quality, manufactured according to European standards, fryer. Automatic continuous furnace. Completely made of stainless steel processed. Productivity of 100 kg/hour. Energy source - propane gas or methane, liquefied natural gas or diesel fuel. Huge savings due to the use of gas instead of electricity. Advanced production technology allows to obtain excellent quality of roasted peanuts to satisfy the most refined tastes of customers. Serves 1 person easy to operate. And more than 100 professional models tunnel kilns, machinery and equipment for packaging. Low production cost, high profit

Equipment for production, packaging wet wipes. Wipes and masks. Packages, sachet and flow-pack. Packing wipes moist 10-15-20 and up to 100 pieces in a pack. The valve on the package. Various sizes. Sasha, Styx, "foot", doy, pyramid, stick, flat top, flow Pak, tetrahedron. Packaging equipment. 50 models. Wet reusable wipes with the valve pack in the package "flow-pack". Hygiene, food, medical, automotive wipes. The filling of shampoos, gels and a box of tissues on a single machine. Mustard, shampoo, gels, cream, ketchup, toothpaste 3 color packages "sachet", "Styx", tubes. Material napkins: crepe paper and nonwoven material. Packaging film laminate. Frying equipment all types of gas and electricity. Reliability. European quality. Great marketing. High profit

Machinery equipment for packing and frying for producing, packaging, filling, moist and wet wipes in sachet packs for 1pc. Swipe food, medical, hairdressing, hygiene, automotive, packaged in laminated film of all kinds. The film can be ordered at the printing firms. Used napkin material crepe paper or non-woven material (span-lace, span bond). Bought perfumes in specialized firms. The possibility of impregnation of all liquids, and fragrances, including alcohol. Napkins can be done in various sizes. These machines can be wired in parallel to produce, in addition to wipes, cosmetic masks, and pour shampoos and gels. Performance 1500-7200 Pak/hour. European quality. Turnkey.

Equipment for packing and packaging, stick pack sugar, pepper, salt, cream and other bulk products. High quality filling, packaging and batching. 5 brown machine performance 170-200 stick packs per minute. Serves 1 person. Favorably low investment, easy maintenance, low cost, high profitability. Offers 80 high-quality models, the packaging, cooking and packaging equipment for all types of liquid, granular, paste and piece products in all types of packaging.

Rent 1-2-3 bedroom apartment in Saint-Petersburg from the simple to the elite Agency "Practices of real Estate." In the long term - from 1 to 12 months rent from 3 days for those travelling to the city on the Neva. The options of apartments available from budget to luxury. Free preview of an object out of a realtor! The conclusion of the contract of tenancy. Discounts on services Agency for luxury apartments and unsaleable . Also, we invite owners of residential properties to co-operation: place information about Your home and pictures of her on our website, triclinium Your apartment on available resources in the network. If You are not able to take a picture of the living room, window views, landing the agent, in the absence of employment, will come to You...

Dear customers shop "Krymmebel" implements serial home furniture, apartments, hotels and Inns. our range includes models such as: beds, hallways, bedside tables, writing desks, computer tables, chests of drawers, shelves, curtain, office cabinets, tables, books, kitchen furniture. Dear customers furniture from online store "Krymmebel" made from certified materials that are environmentally friendly. Krymmebel implements furniture retail, small wholesale, large wholesale. Dear customers shop "Krymmebel" sells furniture for the lowest prices in the Crimea. Concerning purchase to address to the sales Department.

Online shop Furniture Sebastopol sells home furniture: dressers, beds, kitchen furniture, kitchen tables, office furniture, shelves, hallways, hangers, living rooms, mirrors, bedrooms, stools, cabinets, under shoes, computer tables, tables, books, writing desks, coffee tables, cabinets, cabinets for the bedroom. Wide range of colors, a huge range. More details our range of can find the sales Manager by calling the online store “Furniture of Sevastopol”. the Most affordable furniture in the Crimea in the online store “Furniture of Sevastopol”.

Interior design Studio Raphael design offers high quality professional approach to creating the home of Your dreams. We have both Russian and Italian experts. We offer both design and repair turnkey with a complete set of visualizations and working drawings, and cost-effective preliminary design at very competitive prices. We can help you save on furniture and materials, agree on the discount from our supplier partners. See examples of our work on our website. Work with residential and public premises. The first consultation is FREE. Glad to see You among our customers!

We produce simple business cards with a circulation of 25 pieces. Assortment of paper 300 grams. Business card design is developed for free. For the selection of colors make the proof. Located at metro Shabolovskaya in a 2-minute walk away. Also print small editions (500 pieces) leaflets, letterheads. Its services for digital printing carried out on your own machine: KONICA MINOLTA. we Accept orders for urgent production of business cards. When the finished model production time – 1 hour. If the layout is missing, after the layout approval – production time – 1 hour.

At a furniture factory “Crimea” can be ordered vestibules, two violent beds, stools, bedside tables, TV, tables, books, kitchen tables, desks, cabinets, beds, mirrors, coffee tables, upholstered kitchen corners, stools, cabinets, under shoes, computer tables. online shop “Furniture of Crimea” is the leader of furniture sales on the Crimean Peninsula. Only in the online store “Furniture of Crimea” You will find the most affordable prices on any furniture. Our managers will provide quality advice. Our logistics system will deliver goods to any point of Crimea. The system of discounts works. Internet furniture store “Furniture of Crimea”, produces furniture under the order of any complexity. On procurement please contact the sales Department in the city of...