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LLC "OIL VL" offers industrial blowers and gas blowers that are designed for oil-free compression of air and gases at high efficiency and low pressure (1 ATM.) Blowers can be characterized as low pressure compressors used to supply air or produce vacuum. The main purpose of them is connected with the aeration basins, ponds, water treatment facilities, and transportation of the powder material. There are various types of compressors that differ in both rate of flow of air and the principle of operation, which determines ultimately the appointing blower. There is an enormous number of types of blowers: rotary, Cam, turbo blower, used on large industrial enterprises and factories, etc. They are widely used to ensure the operation of pneumatic tools. Factories...

LLC "OIL VL" offers spare parts, accessories and components for maintenance of rotary blowers. Main list of parts and accessories for repair and maintenance of rotary blower: a Supercharger blower (rotary compressor or unit); a pair of Rotary bearings, gears etc. the rotor Assembly of the blower; check valves; Safety valves; Dampers compressed air blower; Vibrocompactor; Replacement ink cartridges (filter elements), belts; insulation housings; control Cabinets; control Cabinet with frequency Converter; control Cabinets with soft starter. Buy spare parts for rotary blowers is possible by sending a request by e-mail or watsapp, viber 89112603486

Blower 42 44 evl evl Blower 50 22 z erstevak Blower evl 15 8 Vortex blower evl 89 57 Vortex blower evl 147/30 Vortex blower blower 250/37 evl evl 64 49 price blower erstevak model evl 22 11 evl 147/43 erstvak blower blower blower 117/31 evl evl evl 144/60 blower 24/24 Blower not as good as the FPZ, Elmo Rietschle, Wi, Robuschi, DVP. This can be explained by the fact that the limiting factor on the efficiency of the blowers, is the bearing Assembly. In the vortex blowers are installed with imported bearings with increased service life SKF (Sweden) and NSK (Japan).

Rent Cadillac Escalade III (black) with driver for wedding. Car in perfect condition. Cadillac Escalade full — size SUV produced by the Cadillac being the luxury division of General Motors. The Escalade is equipped with a powerful 409 HP engine 6.2 L V8 capable of accelerating it from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. An impressive list of standard equipment includes seat heating and ventilation system and three-zone climate control. Body color - black. Interior color - beige, chocolate, bronze. SADILLAS ESSALADE RLATINUM EDITION About the car : Complete RLATINUM involves all possible options : climate control , DVD, music, adjustable front and rear seats, leather interior , heated and ventilated seats ,retractable running boards, 7 seats, the rear row of seats...

Quickly produce documents for special equipment, trailers, cars on ORIGINAL letterhead (not China, not Poland). PTS, STS(of SORTS), GRZ PSM, SORM, driver's license old and new samples, insurance policies, state license plates, and more. Will do quality papers indistinguishable from the real thing, with the use of original forms and materials. And will produce any number of parts for cars and machinery - laths, frames, stickers, signs. Excavators, trucks, cranes, bulldozers, loaders, tractors, forest, municipal, and construction equipment. Correct filling in accordance with the original print and the manual recording rooms, printing, stamps, etc. to be Filled according to your samples or select the original records on databases - its own and the traffic...

Subotica - Serbia house for Sale 145 m2 in Little Bosnia Subotica with ancillary facilities. Heating THAT is Fully equipped with furniture It is located 10 km from the centre of Subotica, 6 km to the industrial areas are Nice and large plot of 36 acres of Land suitable for orchards and vineyards, for the construction of a refrigerator for the fruit and vegetable dryer for fruit the House is sold with furniture, Legalized the house of the owner 1 / 1 Worth a look price 55.000 EVRA TEL +381 65 279 63 25 +381 64 434 93 61 MAIL

Backa Palanka - Serbia Commercial premises of 250 m2 shopping centre on the main street 35 m2 old dwelling 45 m2 with a production part to a side street in the centre of Backa Palanka-ul kralja Petra I br 139 Large Parking 220 m2 Parking space along the entire ownership of Each building is on a separate site with separate ports for water gas and Sewerage are looking for a more industry currently object the Production of pasta It was a bakery production and sales upstairs Living area 120m2 Central heating in all buildings by One owner does not pay tax on capital gains Land 10 acres Rooms sections 3793 / 1, which allowed to build residential and business buildings upper floors and 3794 / 1 price 240.000 EVRA TEL +381 65 405 40 55 MAIL

, Varvarin, Serbia the House is close to nearby health Centres and kindergartens in Varvarino and also the Condition of the main road II the order of the land Area is 18 acres. On a plot planted conifers and other ornamental trees, He fenced and has pedestrian and car gates the Site is located adjacent to the existing residential building due to the large Surface of the site, it is possible to build two more such large object. The apartment building was built in 1990, with floors P + 2. It's basically a net area of 135 m2 total net area of about 400 m2. The layout of rooms on each floor corridor with the staircase, hallway, large living room with kitchen, three bedrooms and bathroom. Downstairs living area opens onto a large terrace which has South...

Pancevo in Serbia - Pancevo - the location city - Centre - Svetozar Miletic Luxurious house with 2 apartments in the centre of pančevo, 1st floor P = 110 m2; 2. Stan upstairs P = 140 m2, with a beautiful garden, as into the woods, strict centre, quiet street, 3 bathroom, balcony, all connection, heating upstairs electricity , gas distribution, a fireplace; the 1st apartment has a large tiled stove and TA furnace air conditioning there is also a basement under the house with 1 heating type completely, is suitable for families with young children, grandparents, and the transformation of work in offices, distance from the centre of Belgrade is 15 km, the Plot of 212 m2 price 250.000 EVRA TEL +381 65 444 96 66 MAIL

Pancevo - Serbia for Sale: Villa of 350 m2 in Pancevo On the corner of two streets of the residential area of Nova Misa the house has 5 bedrooms and a large living room with fireplace. 3 bathrooms and shower basement Boiler room with furnace oil and electricity underground oil tanker 9000 litres Joinery from solid to order room Height of 3 m on the ground floor and the basement, the attic floor is made with concrete sloping slabs, the minimum slope of the Basement with natural light, 2 car garage Plot 2.5 cotok does Not require major investments, only minor repairs and painting the owner of 1 / 1 price 260.000 EVRA TEL +381 63 217 170 MAIL

Golubinje - the Municipality of Majdanpek - Serbia for sale: 2 plot of 6, 5 hectares and 9 hectares suitable for investors Plot of 6.5 hectares located in the municipality of Majdanpek, near the village Golubinje. This is a very nice view of the Danube, the Plot of 9 hectares is located in the village near the mountain Golubinje Miroc the Municipality of Majdanpek has the same view of the Danube. On a plot of 9 hectares has a smaller house of 50 M2 and ancillary facilities Areas suitable for construction of all residential and commercial buildings larger area, as well as the construction of tourist facilities. Recreation and Sports facilities the owner of 1 / 1 the Price of 6.5 hectares 45.000 EVRA Price 9 ha 40.000 EVRA TEL +381 63 807 66 94 MAIL...

Baina Basta - Serbia for Sale house with Commercial premises House was built efficiently and for a long time no one lived. The house is ready to move in. The house has Commercial premises over 100 m2 and two floors. In front of Commercial premises have 3 Parking spaces that can be expanded. The floors are internally connected, but now because of a problem and a separate entrance to the second floor they have prefabricated stairs. The house has a garage and a part for the boiler in the garage. They also have ancillary buildings ( wooden roof, two furnaces, a drying room for meat ) .The house has no Central heating, so there may be a large correction in prices owner 1 / 1 price 90.000 EVRA TEL +381 64 260 99 92

Vogan - Ruma - Serbia restaurant 1000 m2 Kraina in Vaughan near Ruma ul Mitrovacki 96 the Subject of sales is a whole house with associated business premises, the floor area is about 1000 m2 and all auxiliary facilities on the land plot with a total area of 5 Utara to which they belong, 3 garage, a butchery, Refrigerators, objects suitable for growing animals potash, spacious yard and 3 utra land around the site from left to right and back suitable for expansion of Business premises, the restaurant on the ground floor the object is in CONTINUOUS OPERATION with a tradition of 33 years, suitable for wedding and all kind of meeting capacity up to 450 seats with modern large sleigh and a full inventory of tables, chairs, refrigerator, cash register, large...

Manufacturer Greenwill implements onion harvest 2019 Faction: - Small (20-40 mm) - Medium (40-70 mm) - Large (80+ mm) Hybrids-Varieties: Pandero, Manas Onions clean, dressed All varieties intended for long term storage. There are various packing: 20-10-5 kg. the Implementation of the year round without restrictions. Contacts: Nikolaev region, Nikolaev R-n. Kovalevka Tel: +38(067)681-31-31 (Eugene) learn More about our work on the website Page Facebook Mail:

Delivery of diesel fuel for construction equipment the Company "Neftegazlogistika" offers diesel fuel for construction equipment with delivery across Moscow and Moscow region at a price of 37.90 RUB/l. a Fuel suitable for the filling: Tractor, Bulldozer, Loader etc. shipping DT is around the clock seven days a week. for sale is a variety With DHA, DTF, variety DT-S, grade E and grade F. the Minimum volume of supply of diesel fuel from 500 liters for orders over 1000 liters – free shipping. DT, which we deliver produced by the leading refineries in Russia – Gazprom Neft, TANECO, Novoshakhtinsk refinery. In "Neftegazlogistika" has its own fleet of tankers with capacity equipped with GLONASS system and a control volume DT. Our products are regularly...