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Provide a wide range of veterinary services at home. Call the vet 1000 rubles per day (10.00-22.00). The cost of services, including an on-call veterinarian: NEUTERING cats - 2500r. (painless, easy sedation, biological node, no seams) CASTRATION of male dogs - 3700r. Neutering cats - 3500r. (painless, on white line belly, small shovchik) neutering cats less traumatic way - through the lateral puncture - 4500r. (Price turnkey, with the anesthesia and leaving the house, a cat up to 5 kg) VACCINATION of cats and dogs 2500r. (complex imported vaccine: Nobivac (Nobivac Rabies, Nobivac Tricat and Nobivac Forcat"), Age, Vanguard 5 and 7, Quadricat, rabies vaccination + all viral diseases) Vaccination with a mark in the veterinary passport 2500r. The design of the...

Sell luxury 2 room apartment, Factory lane. the apartment has modern designer renovation in the English style with high quality and expensive materials. Sold as it looks in the photo , with all furniture and appliances. The repair was done for yourself , everything is new. Individual planning, repair, the sprint system for under floor heating, built-in furniture, appliances latest models, spacious kitchen, place for Smoking hookah, luxury Jacuzzi with lights, artificial fireplace, stained glass Windows, its private Parking places for 2 cars + video surveillance . In the area of infrastructure , the exit to the ring and Sevastopol within walking distance . The yard is quiet and tranquil , adequate neighbors . For sale due to relocation. All the documents...

Pancevo - Serbia Sold by house of 592 m2 and a plot of 8 acres in Pancevo First floor 1 floor and a basement the House is divided vertically into two dwelling units with basement industrial ceiling Height in the basement is 3 m and the basement area is 200 m2 the house has electricity, water and sanitation, as well as 2 meters. It has a gas connection object legalized Unfurnished 8 acres of land on the road Jabucki put Suitable for all types of reconstruction of 18 km from the centre of Belgrade, the price is 150.000 EVRA TEL +381 69 202 70 10 +381 64 384 85 83 mail

Bolec - Belgrade - Serbia Sales and rental Hall was built of solid material. The first field 12 x 20 meters height 4 meters, over a concrete slab is a special entry in the Second field 5 x 20 meters height 6 meters has a concrete slab - private entrance These two fields can be divided into informal work In the back two rooms are connected with the first and second fields 17 x 5 meters. Upper level: kitchen with dining area of 20 square meters + two rooms, offices, 2 x 24 square meters On the first field of the warehouse area for light loads is 200 square meters the Height is on average 3.3 meters at the end of 1.6 meters, the Possibility of installing a cargo lifts Phase 16 acres of Private entrance with 100% ownership. All registered with full permissions...

Topola Serbia Poplar Plot for construction of objects 20 acres of Land with an area of 20 acres and is located on the edge of town Topola approximately 300 m from the main road at the entrance to poplar from the direction of Belgrade the urbanized Area ie allowed the construction because he was in GUP General urban plan Municipality of Topola Is a square 45 m x 45 m Electricity and water and telephone line are next to the plot of the Land on which order the Plot is located in the small drop Area is located on the intersection of 2 roads so the access to the Plot from two sides and therefore it can be easily split It is encased in concrete a low wall and wire In addition to the road that runs along the site, was built the sewer system so that the land is...

Zemun - Belgrade - Serbia Zemun Centar-ul Tara dušan 200 m2 from the strict centre of Zemun, 200 m in extension of the Main street of Tara Dusan Zemun 24 House in the centre of Zemun ( Muhar ) storey, in excellent condition, beautiful and functional layout for residential and business purposes usable area of building is 200 m2. I level 89m2 (large lounge with bar, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) second level 111m2 (bathroom, 4 bedrooms and gallery) It also has a gazebo with a tower where it enters from the backyard In addition to surface heating, the house has three lovely terraces, the lower yard on the street and the upper yard of the house on the hill and two warehouse in the lower courtyard of the House was built in 1991 and completely renovated and...

Kraljevo - Serbia the Place for investors House for sale is 120 m2 and a plot of 10 acres in the center of Kraljevo ul Maltinski 34 / 2 runs behind the store Getaldus the house has 2 residential units Ie a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 entrances, a Comfortable large house Plot of 10 acres with access to 2-ya ul. Omladinska and Tara Lazar's Location is extremely suitable for investors, allowed the construction of a Building of 5000 m2 On the ground floor commercial space + 4 floor apartment + attic of the apartment Telephone Internet cable Was the home of the owner 1 / 2 the Owner may also have more apartments in Belgrade from the Investor the House is suitable for office space for representative price 430.000 EVRA TEL +381 60 568 2 360 mail

Service and qualified repair: automatic transmission, RCPP, DSG, manual transmission, transfer cases, front and rear axles, engines, chassis of all cars of foreign production. As well as electrical and electronics, computer diagnostics and maintenance of all cars of foreign production. Transmaks, OOO — a service of excellent quality, is the concern about your safety on the road, driving comfort and the longevity of your car. Professional service Transmaks, OOO will take care of automatic transmission repair other units of your car, provide a comprehensive additional services and a wide selection of parts.

Kraljevo - Serbia house for Sale in Kraljevo extra space (extended city centre). The house consists of business space on the ground floor (300 m2) and a spacious residential part (200 m2) on the ground floor, and the house in General, there is a garage of 50 m2. The house is located on six acres of land at the intersection of two streets, fully equipped, ready to move and without additional investment is Ideal for people who develop their own business atate heating, Parking, Garage, Internet, Telephone, satellite, cable TV, Attic air conditioning Near urban transport B business premises of the sheet of dough bread and pastries for 20 years and the company is working well In the business district of a Large PE remains bread and the rest of the cakes are...

TOPKLIN service is a package of cleaning services in Moscow: -daily cleaning of the premises-for legal entities; -cleaning of adjacent territories; -cleaning facilities after repair; -General cleaning of the premises; -washing of facades, cleaning of glass; -cleaning of carpets; -grinding, polishing hard floors. For - business centers; - shopping centers; - warehouse, logistics complexes; offices; - residential complexes; - other types of commercial real estate. For automotive dealerships also: - polishing the cars in the show-room; - technical sink; - complex washing; - dry cleaning of interior upholstery; - polished body.

You save significantly when you purchase toilet cubicles from companies Ekogrupp. the benefits: - Fast installation; - low maintenance; - Not dependent on the Sewerage system; - Repaired at low cost. - Easily transferred to another place of the site. I Propose to buy a composting toilet b/u at a low price: save money and get the good design. Gift to each buyer – disinfectant liquid "Ecsil". Original color of plastic without chipping. The odor and contamination are absent, each cabin is washed kercher'ohms. You can purchase inexpensive toilet for the garden, construction, countryside cafe, gas station, car wash. Cheap and high quality plastic mobile cabin, convenient cooperation: - Design. Available 2 colors (blue and green), the doors have a different...

Mailing ads on the Internet boards manual Service manual mailing announcements on popular sites of announcements of Ukraine and other countries - granting of the full report - Selection of sites on Your topic - Related tips is the Operator completes the placement of your ad must be added in the heading that matches Your topic. Our operatory Perform in manual mode, the category and the region selected manually. Accommodation on any You are interested in the country.

Beocin - Serbia Sold by Commercial premises of 500 m2 in Hall place Grabovo Municipality Beocin Commercial property has Office area and room of the First floor and 1 floor section has 3 recesses 22 m depth hydrophone station 2 water tank transformer station ramp for loading materials Suitable for the production of dryer refrigerator warehousing land Area is 3138 m2 the building itself is 500 m2 Water Electricity Phone Parking Sanitary nozzle Access truck the Building is located in the municipality of Hornbeam close Beaching highway Novi Sad - Sremska Mitrovica Was office space and Hall the owner of 1 / 1 price 135.000 EVRA TEL +381 60 079 04 40

Veliko Gradiste - Serbia House for sale of 180 m2 and the Assembly hall in Veliko Gradiste the House has 85 m2 of ground floor and 1st floor the first floor has 2 large rooms interior corridor ground floor - 1 big room without Room partition showdown in the house Outside the house without changes In the house and in the hall Montano was also the business premises of the storage glass and vacuum glass Room has 100 m2. Hall height more than 3 m Plot is 5 acres and there are places for the construction of another residential and business object in the House I Prefabricated hall is suitable for all types of activity owner 1 / 1 Price 48.000 EVRA TEL +381 62 420 109 mail

Smederevo - Serbia Hotel CAR Smederevo, Hotel CAR Sale 3000 m2 in Smederevo ul Ure Danicia 64 New building object In the LUX hotel was a few floors with all necessary permissions by the Owner categorized in the work the Hotel has a restaurant hall for 120 seats 44 rooms, 3 Apartments, 30 two bed room 11 one bed room conference hall for 50 seats, the hotel has a sauna and a fitness club All the rooms are equipped with modern furniture, Central heating air conditioning All the information on the website For the video at CAR and other information you can contact us on mail the price is 1,800.000 EVRA TEL +381 61 239 11 11