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Treser - Valjevo - Serbia house for Sale two Commercial premises in Valjevo Tresor Object located in the center of the House was built in 1990. The object is legalized all necessary documents. The structure of the rooms in the house on the ground floor living room with kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom upstairs three bedrooms and a bathroom. The yard overlooks the river Kolubara. Suitable for both family life and the Commercial space owner 1 / 1 price 64.000 EVRA TEL +381 014 222 317 +381 64 026 77 81 MAIL

Gazelle-tent,Gazelle standard(3-2-1,5) 400r/h min 2H. Gazelle body type:long, 4.2 m, height 2.2 m, width 2m. the Body from the inside covered with plywood,there is a coupling of rope for securing cargo,the rear gate can be locked.Cost: 450r/h min 2H. center,remote area +1 hour.Region and the Russian Federation 15P/km. the Possibility of upper boot +500r.transportation of oversized cargo up to 6m. +500r.A cargo Gazelle: 6 seats+body:long 4.2 m, height 2.2 m, width 2m+tow bar. Removal and disposal of debris from 2500r.From 22.00 to 6.00 the cost of the work is doubled.Working around the clock and without days off!The provision of all necessary documents.Call.

Vršac - Serbia Sold Family residential building, net useful area 224 m2. in Vrsac the Street Gavrila Principle 31 a on the first floor has Only 10 rooms : entrance, small hall, large hall, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, pantry, office, living room, pantry, garage and stair. On the second floor has only 10 rooms: private terrace, stairs, hallway hallway , bathroom, living room, library, bedroom, nursery 1, nursery 2 Year built 1972, fully implemented 2004, in exceptional good condition. Possible replacement for real estate in Belgrade or Novi Sad price 132.000 EVRA TEL +381 63 778 48 20 +381 60 6 821 025

Bans brdo - Belgrade - Serbia beautiful penthouse for Sale, 125 m2 modern interior and fantastic floor plan on bans brdo Belgrade With panoramic views of Hell, New Belgrade. The building is made of high quality material, with a granite facade, video surveillance , two silent Elevator, a beautiful Park who uses only the occupants of the building. In the structure of four rooms with a large living room, which has exit to the terrace, dining room, kitchen, pantry, 2 toilets, three fully separate bedrooms In the apartment two garage places which are not included in the price. ( 15.000 EVRA in place ) the Apartment is sold fully furnished and equipped price of 390,000 $ TEL +381 63 330 085 MAIL

Smolensk Agrarian and Industrial complex sells WHOLESALE Onion premium. Grade 5 Manas+. Suitable for implementation in chain stores, vegetable bases, in markets. The HARVEST of 2019. The bulbs are rounded. Dry, well kept. Also there is a variety of Chalcedony, caliber from 3 to 5, on the pen Packing in mesh of 30 kg Organize delivery to any region of the Russian Federation Terms of payment: cash, cashless settlement. Price include VAT 10 % 8 (4812) 566-920, 8 (4812) 330-119, +7(952)995-32-48, +7 (920) 303-73-39. Viber, WhatsApp , SAPK.Russia

Smolensk Agrarian and Industrial complex sells WHOLESALE white Cabbage network quality. Grade: The Aggressor. Neatly formed plug 2-4 kg. the HARVEST of 2019. Very dense, with no trace of pests and diseases. Not frozen. Packing in mesh of 30 kg or in bulk Organize delivery on the territory of the Russian Federation Terms of payment: cash, cashless settlement. Price include VAT 10 % 8 (4812) 566-920, 8 (4812) 330-119, +7(952)995-32-48, +7 (920) 303-73-39. Viber, WhatsApp , SAPK.Russia

Smolensky Agro-Processing Plant sells WHOLESALE dining room Carrots of high quality. Grades: Abaco, Cascade, Córdoba. Size: 12 to 22 see the HARVEST of 2019. Disease and dark spots. Appearance and taste qualities are excellent. Packing in mesh-drawstring at 25-30 kg, in bulk you can Arrange delivery to any region of the Russian Federation Terms of payment: cash, cashless settlement. Price include VAT 10 % 8 (4812) 566-920, 8 (4812) 330-119, +7(952)995-32-48, +7 (920) 303-73-39. Viber, WhatsApp , SAPK.Russia

Abuka - Serbia the Site is located in Abuti 25 km from Belgrade owned by and separated from the village 500 m, with a road and electricity, as well as with the well-tested water. Area 115 is own, while the left and right 60 and 60 leased state and private leases . The land for building. On the plot near the base of the main house, livestock building and workshop warehouses , packers and a pump station for planting a total area of 6.500 m2 planted with perennial Buzinovka you don't want to sell. I note that the annual yield of 17 000 bushels is around 120 / 150 thousand Colors of feces. The area of 1.000 m2 in greenhouses and 1.500 m2 in the shade, and the rest of the outdoor area associated with an underground drip irrigation system and water pressure in...

Divination by Tarot, psychic, healer and clairvoyant. Guessing at the distance and in the office. Always happy to help beg for success, happiness, luck, harmony! Work on the bioenergetic level. A specialist in working with nature, flora, water, wax. Try and make the strongest defense and charms individually. Removed focused, including birth damage in the home life, relationships. Align the aura and create a happy life through correction of fate, removed the strongest of the strongest spells and the evil eye, help to find happiness, to guide your luck in hands and family. Help to marry off the crown of celibacy. Call and make an appointment in advance, I'd be happy to HELP RESPOND TO URGENT SITUATIONS involving CHILDREN!!! Never lose hope!!! I ALWAYS MY...

Old Kalwerisky - Belgrade - Serbia Plot 1 - 19 cotok - 50 meters from the path of move Smederevo land urban construction, generates electricity and water land for the entire length of the asphalt price 6.000 EVRA / cotok Phase 2 - 63 cotok - agricultural land is ideal for fruit orchards, that used to be on this site belonged to PKB. along one side there is a flow, so that's a big plus from the irrigation Front part of the site near the asphalt. The price may be lower due to larger surface area, the Price of 5,000 EVRA / cotok TEL +381 61 287 5000 +381 62 63 02 21 MAIL

Company "Corbis" offers to buy high-quality mesh trading equipment for supermarkets and shops. We supply products designed for the equipment of point of sales, implementing a variety of goods. Our product range includes cargo truck, fence, metal lockers for bags, curtain hooks for ekonompaneli, basket-mesh for sales, as well as various accessories and components. Regular customers and dealers offer advantageous conditions of partnership. For each customer individually prepared quotation. Buyers may have additional rebates and discounts depending on order volume.

Hundreds of people dream to lose weight while resorted to various methods, activities, and efforts sitting on a grueling diets, someone burns the fat fat, calories in fitness clubs, sports halls and gyms who take different pills or treatment is massage. With confidence I want to tell, to propose, to say that a quarter of all visitors who saw the patients in our pharmacy accurately and confidently achieve the desired results. With the help of effective, reliable, and proven program to lose weight fast. You can relax

Will Provide a Loan secured by real Estate (Apartments, Rooms, Shares, Houses, etc.), located in Moscow or M. O. to 100 km from MKAD. 1. The period of withdrawal takes 1 day (1 hour consideration + 2-3 hours making and issuing money in hand) 2. The loan amount is limited only by the value of mortgaged Property (min 500 000 BYR, max 85% market. value). 3. Loan term from 1 month. up to 15 years or more. 4. Clearance under the Loan agreement-pledge (Mortgage). 5. Sums including children and seniors. 6. Without confirmation of income and any credit history. 7. Interest rate 1.5-2.5% per month or 14 - 18% (discussed individually). 8. Repayment of the loan Annuity payments or monthly interest-only, and the body at the end of term. All the conditions discussed and...

Tell, show and explain more than 10 critical points of your business where you are losing money and new customers. As practice shows, even if you pay attention to at least 1 of these points, your company's profits will grow by at least 20-30%. Will help to build a plan of action to find the necessary manpower, to evaluate the effectiveness and consolidate the results. Audit problem areas, a personal consultation 1 hour - absolutely free! About yourself — work Experience in marketing for over 5 years. Have over 2 000 running advertising campaigns. In the Arsenal of 95% of successful cases (people who received a positive result). More than 500 hours of personal counseling. Call us at any time!

Safe way of earning extra money in Saint-Petersburg ! Conditions: Flexible work schedule (2-4 hours per week) conveniently align with the study or the main activity , paid-for output from 3000-10000 thousand rubles. bonuses and a monthly salary individually. Requirements: the Inhabitants of Saint–Petersburg and the region. Neat appearance , good communication skills , courtesy , attentiveness. Responsibilities: delivering documents to the appropriate authorities like the chamber of notaries , the Bank , pension Fund .Everything is safe and within the law.