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Offer sauna stove wood. Is, the heater in the steam room of up to 12m3 and to 27m3. You can heat from both the dressing room and steam room. The boot door of the heater can be equipped with heat resistant glass. The outer casing can be made of stainless steel. Fabrication and installation of chimneys. Chimneys for furnaces, fireplaces, boilers with solid fuel and other heaters made of stainless steel. There are insulated: stainless pipe in basalt insulation and galvanized or stainless casing. Package included all necessary elements for Assembly.

We proposed a channel from a warehouse in Zaporozhye or custom manufacturing. There is a channel: 100h50h3h6000mm, 120h60h4h6000mm, 140h60h5h6000mm, 160h60h4h6000mm, 160h80h4h6000mm, 200h60h4h12000mm, 200h80h6h12000mm, and the bended 60h60h4h6000mm. It is also possible to produce other sizes and profiles are non-standard long (e.g. 7.4 m). Also sell sheet metal similar to metal slate - list "Wave" shaped sheet profile roll-formed C-shaped, closed, trough, Z-shaped.

We Offer stainless steel chimneys. There is a single stainless steel flues and chimneys sandwich insulated: stainless pipe in basalt insulation and galvanized or stainless casing. Sandwich pipe with insulation 3cm. stainless steel Grade 304. The thickness of the stainless pipe 0.5 mm; 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm. Chimneys for solid fuel boilers shall be of stainless pipe with a thickness of 1 mm. near the boiler and 3 – 4 m we can supply stainless steel pipe with a thickness of 0,8 mm. To install gas boiler pipe made of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm. we shall complete the chimney all the necessary elements for Assembly. Assistance in the calculation of the configuration for your object. The installation of chimneys. To purchase a fireplace from any...

Oven Bullerjan is Your main helper for heating rooms of any size! No matter, it's a cottage or a house, garage or workshop, service station or shop, greenhouse, or something else. Because Bullerjan is long burning ovens, the wood laid in it every 8 hours. The only exception is the smallest oven of the type 00 (for summer), which work on one tab for about 4 to 6 hours (depending on the quality of the raw material), because at the stove small combustion chamber. We offer You 6 variants of furnaces Bullerjan (Buller) for any room - from 100 to 1300 cubic meters! From heating stoves Bullerjan high efficiency - up to 80%. They are economical and easy to maintain! And this kind of ovens give you the opportunity to burn wood is almost zero! And since the coolant...

At the end of the season, the clothing factory "Beloli" sells at wholesale prices clothes for children from 1 to 17 years. The range includes various models of jackets, coats, down jackets, rompers for boys and girls. Choosing wholesale children's clothing store "Beloli" You get: - a large assortment of models and a large range of sizes; -exclusive design and comfortable products; - the quality of materials and tailoring; -certified products; acceptable conditions for buyers and a high level of service. All collection original, high-quality, look fashionable and stylish. The factory designers develop models taking into account fashionable tendencies of the last new seasons. the Entire range of goods and terms of sale presented on the site

Children's clothing Store "Beloli" selling at wholesale prices clothes for children from 0 to 16 years. The range of jackets, coats, jackets, overalls for boys and girls. All products are original, high-quality, look fashionable and stylish as the designers of our factory are developing a model, given the fashion trends of the new seasons. With the result of our work You can see on the website and choose a product. Choosing wholesale children's clothing store "Beloli" You get: - wide range and a large range of sizes; trend design and functional products; -high quality materials and tailoring; -certified products; - favorable terms for buyers and a high level of service; -relevant advice to managers; -tips and detailed information about the...

. We offer you all kinds of veterinary services: therapy, surgery, obstetrics, ultrasound, mobile digital x-ray, all types of laboratory diagnostics, vaccination, official documents, specialized experts, hygienic haircut, herpetologist, ornithologist, rodents, paramedic, ritual (strictly for honey. indications). The system of discounts. 8 (495) 767 13 10

St. Petersburg, all districts, neighbouring towns. The veterinary service of the DINGO offers a full range of treatment and services at home: therapy, surgery (including fixation), obstetrics, specialized experts, herpetologist, rodents, vaccination, official documents, all types of laboratory diagnostics, mobile digital x-ray, ultrasound, grooming and hygiene, ritual (strictly for honey. indications). The system of discounts.

Proposed angles for protecting glass and mirrors during transport. Area 3-5 mm From 500 pieces 5 RUB. with VAT 2000 pieces - 4,5 RUB. with VAT From 5000 pieces - 2,5 Euro From 10,000 pieces - 1,8 rubles including VAT From 30000 pieces - 1,5 Euro From 200,000 units to 1.3 RUB with VAT Area 6-10mm: From 500 pieces - 6,2 RUB, including VAT 2000 pieces - 5,5 Euro From 5000 pieces of 4.2 Euro 10,000 pieces - 2,8 rubles including VAT From 30000 pieces - 2,5 Euro From 200,000 units and 2.3 RUB. with VAT Contact us!

"VIRST" offers its services in manufacturing of plastic products in accordance with the technical specifications, in the shortest possible time and on favorable terms. Casting products are made by casting under pressure on thermoplastic automatic machine. Develop and manufacture molds according to drawings, 3D models or original products. We work with all types of polymer materials, manufacture of products of rubber and plastic compounds. We carry out orders on import substitution. Prices are set individually, there are various options for cooperation. Performed the work on time! Contact us!

Remove the damage spell for 1 session, it is safe for the karma and good health! Removing and building damage, privorot, lapel, return to the family, rite on the money and others Impact starts immediately during the session and continues to achieve the goal. The effect is already visible after a few hours! Psychoanalysis, disassembly situations (family, work - career, in sports, if someone bothers to get to your goal, your health, etc.). The definition of negativity hindering your life. Removing and building damage by the method of `working assets`. Your enemies get rebuffed, many times more than what you wished. Lapel, privorot by applying the `Golden mask`. You will be the center of attention, you will be fascinate people, especially those who give their...

Sorcerer. Do all and even more! Can work at a distance. Practice for over 20 years. Solve problems in 1 session. The strongest magic programs and impact. Safe for karma and health! Removing and building damage, privorot, lapel, return to the family, rite on the money and others will Show their power - a test session at a distance for free! Think about it, what's the point to remove the love spell, damage (to health, lack of money...) casting wax, rolling egg, prayers, if detractors do not give response magical shot from you, when removing the negative, go and do it again its dirty work. So you can remove the damage the years, wasting time and money. Detractors should get you everything back, and even many times more, the method of "working assets", only...

Surely You are registered in any social. network, if not, do it and start earning. What to do: liking pictures, join groups, just to visit friends and groups! After 10 minutes, you will be able to withdraw my first earned rubles! the Amount of money depends on You. For example: to like a photo in instagram is worth 50 cents. We have it will take a maximum of 10 seconds, a minute - 6 likes it's almost 3 rubles per minute, get an hour, You can earn 180 rubles. And how much You earn, sitting every day at work? For example: the average across Russia the salary of the cashier in 2016 is 114 € / hour don't be alarmed if immediately after registration You will have not as many jobs as we would like. After completing a couple of jobs, the system makes sure that you...