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Tomorrow we will arrange for You a holiday in Moscow! - our team works with 2008 - work without payment - a master class with a personal trainer for Your guests - a professional portfolio during the master class - adaptation platform and program for You - punctuality, we always arrive 2 hours before the event - with us it is easy to win the tender - we are unique!

We Accept orders for call detail records and text messages to all cellular operators in Russia. Text messages with TEXT MTS, Tele2, Beeline, MegaFon. Timing 1-2 days. The prices are lower than competitors. Before payment will be sent to any evidence. Payment for call detail records, all honest cats out of the bag. Work with all regions. Speed, warranty, reasonable prices - Keywords: Detailing of SMS, call details Beeline, text messages, call records, TELE2, MegaFon, MTS.

Registration Preparation of documents for state registration of the LLC. What we do: - make decisions about the creation and order of appointment of a Director; - will create a Charter for your company; - prepare statistics codes on your activities; - check all data on the subject of denial of state registration; - collect of the registration of extra-budgetary funds for Deposit accounts. You should: - come up with the name of the organization is to formulate what you want to do the Rest we will find out in the process. Cost 4 000. Term – 1 day

Financial crisis worldwide, significantly reduced the production and consumption of wine and spirits products. A shorter delivery is much reduced the number of imported wines in our stores, and the Russian winemaking is not so strongly developed, to ensure that all consumer goods markets in Russia. But this does not mean that people stop drinking. Of course, much reduced selling wine and vodka. But in any situation there are at least two exits. Anti-crisis solution in the alcohol sector has become beer. Beer is one of the cheapest alcoholic beverages and least strong. Therefore, according to the decision of the state Duma, were the conditions for maximum production improvement of Russian beer. This addresses two problems at once: 1. Increase and improve the...

Don't know how to surprise your child and his guests? I hope your children have ceased to be only spectators, but turned into a real wizards? Want a holiday but joy gave more and desire to study and learn? Turn your event into a real scientific adventure! Invite me to the feast of our magician with his lab wonders! Children with it: - to learn how to cook porridge soap, - make some crazy soda, grilled pork balls, - you will see "Egyptian night", a true rainbow meteor sand and much much more... We guarantee that after this event, your children will cease to think of science as boring and uninteresting, and chemistry and physics will be their favourite items! Call now and book your day to celebrate!