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Semi-industrial refrigeration equipment: monoblocks and split (split-system) offers the company "the East-Cold.RU" in the medium-temperature performance and low temperature. the Monoblock refrigeration machines, structurally manufactured in a single package, fully charged and ready to use, does not require major installation work. Splits (a split system) – refrigeration machines, structurally manufactured in two buildings, i.e. the indoor unit and the outdoor unit on the similarity of air conditioners. They require specific knowledge and tools for installation, and also require the refrigerant charge. In most of the proposed semi-industrial refrigeration equipment POLAIR. If necessary, bring the monoblocks and split from other manufacturers.

Purchased equipment needs its owner to make a PROFIT !!!, not problems with the operation! Maintenance and repairs must be campaign !!!, not RAZOREYE – ANNOYING !!!! Engineer of our company, solve the problems caused by "gray dealers". It is a firm selling, installing expensive cooling equipment, but did not "noticing" of warranty issues. We offer services for emergency ("burning") the supply and replacement of necessary refrigeration equipment, provide Troubleshooting malfunctions in any of the refrigeration systems in the shortest possible time. the Basic services - installation of refrigeration chambers from sandwich panels, supply, installation and repair of refrigeration equipment. Installation of refrigeration and freezer with sliding and swing doors,...

Diagnosis and repair of refrigeration equipment of any complexity is produced by the company "Vostok-Cold.RU". the diagnosis accepted by all compressor models produced by "Copeland", "Dorin", "Bock", "Frascold", "Bitzer". the Rewinding stator electric motor winding wire freneticism with the restoration of sensors and thermistor protection by double impregnation of the windings of the stator. After the diagnosis is costing General cost of repairs. To reduce the cost of the repairs as much as possible used the possibility of restoration of worn parts. the Warranty for the refrigeration semi-hermetic compressors and repair windings of electric motors is three to six months of receipt of compressor repair to Ensure the prompt repair of compressor allows its own...

Chillers (liquid chillers) and all types of offers, OOO "Vostok-Cold.RU" under the order. Design, calculation and selection of chillers: chillers air-cooled chillers water-cooled chillers with a remote condenser, reversible chillers (cooler/heat pump). Installation, and commissioning of chillers after installation. The whole complex of repair works of cooling liquids (chillers) post-Warranty service of the equipment of any complexity. we can offer You: Compressor, heat-exchange equipment, automation, monoblocks and split, showcases, racks, Bonney, cabinets, accessories, pipe copper.

Registration of conversion shall be in accordance with the requirements of section 4 of Chapter V of the Technical regulations of the Customs Union 018/2011 certification Centre "Garant" offers services on registration of all necessary documents for registration of the conversion. You have installed or intend to install LPG, CMU has increased the number of seats, mounted tow bar, side, replaced the engine on your car? You need to obtain the conclusion of the preliminary technical examination and the Protocol of technical expertise. In order to draw up the documents correctly and in accordance with the law, you should contact the certification Center "Garant" Documents can be remotely 88007752978

Assistance in the selection of 1-2-3 bedroom apartment to rent in price and length of stay (Saint Petersburg) - the Agency "Practices of real Estate." In the long term - from 1 to 12 months rent from 3 days for those travelling to the city on the Neva. The options of apartments available from budget to luxury. Free preview of an object out of a realtor! The conclusion of the contract of tenancy. Discounts on services Agency for luxury apartments and unsaleable. Also, we invite owners of residential properties to co-operation: place information about Your home and pictures of her on our website, triclinium Your apartment on available resources in the network. If You are not able to take a picture of the living room, window views, landing the agent, in the...

We Offer you to make you or your company high-quality marketing Internet site. You can order the design of any website, from simple business cards to complex and large portals. In our Studio, very reasonable prices, starting only from 4 500 rubles for the site. The average time of website creation is 1 week. We also offer a flexible system of discounts. You can order a complete website in just half price. And most importantly - we have no pre-payment. work with legal entities and individuals. Stylish and functional web site will help you run your business and attract many customers. Work seven days a week throughout Russia. Details can be obtained by calling the toll free number or on our website.

LTD Darkons-trade Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk oblast) Responsibilities: support PP 1S - install, upgrade, business, revision (programming) participation in projects of ERP system implementation 1C Enterprise as programmer, consultant, or programmer-consultant implementation, support and revision 1C configurations for the client the solution of problems arising in the course of the program modification of the existing functionality of programs and the development of new, according to customer requirements create new forms, reports, treatments advising clients on issues of program operation Requirements: higher education or vocational experience with software products 1C from two years certificate 1C (Specialist, Professional) knowledge of basic accounting...

High Quality exterior sheathing balcony in Kharkov. Company "Installation of a Balcony" offers high-quality cladding of balconies of corrugated Board. Our company will qualitatively perform covering of balcony at an affordable price. To make the outer covering of balconies - Call us! Specialists of the company "Installation of a Balcony" in Kharkov will make exterior balcony in the shortest time, inexpensively and with a guarantee of quality. You can choose the color plating of the balcony: green, dark red, beige, blue, white, brown, gray, metallic, yellow. To order the outer covering of the balcony or loggia, you can our official site!

We Offer wholesale supplies of brackets and canopies for split systems of various sizes. - bracket KV-1 for split systems 500x500 mm - bracket KV-2 split systems 600x600 mm - visor for split systems 950h500 mm - visor for split systems 1000h550 mm Until 31 June 2018 advertised sale brackets KV-1 - 120+120=240 rubles for the kit and SQ-2 - 150+150=300 rubles per set! Hurry up - the number of items in stock is limited. any Form of payment. It is possible to deliver large shipments of own transport, OOO Opthalmic in Moscow and the Moscow region directly to the recipient or to the transport companies.

The nursing Home in Kharkov – an individual approach to each, and while none of the guest is not lonely. The boarding house "House of Kindness" is located in Kharkov, in the neighborhood of Cold Mountain, but to live in it all the Ukrainians without exception. Our pension established taking into account international practices, so the citizens and residents of the suburbs get the same amount of services as the Europeans, only the price at times less. Private nursing home "House of Kindness" in Kharkov offers the following services included in the basic package: accommodation, five or six meals, permanent status monitoring, regular measurement of vital signs, washing, cleaning, Ironing etc. to Enroll in the boarding House of Kindness you can on our website!

Consulting Corporation "EMPIRE" provides the services: Registration of legal entities/individual entrepreneurs the changes in the constituent documents of the legal entity Registration of changes of legal entity details without making changes in the constituent documents of Liquidation of legal entities/ individual entrepreneurs a Compilation of complaints/ appeals Drafting pleadings, motions and other procedural documents, Representation and protection of the rights of the state, public, commercial organizations Tax deductions VAT Refund tax audit Support challenging the actions/omissions of officials of tax bodies, Representation of interests in, on, The management of FNS, and other public bodies Provide a legal address for registration (when moving) Work...

We are processors of artificial stone, we work with more than 20 manufacturers of stone and manufacture of products of any complexity. We have modern equipment and qualified staff who will execute the order in a short time. the advantages of working with us: - Large selection of artificial stone - Short terms of order execution - the Quality of the final product - Metering qualified master shipping private transport (reduces time and eliminates damage to the product) - Installation is performed by experienced craftsmen - a Flexible system of discounts for regular customers - Independently produce the sinks from artificial stone Photos of our works you can find in instagram and @stone_factory_krd +79183344071

POLIARM - modern alternative to metal fiber. The unique shape of the fibers helps to realize a strong adhesion with the concrete. POLIARM, due to the difference of specific weight in comparison with metal fibers in 8.5 times, allows to saturate the concrete a much larger number of fibers per unit volume. When comparing POLEARM 4 kg vs 25 kg metal fiber, you can get more than 200,000 fibers against ~80 000 in a single cube of concrete. Polypropylene fiber, unlike metal, does not fall under the influence of its own weight into the lower layers of concrete pie, thus working on all volume of products. Moreover, polypropylene fibers provide a reduction of crack formation without the risk of corrosion, which is typical for metal. A significant aspect of applying...

Emerging excitement around the issue of treatment of hepatitis is only caused by external factors. Repeatedly hearing messages in the media regarding this issue, many are thinking about how this issue concerns them. When a person sees the same information or advertising on a daily basis, he gets used to it. A few decades ago, many people were shocked by the existence of AIDS. Today the are used to it, the problem is the perceived sensibly, the culture has changed sex. Injection for many years all over the world are disposable needles. the fact of the disease may not be attractive, people usually tend to avoid such details, just letting them out of sight. Perhaps this disease also change some traditions, habits or even laws. Most likely this will affect...