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Work on yourself. Encashment copies of credit cards via ATM. Dump+pin EU banks. We offer a cloned duplicate Bank cards to obtain cash through an ATM. No pre-payment. Payment of goods upon receipt of the parcel. If you are interested in our offer details will get a response letter.

Financial independence. Offer duplicates plastic cards dump+pin banks of EU countries VisaMasterCard. No pre-payment. Payment of goods upon receipt of the parcel. If you are interested in our offer details will get a response letter

We Offer you to earn decent money by removing cash from the clone Bank cards. No pre-payment. Payment of goods upon receipt of the parcel. If you are interested in our offer details will get a response letter.

Flexographic printing/ equipment max. material width 1200 mm 1400 mm 1600 mm max. print width 1160 mm 1360 mm 1560 mm max. Print length 191-914mm. 191-914mm. 191-914mm max diameter of fabric 1000 mm 1000 mm 1000 mm Printing speed 10-60-100m/min plate Thickness 2.38/3.94 mm 2.38/3.94 mm 2.38/3.94 mm power 13.37 kW 15.5 kW 18 kW Weight 1500 kg 2000 kg 2500 kg size 3900*1600*2400 mm 3900*1600*2400 mm. 3900*1600*2400 mm. flexo printing / equipment. professional modern high-tech equipment required skills and knowledge of our employees, which allow you to quickly and efficiently perform installation and maintenance of the Feasibility of roll printing in contrast to screen printing is undeniable. The speed, cheapness and quality of fastening allow to say that for...

The lamination Equipment for combining fabrics, paper, cardboard, foil, non-woven materials. manufacture of flexible multilayer packaging materials. broad use of various types of multilayer and composite materials are used granule LDPE (LDPE) PP (PP ), EVA (EVA), PVC Laminating polypropylene coating gives the material additional protective properties, ensuring that it is water - and airtightness. Laminated spunbond more rigid and durable products made of it do not leak air and water. Working speed 20-80m/min Speed of the extruder 30-120R/min laminating thickness 0.01-0.05 mm Production capacity 120kg/h feeding Width of fabric 1400/1600mm Diameter extruder 95 mm Weight 7000 kg 8500*1800*1800 mm power 200kW. The use of different types of multilayer and...

Polyester fiber to buy From the manufacturer. equipment for pulping, Power - 4 kW. current - 11 amp.. Motor - 380V About yield— up to 260 kg/h, rotation Frequency — 1500 Rev./min the Degree of processing — up to 99% (depending on raw material) Fiber brand: 7 D-15D cutting 32-64 Size — 1300h1050h1200 mm/ Artificial fibres can be processed into fluff with efficiency up to 99%. Processed machine artificial fluff features quality and purity, as in this machine there is a filter which does not pass the stones and dust. Obtained the Pooh meets all the standards of both technical and sanitary standards. the use of polyester fiber: . Production of fillers for furniture, pillows, blankets, toys, etc. and more 09,03, 0010

Equipment Sintepon new mini-plant 1. Technical specifications: 1) Max. synthetic winterizer width: 1600, 2300, 3000 mm 2) the Weight of synthetic winterizer: 80-400g./sq. m 3) output: 120-180kg/hour (if the fiber is 6D; density 160g/m2) 4) gas Consumption: 60kub. m/h temperature electricity: 53,6 kW/h diesel: 36litrov/h 5) Power: 70kW total 5) Used fiber: any polyester 2.Name of machine 1) Pre-carding machine) – 6,95 kW 2) a Box for collecting fiber) — 3) Pre carding machine) — 6,95 kW 4) Silo storage– 2,25 kW 4) Carding machine) – 9,75 kW 5) Destacker) – 6.7 kW 6)(Furnace with set of equipment, i.e., oven conveyor and groups of tubular electric heaters-heaters and a ventilation system for a uniform supply and distribution of hot air in the oven) – 19,5 kW...

The Development of original titles for websites. Personalized generation + high-quality selection of domain names. Guarantee Great quality work Inexhaustible creativity Easy to set and memorable domain name the Full lexicological line as well as efficiency, originality, and the way it is in Your individual price budget. key words: development of titles for websites, beautiful domains, domain name selection, to come up with the name of the site, quality domain generation, domain names, domain name, database domain name

Delivery of diesel fuel "Koneks Oil" - the delivery of diesel fuel in Moscow and the Moscow region. the advantages of cooperation with us: the delivery of diesel fuel for 3 hours to All who place an order on our official website, discount! Start saving now! Progressive discounts to wholesalers free shipping of diesel fuel from 1,000 litres we Accept applications around the clock diesel Prices (excluding individual discounts) is: DHA is 29.5 p/litre Grade of C – 30.5 p/litre Grade F – 31 p/liter diesel fuel – 33.5 km p/liter Call us to get a discount!

Sand quarry - Proposed sand quarry with delivery in Moscow and Moscow region. The cheapest of all types of building sand. Price for 1m3 delivery - 580 RUB the sand of the river - Proposed river sand with delivery. It is versatile and the clean sand for construction. . The delivery in Moscow and Moscow region. Price per m3 delivery - 950 RUB Sand seeded seeded the Proposed sand delivery to the subject in Moscow and the Moscow region. This type of sand is produced by screening, eliminating excess impurities. The price per cubic meter -750 RUB Washed sand - washed sand Offer in Moscow and Moscow region. River sand is a cheaper alternative to river sand. Price per m3 delivery - 850 RUB PGS - Proposed sand and gravel mixture with delivery in Moscow and Moscow...

Good afternoon. Professional installation of engineering systems "turnkey". For private homes, commercial and industrial buildings. the heating, water supply, Sewerage, electricity and ventilation. Automation systems. Work on the city and the region. the design and supply of material to the delivery of work with complete documents. Warranty on all work up to 5 years! With us You will have no problems. Call us!

On employment email only email a set of remote operators for working with text. The challenge will be to text processing and typesetting with pictures. Work available in all regions of Russia and CIS countries and is performed on the personal home computer. Schedule freelancers plan.

Power Plant offers services of catering, which include: 1. Delivery of dinners in individual plastic boxes suitable for heating in microwave 2. Lunch delivery in professional flasks, followed by the distribution 3. Organization canteens of all types in your area with professional equipment and crockery (zagotovochnogo full cycle) 4. The organization of buffets, drafting, permits, purchase of equipment, kitchen utensils and much more. 5. Cost of Lunches: • Lunch "Economy" (salad + main dish or salad + entree) 120 RUB • Dinner "Complex" (salad + entree + main course) 160 RUB • Lunch "Business" (salad + entree + main course + pastry/drink) 180 RUB. the price of each lunch includes disposable Cutlery, bread, napkins, Special conditions and discounts for...

Looking to Buy office paper A4, A3. Svetocopy, snow maiden, a Ballet Comus, Berg, Communicator, godfather Suite, Goznak Photocopying, Maestro, etc. different Volumes, price is negotiable. Possible self. Consider a one-time procurement and continuous supply. Payment - cash or Bank transfer by arrangement.

LTD "Statusbaricon" offers a wide range of new and used tables for the design of office space, storage of documents and stationery. Our catalog contains quality furniture from domestic and foreign manufacturers. A wide range of solutions available provides the opportunity to complement office at any level with minimal cost. We offer: reasonable prices. In selling cabinets from 499₽; solid furniture in good condition. All used tables are pre-tested, which ensures the aesthetic appearance and reliability of hardware; and operational delivery in Moscow. The standard procedure takes up to 3 days. For urgent provision with furniture you can enjoy "lightning", which cost slightly higher. If you decide to buy 1-2 items, you can pick them up yourself from our...