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If you are looking for high quality and stylish wash, original, modern faucets and other equipment, our network of stores "Aquaduck" for You. "Aqueduc" is the center best prices! Our advantages: we Have a huge client base. Cheap cost of production. Large range: from budget to luxury types of plumbing. All new items appear much earlier than in other stores. Nice acquisitions... opening hours from 8.00 to 20.00

Perform work in landscape design (project set of plans) in which You will receive: - Master plan; - master plan; - centreplane (plan of planting); - layout drawings; lighting plan; plan road-path network; a garden plan; - specific points (view); - product sheet; - estimates. We will provide detailed sketches and hear your comments. Advantages of cooperation with our company: • detailed plans and drawings of the landing, lighting, communications, irrigation, playgrounds, walkways, IAF; • max binding site. Design begins after a detailed study of the location; • access to quality materials and plants, passed the acclimatization in the Central Russia. "Oasis Group" – a reliable performer, ready to perform tasks at an affordable price. Contact details: g...

The Production and installation of traffic signs of all types, temporary signs. The road markings. The arrangement of Parking (signs, markings, crash barriers, traffic cones, warning bollards, barriers). Lowest prices, short terms, according to GOST. www.kripton-m.rf

Kids club Family offers additional education for children and adolescents. Our club provides educational licensed institution, center for comprehensive, harmonious and comprehensive development and education of children and adolescents. The club Family has 36 unique destinations, 7 foreign languages. Whether training for OGE, the exam, entrance into UNIVERSITY or mastering the school curriculum - in the club Family is a great opportunity to solve these problems. It is important that our teachers have all the school programs in mathematics, mechanical drawing, Russian and English, well acquainted with the textbooks of all classes and apply proven techniques for getting the required result. Great experience, winning the Competitions, admission to higher...

Good afternoon. Professional installation of engineering systems "turnkey". For private homes, commercial and industrial buildings. the heating, water supply, Sewerage, electricity and ventilation. Automation systems. Work on the city and the region. the design and supply of material to the delivery of work with complete documents. Warranty on all work up to 5 years! With us You will have no problems. Call us!

Hereditary witch Amalia has a magical aid to all who need it. Having knowledge transmitted from generation to generation, as well as special methods of work, to guarantee the result in 99.9 percent of cases. With the help of black magic you can solve problems like: - elimination of the evil eye, the removal of the negative; love witchcraft (removal of crown of celibacy, ceremony to an earlier marriage, love spells, prisska, binding); - getting rid of love witchcraft (lapel, elimination of rivals and rivals); - conducting ceremonies for the speedy recovery from illnesses, abandoned by conventional medicine; - getting rid of poverty and failures (rituals for wealth, luck in business, attach a Demon to help, rite on selling your Soul to the Devil). You can...

You can't even tell you how many times a year the child was sick acute respiratory infections - ARI these just don't end. You treat it with home remedies: brew a pot, make inhalations, washed his nose... Then go to the doctor... Apply all possible "superlegerra"... But no "superlegerra" do not solve this problem... ARI does not end there. And they begin to join chronic illness: chronic bronchitis, chronic suppurative otitis media... is There a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation? Yes, there is a solution! to Strengthen the immune system of the child will help the unique, natural vitamin-mineral complex for children, which provides child's body with all indispensable vitamins, macro - and microelements. hundreds of thousands of children grew up...

Sell banner BU dense material Europe 510 g. m. Wide opportunities for use in: - construction of hidroizolatii - garden - suburban area - agriculture There are different sizes 9 x 24 m. - 216 sq. m. the cost of 750 rubles 14 11 x 11 m - 121 m cost 8 200 rubles 6 x 20 m - 120 m km 7 300 rubles 4 x 25 m. - 100 sq. m. cost 6 800 rubles Possible delivery to Chelyabinsk. Send by Russia. the Cost per sq. m. 68 rubles

"Apfel-M" offers a wide range of services on key issues of taxation: · tax consulting. One-time assistance on complex issues, as well as ongoing consultations regarding the details of current legislation, different taxation schemes and related issues; · formulation of taxation. Analysis of the existing accounting system, optimization and development of schemes of taxation with a focus on specific features of the enterprise. The result is minimized risk, simplified reporting, increased informativeness of documentation and the efficiency of accounting; · tax accounting. Outsourcing involves the processing, creation and transmission of reports to the tax authorities. This is the optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Having made the decision...

If You have any need to replace old Windows with new, we offer several types of plastic profile, various manufacturers. Under the order produce for you a quality and reliable window and of any configuration. We understand how important it is for you to make the right choice of Windows, and when a suitable choice of quality Windows more is and high-quality installation, the event becomes your gift to yourself and your family.

Services coming from the system administrator. Service: - Subscription - Time work - Change/dismissal system administrator Installation works: - the Local network - access control System - CCTV Telephony: the ip telephony solution - configure the PBX Site: - organization of the corporate mail on Yandex (format - domain Migration, website transfer to another hosting regain control over the website other works: - Organization of relocation of it infrastructure turnkey office - the Legalization of software is a Repair/upgrading of computer equipment Promotion: - FREE initial audit of the it infrastructure of the office - Refer a customer and get the BONUSES the Cost of a subscription service: - PC - 1000 rubles/month server - 3000...

“REM Turbo SERVIS” will perform a professional repair of turbines and turbochargers of all brands and manufacturers. We are engaged in the repair of turbines since 2005, we have only experienced craftsmen to repair of turbines — all of our services are certified accordingly after repair of the turbine give warranty. Repair of turbines (turbochargers) on cars and trucks and special equipment. We carry out repair of turbines and turbochargers such famous brands as: Toyota, Garrett, Kkk, Hitachi, Holset, Ihi, Mitsubishi, Schwitzer. Faults of the turbine is : 1)Lost engine thrust, reduced power; 2)From the exhaust smoke blue, black or white; 3)With the engine running, heard a whistling noise or grinding sounds of the turbines; 4)increasing the oil flow, the...

Sell vulcanizing equipment Rotary shaper vulcanizer Buzuluk. Rotary and drum vulcanizing press Buzuluk, the width of the drum 1800mm for the production of roll rubber plates and conveyor belts. Hydraulic vulcanizing press EAP-250-600-4E Tambov plate 600*600mm + spare plate. Vulcanizing press with plate size 800*800mm 4-storey. .

Sell syringe rolls machine calender strainer mixer Rolls 800 PD 550, PD-630 315, PD 1500 CM 660, CM PD 2100 660. The rubber mixer PC-71, PC-250, PC-270. Camera to PC-250, after overhaul. Syringe machine MCHT-63, MCT-125, MCT-32, MKT-90, MCHH-63, MCH-90, MCH-125. Strainer MCT-250. The calender Z-shaped 4-wheel 4-710-1800. Calender 3 roller 1200 mm Mixer ZS-400 for sealants or mastics. .

Sell laboratory equipment for the development of control rubber Rheometer Monsanto Monsanto 100 computerized Viscometer Monsanto.Hardness IRHD and shore A. Breaking machine RMI-250. Cutting press. Plastometer for Defoe, according to Williams. Devices to determine the temperature of brittleness, elasticity on the rebound. The climate chamber. Clearesult working volume of 3.5 liters. Calender 4 roller 320 160 mm. Drums PD-320 160. Rubber mixer RS-4.5, RS-20. Mixer SRK is 3.5. Press vulcanizing 100-400 2E, plate 400*400mm.