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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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Stylish and modern holiday home was built by architect Peter Braithwaite. First and foremost, the author chose a spectacular location, and he did it – the design of glass, wood and aluminum siding located in an incredibly picturesque forest, on the shores of the Atlantic coves of Nova Scotia in Canada. The main focus in building this home was made for comfort and opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of nature during a relaxing getaway from the bustle of the city. Spacious rooms with modern furniture in minimalist style and large panoramic Windows perfectly complement the overall picture.

Artist from Dubai Randa Haddadin chose a very unusual canvas for creativity – its own legs. Stylish drawings on the skin recent time are becoming increasingly popular, so art objects girls immediately attracted attention. Rand herself said that she likes to draw pictures on their own legs, because you know in advance what a work of art cannot be sold, and they will last for long, so she always only creates the images that she is really interesting and is not afraid to experiment.

Fashion brand Armani has presented a new spring collection of the season 2020. On the background of night lights in Singapore, photographer Mario Sorrenti has made a series of stylish images of models Nina Marker, Anya Lyagoshina and Julian Schneyder. Metallic fabric and a luxurious shiny hues, jacket silhouette and a draped coat, and of course, stylish dresses – all of this can be found in the new collection of fashionable clothes from this brand. Not forgotten designers and about accessories – miniature handbags and original straps this season are in trend.

Designers car brand Mercedes-Benz, inspired by the legendary film James Cameron's "Avatar", has released a unique conceptual model VISION AVTR. The futuristic machine is the best demonstrates the unity of the worlds of man, technology and nature. We should also mention some very original design solutions. For example, wheels VISION AVTR resemble the seeds of the tree of souls from the world of Pandora. Not less interestingly designed and the interior, and a multifunctional control panel allows the driver to merge together with this unique vehicle.

Previously, We wrote about a talented seamstress Lisa Lloyd, which creates just amazing art objects from paper. During this time, the skills girls increased, her sculpture became more realistic and attractive. Main Muse Lisa - bright birds, the plumage of which is so carefully reconstructs the girl. It's hard to believe that a similar effect can be achieved only by twisting and folding ordinary paper sheets! However, this painstaking work requires a lot of skill - on average, three-dimensional art objects consist of 4000 pieces.

Dear readers! That brings me to the end of 2019. In the last hours of the outgoing year to sum up, to share plans for the future, to wish each other all the best. The outgoing year was very interesting and exciting – we could prepare for you nearly 300 topical articles on a variety of topics, from fashion to handmade projects, from events in Moscow and in the world to design and innovation. In 2020 we plan to make the content on our website even more fun and interesting, and, as before, delight you with interesting articles on current trends and directions in all areas of modern life. And, of course, we want to wish you, our beloved readers, health and happiness in the New year! Let 2020th will bring you the fulfillment of cherished desires, and we will...

Is Nearing completion 2019-th year, and the team Fastory congratulates you, our readers, a happy New Year! In 2019-om we were able to publish even more interesting and exciting materials. Together we watched the news and trends in the world of fashion, studying the achievements of design thinking, watching interesting photo-projects, admired food design from the famous confectioners, marveled at the creations are handmade from handmade masters, and preparing for the different holidays. Lets look at the most interesting and popular articles of the year 2019, and remember how it was.

Company of London D-fly gave the luxury at the moment hyperscale in high-tech style. Conceptual vehicle not only has a futuristic appearance, but shows a very high speed characteristics. In addition, the case material, the designers chose a sturdy, but lightweight carbon and a special type of aluminum alloy that is used in the comic technologies. And of course, close attention is paid to traffic safety on a scooter unique three-dimensional control of tilts and rotations will provide the most accurate management of this innovative vehicle.

We already wrote about unusual art projects, Shayna Leib, which works wonders on glass. New works of the artist entirely devoted to the beauty of the underwater world. Shayna tried to accurately convey not only the shape of different coral, but the color scheme. Painstaking hand work by casting thousands of items of glass, and then a careful Assembly of their composition – all of it was done by the artist perfectly. Talented craftswoman once again showed how you can turn ordinary glass into a work of art.

If among your friends there are fans of the famous franchise "Star wars" (Star Wars), then consider that the problem of Christmas gifts solved! To please the fans are the most incredible surprises – a toaster in the style of Darth Vader, a special form for baking with Han Solo, multicooker Chewie or R2D2 kitchen timer "death Star," the waffle iron "Millennium Falcon", or even sushi sticks in the form of lightsabers, Jidai. And with the help of two special glasses can even be subtly and gracefully confess his love :)

Lovely Danish word "hygge" means something good and exciting. First of all, huge is a comfortable and safe environment in which you want to return. This cozy get-togethers with friends, sweet tea, soft blankets, baking with cinnamon, cocoa and a delicious dinner in the family circle. To plunge with a real homely happiness is on December 21 and 22 at the art fair Happy market, to be held during the new year festival-fair "Christmas Rasperia" design quarter "Bottle". At various venues of the festival everyone will find something what you came for: the most vivid and special gifts, eco products, designer clothing, fragrances, Christmas decor and Christmas toys.

Christmas tree Ornament is a great way to gather the family together. Very often, to create a festive atmosphere, from the most distant corners of the Cabinet get the old Christmas decorations. But along with this, in the Christmas commotion should be a place to be creative! Original and unusual Christmas tree decorations can make the holidays really special. Kit for decorating toys with their hands, beads with bright patterns, figures of animals, personal toys, purchased by a certain birthday, themed pendants, and many other creative ideas from this collection will help you make this New year unique and memorable!

Sometimes classic white crockery begins to seem too boring and monotonous... for such cases, girls from the creative Duo of Vanda and Valerie have created a unique collection of handmade ceramics. And inspiration craftswomen gave the famous mushroom Amanita. A good combination of red and white, sleek polka dot pattern – it would seem that such minor details, but let's see what miracle they do with conventional cookware! With such plates, cups, saucers and other ceramics handmade, bright decor are provided.

Artist Gil Bruvel decided to demonstrate his vision of the human mind in a creative art-project "deflection lines" (Bending the Lines). Each sculpture in this series consists of colorful wooden sticks that form amazing images with a basic hand. According to the authors, each layer symbolizes the level of the mind, and the total number of elements in each design – the diversity and depth of human mental activity. Some art objects of the author are decorated in a recognizable style, others are abstract, which allows viewers to see in these works something of their own.

Representatives Pantone announced the long awaited news of the next selected color of the year. Replaced the soft coral comes in classic blue. As described in the American Institute of colour is a timeless shade that will definitely symbolize calmness and confidence. Reliability and stability in the new year, as suggested by Pantone, will be in fashion, and the authors hope that this change will have a positive impact on reducing overall anxiety in the world. The world of fashion, interior, fashion and graphic design have already started to work with the classic blue.