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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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Famous fashion brand Lancome did not stay aside from the preparation to the brightest holiday of the fall. Stylists and makeup artists of the fashion brand presented its version of a glamorous image for Halloween. As the model was made by Taylor Hill, which was turned into a sort of fashion version of a superhero. The shade fuchsia glitter, brand mascara and bright red lipstick for a festive make-up was picked with the different cosmetic products of the brand. Image complements the black leather dress and flowing cloak of translucent fabric.

Bright and unusual holiday of fall is Halloween every day is getting closer, and it's time to think about home decor and themed gifts. To decorate and to please the friends in many different ways, but most of the ideas are easy to implement with your own hands. Handmade figurines with ghosts, bats and pumpkins – perfect for holiday décor. The material will be useful to paper, felt or even yarn. Unusually will look and themed handmade embroidery. And as a gift you can use different accessories or even a stylized utensils for the kitchen.

Architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects has completed another exciting project - international airport Beijing Daxing. Air gate of the Chinese capital are impressive not only in size and throughput, but also modern equipment and designer look. Geographically, the airport is just a 20-minute drive from the town centre and currently serves 45 million passengers. The General scheme of Beijing Daxing carries certain references to the traditional architecture of China – the terminal is located around a Central courtyard. The illumination system serves as a landmark for passengers to travel, but due to original design solutions, the maximum load may increase to 100 million. Currently, Beijing Daxing, which is the biggest airport with a single terminal in the...

During the last Milan fashion week, the famous Miuccia Prada presented his new clothing collection spring-summer 2020. The main trend fashion brands at this time to be ladylike silhouettes, tops with long sleeves and MIDI skirts. Also on the podium you could see the blazers and pants are casual. Dresses from the new collection of Prada was mostly made of light, airy fabric and decorated with romantic pleating and ruffles. Also in the new line of fashionable clothes you can find many geometric prints, floral embroidery and velvet fabric, which brings to the upcoming season with new textures. Among the top models of the fashion show were such celebrities as Kaia Gerber, Adut Akech, Gigi Hadid and Sora Choi.

The Original project presented a design firm Heatherwick Studio. According to the authors, one of Tokyo planned to build unusual community center, within which are located the various shops, offices, apartments and even a school for the children of diplomats. Visual architectural design resembles a garden pergola, terraces which will be a large green garden. If the authors will be able to realize all the planned decisions in a few years, the Japanese capital will decorate another architectural gem of urban design.

Seamstress from London Laura Baverstock has been unusual embroidery. The fact that the girl uses in his work a metal thread. Copper bees, the Golden lions... in their work Laura is experimenting not only with material but also with equipment for various types of images, she selects different types of stitches. Lately, handmade embroidery talented craftswomen becomes more than just interior decoration – costume historical films often turn to Laura for creating outfits fit for a Queen.

The Legendary car brand Audi has launched the next vehicle – an electric scooter for comfortable movement around the city. The E-Tron is part skateboard, part scooter, and will be able to deliver its owner at a distance of about 20 km, developing at the same speed of 20 km/h. light weight and easy Assembly make this city the transportation is very mobile, but at the expense of the necessary lighting to go on the E-Tron can be in the night. In the sale model from Audi will come in the next year.

In 2020 Olympic games will be held in the Japanese capital, and there are already preparations for this major event. Of special interest is the set of medals that will be awarded among the strongest athletes in the world. The Japanese decided to approach the issue seriously and for several years had been actively collecting e-waste, which contains various metals. The result of this unusual recycling steel 5000 gold, silver and bronze awards. The authors see in this a kind of symbolism – after all, victory in sports is a laborious and daily work, as well as the collection and sorting of different waste polluting our planet. We should also mention the design of the medals, sponsored by Junichi Kawanishi. Each award is Packed in a wooden case, made in Japan.

Fan of the LEGO franchise Back to the future Dave Slater decided to combine both of his passions: he has built an incredibly realistic model of the DeLorean, the legendary car of the series of films about time travel. The author had to work hard, because he wanted full compliance, and for this it was necessary to accurately reproduce not only the shape but also color. But the result was just awesome, because LEGO the DeLorean even has a flux capacitor! Except that, the flight time of this model to make not yet :)

Hybrid piano Exxeo in the first place is impressive futuristic form, so a little similar to familiar tools. To achieve this appearance managed through the use of innovative material – carbon fiber. But the ability to recreate almost any form is not the only reason why the designers used this kind. Carbon fiber is not afraid of moisture, and that means even on cruise liners and pleasure yachts sounding instrument Exxeo would be ideal. Unique quality speakers and sound card – this stuffing is unusual hull will provide the music enjoyable even for the most sophisticated ear.

Unusual watches luxury apartments were developed by designer David Rutten. The fact that in the case of this unique accessory is embedded particles of the present space of the meteorite. But the surprises don't end there – we should also mention non-standard, but intuitive system of displaying time. Another feature of the designer watches is their weight – due to the special alloy of the shell, the weight is just 120 grams. The fashion thing is a limited edition of 88 copies.

Japanese Ocean-Teabag released the original series of tea bags. The peculiarity of this seemingly ordinary things – form. Banal or quadrilateral pyramid, the authors replaced the shapes of different sea creatures. When immersed in a Cup, like the animal comes to life in a miniature aquarium. Paper figures for the bags of hand-cut, and type of tea in each series is different, but all flavours are made in classic style. In addition to the marine line, the designers of Ocean-Teabag create and other images at the request of customers.

Lovers of luxury accessories VIP class finally have something to add to the image: a) To expensive watch and car keys with diamonds, you can add a buckle from luxury Swiss brand Roland Iten. Model Calibre R822 Predator, made in the style of steampunk, incredibly easy to use (due to 16 special wheels), contains 18 Karat white gold and approximately the same number of precious stones. A unique accessory from the limited edition costs 550 thousand dollars, while the belt to the buckle will have to buy separately.

The New collection of footwear from the legendary brand Converse was created in collaboration with Japanese artist Toyoshima. The main highlight of the classic sneakers from popular brand is the color. The range consists of three styles – "Sakura", "Blue Malva" and "Drops of coffee." Each pair is made in a unique tone, made of natural materials especially for this series. For example, pale pink model has a tonality through the use of real petals. But do not worry – the authors collected exclusively by fallen natural flowers, so no cherry blossoms were harmed :) in addition, some of the money from sales of fashion footwear of this fashion collection will go to planting new cherry trees in the Northern part of Japan.

We already wrote about the French artist Edouard Martinet, who creates his works from old parts, bought at garage sales. Original works are based on recycling so fascinating to the author, that he is already 8 years collecting these works of art. Sometimes one or the other detail of the bike or car for a long time in waiting, but when Eduardo comes to inspiration, he immediately creates it into a new art object. 1 June in Paris opened an exhibition of new sculptures by the talented designer.