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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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This weekend at the center of design Artplay will be held the fair of unusual things, which will be presented not only designer jewelry, designer clothing, decor items, ceramics, and books from leading book publishers. Their products represent more than 150 participants, including talented designers, small workshops, creative collectives that embody their ideas in different styles and directions, artists and travelers. Here you can buy warm accessories, hats, natural cosmetics and handmade Soaps, notepads, postcards, ethnic and vintage pieces, Souvenirs and more.

Old tea cups or mugs are certain to find everyone in the house. If they are no longer used as intended, why not represent them with objects handmade creativity! So what can be made from old or broken mugs? Original ideas – an incredible array. For example: stylish pincushion, unusual for the flower pot, a beautiful bird feeder, candle, elegant, comfortable base for decorations or even wall lamp. To make cracked tea pairs so many amazing things handmade!

Flowers, as you know, a great gift. The last time an increasingly popular gift is not just a bouquet of flowers and a living plant. But how beautiful the packaging is a pot with a flower? You can use the simplest things. For example, bright gift paper or plain burlap. A ribbon bow, twine or lace will be a perfect finishing accent this handmade flowers packing in the pot. Beautifully packaged a flowerpot – a matter of minutes, and the overall appearance of a living gift immediately becomes much more effective!

From 13 to 15 April, look in the most unusual doll eyes-Marciano Blaise in Moscow at the exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears Moscow Fair. Alien doll – the! Blythe, vintage Barbie dolls-pups born in the USSR, Japanese dolls samurai. From 13 to 15 April the most-dolls and Teddy bears will gather in Moscow in the framework of the exhibition Moscow Fair. From Hong Kong to Munich – more than 50,000 works from Europe, Asia and, of course, of the many regions of the Russian Federation – the puppet color and light will gather for three days in Moscow.

American Jihan Zencirli chosen for the artistic expression of the ideas of the original material installations of the author consist of an incredible amount of balloons. The artist carefully considered the colors and forms of their art objects and successfully implements projects in a variety of places, including the centre of new York.

Artist Kang Dong Hyun draws inspiration to create his art objects in the natural world. Animal sculptures as if made of thin branches, but in fact, the author uses the metal. Works handmade look particularly impressive in the sunlight that reflects off the metallic surface and makes the sculpture Shine.

Stylish residential building for a client from Los Angeles was designed by the architects Eric Rosen Architects. A three-story building blends into the surrounding landscape, the roof is covered with grass, conceals the house from public view. Each level has a separate entrance. The internal interior is executed in style of minimalism.

High in the Alps there is a stylish restaurant Ice Q Mountain. The futuristic building has a unique architecture, and from its Windows offer simply breathtaking views of snowy mountain peaks... particularly popular for this magnificent institution adds the fact that there were shooting one of the last of the films about James bond.

Peruvian Artist Ana Teresa Barboza has long been involved in various kinds of creativity that are directly related to textiles. Another three-dimensional handmade art objects quilters are natural forms, and unusual compositions will immediately attract attention.

When the designer Atelier LAVIT thinking about creating a cozy home for vacation, he immediately came to mind the image of a bird's nest. Thus in the forests of France and there is an unusual place to live in which can be anyone. The cabin itself is made of wood, its interior is uncluttered and functional, and the large panoramic Windows allow you to fully enjoy the surrounding views.

Love of architecture has inspired designers of the company Triad to create unusual paper blocks. Gradually, taking a leaf for leaf, you can get not only the paper for notes, but to see a real work of art! With the help of modern laser cutting technology, the authors were able to Supplement their hidden song items and give them an incredible resemblance to the original.

American Seamstress from Philadelphia Holly Guertin creates unusual works of art from felt. Handmade girls work three-dimensional and very realistic. To create 3D paintings Holly uses wool, needle and special technology, complemented by her own ideas.

Bright pencils of unusual shape started to produce the Japanese designer Toshihiro Otomo. But the main highlight in this case are not only flower shape – while sharpening these pencils, they drop petals like a dandelion, Campanula, cherry or plum color... the Author also focuses on the fact that the technology of production is the recycling of wood. Even the packaging of these designer pencils made in eco-style!

Needlewoman Ulla Stina Wikander so carried away with embroidery in the style of needlepoint that I started to create not just traditional paintings, and three-dimensional work. As the basis of a mistress most often takes ordinary things, such as a telephone, an iron, or slipper, and then it comes in embroidery! Handmade work of Ulla shows on his profile page on Instagram.

Movie Star Emily blunt has become a model for the cover of the February issue of Vanity Fair. On the main image of the famous actress dressed in a black dress from the fashion brand Giorgio Armani. On the pages of a fashion magazine placed the rest of the photoshoot, in which slender blonde was trying on outfits from famous names such as Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton.