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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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Legendary fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana has introduced a new mascara called ‘Passioneyes ' Intense Volume‘. For infomercial fashion cosmetics was invited by British model Lily Jean Harvey. For the filming of the girl chose a lightweight sports style, which perfectly complemented her look. New mascara from D&G has many virtues – it is weatherproof, waterproof, contains a special formula that does not dry the lashes and creates volume for 12 hours. Completes this set eye-catching package with brand logo.

Polish architect Karina Wiciak from Wamhouse Studio, the company has developed original projects of houses from glass and concrete. The main feature of this design is their form – every design house in shape like a logo of a well-known brand. Adidas, Chevrolet, Renault, Mitsubishi and other legendary brands were the prototypes work Karina. Each concept building on the idea of the author should be equipped with all the modern developments in the field of interior design. Karina hopes that she will be able to at least partially bring their idea to life.

Artist Zoet Studio creates original spark in the form of small succulents, cacti and pink flowers. As the basis for its handmade works she takes safe soy wax that perfumes perfume oils. Candles by Zoe gives a surprisingly realistic shape and put them in transparent glass (a very effective move!) The girl offers a fairly wide range of scents – white tea, sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender, pine and vanilla. She also notes that soy wax, when heated, does not emit harmful substances, so that her creations can be classified as eco-design. Another advantage of candles made of such a material is a very long burning time.

The Original house handmade home for cats called the "Cat apartment" (The Flat Cat) was developed by a specialized psychologist Susanne Hellman Holmström and interior designer Eleonor Moschevitz. At first glance, the design looks like a regular Cabinet of natural wood, but in fact behind its doors hides a real cat Paradise. Three-level "apartment" allows furry Pets to climb on the floors, sharpen claws and just relax, closely observe everything that is occurring in the house.

A Designer from Norway Torstein Aa presented the architectural project of the unusual house for travelers on the Birdbox. This design is intended for comfortable rest far from urban noise, amidst amazing natural scenery. There are two versions of this prefab house, and both of them can easily be delivered to the site by helicopter, so that the interference in the environment will be minimized. Large Windows will not interfere with views and everything you need for this type of holiday will always be at hand.

Japanese brand Casio has introduced a new watch model G-Shock is dedicated to the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee. A unique accessory called MR-G x Bruce Lee Limited Edition is made in titanium with a carbon coating, which is incredibly resistant to any scratches. Color black and yellow color also was not chosen by chance – a reference to the famous track suit masters. In addition to the stylish appearance, watches from Casio have all the necessary modern man a function, GPS, Bluetooth, system calibration time and automatically change time zones while traveling. Limited edition issued in the amount of 300 copies, each of which costs $4000.

American Brian Mock found a great use of old metal parts and parts that are often discarded as unnecessary. The talented artist never ceases to demonstrate the wonders of recycling, because of these old things he collects is very interesting and amazingly realistic sculptures. Most often, the author depicts the animals, carefully choosing every detail. While Brian gets a special satisfaction from creating his art-objects, giving a second life to seemingly unnecessary items.

Swiss brand Wryst RACER, which specializiruetsya on creating hours of VIP-class, introduced another model of luxury accessory of all business people. The sporty style of these designer watches enhanced with luxurious details that look very simple and there is no doubt – we are a premium product. Durable steel enclosure protects luxury accessory from any impacts, and a reliable mechanism, fully assembled in Switzerland to ensure the basic function of any watch is to accurately tell the time. The model range has several colors, total edition of 75 copies.

The Best – to children! Under the famous motto, the brand's designers handmade furniture Dragons of Walton Street has released a bed for a young helicopter pilot. Here every detail is thought out, there is even an instrument panel controls, clock and radio. An additional effect is created by coloured light, which is connected via USB. But the surprises do not end there, because on the second floor of this bed is handmade it is even possible to do homework – for this there is a Desk. And completes the design, of course, the propeller.

Impressed by the natural diversity of the biological world of our planet, artist Stephanie Kilgast created a series of amazing handmade sculptures. As the basis for each art object, the girl took some old thing – a jar or bottle, and created her own "ecosystem". Through this creative recycling of polymer and epoxy clay rose these handmade masterpieces, which, by design Stephanie needs to draw people's attention to the problems of environmental pollution.

American designer Tom Ford introduced another collection of fashionable clothes. At this time, the influence on the couturier had the style of French Vogue 60s of the last century. Visible and the shadow of fashion of the 70's: Ford confidently combine sweatshirts with luxury skirts and coats. The cut of the pants becomes wider and the knee becoming bright shades of purple, green and blue. Things denim mater added details in the style of pacwar and inserts with psychedelic patterns. In evening dresses the emphasis has been placed on lace and revealing cutouts.

In the modern architecture of recent years can be traced a certain tendency – to build residential structures in the surrounding natural landscape. Architect Reza Mohtashami it did so with their next project. Conceptual house for vacation like is integral with a massive rock - structure of concrete is organically embedded in the surrounding landscape. Inside the house has only one room, but by careful zoning, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The interior in the minimalist style looks very futuristic, and the large panoramic Windows allow to enjoy the magnificent views of nature.

Soon will come the most romantic day of the year – Valentine's Day. Long been a tradition on February 14 gifts to their sweethearts cute surprises and themed Souvenirs. Most common symbol of the holiday is the heart, and all the shelves are already crammed with similar attributes. But hand made gift is always appreciated especially highly. If you want to be do not a postcard, but a real picture, we invite you to explore this detailed and clear master class, which will be an unusual composition, which will decorate any interior. To do this hack is very simple, and the uniqueness of the handmade gift will definitely be appreciated.

What can happen when you combine a creative idea, two 3D printer and a thousand tennis balls? Designers from CallisonRTKL managed to turn it all in the original box for the dog. At the core of the house is created in the technology of 3D printing frame, on which is laid a ball. Each ball is safely lying in his cell, but to get him out for a fun game is not difficult. In addition, due to the modular design, assemble the booth can even people with no experience, as for the construction of a house from a set no tools needed.

One of the most affordable materials for a variety of original handmade projects is a natural wood. And is suitable not only carefully planed boards or geometrically regular old pallets, but ordinary driftwood, gathered in a nearby Park or on the coast. In old trees it is possible to find the real harmony which will make the interior of the house or apartment more comfortable. The use of old wood for various Handicrafts very much, and most importantly – most often such manual work is not so difficult, and even a novice in this matter.