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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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Watercolor of Russian artist Vasilisa Astakhova attract at first sight. With the help of special techniques of transmission of light and shadows, the girl manages to create true works of art. Objects for their art-works Vasilisa chose the classical types of the various European cities which was created for the truly romantic moments. Special attention to detail and skill in handling watercolors allow the artist to create a very stylish and atmospheric paintings, which are very popular.

When creating their art projects, the artist Tadao Cern has always teetering on the brink of the synthesis of opposites. His artistic installations seem weightless, and it is very heavy, minimalist and intricate, inanimate, and incredibly alive! Another art project wizard called "BB" (Black Balloons) is composed of a plurality of balloons of the radical black color, which in various combinations float above the floor. These songs the author shows that the contradictions hidden in every person is the result of internal boundaries which we ourselves build for ourselves. Exhibition of art-objects Todo have already been featured in galleries in new York, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Venice and Cologne.

A Very unusual handmade furniture create a master Henk Verhoeff. His drawers and closets looked like something out of frames of disney cartoons, after well over them "worked" the main characters. With natural wood Hank works all his life, so the source material he knows. To give his work the intended effect of "cartoon", the author adds led lighting on the back wall. Despite such a creative view, designer furniture new Zealand wizard is fully functional, so for those who likes fun and wants to make everyday life more fun, this handmade wardrobe can be a wonderful gift.

Designers Tono Mirai Architects developed a creative project for a holiday home that is ideally located among the beautiful Japanese forests. The main objective of the authors was to make the design as close to nature, so in the construction were used only eco-friendly materials and traditional technologies. The authors well thought out design terraces with panoramic views – if one side of the house practically merges with the gloom of the forest, then the other part is most open to sunlight. Inside the holiday home consists of two floors – the lower part is used for eating and socializing, and the second floor has a small but very cozy bedroom for the owners of this cabin.

Russian mistress Elizabeth Delektorskaya with their hands creates an incredibly charming figurines of cats. Toys made of wool, made in the technique of dry felting, is so realistic that it seems as if they are about to come to life. Cute glass eyes, protruding ears and life-like coloring hair – all these details make handmade toys is unique and different. In addition, some handmade furry creatures are an original Supplement to your images – tiny handbags, scarves, or even your personal mouse.

In the modern world, reading books is increasingly moving in a digital region, and classical, paper volumes are losing popularity. But to give new life to old books has been an American artist Alexis Arnold. For nine years she conducted a variety of experiments with paper, and eventually were able to create amazing sculptures from old books. With the help of a special solution, the artist grows on the pages of shiny crystals of great beauty. Such an unusual creative recycling have allowed Alexis to create a bright and eye-catching decor items from old things.

A Fashion French brand Hermes has reissued the legendary model Hermes Does that the first time was presented to the public in 1978. This edition is extremely limited – only 24 copies. Of course, first of all, this stylish accessory attracts attention due to the original pattern on the dial. It is this motive was chosen because it is a part of the print with the legendary silk handkerchief. All decor items hours are painted by hand, and the quality of the materials used special Limoges porcelain, white gold, 82 diamonds, and natural alligator leather of the strap.

Charming miniatures of paper creates a Russian artist Tatiana Lysova. In the girl's hands are born is just an amazing flower bouquets! All the details of the artisan carves by hand, and due to the bend, she manages to give his work a volume. Tatiana loves all flora, without exception, so the characters of her works are handmade and field, and garden flowers, and house plants type succulent plants and rubber plants. Each miniature is handmade, unique and can serve as a perfect decor for a romantic message or picture.

The Russian artist Tatiana (Taniko Ga) with their hands creates just amazing ceramics! Inspiration the mistress gave Pets – adorable cats and cats. Of these, comfortably curled up animals, and depicts Tatiana on their dishes and plates. On the handmade pottery of seals of different color "sleeping" postures, so that everyone can find a suitable style dishes. To use a pottery needle can for its intended purpose and for the decor.

The Original design of the moped called Urbet Ego was presented by the famous Spanish brand. Unusual model continues the trend that had based designers synthesis electric motor and a spectacular appearance. As the main direction of bike movement in the city, the authors tried to make it as easy as possible (a total weight of only 72 kg). The maximum speed that can develop electric scooters, 90 km/h and the battery will last for 120 km. A complete cycle charge will take 7 hours.

Despite the growing quality of photos, paintings, painted by artists, is still in price. A vivid example of Botanical watercolors Svetlana lens. Thanks to the incredible talent, the artist from St. Petersburg manages to create very realistic images of flowers. Multiple layering of paint allows to convey all the shades of the petals, and the delicate skill of Svetlana to consider all the details. The artist herself says that he prefers to draw from life, to achieve maximum realism, and this girl definitely can.

Designers from Studio Edward managed on most standard wheel base to create a very unusual mobile home. The design is even visually much different from the usual caravans – asymmetrical shape allows the most efficient use of internal space. In addition, the rubber coating protects this unusual vehicle from any rain. Internal zoning is also designed to trifles – there are several sleeping places, a bathroom and a kitchen. A sufficient number of Windows makes this home on wheels is very light, and natural wood creates comfort, so necessary on long journeys.

Unusual canvas to create his paintings chosen by the artist Leonardo Frigo. The fact that the author misses the ornaments on various stringed instruments – violin and cello. This way in the work of Leonardo was not chosen accidentally – it is five years engaged in playing the violin, and the idea of decorating favorite instrument looked at him for a long time. Intricate ornaments and inscriptions, the author brings out on the basis of one or another musical instrument with ink. Work on this handmade painting of a violin is from the Italian masters about three weeks.

Collection of unique accessories, introduced the company's designers, Art is Therapy. Each ring of this series is decorated with a recognizable silhouette of one or another major city on the planet. For example, to create an image of new York, the authors used the contours of the statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn bridge, and London is easily recognizable due to its famous Ferris wheel and big Ben. In addition, the more rings are produced in several variants – from copper, silver, gold or Nickel. Great gift idea for the lover of travel – the memories of visiting this or that world capital will always be at hand, or rather on hand :)

Artist from California Natalie Ciccoricco found their own unique style of embroidery. Needlewoman complements their work one unusual element – a branch of a tree, which incredibly fits into the overall composition. The background on which Natalie creates embroidery is also handmade, and the uneven edges give the paintings of the artist special style that distinguishes handmade things from mass production. Synthesis of natural forms and crisp geometric lines appeared to be incredibly good and working girls have enjoyed great success.