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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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Baker, from Seattle, Lauren Ko creates a very unusual tarts. It would seem, what could be simpler than a simple Apple pie? But Lauren denies this view – the culinary creations of handwork that creates the girl look bright and unusual! Through the use of natural dyes, correctly chosen colors and geometric shapes dough, Lauren manages to bake not just cakes, but real works of art style food and design. To be willing to repeat with his own hands the culinary masterpieces she recorded a video with the process of creating cakes.

Architect Doug Aitken is not the first time experimenting with mirrored walls outdoors (we wrote about the previous project designer "Mirage"). Another of the author's design Mirage Gstaad looks just amazing! Huge mirrored panels that replace this house for the rest of the walls, making the building practically invisible on the background of snowy mountains. But the surprises don't end there – due to the special angle of the ceiling and walls, solar light creates inside the kaleidoscope effect. Would you like to relax in this house with a splendid view on the Swiss Alps?

Designer from the Netherlands Nina Führer skillfully combines style, fashion and practicality. Handmade scarves decorated with funny faces of animals, immediately attracted attention, and perfectly warm during the cold of winter. Range of these hand made items is simply amazing – there is a variety of fauna, from red foxes to a bright cockatoo. But the seamstress not only sells ready-made accessories. Fans to do everything with your hands can acquire a schematic of a scarf, and create a fashionable knitted thing for your wardrobe.

The Artist Peter Tarka creates his works using computer graphics (CGI illustrations). Unusual paintings with the illusion of 3D has brought the author fame, but he continues to experiment with textures, shapes and color. The vivid imagery and creative approach of the artist to create illustrations has attracted the attention of brands such a global scale as Apple, Nike, LG, Samsung, Audi, Google, and many others. In addition, during his career, Peter managed to obtain a number of prestigious awards in the field of illustration and graphic design.

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong is not just creating visual masterpieces. The author with his work trying to draw people's attention to the issue of environmental pollution with plastic. For example, plastic tubes for cocktails that are emitted by the millions, so it's utilized. With the help of volunteers, Benjamin 6 months gathering the necessary material for creative recycling, and as a result created a huge wave of plastic "sticks," which, according to the author, symbolises the ever-increasing amount of garbage on the planet.

Italian artist Dito Von Tease has presented an original art project in which he transformed the legendary historical figures in the normal baby dolls. The name for this series of portraits, the author chose a philosophical - IDollz (synthesis of the word idol (idol) and doll (doll)). Every great work of art is filled with small details that make the image instantly recognisable. Dito says that the original creative idea of his was prompted by the idea that all the famous idols of our age are essentially just toys in the hands of the fans, citizens, believers...

Fashionable brand Nike surprised his fans with a new conceptual model of sneakers. Sports shoes HyperAdapt series is already in appearance, but the basic essence of innovation will be appreciated by fans of the trilogy "Back to the future" - finally, the designers were able to implement a system of automatic lacing, which in the second series enjoyed Marty McFly. The motor responsible for this effect, it is easy driven by a button, so that in addition to futuristic, HyperAdapt please its owners and enhanced functionality.

That came to an end in 2018. In the last days of December, we traditionally offer you, dear readers, to take another look at the top 10 most fascinating articles of the year. All this time we, as before, introduced you to new directions in handmade art, followed by modern trends in design, watched the wonderful world of high fashion, and collected together the best gift ideas for the different holidays. In the new year we will continue to publish on our website all the most interesting news on these topics, and yet look again at the results of the passing year.

The Company introduced the original BIG project. Such a design of the wood easily delivered anywhere in the world, and assembled in the shortest possible time. The unusual shape of the roof and high ceiling create a feeling of spaciousness, although in fact the area of this house is not so great. However, due to the thoughtful use of every inch of space and built-in furniture is handmade, the authors were able to make your project not only visually beautiful but also really comfortable and functional.

Tradition to open a special Rozhestvenskii bazaars where you can buy a lot of bright and beautiful decorations and gifts appeared in medieval Germany. Now, in every city, town and even village, on the eve of the Christmas holidays, will certainly appear such markets, on the shelves where you can find an incredible number of things handmade on relevant topics. We decided to show you the most famous Christmas markets in the world. One look at these photos creates a magical Christmas mood :)

This weekend at the center of design Artplay will be held the fair of unusual things, which will be presented not only designer jewelry, designer clothing, decor items, ceramics, and books from leading book publishers. Their products represent more than 150 participants, including talented designers, small workshops, creative collectives that embody their ideas in different styles and directions, artists and travelers. Here you can buy warm accessories, hats, natural cosmetics and handmade Soaps, notepads, postcards, ethnic and vintage pieces, Souvenirs and more.

Old tea cups or mugs are certain to find everyone in the house. If they are no longer used as intended, why not represent them with objects handmade creativity! So what can be made from old or broken mugs? Original ideas – an incredible array. For example: stylish pincushion, unusual for the flower pot, a beautiful bird feeder, candle, elegant, comfortable base for decorations or even wall lamp. To make cracked tea pairs so many amazing things handmade!

Flowers, as you know, a great gift. The last time an increasingly popular gift is not just a bouquet of flowers and a living plant. But how beautiful the packaging is a pot with a flower? You can use the simplest things. For example, bright gift paper or plain burlap. A ribbon bow, twine or lace will be a perfect finishing accent this handmade flowers packing in the pot. Beautifully packaged a flowerpot – a matter of minutes, and the overall appearance of a living gift immediately becomes much more effective!

From 13 to 15 April, look in the most unusual doll eyes-Marciano Blaise in Moscow at the exhibition of dolls and Teddy bears Moscow Fair. Alien doll – the! Blythe, vintage Barbie dolls-pups born in the USSR, Japanese dolls samurai. From 13 to 15 April the most-dolls and Teddy bears will gather in Moscow in the framework of the exhibition Moscow Fair. From Hong Kong to Munich – more than 50,000 works from Europe, Asia and, of course, of the many regions of the Russian Federation – the puppet color and light will gather for three days in Moscow.

American Jihan Zencirli chosen for the artistic expression of the ideas of the original material installations of the author consist of an incredible amount of balloons. The artist carefully considered the colors and forms of their art objects and successfully implements projects in a variety of places, including the centre of new York.