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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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French design Studio Lumicene specializiruetsya on creating projects that best fit into the natural landscape and allow you to relax with full comfort in its modern sense. The next development was the rest house LUMIPOD. The area of 17 square meters has everything you need for a short stay away from the city noise. A large panoramic window to enjoy the views, and the Assembly takes only two days. Steel frame and natural wood provide structural strength and protection in bad weather. On Sunny days the Windows can be completely opened to heartily enjoy the oneness with nature.

At the time, as most designers are struggling to outdo each other in creating cute and adorable flower pots, Gregory Knopp confidently goes its own way in art. Ceramic vases handmade are more like some intricate aliens from distant depths of space – then there are the long tentacles, and sharp whether teeth, or claws... the plants planted in this pot, perfectly complement the overall image, making it really original and interesting.

Legendary designer of musical instruments, Sandvik has demonstrated another application of high technologies in various fields of our life. Together with designer Andy Holt, with the help of 3D printing, has created a unique strength is the guitar that has so far failed to break any rocker, despite active attempts to follow this long-standing concert traditions. Besides quality features and a very spectacular appearance, designer musical instrument perfectly fulfills its main purpose.

Become increasingly popular tradition to give flowers in pots. This gift will long remind you about the past of the celebration. But no matter how beautiful the flower, an ordinary pot in which it is located, may make a surprise too banal. That is why lovers of handmade creativity with his own hands to create a gift box of flower pots, decorating them in the most different materials – from colourful paper and paint, to bamboo stems and shells. And the result is simply stunning! In our collection of original ideas there is even a way to please a floral gift from fan of Star wars.

Architectural grandeur of the past inspired the company Mad Lab on the creation of original kitchen accessories from natural wood. A collection of handmade "Utopia", designed by designer Antonio Serrano, includes serving platters, baskets and stands of fruit. The geometry of the forms of Antonio borrowed from the inhabitants of the Renaissance that this was the perfect city. The quality of the material the author chose maple and ebony, and minimalist design, in which ideas of the past in the slim proportions combined with modernity, has definitely benefited the art project.

Construction company ICON, Texas, demonstrated the perfect application of high technologies in design and construction of houses. Major developments of the company are conducted with the help of modern 3D printer called Vulcan, which is able to create a small house of 60 square meters just for a day, the cost of construction would be $ 4,000. As the main construction material is a strong and reliable cement. The authors of the concept plan in the near future to build in Latin America, the whole neighborhood of such houses, created using three-dimensional printer.

Stylish boutique fashion brand Dior opened some time ago in the South Korean capital. The idea of such an unusual building was born in the French architect Christian de Portzamparc – eleven undulating facade panels seemed to repeat the line of canvas cotton cloth that is often used, fashion designer this fashion house. Interior engaged designer Peter Marino. The six-storey building encompasses the whole range of legendary products – from accessories and jewelry to fashion. In addition, there is the VIP lounge and gallery.

We already wrote about the unusual project Benjamin Von Wong (the Art object from 168 thousand "straws"). The author again has decided to attract public attention to the problem of environmental pollution, and again with bright installations. At this time, the material art object were 18 thousand plastic cups that Benjamin and his associates collected in the vicinity of Singapore. I took the team to launder the items found, and then the artist started to create caves from recycling material. Benjamin hoped that, looking at his work, many will wonder about the environmental catastrophe that threatens the planet because of the mass use of disposable plastic.

Old jeans are excellent material for a wide variety of needlework. Beautiful and practical denim gives wide scope for creating handmade crafts from jeans. Lots of ideas - sew bag on the Luggage carrier of a Bicycle, to create a set of stylish jewelry (bracelet, earrings and Hoop), to make the original pencil box and case for threads or tools. From old jeans with his hands without much effort, you can even weave rugs and knit Slippers. And, of course, old things turn into new fashionable clothes, for example refined lace skirt or a stylish corset.

The Designers of the Russian Agency Unblvbl Branding Agency presented a stylish and creative solution for packing a culinary spice. A futuristic concept of a space theme was chosen by authors for a reason, because the chef is constantly exploring new and new limits, experimenting and exploring the universe of flavors... But not only the original appearance unique these "planets" of spices – after each use, surface pattern changes, as if we really cosmic body, living according to the laws of the universe. For ease of use, the base of each glass ball SPACE there is a measuring spoon, as well as information on the composition of the product. Currently available in three kinds of spices - herbes de Provence, a mixture of peppers and, of course, "red planet" of...

Beautifully packaged gift is a double pleasure for the lucky owner, and who has prepared. Unusual design is very easy to do with their hands. And use for this original hand-made decor can be a variety of materials, such as paper. But perfect also thread, or dried flowers, paint with stencils, glitter, and even old items such as CD's. All versions handmade design gifts, shown in the photo, just to do it yourself – choose your favorite idea and start to prepare for the spring holidays now.

Together with the British design Studio Studio Hardie, the famous car brand Nissan has created a unique building-a workshop on wheels. The basis was taken as the basic version of the mobile home, but the authors have added a variety of innovative and conceptual parts that make this portable Studio is the dream of every master. Special attention is paid to the sources of energy for the stable operation of power tools - in addition to the battery, house on wheels equipped with solar panels. Travel and on the way to create unique handmade items – what could be better for a true master!

Baker, from Seattle, Lauren Ko creates a very unusual tarts. It would seem, what could be simpler than a simple Apple pie? But Lauren denies this view – the culinary creations of handwork that creates the girl look bright and unusual! Through the use of natural dyes, correctly chosen colors and geometric shapes dough, Lauren manages to bake not just cakes, but real works of art style food and design. To be willing to repeat with his own hands the culinary masterpieces she recorded a video with the process of creating cakes.

Architect Doug Aitken is not the first time experimenting with mirrored walls outdoors (we wrote about the previous project designer "Mirage"). Another of the author's design Mirage Gstaad looks just amazing! Huge mirrored panels that replace this house for the rest of the walls, making the building practically invisible on the background of snowy mountains. But the surprises don't end there – due to the special angle of the ceiling and walls, solar light creates inside the kaleidoscope effect. Would you like to relax in this house with a splendid view on the Swiss Alps?

Designer from the Netherlands Nina Führer skillfully combines style, fashion and practicality. Handmade scarves decorated with funny faces of animals, immediately attracted attention, and perfectly warm during the cold of winter. Range of these hand made items is simply amazing – there is a variety of fauna, from red foxes to a bright cockatoo. But the seamstress not only sells ready-made accessories. Fans to do everything with your hands can acquire a schematic of a scarf, and create a fashionable knitted thing for your wardrobe.