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Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

Fashion, design, handmade, ideas for home decor, gifts and inspiration

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Pastry chef Katrina Moon very creative approaches to the chosen business – one look at her almond cookie delights! The girl managed to achieve amazing results in the field of food design, after all, her cakes can rightfully be called a work of art. The inspiration for creating handmade sweets Katarina finds in modern pop culture: most of her cookies are stylized as heroes of the popular movies and series. Moreover, the girl turns the characters into babies, which gives her culinary masterpieces charm lvl 80.

Graceful birds with bright plumage, very often, are the muses for creative professionals. That is exactly what happened with artist Deanna Maree. The girl was so fond of creating paintings on this theme that has launched a 100-day art project in which every day she drew another feathered model. As canvas Dianna chose the curved sections of wood, and the paintings themselves are painted deep shades of gouache. This type of works from Australian artist imprinted and affect not only nature lovers, but lovers of contemporary art.

A Real gift to all lovers of butterflies was done by the British needlewoman Georgie Emery – textile butterfly brooch is incredibly realistic and attractive. And, of course, this butterfly will not fly away, although from afar it's hard to believe that this thing is handmade, not a real live beauty. The realism adds to the brooches and the size, because Georgie makes your handmade jewelry just repeating the real shape of butterflies. In addition to brooches, mistress creates classic paintings, with their variegated embroidery favorites as models.

Painters Nikita and Nastya from the workshop Walking Fish create a very unusual handmade covers for notebooks. In the idea the imagery is definitely there, because the cover that hides private records or pictures – it is a kind of door into the soul of the owner. That is why your handmade notebooks wizard decided to create such an original style. In search of inspiration, Nastya and Nikita drove around all the old cities of Europe, and now each cover is handmade is certainly similar to the real retro door handles, Windows and monograms. For maximum effect, as the main material, the authors used natural wood, and the painting is made resistant acrylic paints.

8 and 9 August 2020 at the design quarter "Bottle" will be held a large summer art fair Happy market. During the long break quarantine masters of handmade and creative workshops managed to produce a new collection of unique handmade goods and is ready to present to their guests. Here you can buy clothes and accessories, Souvenirs and gifts, natural cosmetics, jewelry, decorative items, sweets and more. In addition, guests will be able to participate in market-quest, thereby to provide support to small businesses. Participants will be asked to collect 3 stamp per purchase at the fair and get a free makeover and professional photo shoot on site-quarter "Bottle".

Famous French brand Cartier, which for many years has been producing luxury jewelry, has introduced a new collection called [Sur]Naturel. The role model was charming, Blanca Padilla, and backdrop for photos became images of flora, fauna and water element. Glamorous shots look especially impressive due to the color contrast, and jewelry, decorated with emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and opals, will be a great addition for any fashion a bow. Natural beauty is Bianchi the best way emphasized the elegance of accessories from popular brand.

Dada Architectural company located in the Philippines, introduced the original concept of the house on the water. The design is intended for residents of coastal areas which suffer from difficulties with the energy supply, the high cost of land and lack of space. Home-sailing from Dada – Autonomous, as they use to recharge the sun and water. The emphasis the authors of the project make the environmental performance of these houses. It is for such decisions, perhaps, is the future of the planet, given the growing size of the population and the problem of global warming in the world.

Designer Stefan Mantu surprised and pleased all fans of the legendary car brand Ferrari in their original experiment. Based on Stefan took Ferrari 330P, and added it to the futuristic and spectacular exterior details. The new racing car was made as if to scoot along the endless sand dunes... a Shiny stainless steel case, new wheels, and engine increased power, the designer sees the success of his original project. But whether such a conceptual Kara a chance from the design model to become a real car?

Korean artist Ran Hwang has already become famous for its unusual handmade installations. Another art object wizard is also striking and impressive, from thousands of buttons and beads, RAS has managed to create images of incredible beauty. What is surprising – the work of the artist is interesting to consider how from a distance, to appreciate the General idea and close, because this scattering of beads and beads on the canvas just gaze... at the expense of the placement of components in the needles of different lengths, the author managed to achieve the effect of volume and alluring and mysterious theme immediately attracted all lovers of Oriental art.

Watercolor of Russian artist Vasilisa Astakhova attract at first sight. With the help of special techniques of transmission of light and shadows, the girl manages to create true works of art. Objects for their art-works Vasilisa chose the classical types of the various European cities which was created for the truly romantic moments. Special attention to detail and skill in handling watercolors allow the artist to create a very stylish and atmospheric paintings, which are very popular.

When creating their art projects, the artist Tadao Cern has always teetering on the brink of the synthesis of opposites. His artistic installations seem weightless, and it is very heavy, minimalist and intricate, inanimate, and incredibly alive! Another art project wizard called "BB" (Black Balloons) is composed of a plurality of balloons of the radical black color, which in various combinations float above the floor. These songs the author shows that the contradictions hidden in every person is the result of internal boundaries which we ourselves build for ourselves. Exhibition of art-objects Todo have already been featured in galleries in new York, Beijing, Tokyo, Paris, Venice and Cologne.

A Very unusual handmade furniture create a master Henk Verhoeff. His drawers and closets looked like something out of frames of disney cartoons, after well over them "worked" the main characters. With natural wood Hank works all his life, so the source material he knows. To give his work the intended effect of "cartoon", the author adds led lighting on the back wall. Despite such a creative view, designer furniture new Zealand wizard is fully functional, so for those who likes fun and wants to make everyday life more fun, this handmade wardrobe can be a wonderful gift.

Designers Tono Mirai Architects developed a creative project for a holiday home that is ideally located among the beautiful Japanese forests. The main objective of the authors was to make the design as close to nature, so in the construction were used only eco-friendly materials and traditional technologies. The authors well thought out design terraces with panoramic views – if one side of the house practically merges with the gloom of the forest, then the other part is most open to sunlight. Inside the holiday home consists of two floors – the lower part is used for eating and socializing, and the second floor has a small but very cozy bedroom for the owners of this cabin.

Russian mistress Elizabeth Delektorskaya with their hands creates an incredibly charming figurines of cats. Toys made of wool, made in the technique of dry felting, is so realistic that it seems as if they are about to come to life. Cute glass eyes, protruding ears and life-like coloring hair – all these details make handmade toys is unique and different. In addition, some handmade furry creatures are an original Supplement to your images – tiny handbags, scarves, or even your personal mouse.

In the modern world, reading books is increasingly moving in a digital region, and classical, paper volumes are losing popularity. But to give new life to old books has been an American artist Alexis Arnold. For nine years she conducted a variety of experiments with paper, and eventually were able to create amazing sculptures from old books. With the help of a special solution, the artist grows on the pages of shiny crystals of great beauty. Such an unusual creative recycling have allowed Alexis to create a bright and eye-catching decor items from old things.