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Familiarity with MailWizz can be marred by the fact that the whole interface is in English. Yes, you can find and download the translation on Russian language, but you need to understand that there are only 50-60% translated and the quality is very lame. I recommend to use English. version and I want to improve my English. Below is a short manual "How to make a newsletter on MailWizz v1.3.8.6". The first step [...] Record How to make MailWizz newsletter appeared first on Blog of Evgeny Rumyantsev.

After Reading the book "the Leader without a title" by Robin Sharma. I decided to write out the main points, we can say the lessons from this work. The book tells the story of how one pessimist, who was dissatisfied with his life and worked as he thought on the most horrible job in the World, meets a friend of his worsefirst familiar with the 4 teachers who open to him the secret philosophy of leadership and teaching [...] Record [Withdrawal review] the book "Leader without a title (Robin Sharma) appeared first on Blog of Evgeny Rumyantsev.

Selling texts can not only sell products but also to advertise services and to encourage the reader to commit any act( for example, to subscribe, register on the site, etc.). However, customers working in the field of Internet marketing, try to optimize selling texts for search queries and order that sell seo text. Why is it necessary and what brings [...] the post What is SEO text that sell in Russia? appeared first on Blog of Evgeny Rumyantsev.

I worked with them and the coaches who lead the online conference and sell them, now with experience, can offer you this theme: "How to conduct a webinar or check–list that sell webinar". How to conduct a webinar? Nothing complicated, if you follow the instructions below the list.We have prepared 63 points, thanks to which you will be able to raise your sales figures [...] Record How to conduct a webinar or check–list that sell webinar appeared first on Blog of Evgeny Rumyantsev.

Now is the time to talk about the status of "bounce" in the mass e-mail mailing list. When email is rejected by the subscriber's server, you will receive a report in the mail stating that the mailbox cannot accept your letter for one reason or another — this is called the rebound or bounces. There are just two kinds of failures — Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces that [...] Record so That Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces? appeared first on Blog of Evgeny Rumyantsev.

Many novice bloggers who publish their resources on the basis of WP, faced with the need to mention in their texts any php, java or html code. And here they will wait for the catch when inserting the necessary lines in the editor window, they will find the scripts disappeared into nowhere. And the thing is that the WordPress editor does not accept the codes and [...]

In the society of Internet developers, marketers, copywriters and other people working and earning on the Internet there is a widespread view that writing sales letters, you need to attain any commercial purpose. Against this it is difficult to argue, however, you can Supplement. Let's try in this article to add more reasons for writing the selling of text, besides the obvious: forcing the audience to commit the desired [...]

Want to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for your online store? You should pay attention to create quality and informative mailings. For this it is necessary first to establish a base of followers who will be interested readers and potential buyers. According to statistics, the vast majority of online stores do not use email as an effective channel for marketing. Max for them is to send mails notifying [...]

Got himself three cards Yandex, Tinkoff and Rosebank. Now I decided to compare them and think about how each of them can be used. And learn the benefits of each. After all, each of the banks offers its services under different sauce. Note Rosebank and Tinkoff, they are relatively similar, because there is CashBack. Here are just Tinkoff more tricky conditions and with this [...]