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Seminarian Khoma Brut went home on vacation. In the way he had to spend the night on a lonely farm, the old mistress who was a witch. That night the old woman decided to fly Home, and when he miraculously threw her, and started to beat the woman, being already at the point of death, turned a young and beautiful Maiden... So begins the classic story of Khoma Brutus, the, the Maiden and three nights in the Church, which Homa should serve, in spite of all the evil, which calls the South of France, led to the ultimate monster Wii. Trailer

English traveler Jonathan green, received from Peter the Commission to produce the maps of the Russian Far East, goes eventually to China. Greene again have a long journey full of adventures, breathtaking discoveries, unexpected encounters with strange creatures, Chinese princesses, the masters of the deadly martial arts and by LUN-Wang — the King of all dragons. What could be more dangerous than to see the eyes of the Wii? Is that to seeing him again... That this time will be stronger — an unwavering skepticism of a scientist or ancient black magic has long seized power in the Eastern lands? the Final trailer

Paris, 1930. Surreal premiere of the film "Golden age" causing public scandal. From a young and uncompromising film Director Luis Bunuel turn not only producers and patrons, but also his co-author, the artist Salvador Dali. The renegade Spaniard is trying to find money for his new project — a documentary about the poorest region of Las Hurdes, where the lifestyle is so terrible that it seems a product of a nightmare. Buñuel returned to his homeland, where he meets with his longtime friend, sculptor and anarchist Ramon Asino. Hoping to help a friend, Asin buys a lottery ticket... and wins a large sum of money. Buñuel begins shooting. However, his methods are shocking, a few like — minded members of the crew. official trailer

Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (T-800) back in their iconic roles in the movie "Terminator: Dark destiny", directed by Tim Miller ("Deadpool"), as producers involving filmmaking pioneer James Cameron and David Ellison. The events take place after the movie "Terminator 2: judgment day." The film also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalie Reyes, Gabriel Luna and Diego Boneta. Promo No. 6 Promotional movie # 5 Promo video №4 Promo video №3 Promo video No. 2 video No. 1 official trailer

Hurrah! Vacation! Will kocasu and his old friend Oscar's parents sent to a summer camp for young dragons and dragoness. Porcupines do not take back, so the friends devise a secret operation to illegally send to the rest of their best friends, dikobraza Matilda, without which they will. Fun and exciting journey the three stooges very quickly turned into a dangerous adventure because they met the tribe not the most hospitable Water Dragons, and the jungle was full of voracious and very hungry plants. official trailer

For many years in different parts of the world dogs help people in search and rescue operations, making sometimes impossible. Puppy Hale fit its parameters in order to join the group rescue dogs, but it will have long months of training and tests before it becomes a full member of the team. Her story, as well as the history of Henry, rescuing people from under the avalanche in the mountains of British Columbia, Newfoundland Rifi working in the Italian coast guard, Ricochet — a guide dog and fellow bloodhounds Tipper and Tony battling with poachers in Africa, show that the real superheroes are not only among the people. Trailer

Dream street dancer Anton on the dance conquest of Olympus fall, when an accidental injury plunges him into a world of silence. With the loss of the ability to hear, Anton loses the meaning of life. But in this difficult time, he meets true love and finds his calling. Passion for dance can never be erased, and deafness is not a sentence. Anton learns to hear the music coming from inside, and begins to teach the dances of children with hearing impairment. He prepares a wonderful room and is a huge risk, combining in a new dance at his old club and deaf children. Trailer

In post-war London a young writer Juliet's trying to find the plot for a new book, but the horrors of war to write her strongly not want, other threads seem boring or inappropriate. Comes to the aid of the case — in the form of a letter of one pig farmer from Guernsey. It turns out that even svinarov love to read, and unknown Dose, which fell into the hands of the book, which once belonged to Juliet, asking her to recommend a good bookstore. The fact that Guernsey books now tight, as the island, during the war occupied by the Germans, just revived to life. The letter turns the lives of Juliet. The history book club, which became a cover for illicit meetings of the villagers fascinated and addictive it. So begins a correspondence with different people...

"Black spider", "Black Panther" and even "Black octopus" — these nicknames have been awarded the Lev Yashin for the flexibility, lightning-fast movement and a brilliant vision of the field. He was master in his own penalty area, invariably in the black sweater with the letter "D" on his chest. The peak of his fame falls in the 50-60-ies, when the Soviet national team, largely due to his brilliant game, won the most important trophies in football. And then it misfires at the World Cup in Chile, where Yashin one accused of defeat, turn away from him even the fans... And he will have to leave to later a triumphant return and once again become the best not only in his country but around the world — the only goalkeeper in football history to receive a Gold ball....

Five short films, where reality and modern heroes of the genre are presented in unusual installations. In the Comedy "Good afternoon" courier becomes unpredictable witness a family quarrel. "Africa" — the story of the return of rapidly maturing girls to his eccentric and eternally young mother. "Update/Delete" for the day will record the existence of a normal passerby in the lenses of several cameras, and the nascent revolutionary spirit in the drama "Aquathlon" will turn tragic. In the "House on the head of Clausewitz" on the head of a lonely man begins to grow home. Trailer

In an alternate reality British Empire took over the world, confronting the unruly power of its military machine. A new Chapter of the Saga of Lelouche, disgraced Scion of the Imperial family and the great revolutionary who put his life's purpose to destroy the British Empire. Thanks to telenovelas encounter with a mysterious girl, Lelouch received the gift of magic. the so-called GIAS, allowing to subjugate the will of others. He reached his goal... and died. However, his story did not end there. official trailer

The Film tells about one of the most severe Stalinist women's camps that existed in the USSR. In "Akmola Camp for Wives of Traitors of the Motherland" contained more than eight thousand women, including the sister of Marshal Tukhachevsky, the wife of the writers Boris Pilnyak, Arkady Gaidar, the mother of Bulat Okudzhava and Maya Plisetskaya and others. The fault of all these women was simply that they Csirke Members of families of Traitors of the Motherland. The plot revolves around the wife of aircraft designer Olga Pavlova, arrested as CSIR, and Sophia Ter-Asaturov — outstanding Opera singer, was detained on the accusation that fate brought in prisoners ' train Trailer

Humble Pierre-Paul, a graduate, is forced to moonlight as a courier. One day, delivering another parcel, he first appears on the scene and becomes the owner of the million jackpot. The temptation to solve all problems great. And while he ponders to return or assign a huge amount of cash, its starting to pursue the bandits, and the police are keeping close eye on him. Escaping from those, and other intellectual Pierre-Paul makes friends with a marginal pair. official trailer

On the Eve of the new Millennium, Trond sander is leaving from Oslo in the village. The year is coming to an end, the loneliness overwhelming. And only the ghosts of the past catch up with Trond with greater confidence. But once the sander meets an old acquaintance who forces him to return the memories in youth. Where the bright colors of summer and the graceful wild horses scenery was the first terrible experience of knowing someone else's death. There where joy is intertwined with betrayal and disappointment. Whence originate the personal tragedy and the happiest moments in life. official trailer

After yet another love scandal, the legendary conqueror of female hearts Casanova, a gambler and a tireless seeker of pleasure, forced to flee from Paris to London. In this unknown, covered by Vice city, he meets a young courtesan Marianne de Scorpion. To achieve its location, the great seducer is ready for anything, but the extravagant beauty every time escapes from the clutches of the Venetian. She drives the Casanova crazy, claiming that will be his as soon as he stops looking for it. official trailer