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The Plot of the film revolves around a creepy artifact — the Notebook of Death, which a bored God of death Ryuk throws the young man. With this notebook you can kill with impunity anyone, it's enough just to write his name on the page and imagine that person's face. The main character, being the son of a policeman, began to administer their own justice by killing with the Death note criminals. Teaser

Two years later. Our heroes have grown. Now they're 14. Dimka, Bear and Lena are going to summer camp at sea. Along with them beloved dog Sava. In the camp they are waiting for the extraordinary adventures, treasures, duels, caves and much more. And of course first love with the real Shakespeare passions. Trailer

The Ocean covers more than 70% of our planet and virtually unexplored. There in the depth meet amazing creatures. For example, smiling Static, fidget Lantern and Hlopushka trio of friends! Their adventures, tests and riddles! Whether they will survive? Of course. But I have a lot to learn. official trailer

The Second film trilogy about the role of Russian Jews in the country and the world covers the thirty years from 1918 to 1948. Unprecedented until that time in any country in the world bright and massive Jewish participation in all spheres of state politics and culture. The second leader after Lenin Leon Trotsky - the main Builder of the red army, the main Builder of the red rear Yakov Sverdlov, responsible for "the establishment of Soviet power on the ground." Vitebsk Commissioner on the arts Marc Chagall. The creators of the new language of cinema Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov, masters of photography Moses, Apelbaum and Arkady Shaikhet, lifetime classics of light music Matvey Blanter and Isaac Dunaevsky, the writers of the "Odessa school" with Isaac...

The Film reveals the ugly truth about the world entertainment industry based on the suffering of marine animals. The picture became famous even before its premiere and has already received abroad, "nickname" Russian Blackfish by analogy with the acclaimed American film "Black fish," which tells about the content of killer whales in captivity. In the filming of "Born free" was attended by prominent Russian and foreign scientists, specialists in marine mammal, which tells in the film about what is really going on with the psyche and physiology of dolphins and whales in captivity. The picture is filled with awesome underwater shots and scenes of communication-free animals c freedivers. Trailer (Russian subtitles)

Lady Nina is a student, the wife of a young handsome Professor who knows the Chinese language and teachings of the celestial Empire seem to be better than surrounding the Russian reality. Nina is convinced that marital fidelity and humility is love. But everything changes when her life comes banker Sergei... Trailer uncensored

Every year we wait for the arrival of spring, as a miracle. A miracle is when a mayor runs a village, being for a year in a coma. When even Americans can find distant relatives in Shymkent. This is when the participants of a love triangle for the three 200 years. This is when the most beautiful girl goes not to the businessman and ordinary taxi driver. This is when unconditional love survives even in the fellowship. Spring is Nowruz, a time when all dreams come true! Trailer

The Two superpowers, USSR and USA are fighting for supremacy in the space race. While the Soviet Union is ahead, the turn — out in open space. Two weeks before the start of the test ship explodes. Time to identify no reasons. And let the risks are huge, the astronauts must fly. Experienced military pilot Pavel Belyaev and his partner Alexei Leonov, raw and hot, dreaming about the feat, two people, ready to step into the abyss. But no one could even imagine just what they would face in flight. In this mission everything went wrong... Trailer Teaser # 4 Teaser # 3 Teaser No. 2

A Young guy nicknamed Baby loves edgy music, fast driving and adrenaline in the blood. His whole life is a continuous chase and shootout, because he is a driver, which helps the criminals to escape from the scene of the crime. Once he really falls in love and decides to leave the game, but first he has to perform another task, which may well be the last in his life. the international trailer Trailer

Thanks to the incredible tenacity and perseverance, the dream of an ordinary girl from Irkutsk turned out to be so close to implementation. A talented skater noticed a legendary athlete, and now Nadia — step from the fulfilment of her dreams... But the mistake of a partner leads her on a hospital bed. It seems that sport, as it does with plans for a happy life, have to say goodbye, but with Nadia there was another man, not like a Prince charming. Hockey player Sasha is forced to work as a nurse for the former champion, and at first they can barely tolerate each other, not knowing that this confrontation gradually grow into a great love story. Love, which will be the strength to return Nadia to her dream... Teaser

That can spoil a hilarious and crazy bachelorette party in Miami? Probably just a ridiculous death of a stripper. Now her friends have to get out of the silly stories and somehow cover it up, until they fell into the hands of the cops. Duplicated the international trailer Trailer uncensored international trailer

The plot of the movie revolves around an undercover MI6 agent, who before the liquidation of the Berlin wall unexpectedly loses his life. His colleague on the shop floor, an employee of the intelligence named Lorraine Broughton, to find a list in the possession of the deceased. This list, intended for the opportunity to smuggle to the West, were listed the names of all the spies, or otherwise acting in Berlin. Very soon, things are rolling downhill and Lorraine have to seriously risk my life to rescue British agents in the German capital, and falling to the missing list under enemy attack. Preview trailer

Land of the future. Charming, but awfully stubborn satellites, the designer is forced to work with his brother, with whom relations had not the warm. But the situation requires: in the world unexpectedly has covered all the satellites with the control function artificial climate, and now mankind is threatened by devastating storm, a man-made storm can cause irreparable damage to the entire planet. To prevent this catastrophe, the characters have to go into space, and at this time on Earth is brewing a terrible conspiracy: someone is planning to kill the President... Teaser 6 preview teaser

Belgium's King Nicholas III loves his job, but some of the Belgians do not reciprocate. To improve the authority of the monarch, resolved to remove spiritually uplifting film about the Royal visit to Turkey, but in the midst of filming from the Motherland come alarming news: Belgium is on the verge of a split. Nicholas obliged urgently to save Belgium from separatism and to finish the film, but as luck would have it, all flights cancelled due to storms. The king and his retinue will have to move by land, many illegally crossing Balkan borders in the yoghurt and fighting off the Serb snipers. It seems that instead of a Eulogy the Belgians will take an incredible road movie, that will transform all especially bloom king! Localized trailer (subtitles)

The basis of the series was the 1996 book "mind Hunter: inside Look at the elite division of the FBI is working with serial killers," written by former feds by John Douglas and mark Olshaker. For many years Douglas has investigated the crimes of the most notorious serial killers and rapists, developing methods of profiling their characters. Teaser