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The Light bad luck with relationships: it always adapts to the boys, humiliated and suffering of infidelity. After breaking up with another deadbeat boyfriend she goes to work in a company selling robots. They have become part of ordinary life, indistinguishable from humans but not unlike their creators, the robots are sensitive to the nature of man, his needs, habits and weaknesses. When one of the robots detected a software fault and want to return to the manufacturer, Light begs to sell it to her because... falls in love with him, taking a technical defect in the manifestation of personality. Moreover, the Light wants to connect his life with responsive, attentive and caring robot, and this leads to unexpected consequences. Trailer

Ellie and her faithful dog Totoshka find themselves again in a Magical land at the right time. The power in the emerald city again, trying to capture a treacherous Urfin Dzhyus, which, though lost army of wooden soldiers, but has not abandoned his bad habits to ruin all life. In the hands of Urfina now magic book of witch Gingemy, which fulfills any wish of its owner, and therefore the Scarecrow Wise, the Brave lion and the tin man in danger. Ellie, Toto and their new friend Tim decided to help inhabitants of a Magic country. Especially Tim love Ellie, but that will not do for love? For example, stupidity. But mistakes makes every one, but to fix them know how many. Trailer

In a secluded cabin of one of the districts of Los Angeles live little girl and her caring father. It is a normal family, except that the girl with one look can lift into the air heavy wardrobe, and the father is always ready removed fuse with a gun. Every day, leaving the house, dad locks daughter, and is strictly prohibited to open the door. She can't talk to anyone and not even allowed to approach the window. The only entertainment girls: secretly watch from behind the curtains behind the ice-cream van, which sticks out all day near their home. Plays music and mysterious voice urges her to unlock the door and eat sugar. Baby so want ice cream, but dad said it was deadly: no one needs to see it! And once the girl has violated the prohibition, and begin...

Based on real events of the early twentieth century, the story of a guy Varlam from the lower social strata, which in order to be with his beloved, had to leave their homes and start to live in Moscow. Distinguishing themselves in battle, wall to wall guy says the Englishman, the owner of a football club which invites him to try for a team. However, the team does not accept uncouth a Volga barge Hauler. Then gather strength, Varlam along with a true patriot and passionate about football merchant Balashov created the first national team and become a leader, changing their lives and the lives of others. Thanks to Varlam and his team football in Russia is becoming a truly national game. Trailer

The Mid-90s, spring, mountain in the Armenian border village of 6-year-old boy to his mother Anahit and the best friend of the Grandfather of Karen waiting for the war of his father Saro, Waco. Over the years, 6-year-old boy became a man — all economic Affairs on it. Every night Saro asks the moon to bring him a father, and one day his wish comes true. Waco returned home, but that's father remembers son — baby, and husband does not remember his father. They both still don't know what life will take them only 3 days, so they can get used to each other and to find common ground. Trailer

This is a story about three friends who decided to ride the surf in Mexico. All as it should be: the ocean, girls and Golden sand. History does not portend surprises. But not for our heroes, who the first thing noted your arrival. With difficulty waking up in the morning, the guys find themselves in the middle of the beach, they are confused — I do not remember what happened the day before. But soon there are people who refresh their memory: it turns out that last night guys afraid hurt the international criminal boss, Juan, who for some reason wants to kill them. Hiding from persecution, without money and documents, they find salvation in disguise of girls and take part in the women's surf tour. Victory will win one hundred thousand dollars and get out of...

Once Lisa and Artem was a daring rock band who wanted to conquer the world, but after the birth of her daughter Vita, they had to forget about creativity. Lisa never "let go" music, and when there is a chance in America, it leaves the family and leaves. Now Artem is raising his daughter single, odd jobs. He has to compromise their principles thrown in — to sing Russian pop music at corporate. The words of one of the hit Artem doesn't know, but unexpectedly rescues daughter singing the song for him. Their extravagant performance collects millions of views online, what attracts the attention of a famous producer. Trailer

The Story of Richard Joelle — the police officer who carried out the security control at one of the Olympic facilities in 1996 in Atlanta. His life changed dramatically twice in three days: first, he was declared a hero, for not only discovered a suspicious backpack and reported it to the police, but also helped to clear the area from onlookers before all three of the pipe bomb in the bag detonated; and in three days the latter-day hero has turned into the Prime suspect — mainly due to the journalists who have virtually no interest in the real situation, used unverified information in order to create a sensation. Trailer

Drop the alien object divided life into "before" and "after". An ordinary girl from Moscow Chertanovo — Yulia Lebedeva — is forced to accept the role of Guinea pig in the lab, because she was the only one in contact with the alien. Scientists and the military dismantled the atoms of her feelings, emotions and experiences, trying to unravel the nature growing in her power. But worst of all, that her supernatural powers were concerned not only with earthlings. Over the planet, literally under threat of invasion. And defeat in the upcoming clash is only one way: find the strength to be human. When everyone is for the common salvation must make a choice that affects the life and fate of millions — can love, faithfulness and mercy become stronger unrelenting...

Mara Ortiz, all forgotten movie star of the "Golden age" leads a solitary life in an old mansion in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Your shelter actress shares with the extravagant company of the former witnesses of its faded glory — in love with her husband-actor episode, sarcastic writer and Director-a cynic. The relationship of this Quartet are far from perfect: they balance between affection and hostility. Once in the estate appear unexpected guests — a young couple, who has his eye on the star's estate. They pretend to be fans of Mara and convince her to sell the house. However, the "business sharks" rise of the master of diabolical intrigue. The deadly duel begins. official trailer

Kaspar Lionel to investigate the complicated case of lackluster mechanics, Italian Fabrizio Kolleeny, which at first glance without any explanation killed German businessman Hans Meyer, after which he surrendered to the police. The situation is complicated not only by silence, cap'n, and more experienced lawyer, applying for the post of the hero, but also his personal involvement in the case: the granddaughter of the victim Johanna was his youthful love. However, Lionel accidentally manages to find the clue, by which he understands that is faced with a major judicial scandal in Germany. official trailer

Petersburg of the late XIX century the throes of mass fascination with the occult and the esoteric. British-medium Olivia Reid comes to the capital of the Russian Empire with a tour and collects on their public séances crowds of people. At this time, the city is a mysterious series of ritual murders. On the streets, kidnapped girls, their mutilated bodies were found in various parts of the city. The investigation involved a young police officer Rostov and his assistant Ganin. With each new victim the case gets more confusing. Suspicion leads Rostov to Olivia, and he decides to turn to her in the hope that its genuine or imaginary the ability to summon spirits of the dead can help to trace the killers. Trailer

After his release from prison, Egor Prokudin decides to go to the village where lives Luba — the woman he knew only by correspondence. Initially Egor didn't plan to stay too long away from the cities but he had time to wait and look around. However, village life is made of Egor to take a new look at the past and he decides to break up with him forever. Now he's all friends, beloved Luba. But the past catches up with him when former colleagues of Yegor decide at any cost to convince him to return to the criminal path. Trailer

Lionel Essrog, a lonely private detective with Tourette's syndrome, decides to start a murder investigation of his mentor and only friend Frank Minna. He has only a few clues, and the power of the mind, obsessive goal to unravel the carefully hidden secrets that maintain the balance of power in new York. The investigation has brought him to the jazz clubs of Harlem, where the river flows gin, dangerous slums of Brooklyn and, finally, the gilded halls of the political elite of the metropolis. He challenges the gangsters, corruption and the most dangerous man in the city to clear the name of his friend and save a woman who can save him. official trailer

Into the hands of the reclusive bird high school student, working in an antique shop gets a vintage Polaroid camera. The girl immediately makes the colleagues, and later the friend pulls her to a party where everything is also very like to be photographed. This night bird knows that the guy is dead and when killed the hostess of the party, bird begins to guess who will die next. The devil's device kills anyone who gets a photograph taken with it, and now a group of teenagers must solve the mystery of the curse, yet the camera is not finished all of them. official trailer