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Victor Sergeevich is going to America to visit his daughter and with horror discovers that his grandson Paul though and speaks Russian, but not understand simple things, known and understood by every boy in Russia. Resilient Armen is trying to gain a foothold in the United States, gradually learning all the charm of a marriage. For a long time settled in the United States Julia the unexpected problem is the inability to find properly cooked gefilte fish. Not so long ago moved to America Igor is trying to distance itself from its Russian past, calling themselves Jason. Seemingly completely different people with completely different problems, but is able to solve any problem adventurer George proves that this is not so, all the characters suffer from the same...

Tokyo, 2036. Revolutionary medical technology overcame death: through nano-devices which are controlled by the S. H. E. L. L., a person is guaranteed to live 120 years without getting sick and needing treatment for injuries. This has led to social and economic stratification, erosion of morale, social degradation and severe environmental pollution. Also appeared the phenomenon of loss of humanity, when people are disconnected from S. H. E. L. L. to be crippled and ugly. Addict and garbage Both EZU, already practically being at the bottom of life, suddenly finds incredible abilities. Teaser trailer

Three amazing stories about love and friendship, about believing in the dream of generations about how not to betray itself, and to stay human in any life situation. In the age of technology people are used to hurry, to run, to earn, forgetting about the main thing — about themselves and their real desires. We think we will be happier as soon as we have a new car or a high salary. And everything is much simpler — the secret of happiness is hidden in the soul of every human: the ability to believe in miracles, to friends, to love, to be brave, follow your dream! Trailer

Gleb, the son of a very important secured and senior master, earned his dubious exploits on the verge of criminality reputation as a daredevil and a madman. Once, during a night race on the streets of Moscow, being chased by the traffic police, Hleb has not coped with management and knocked down a pedestrian. Until the trouble blows over, the father sends the son away to the Northern territory, where he loved to hunt back in the 90's and where he met a hermit living in the woods. It and "hide" Gleb. For a young person begins a completely different life extremely unpredictable, dark, and silent man. Trailer

Three years Eugene Korotkov spent on the fight against the deadly disease and finally emerged victorious. Only now it turns out that a healthy Jack useless. Life has never been so bleak! In old things Jack finds a bright yellow diary, where he recorded 256 reasons to continue living. Jack adds 257-e — "to find love" — and goes in search of his own happiness. Now she has a chance to fulfill their desires, without a doubt, routine and worthless friends. But away from the "old" life, of course, is not so simple. Trailer

The Adventure Cove there is an insidious Copycat that has all the superpowers Malashenkov, but this is not enough for him! To become the most powerful in the city, Copycat intends to steal a giant meteorite from outer space and build a tower that will overshadow the Base Puppy patrol. And shimmer, Shine and Leah have a new responsible job. Magic ladybug make-a-wish flew away from the Palace of the Princess Samira, and the girls must return them before Zita finds out about their abilities. official trailer

"Russian Georgians" – a documentary project from two films about the historical role of Georgians in the Russian and later Soviet history, politics, culture. The heroes of the film Bagration and Shevardnadze, Pirosmani and Danelia, Ordzhonikidze and Okudzhava, Balanchine and Andronicus. Shows in detail the role of Stalin, one of the most long-term rulers of the country, whose ideology, national policy, tastes affected the way of life, in many ways still exists today. The tape raises a wide range of humanitarian issues, including the interpenetration of cultures, Imperial ideology, state violence over the individual. The first film of the novels starts in the Georgian districts of Moscow and briefly describes the rapprochement of the two countries and...

Bridge linking Russia and Estonia, is suddenly plunged into darkness. When the light is lit again, in the middle of the bridge, conditional on the borderline discover the body. Appointed the Estonian-Russian joint investigation. The Russian side is the investigator Maxim Kazantsev, and the Estonian inspector Inga of Veermaa. Together, they have to investigate a chain of crimes that well-prepared, skillfully executed and contain a message to the society on the theme of social injustice. Gradually Inga and Maxim know that the offender is only posing as a fighter for the truth, the basis of his action lies the motive of personal revenge, and the main enemy — the Maxim. Trailer

Pasha, Serbian heartthrob and humorist, host of a five star hotel in Belgrade. He lives, not knowing the troubles, until one day, quite by accident does not spoil the new — multimillion! — acquisition of collector-Mafioso. Pay off the debt to the crime boss makes Pasha to marry his daughter. She begins to eagerly prepare for the wedding with the handsome hotelier, when Pasha after four years of separation suddenly faced with Dasha, his Russian love. In the romantic atmosphere of the ancient city feelings between them, ready to flare up again...if not for future in-law, a real man, blind grandfather and friend-bankrupt! Trailer

The Molten mass of the active zone of the fourth unit are more likely to burn through the concrete slab and get into the pool, which accommodates thousands of tons of charged radiation water that would lead to the explosion of incredible power. The film's protagonist is a fireman Alex – scalper and rake, written in volunteers to get a two-bedroom apartment in Crimea, which can help to melt the heart of a hairdresser Olga. With him under reactor agree to go engineer Valery and military diver Boris. Time to practice, there is little, so the responsible person in a hurry to develop a plan. Alex decides to warn Olga, but could not get through to her – and therefore escapes in Pripyat. There he learns that the son of Olga seem to irradiate. To save them, Alex...

Exciting, deep, very kind and touching film tells from the face of the protagonist Forrest Gump, harmless imbecile man with a noble and open heart, the story of his extraordinary life. Fantastic way turns it into a famous footballer, war hero, a successful businessman. He becomes a billionaire, but remains as unsophisticated, stupid and kind. Forrest expects continued success in everything, and he likes a girl he was friends in childhood, but reciprocity comes too late. official trailer

Charlie, the factory owner, who unsuccessfully tries to save his family business in a provincial town, finds support from the most unexpected quarter. Random friend Lola (aka Simon, a former boxer) throws Charlie the idea to start producing custom footwear for "drag Queen". Strange pair of partners zealously taken to be the case, and in parallel learns to understand each other, accept their differences and to resist the aggressive rejection from the more traditional compatriots. The musical, shot in London's Adelphi theatre, the first time out on the big screen. the Translated trailer

Comfortable In the ultra-modern metropolis of robot city is always law and order, because this is followed by the robots. They are the main assistants of people and their Pets. The only troublemaker for the local "Robin hood", a stray dog Roger who steals food from rich spoiled animals and distributes it to the homeless. How he Angers glamorous kitty Belle! Here only with it will have to unite and Belle itself, and other favorites of fortune, when all the robots go crazy and declare a real war on people and animals. official trailer

20-year-old Danielle, a survivor in the conclusion of the spiritual rebirth, wants to devote himself to the service of God, yet a criminal conviction on your record that prevents. On that occasion, he claims to be a Seminary graduate and takes the place of a sick pastor of a Church of a small provincial town. Often improvising and substituting the lack of knowledge in the Liturgy with sincerity and genuine passion, he unwittingly becomes the center of attraction and relaxation for the local congregation, divided and fragmented due to the recent tragedy. But no good deed goes unpunished.20-year-old Danielle, a survivor in the conclusion of the spiritual rebirth, wants to devote himself to the service of God, yet a criminal conviction on your record that...

In Kamchatka together with his strict father lives a quiet eleventh-grader Kostya. He wants to escape from the control of the father, and to see the world, but can not decide. At the same time, in Novosibirsk the eleventh grade finishes age Bones is a bold and lively girl, Lisa, who desperately wants to dedicate his life to music, despite the prohibitions of the mother. At the age of seventeen difficult to resist the desires of the parents, but is there a better time to realize your dreams? Kostya accidentally falls on an abandoned ship that is being towed from Kamchatka to Vladivostok, and Lisa finds out that her father, whom she believed dead, is alive and in St. Petersburg. She decides to whatever was to find him. The fates our heroes meet in the middle...