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"Wife" is filmed in the best traditions of the great movie picture about secrets to a perfect marriage, the nature of partnership and the precarious position of talented women in a world ruled by men. It is an ode to the woman, her emancipation and the attainment itself. The film is based on the eponymous bestseller by Meg Wolitzer. The picture has already managed to enter the list of the best adaptations of recent years, according to the Los Angeles Times. "Wife" was the opening film of the Toronto film festival in 2017 and got a hundred percent rating from film critics on Rotten Tomatoes. And in the upcoming Oscar race 2019 picture tipped a nomination for best actress. "This story is really exciting, and her characters are very complex, passionate...

Numerous family Ekdahl together and have fun welcomes Christmas night, 1907. Fanny and Alexander is unaware of the concerns of children staying in the happy marriage of theatre artists. But soon their lives will change and they will be forced to leave home along with the atmosphere of joy. Excerpt: toast Excerpt Ishmael Excerpt: Lord Passage: the parable of Isaac Passage: buying a chest Excerpt: Ghost Excerpt: two stories about deceased family Excerpt: aunt Elsie Excerpt: song of the jester an Excerpt: the Ghost of Alexander's father Excerpt: the Ghost of hamlet's father Excerpt: the most precious chair in the world Excerpt: magic lantern Passage: a dance Passage: a Christmas performance Excerpt: slumber

A Poignant and tragic story about the events in which he was count Leo Tolstoy. In an infantry regiment in the Tula region, which is sent to the service inspired by the progressive ideas of the capital's Lieutenant Gregory of bells, is going on offense. The soldier, on whose shoulders lies the fault, threatened with court-martial and execution. The Minister appealed for help to count Tolstoy, who decides to protect the innocent. Sharp story about the complexity of choice and loyalty to their own ideals based on real events. Trailer

Ms. Vogler, a famous actress, suddenly stopped in the middle of the "Electra". Mental disorder (she soon stopped speaking at all) drove her to hospital, where Elizabeth was assigned a young nurse, Alma. Together they move into a summer house by the sea where really together - very strange way... Excerpt: the end of the film Passage: the son Excerpt: my husband is an Excerpt: in the bedroom, Elizabeth Excerpt: the film break a clip: splinter Excerpt: letter Excerpt: in the bedroom of Alma Passage: the story of Alma Passage: the self-immolation of Buddhist monk Excerpt: 'ma before bed Excerpt: prologue and titles

Two sisters and the boy returned home, but have halfway stop somewhere in exile: Esther is seriously ill. Not knowing what to do, Johan wanders around the hotel corridors, and his mother, Anna manages to have a short-term affair... Excerpt: words in a foreign language Excerpt: pain is the Passage: Esther and midgets Excerpt: hysterical Anna Excerpt: the tank under the sample window: Johan bedside ester Excerpt: lust Excerpt: the story of Anna Excerpt: pictures bellboy Excerpt: vaudeville Excerpt: Anna and the waiter Excerpt: the boy in the corridors of the hotel Passage: Esther on bed Excerpt: Esther and the bellboy Excerpt: Anna is taking a bath Excerpt: stuffiness in the train

On a desert island dinner under the moon with the sight of a happy family: David, a famous writer, who had just returned from Switzerland and completing a new book, his daughter Karin and her husband Martin, a University Professor, and son Fredrik nicknamed Minus. Karin recently there was shock therapy, not guaranteed, however, complete her recovery; in the morning it gets worse, and the day the attack again and increase. Excerpt: a conversation with father Excerpt: emergency Passage: last attack is an Excerpt: on the broken boat Excerpt: the recognition of brother Excerpt: whispering Wallpaper Excerpt: home performance Excerpt: the tears of a father

Satan suddenly developed inflamed eyes, and if you believe the sayings, the reason the innocence of the young girls. 20-year-old virgin is the daughter of the vicar of Britt-Marie, about to marry Jonas, but not allowed yet nothing more. Hell decide if she will marry spotless, the consequences will be difficult to predict - and send urgently to correct the situation languishing without female affection don Juan. Excerpt: overheard sighs Excerpt: the vicar and the devil Excerpt: don Juan and the statue of the Commendatore Excerpt: talk about love Excerpt: in hell Excerpt: a tale of the underworld

In 1846, the year coach of the "Theatre magic powers Vogler" devastated and even wanted to stop in a small town, where the artists were going to perform "a series of sensations". Representatives of the local high society - Consul, Commissioner and Counsellor of medicine - insist on an exclusive submission, in order to ensure that the suspicious performers - ordinary quacks, and not the wizards. Excerpt: the nightmare Passage: the story of the opening Passage: the invisible chains Excerpt: the trick with magnets Excerpt: exposing Excerpt: Laterna magica Excerpt: Ghost dragged vodka Excerpt: love potion Excerpt: the dying actor

78-year-old Professor Isak Borg travels to Lund to receive an honorary award. At first it was planned that he would fly there from Stockholm by plane, but "a complete egoist" suddenly changed his mind and chose the car, which allowed him to experience the memories of his past life, in particular, to pass by the house where he rested in his early years, and to visit her 96-year-old mother. Excerpt: remembrance before sleep Excerpt: night music Excerpt: ceremony Excerpt: a nail in a dream Excerpt: the clock without hands Excerpt: the mother of the Passage: images of the past Excerpt: strawberry fields Excerpt: very unpleasant dream Excerpt: prologue

In the near future the Earth is threatened with destruction because of global ecological crisis. The chance of rescue is an international project to create for humanity a new home... in space. On a suitable exoplanet space mission is sent with a unique setting for terraforming. This device must generate on another planet suitable conditions for life of people. However, in flight on a space ship accident occurs that breaks the connection to the Land and deprives the team of opportunities to return. But on another planet astronauts waiting for something incomprehensible, collision with which threatens the mission and, as a consequence, the survival of humanity. Now the fate of Earth is decided in space. Teaser

The film about legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong was based on the book of the historian, NASA James R. Hancinema, received unique access to the personal archives of Armstrong. Test pilot, became an astronaut, returned from the lunar surface a national hero whose success was greatly inflated by the press service of NASA. In fact the first person to set foot on the moon was buzz, Aldrin, but the biography of Armstrong was more effective. However, after landing, he did not wrap befallen him fame into a political career, and reunited with the family, shut off from the outside world and began to lead a very secluded life. official trailer

In the mid-fourteenth century after a decade spent in the Crusades, plague gripped the return home of the knight Antonius Block and his squire Jöns. On the way to the knight's castle, they meet the actors who come to Elsinore for the patronal feast, the blacksmith, searching for the runaway with one wife, a former seminarian, now robbing the dead, "the witch", which lead to the fire... But the main meeting takes place at the very beginning, even on the beach: there comes to the knight of Death itself - but he invites her to play chess... Excerpt: the dance of death Excerpt: the witch at the stake Excerpt: Death is sawing a tree Excerpt: the knight and the actors of the Passage: the procession Excerpt: confessions of an Excerpt: dance of death in the Church...

Mr. Egerman, the lawyer, middle-aged, in a dream calling the name of his former mistress, Desiree, Armfeldt, 29-year-old actress is a legitimate concern of the young wife, 19-year-old Anna who, being already two years married, still a virgin and in love with Henrik, Fredrik's son from his first marriage. Later, once late in the evening at home Desiree, Fredrik is confronted with a new lover "women are not the most strict rules" - count Carl Magnus Malcolm, married to Charlotte. All of them - including the maid Petra and the groom Frida - hold in its own delightful white night in a country house elder Mrs. Armfeldt... Excerpt: Russian roulette Excerpt: watch death Excerpt: room for the king Passage: the servant and the master's son Excerpt: conversation with...

Magic show at the circus on New year's eve miracle twist of fate, the two are absolutely not similar to each other girls.Sonia lives with a rich dad - the owner of the candy Empire, and Katya together with her brother Nicky grow up in an orphanage. They haven't met, but they share a love of the tales of the sweet Kingdom, who wrote Sonia's mom, a famous children's writer. But her story is missing the final. Sonya I'm sure the last page of my mother's tales will bring happiness to her family, and for this she is even ready to change places with Kate. Teaser

Closed city-forming plant. Business owner — the oligarch Kalugin — bankrupts it to bargain with foreigners. Several thousand workers remain on the street without a livelihood. All humbly accept this fate, and only five desperate men decide to defend and take the owner hostage to demand money from him. The leader of the hard workers — Gray, who fought and wounded in the hot spot, together with his friends to enter into mortal combat with the henchmen of the oligarch Fog and his group of specialists for the life Kalugin. The outcome of the battle will decide who is right — rich or poor. Teaser