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Ominous spectre Queen of spades bloodthirsty again, and this time his victims are the pupils of the boarding school, located in an old mansion shrouded in dark rumor. Entertaining each other with horror stories about child murders that have occurred in this house in the nineteenth century, teenagers find in an abandoned wing of a mysterious mirror, covered with mysterious drawings. For fun, students spend in front of that mirror mystical ritual invocation of the spirit Queen of spades and make the most secret desires, hoping that the Ghost of their will. Jokers unaware of the fact that the cost of executing every whim becomes their own soul — and that the Queen of Spades will not rest until I get them all. Trailer

Game developer Matt booth has one chance to save his career, presenting its biggest project at the awards ceremony in new Mexico. Noting but fun meeting with a friend at the airport, he finds himself in the Mexican city of Acapulco. After landing Matt is hunted by criminals, killers and the feds, looking for the mysterious package, which he allegedly smuggled through customs, but about which he knows nothing. Teaming up with a fatal beauty and unleashed her "inner action hero", he uncovers a plot that could shake all of the United States, and possibly the whole world. official trailer

Plot — a young family that moved into a new apartment on the outskirts of the city. Hired for their newborn daughter's nanny, quickly gained the confidence. However, the older boy, Yegor, talks about frightening the woman's behavior, but parents don't believe him. A surveillance camera installed by the father for reassurance, only confirm — it's all right. And then one day, Yegor, returning home, finds no trace of any nurse, nor the little sisters and parents are in a strange trance and don't even remember that they had a daughter. Then Yegor together with friends goes on a quest in which you find that nanny is an ancient Slavic demon, popularly known as the witch. Trailer

Hurvinek — smart and cheerful ten year old boy, longing only to complete the last level incredibly complex computer games. Then his name will be in the coveted Hall of Fame bullies from school finally recognize him, and even absent-minded father would be proud. But winning in a virtual game is only the beginning of the true journey Hurvínek, his faithful dog and their unflappable neighbor in a long-forgotten world of ancient city Museum of toys. Hurvinek accidentally activates a legendary magical drive that animates not only the Museum and all its amazing inhabitants, but the monstrous elderly puppeteer! Trailer

Fearless Marie Colvin is one of the most famous war correspondents of our time. She feels equally comfortable sipping a Martini with the elite of London, and in opposition to dictators in the middle of military conflict. She is a smoker, addicted to alcohol and not always legible in bonds. But a strong desire to testify to the truth forces her again and again to be in advanced military conflicts around the world. She never once looked death straight in the eye. Her life is a tornado, her mind is a minefield, her beautiful body covered with wounds. Together with the same fighter for justice, a war photographer Conroe Floors in the besieged city of Syria, they proceed to the most dangerous assignment of their careers. official trailer

Adaptation of the autobiographical novel by the writer Romain Gary. Even when the future winner of the Prix Goncourt was a child, his mother firmly decided that he would become a diplomat and a world-famous writer. Despite the fact that it's been laughed at others, and the son was always hesitant about her powers, she continued to believe in it, and all her wildest dreams come true. A mother's love and unconditional support were Romain through all the trials and adventures of his life, full of mystery, battles and incredible twists. official trailer

Photographer and traveler Leonid Kruglov went on a journey through the Arctic route Semyon Dezhnev pioneer and discoverer in the 17th century rolled away the border of the Russian Empire far to the East. Breaking 10 thousand kilometers on dogs, deer, boats, parallax, risking their lives and acting in spite of circumstances, Leonid went from Arkhangelsk to the Bering Strait. It was necessary to live and survive to find the answer to the question about the great events of four hundred years ago, forever changed the course of Russian and world history. Trailer

The Earth, XXVII century. A world in which the ability to "download" human consciousness and personality from one body to another. A perfect world for criminals, and cops, and for the army, but hardly ideal for ex-military-special forces and former rebel Takeshi Kovacs, whose billionaire Bancroft hired to investigate the death of one of their bodies. Externally — apparent suicide, but Bancroft believes himself incapable of such an act, and the memories of the last moments of life destroyed with an accurate shot into the storage device. Teaser. The announcement of the cast

Lighthouse Keeper James, Thomas and Donald was laconic, strong and unpretentious guys. One day they found on the island of the treasure — box of gold, some thought, and decided to share. They forgot the well-known truth — gold is always the master and is rarely quiet and shy people. A few days later on the island there was no one... the Film is based on the true story of the disappearance of three lighthouse keepers on the Islands of Flannan in 1900. Stopped clock, no traces of blood or livid and swollen corpses... the Mystery of the disappearance of these people is still not disclosed. official trailer

In 1999, the student Celeste miraculously survived, when her classmate started a school shooting. Under the impression of the misfortunes she wrote the song and woke up famous. The meteoric rise orchestrated by an experienced Manager and energized the greedy public interest in the tragedy that turned her into a global superstar. 20 years later, Celeste's career began to decline, and the scandalous episode at the press conference threatened altogether to destroy it. Now stubborn star have to deal with their personal and family problems and not go crazy trying to keep the fragile line between fame and real life. official trailer

Fred Filarski — progressive in the past, the columnist for a dying newspaper, which devotes more and more articles about the attack on Alistair Wembley, the head of a large media conglomerate. But now Fred is unemployed and poor alone. Like many Americans he is passionate about U.S. Secretary of state Charlotte field. She is smart, beautiful, and far more sense in politics than the President. But Fred connects with Charlotte something more than a simple adoration — a teenager Charlotte was a nurse Fred. Since it's been forever, but Filarski can not forget. Field married to a Senator and have not seen Fred since his childhood. Although, oddly enough, Charlotte and Fred have something in common: they are both the enemies of Alistair Wembley. And in the end...

The theme is the history of the musician-loser Jack Malick, living in the English countryside. Despite the support of her best friend Ellie, the guy decides to stop dreaming about the glory and throw his favorite thing. However, the next morning, Jack discovers that as a result of inexplicable events, the whole world forgot about the existence of the Beatles, and only he remembers their songs. Malik soon begins to perform the songs the fab four, passing them off as their own, and becomes a star of world level. Although its popularity is growing rapidly, now Jack is in danger of losing Ellie is the one person who always believed in him. official trailer

Heavenly office of God — large office with many departments and employees working in the atmosphere of time pressure and multitasking. There is even a HR or resembling technical support Department processing prayer. It is his servants, the angels Elise and Craig, taken for the salvation of the Earth when depressed the Lord suddenly decides to destroy it. Now the angels have two weeks to connect the unconnected — two lonely people in a couple, and prove that humanity is not hopeless and worthy of existence. Trailer

Circus impresario mark Medici appoints former star of the circus Holt Ferrier and his children Millie and Joe guardians of a newborn elephant whose enormous ears immediately become the subject of constant jokes and ridicule Holt's colleagues on the shop floor. Suddenly learning that Dumbo can fly, the owner of the circus decides to cash in on the unusual abilities of a baby elephant. Connected to the case of an energetic entrepreneur V. A. Vandever who decides to make baby Dumbo main star of his Grand new entertainment company "Dreamland". official trailer

Twelve-year-old Zane may not exactly answer the question, how many brothers and sisters, but I'm sure children in his family had to be smaller. Despite her young age, Zane is working illegally, watching the younger, helping a senior, looking for money and papers to emigrate to Sweden. He looks at the world with undisguised hatred. He has something to hate. Children in the streets of Beirut begging, they eat sprinkled with sugar and ice chips, girls as early as possible sell to get married, he is forced to eat anything, sleep anywhere, and most importantly — he had just received a five-year term. In prison, he sues the parents. Because they gave him life. official trailer