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Halloween is a fun time of dressing up, feasts and harmless pugalok. But not if you are a victim of the curse of the "Letter of death". In the creepy traditions of the poor fellow, received an ominous letter, shall immediately forward it to another recipient. Otherwise, the curse will take effect, and the accident will haunt the dark forces that can bring to madness. One morning on the eve of Halloween, James found a letter on his doorstep. Nonsense like Ghost stories him to do it once, and he, without thinking twice, burned the message. What led to the horror of my wife, daughter and son, who believed in the power of "Letters of death". The curse came true and the family is waiting for the scariest night of their lives. official trailer

Once planet Kepler flourished. Source of super-energy for the planet served as a centuries-old magical forest of trees Kar-Lalo. But after the arrival of the earthlings, the forest was completely destroyed, and Kepler is doomed to extinction. To revive the oasis and save their land, friends Axel, members of the staff working and Gaga fight with evil humans and giant robots, embarks on a dangerous journey to the bottom of the volcano. At all costs they must find the last seed in CT-Lalo, but the time is almost gone. official trailer

1944. Bomber regiment, which serves as captain Yossarian, stationed on an island in the Tyrrhenian sea. To get to the reserve, the soldier will need to perform a certain number of sorties according to the norm prescribed in the U.S. air force. However, the commander of the regiment, Vetlugina the next rank, constantly raises the bar. Yossarian tries to get away from war and refers to the madness, as this disease is the official cause for suspension from flying. But according to a governmental decree, the "catch-22", anyone who calls himself a madman with a purpose to be exempted from military duty, and thereby proves the opposite, because such a statement clearly demonstrates the sanity. the Translated trailer

Lords of the Eight Kingdoms are going to the Feast of the Purification, to put an end to wars and strife. They do not realize that this is only a clever trap, Fat King who wanted to destroy every single one of them. However, the bloodthirsty tyrant plan goes awry, as in his own family, too, has matured a conspiracy, and among the guests a lot of criminals. A celebration erupted, infidelity come each other on heels, corpses dot the castle, and hatred, jealousy and lust make him hot. Let the games begin! official trailer

Sidorov Roofing — a simple worker close to retirement age from the Russian heartland — suddenly discovers the talent of the artist becomes a sensation in the contemporary art world. And all this is due to the fact that the creation of "masterpieces" is a very intimate moment... the Fame of the unusual artist shatters on the Internet, and the exhibition of paintings by Anatoly mrinalini connoisseurs come even from Moscow. As in the Russian fairy tale, the hero miraculously falls recognition and money, but Roofing prefers to remain incognito, trying to understand, and creativity. And men from the factory laughed at if they knew. Trailer

After a mysterious and terrible accident, a young talented architect wakes up in a bizarre world. This world is woven from memories of people in coma. Like human memory, it is fragmented, chaotic and unstable. This is the space of COMA, in which rivers, glaciers, and cities can fit in one room, and all the laws of physics be violated. Hero to find out what laws exist that space, to fight for life, find love, find finally out into the real world and realize it in a new way, realizing what a COMA really is. Ficaretta No. 2

The Owner of a huge trading network Vadim Dyumin - the best in his subject and used to get their way by any means. Charm and elaborate plan to help him find a Chinese investor who is ready to become a partner in the company of Vadim decorated once on his mother. Multi-million dollar deal ready to be signed, but there was an unexpected problem. My mom died recently and it turns out he left a will, where they handed the retailer of his son to his granddaughter, his daughter... That Vadim left when she was 2 years old and does not support a relationship with her. he should go to his native small town to find his ex-wife and daughter and convince them to give up the inheritance for the amount ... somewhere around half a billion dollars. A successful businessman...

15 years ago, Andrew under the guidance of his father, the Colonel's birthplace, was trained in a secret school where teenagers cook the agents of the foreign intelligence Service. When the pilot project was closed, Andrew "burned bridges", remained in Europe and tried not to think about the past. But once he calls the father, who was believed dead. He said that Andrew opened to hunting, but who decided to destroy it – is unknown. Fleeing, he finds Masha, with whom he studied at the special school... Andrew will go through love and betrayal and learn the true extent ruthless spy game, in which he became involved Willy-nilly. Trailer

Crypto Rush, the Film tells the story of how one random investment in cryptocurrency mining at the time, changed the world so much that about bitcoin I thought and dreamt by almost everyone. The shooting of the film began in 2017 and lasted until mid-2018, catching the moment of the decline of the market of cryptocurrency. While working on the film crew visited seven countries, where he met amazing people who have become heroes of the project. Miners in the mountains of Switzerland, invested in the business chipoy the shirt, the representatives of global corporations, feminists fighting for equality on the blockchain, tycoons of industry of eSports, suddenly fascinated by the cryptocurrency of all of these people are United by the dream that never came...

The Audience used to follow the UPS and downs of the fate of fictional characters, but behind the scenes can unfold have equally interesting history. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes scary, but definitely always interesting. Director is forced to show all his cunning management in the conditions of deficit of finances and talents. The other character presents the viewer with problems brilliant actor, appeared at the site of a second-rate television series. A decoy bravest suddenly meets his first love in the auditorium and to my misfortune, decides to hit on her. Trailer

Just demobilized Israeli Yoav winter arrives in Paris, settles in someone's abandoned and unheated apartment and in the morning is a naked person in a strange land: while he's in the shower, someone steals all his belongings, including underwear and a sleeping bag. Lost from overcooling the consciousness of Yoav find the neighbors — Emil, a young man imagining himself as a writer, and his girlfriend, Carolyn, an academic musician who plays the oboe. The heating of the stranger, they dressed him from head to toe in Kenzo, handed a plastic bag with shirts, iPhone and a stack of euros. Yoav moves into a new apartment the size of a closet, plug the hole in the wall a pile of clothes and begins to get rid of himself Israeli. official trailer

Welcome to Spooksville! A small town nestled among picturesque mountains, lakes and forests, in which live a variety of... bikes. This mountain is great speedy a bold and fast postman, and his best friends bike Pignon, who dreams of becoming a Director, cheerful Bicycle pump Gassy, which owns the garage, and lovely Biking lady in Montana who always says just what he thinks. Magic and model town, filled with pure air, it ceases to be ideal when there is an uninvited guest with the engine. official trailer

What zhanis Lipke will be the hero, could not imagine one. During the day he worked in the warehouses of the Luftwaffe, and at night was carrying contraband. When the Nazis began to destroy the inhabitants of Riga, he made a decision that could be fatal not only for himself but for his wife and young son. Just in front of the German guard, he brought out of the ghetto more than 50 people. Refuge for rescued Janice equipped in your own home. That was the secret of the dedication of the Janice Lipke — passion, opportunism, stubbornness, or just the ability in inhumane conditions to save humanity? the Translated trailer

Andrew S., a prominent businessman and politician, comes to St. Petersburg, where he agrees to give an interview to a young journalist Iryna. The one trying to keep within the allotted 30 minutes, offers a very unusual format for conversation and sits down at the piano... Over the course of this strange interview questions are asked mainly from the mouth of Andrei Sergeyevich, who first kind of ironic and condescending perceives adolescent reasoning Irina about the meaning of life, but then changed his attitude. And only when after the appointed 30 minutes Irina goes, the hero realizes that boyish this girl, in some degree, clumsy and ridiculous, justified by very important circumstances. Trailer

Anyone familiar with the biblical story of the death and resurrection of Christ. But looked like the events from the point of view of Barabbas, a murderer, released to the crowd instead of Jesus? What turned him this pardon? Barabbas is an unexpected way connected with Judah, who was unable to stifle the voice of conscience after the betrayal of Christ and found the strength to repent. Barabbas tries to understand who is the man who is crucified, and to figure out whether he is the Son of God? In search of truth Barabbas gets answers to questions that forced him to reconsider the views on my entire life. Trailer