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Teacher Alla Nikolaevna goes with his disciples on the popular musical, which the spectators become hostages of terrorists. In this situation she will once again have a chance to rally your class, and your teacher's good word to affect the situation. Teaser

The Incredible story of Katharine Graham, the first female publisher of the newspaper the Washington post and editor Ben Bradley. They enter the race with "new York times" for the right to shed light on state secrets, hiding more than 30 years. Journalists have to overcome their differences and risk their career and freedom to let the world know the truth. Trailer official trailer

At this time, Dracula along with his friends goes on a cruise on a luxury liner. There is entertainment for every taste: from monstrosity and exotic sightseeing, to the moon baths. Suddenly, Dracula falls in love with the captain of the ship – the mysterious and beautiful Erika, and his daughter Mavis understands that a trip can turn into a nightmare: because Eric keeps a terrible secret that threatens the existence of all the monsters! official trailer

The Film is about a murdered on the job, the killer, who is temporarily brought back to life, giving you the opportunity to redeem the past. He left only twenty-four hours to in conjunction with their own assassin to carry out a noble mission to win forgiveness official trailer Trailer

Anton decides to go to an old school friend on her Birthday before you can take the most important step in the relationship with his girlfriend Marina. And all would be well, but his school friends and Marina loathe each other, being jealous of Anton. The situation is completely out of control when Anton wakes up after celebrating dnyuhu in another city locked in the apartment of an unknown girl and the video yesterday about his exploits blew up the Internet... Trailer

The protagonist of the film — Max loses his job at the plant and to feed his family, forced to accept a random offer classmates — to work as a stripper. Hiding the new profession from his wife, Ani, Max falls in a series of amusingly ridiculous situations. Trailer

Meet with a monstrously charming family Wishbon! By the will of the mighty Dracula, they face metricheskie problems: mom turns into a vampire, dad is Frankenstein, and their children in the mummy and the werewolf. To be a human being again, they need not only to defeat the Lord of darkness, but to become a truly happy family! official trailer No. 2

Big house, a loving man, talented children and a career in the mountain. We are adults and make decisions? As it is not so! Caring parents still don't leave us without "valuable advice", especially when suddenly come upon the New year. However, to break away, they also teach adult! In other words, the holiday snuck up on me... official trailer No. 2 official trailer

Dark secret envelops the old mansion, where Jack lives in seclusion with his brothers and sister. However, the abode of the shadows opened its doors to the beautiful stranger, who lives next door. She does not know that here, at any moment, a sinister force ready to strike from the darkness... official trailer Trailer

Welcome to Sunny Suburbicon! In a lovely quiet town in the heart of America. Happy family. Cheap pretty home. Well-kept lawns. The late 50's. the Embodiment of the American dream. Wonderful life town suddenly interrupts shocking, earth-shattering event – rose Lodge, a loving wife and mother, killed by the hands of robbers invaded the house of one of the most respected families. Her sister Margaret arrives to support family. But Gardner Lodge, impeccable husband and father, after the death of his wife behaving so strangely that even his young son Nicky asks: what dad? Further a chain of incredible and very strange events gradually destroys the image of "the Holy family", where the idyllic shell what is not hidden: the revenge, and betrayal, and blackmail...

The Plot revolves around a boy named August Pullman. On the one hand, it is the same as other boys his age — loves to go to birthdays to their friends, play computer games, he is a fan of Star wars, plays with his dog, quarrel and be reconciled with her older sister. On the other hand, he does not like other boys his age. First, the August never went to a regular school from the first grade with him at home mom. Second, the August underwent 27 operations. Due to a very rare, but sometimes there are genetic errors Aug no face. And now this boy must go to school. For the first time. To normal children. Trailer

10-year-old Venus and 10-year-old Max is not like their single parents like they were switched at birth. Venus, a truly rebel, delivers a lot of trouble to my right and a bit boring mother's lawyer Uliana. Max, on the contrary, is forced to act like an adult and take care of careless and infantile father's bones, which is far from reality and spent most of his time is dedicated to the online blog. When the stress becomes unbearable, both couples turn to couples therapy, which gives them an unexpected tip: parents need to switch children to live with someone else's child in order to better understand your. Trailer

In one village of Omsk region, began to severely die. Alexander arrives in the village to the reunion to their classmates, and at the same time decides to spend the vacation outside the city. After the arrival of the world for Alexandra changed. Her chase the strange phenomena occurring in this village, as well as the stories of the inhabitants that this place is cursed. Trailer

Julia beautiful, mysterious and... hopelessly single. She lives with her mother in the house where reigns a cult of the deceased father, the military, powerful, harsh man. Rare, apparently, an idiot. None met Julia men does not meet such a high bar. But Mama is determined to give his daughter in marriage. And then one fine day in the family has a handsome man in dress uniform. One problem: he is not quite who you think he is. Or not the same? Trailer

Surely you have not played in the snow... And a crocodile? Oddly enough, that's what have to deal with the inhabitants of the manor Morozov, because at stake is his paternal inheritance. In this serious struggle in the course of going any means. And the middle son of Dima, an incorrigible adventurer, even managed to bring a fictitious family. Only here the head of the family, self-willed retired General Georgy Morozov, does not even suspect that is not the love of family traditions brought to the house all family members. Teaser