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Professor of paleontology Jonas Taylor last elite pilot deep-sea submersibles, has for many years writes about the mega and lectures, trying to forget the unforgettable, tragically ended an expedition, which has convinced him that the primal beast exists in our days. At a secret dive in the deepest ocean canyon Taylor barely escaped from the jaws of a huge prehistoric monster, capable of lifting even the t-Rex. Taylor offered to do an even deeper dive. What he might find, ought to silence the skeptics, but when this finding will be raised from the seabed, the ocean tides will be blood red until the end of time. the international trailer

Class teacher-Con Mueller went to the class with the most difficult adolescents in Germany. Not a day goes by that these young offshoots of something not actually said. If not for the criminal history of the Prisoner, he would never with them, not be controlled. But this year promises to be special. On a nose final exams, and none of the students or in the tooth foot in the material. And all because eve talked to them school specialist guidance and finally beat off the guys hunting something to do. Will the Prisoners to help them find motivation, and to regain faith in themselves? official trailer

Five years, eight months, 12 days... and beyond. That's how much Debbie ocean (Sandra bullock), developed a plan for the greatest Heist of his life. She knows exactly what it will require is a team of the best in the business, starting with her longtime accomplice Lou Miller (cate Blanchett). Together they gather a team of unique specialists: jeweler Amit (Ceiling), pickpocket Constance (Akvafina), fencing stolen goods Tammy (Paulson), a hacker Nine (Rihanna) and fashion designer rose (Bonham Carter). Their goal is irresistible 150 million dollars in diamonds in the diamonds on the neck of the world famous actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), to which is riveted everyone's attention on the main event of the year – bale at the Metropolitan Museum. The plan...

Bertil "lucky" to the hysterical women: previously, he was with viola, who loved not him, but the deceased husband; now resting in Basel with Ruth, that had unconventional relations with a married Lieutenant Raul. Viola and Ruth are strangers to each other, but they have a common friend – Valborg; their intersecting, diverging history and are the basis of this complex picture. Excerpt: the suicide of viola Excerpt: two mirrors Passage: Ruth at the mirror Passage: a dance Passage: car door Excerpt: destroyed house Excerpt: the serpent Passage: shower

October the forty-first year. Thousands of German troops comes on the Kalinin (now Tver), to capturing it, opening a direct path to Moscow. On the protection of the city only two thousand persons without tanks and artillery. The only hope to delay the enemy — the trains of the fifth infantry division that must go through Kalinin station. But saboteurs will do everything to avoid this. The head of the Kalinin garrison, major Pavel Sysoev, struggling to keep order and peace, he falls under suspicion of involvement in the enemy's subversive group. Fichureo Video Trailer

Is the first documentary film Studio BAZELEVS, and it has everything that we love a great movie. The film masterfully conveys the atmosphere of the postwar era, when people are on 1/6 of the land lived the same problems, went to the demonstration, watching a captured American movie and believe that everything will soon be better. This is a very poetic movie, because his main character is a real artist. In the film raises important topics of growing up, discovering the world and others, hard work and vocation, forgiveness and repentance. They all served unobtrusively, with humor, and the tragedy of the proposed circumstances softens the love that permeates every character and every detail of this incredible story. "You know, mother, where I was" is a...

Primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson) prefers to stay away from people and is friends with George, a surprisingly smart alpha male – gorilla, whom he raised from birth. But the out-of-control genetic experiment turns obedient monkey in a furious monster. Moreover, soon discovered that there are other modified predators. While the newly-created monster's turn in the ruins of North America, erasing from the face of the Earth everything that comes in their way, Ocoee together with the disgraced genetic engineer tries to invent the antidote, breaking through the endless field of battle, not only to prevent a global catastrophe, but to save fearless creature that was once his friend. BAD-ASS Trailer

Tired of the "fake" reality that for over 18 years painted a subordinate, the President of Russia is reincarnated with the help of prosthetics in a simple Russian guy from the cover of a magazine and decides to live with people at least a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, a simple Russian guy Vitaly appearing on the cover of the magazine, as a willful defaulter on loans, decides to hide in the Crimean sanatoriums on the ticket of his mother. A simple accident allows the Russian guy to be a President and no one recognized the President — to see Russia from Moscow to the Crimea in the most unexpected colors. Trailer

Progressive and talented Natasha and Roma dream of a European wedding by the sea... but natashino stepfather procured a different scenario. Rough official of the city administration considers the celebration as a springboard for their own careers and strives to make everything "right". Young unforgettable evening in the restaurant "Gold" with a full set of boring ceremonies. Not to fight, the boys decide to hold the wedding of your dreams in secret from conservative relatives. But in an absurd accident both celebrations merge together. the Trailer of the Mexican remake of the movie

The Sun rises over the Earth, and many creatures start their day full of touching, exciting and dangerous events. Iguanas flee from poisonous snakes, adorable pandas eat bamboo shoots, giraffes fight for the heart of the "lovely ladies"... Life in the African Savannah, on deserted Islands in the Pacific ocean, in the forests of Asia and on the seabed takes place according to the laws of action-Thriller and sentimental melodrama or a dizzying Thriller. Never before miracles were not so close. A startling journey into the world of wildlife with Nikolai Drozdov. official trailer

Sarah Winchester, heiress of the famous arms company, lives alone in a Grand seven-story building whose architecture defies logic, and the corridors are like mazes. By order of the grieving widow's mansion is constantly changing and endlessly erected new walls. But it builds not for himself, not for his niece or talented Dr. Eric price, who came to the mansion at her invitation. Sarah builds a trap for the hundreds of vengeful ghosts, and the worst of them want to deal with the clan of Winchesters. official trailer

At the end of the first movie powerful dark wizard Gellert green de Wald was caught by employees of the MAKUS (Magical Congress of the office for North America), with the help of newt Salamander. Fulfilling his promise, the dark magician arranges a Grand escape and begins to gather supporters, most of whom are unaware of his true goals: to achieve superiority of wizards over all non-magical beings on the planet. To thwart the plans green de Wald, Albus Dumbledore turns to his former student to Newt Salamander, who agrees to help, not knowing what danger he faces. In splitting apart the magical world of love and loyalty are tested for strength, and the conflict divides even real friends and family members. Dubbed teaser trailer Teaser trailer Teaser

The Last days of the First world war. Cynical ambitious Lieutenant Pradel sends his company to certain death. In a senseless bloody slaughter the son of a millionaire Edouard, Pericor saves the life of a humble accountant, albert Mayaro, but he is seriously wounded. His face is horribly disfigured, and so he doesn't want to appear in the father's house. Cancer friends is located in Paris, Edouard – under a false name and forever hiding the face under the mask. They come up with a daring plan to escape from desperate poverty. For starters, albert, sitting in the Bank, steals the money from the accounts. Meanwhile, Pradel, grown rich on the Scam in the funeral business, in a cruel twist of fate, marries the sister of Edouard. And the way former colleagues...

Failed actor Ilya finally managed it – from tomorrow his voice will sound in the air "Mens radio". How can you not mention this event! But this morning the newly minted lead may not speak the voice after a wild party gone completely. Half an hour to air Prime time, the signed contract is Ilya in a panic...the Only way out – a shot in the vocal cords. Only that, the assurance of the doctor, can save the situation. And here's the presenter at the microphone. Everything is ready to go live. Countdown. Ilya welcomes listeners... a female voice! The hostage situation is ridiculous, hero goes all to return to the voice and do not miss your chance. Trailer

Adaptation of the novel by the famous science fiction writer Sergey Lukyanenko, the author of the script of "Night Watch" and "Day watch". Young Muscovite Kirill is a talented designer of computer games. One day he is completely erased from the memory of everyone he knew and loved. Cyril finds out that chosen for the important and mysterious mission. His goal is to become a customs officer between parallel worlds, of which there are dozens in the Universe. Whether Cyril to solve the mystery of these mysterious worlds and who and what controls them? Trailer # 2 Trailer