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The Film about few days in the life of the writer Sergei Dovlatov in Leningrad in the early 70-ies on the eve of the exile of his friend, the future Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky. It's the circle of paradoxical and funny situations. Collision with crime, secular and literary life of Leningrad film Studio "Lenfilm", music, poetry reading, craft journalist, hankering to buy my daughter a doll that can't get anywhere else. In a series of conflicts in life, sometimes funny, and sometimes poignant, we discover the life of the subtle, brilliant, ironic man who chooses his career, later to become one of the most popular Russian writers of the XX century. Promo Trailer Press conference

Exciting New story from the universe of Star Wars is about the legendary heroes and events of the distant past. The new film will tell about the adventures of a young space daredevil Han Solo and his trusty companion Chewbacca, and how they were the fastest drivers and the most cunning smugglers in a distant Galaxy. Dubbed TV spot with the Superbowl

The plot revolves around a group of American astronauts to the space station, which makes a horrific discovery that changes all the existing ideas about the fabric of reality. And at the same time the heroes have to fight for his own life, but it is particular. the TV spot with the Superbowl

Fantastic story about an unexpected solution to the problem of overpopulation of the planet: Norwegian scientists invent technology to reduce people, thanks to which after 200 years the whole world can make a miniature. Besides a mini-life offers a lot of financial benefits, so the simple boyfriend Paul (Matt Damon) and his wife Audrey (Kristen Wiig), without thinking, decide to leave their dull existence in Omaha and proceed to reduce. It's their decision will entail the most amazing effects... Trailer # 2

Directorial debut of Greta Gerwig tells about the life of Christine "Lady bird" McPherson (saoirse Ronan). Her rebellious nature and a vivid imagination isolated the girl among peers. This is a touching story about first love, true friendship and trying to escape from a provincial town to find their place in life. Trailer

Lara Croft – a very independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer, who disappeared when she was a teenager. Now she was twenty-one, she aimlessly lives his life as a courier on a bike you ride for the streets of East London, and her salary is barely enough to pay rent and College classes, she gets not so often. Determined to break herself, she refuses to take over the leadership of the global Empire of the father, equally adamant in rejecting the idea that he really was gone. Hearing the advice that she needs to accept this fact and move on after seven years of fruitless searching, Lara already, and I do not understand what causes her to unravel the mysterious circumstances of his death. Contrary to the last will of her father, she throws everything she...