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Doug — hockey player who can't play hockey, but could easily put any with the help of their mighty fists. As a result of injury strong hand he has to leave hockey. And how do you cope with a boring office job when the captain of your team becomes an impudent upstart? To get back on the ice, Doug will have to team up with his worst enemy. More annealing, more mayhem! official trailer

Jackie investigates the mysterious disappearance of her best friend. The trail leads to an old mansion Havenhurst in the heart of new York. Its walls hide many secrets. Requirements for guests strict: very difficult to get here. But even harder to get out of here official trailer

Cool cat with gathering force, to restore order on the streets of Manhattan, where all dance to the tune of the mysterious and dangerous Mr. Croco. However, a gang of cat he is not afraid. When you're arrogant, resourceful and charming, and velvet paws hide sharp claws — you have (almost) no obstacles. official trailer

During his escape from the asylum for the insane, four teenagers kidnap a young nurse. In pursuit of them embarking a detachment of police, headed by a Texas Ranger by Hal Hartmann, vengeful and merciless. One of the escapees gets to full of tragedies and horrors of the journey that will turn him into a maniac — a legend by the name "Leather face". official trailer

The Film tells about a group of eccentric assassins, who decided to unite in order to remove from its path counterpart, arrogant killer of Gunter. However, all is not so simple, because every time Gunther turns out to be a step ahead of former friends in business. Trailer

Season 1: Family psychiatrist Ben Harmon, going through hard times, moved from Boston to Los Angeles in the hope that the air of California will have a refreshing effect on the crumbling marriage. The couple buy a Victorian mansion, not knowing what terrible secret keeps the old house and what ghosts are attached to it. Season 2: In a psychiatric hospital gets a patient, accused of a series of brutal murders. In pursuit of sensation, the journalist of the local newspaper decides to visit charitable institutions with the aim to learn more about what is happening inside. Her impression of the hospital visit and the story of many years of imprisonment within its walls will cause mass scandal revelations. Season 3: the result of the trial of the Salem witches...