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Spoiled red cat Marnie lives in the house with his owner in warmth and comfort and in a whisker does not blow. But her life radically changes when she becomes the victim of burglars-criminals who send it in a box in another city. The road box is lost and Marnie ends up somewhere in a remote village, one-on-one with real life. She meets the dog, the Cock and Ass and then the adventure begins... Marnie and her new friends to find who is behind the mysterious burglaries in town and to disarm the gang. official trailer

December 1897, Paris. Edmond Rostand is not and thirty, and has two children to feed and clothe. It's been two years since he can't write. In desperation, he promises his patron to bring a new epic and hilarious thing in verse. Pleased cartridge shall fix the date for the premiere. The problem is that Edmond while there is only one name. He must stay within the lines, ignoring the whims of the actress, the idiotic demands of the producers, the jealousy of his wife, a love Scam his best friend, and despite the fact that his success is not trusted by anybody, including himself. official trailer

Almost all childhood Dora spent in the jungle, where he worked as her parents are researchers. But no previous adventure could have prepared the girl to the dangers of high school confusion, rivalry, envy. In addition mysteriously disappearing parents Dora. But she wouldn't be myself if I gave up. First love, old and new friends inspire a brave girl to go in search of relatives. On the way to the goal they will find a lot of challenges, and the chilling mystery of a lost civilization. official trailer

Charlie suddenly finds himself in the magical universe of PLAYMOBIL®. Worried about his sudden disappearance, the elder sister Marla bravely goes in search of. Her fantastic journey through exciting new worlds. Along the way she will meet and make friends with incredible characters. Among them, the business, the eloquent driver mobile diner; Rex he did not, a brave and charismatic secret agent; cute robot loser; extravagant fairy godmother and many others. The incredible adventures of Marle and help Charlie to understand that, despite any difficulties, the main thing is to always believe in yourself! And then even the impossible will become possible. Dubbed teaser

In normal and bustling Moscow there's an unusual House, overgrown with hundreds of secrets and mysteries. This house has a strange apartment, which is still not long delayed no tenant... And only when this "nice" apartment calls an independent mother with a charming 8-year-old daughter Alina, the new tenants know that their living space is a difficult, and lives in it the real House. Only now the Keeper of the hearth has long been offended by the whole human race and do all nasty things imaginable, if only to be alone in the ill-fated apartment. But everything changes when the Brownie challenge the evil witch. Trailer

Through dialogue, film and painting shows the portrait of a man, capable of sharp contrasts, strong passions, and an impressive boldness when it comes to protecting ideals. Immortal personality, one of the greatest artists who ever saw the world — its rich artistic heritage forever advanced technologies reconstructs major sculptural and pictorial works of Buonarroti: Sistine chapel, "Pieta", "David", "Moses", the universal Court of justice, St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, "Madonna Doni" and other immortal masterpieces. official trailer

After the death of the head of the family mother and teenage daughter Leah can't find a common language. To escape from the reality, the girl's friends became fascinated with the occult. Her mother decides that their family needs to relocate and move to adenomatosis house in the woods, far away from friends and school Lea. Relationships do not improve, and after the next quarrel the angry girl goes into the forest and conducts a ritual invocation of the spirit to kill the mother. The next day she will regret, but something from the forest had made his way into their home. official trailer

A Young naive provincial Artem arrives in Moscow in the hope of a beautiful new life, but to begin, we have to help him in the difficult night work "a sober driver". The first evening, taking in the nightclub beautiful Kristina, Artem mistakenly turns with her in an expensive hotel room. Absolutely no memory of the events of last night, Christine takes the boy for a young millionaire, and that, in turn, is in no hurry to disappoint her. Every date Artem falls in love more and more but to get out of ridiculous situations is becoming increasingly difficult. the Trailer Ficaretta

A Team of volunteer rescue workers conducting exercises in the gloomy forests near St. Petersburg. For the trainee Wiki - this is the first departure, and not everything turns out as we would like. And the journalist Christina is preparing a report on the rescuers, but dissatisfied with the boring stuff... Everything changes when MOE directed the detachment message about the missing boy, volunteers closest to the search area. Venturing into the dense forest, the team suddenly starts to stray and are confronted with the frightening oddities: the mysterious marks on the trees, chilling sounds, disturbing no end of trouble... And then the rescue and did find a lifeless elderly woman. That's when they remember that the glorious Intercession of the day when...

Ominous spectre Queen of spades bloodthirsty again, and this time his victims are the pupils of the boarding school, located in an old mansion shrouded in dark rumor. Entertaining each other with horror stories about child murders that have occurred in this house in the nineteenth century, teenagers find in an abandoned wing of a mysterious mirror, covered with mysterious drawings. For fun, students spend in front of that mirror mystical ritual invocation of the spirit Queen of spades and make the most secret desires, hoping that the Ghost of their will. Jokers unaware of the fact that the cost of executing every whim becomes their own soul — and that the Queen of Spades will not rest until I get them all. Trailer

Game developer Matt booth has one chance to save his career, presenting its biggest project at the awards ceremony in new Mexico. Noting but fun meeting with a friend at the airport, he finds himself in the Mexican city of Acapulco. After landing Matt is hunted by criminals, killers and the feds, looking for the mysterious package, which he allegedly smuggled through customs, but about which he knows nothing. Teaming up with a fatal beauty and unleashed her "inner action hero", he uncovers a plot that could shake all of the United States, and possibly the whole world. official trailer

Plot — a young family that moved into a new apartment on the outskirts of the city. Hired for their newborn daughter's nanny, quickly gained the confidence. However, the older boy, Yegor, talks about frightening the woman's behavior, but parents don't believe him. A surveillance camera installed by the father for reassurance, only confirm — it's all right. And then one day, Yegor, returning home, finds no trace of any nurse, nor the little sisters and parents are in a strange trance and don't even remember that they had a daughter. Then Yegor together with friends goes on a quest in which you find that nanny is an ancient Slavic demon, popularly known as the witch. Trailer

Hurvinek — smart and cheerful ten year old boy, longing only to complete the last level incredibly complex computer games. Then his name will be in the coveted Hall of Fame bullies from school finally recognize him, and even absent-minded father would be proud. But winning in a virtual game is only the beginning of the true journey Hurvínek, his faithful dog and their unflappable neighbor in a long-forgotten world of ancient city Museum of toys. Hurvinek accidentally activates a legendary magical drive that animates not only the Museum and all its amazing inhabitants, but the monstrous elderly puppeteer! Trailer

Fearless Marie Colvin is one of the most famous war correspondents of our time. She feels equally comfortable sipping a Martini with the elite of London, and in opposition to dictators in the middle of military conflict. She is a smoker, addicted to alcohol and not always legible in bonds. But a strong desire to testify to the truth forces her again and again to be in advanced military conflicts around the world. She never once looked death straight in the eye. Her life is a tornado, her mind is a minefield, her beautiful body covered with wounds. Together with the same fighter for justice, a war photographer Conroe Floors in the besieged city of Syria, they proceed to the most dangerous assignment of their careers. official trailer

Adaptation of the autobiographical novel by the writer Romain Gary. Even when the future winner of the Prix Goncourt was a child, his mother firmly decided that he would become a diplomat and a world-famous writer. Despite the fact that it's been laughed at others, and the son was always hesitant about her powers, she continued to believe in it, and all her wildest dreams come true. A mother's love and unconditional support were Romain through all the trials and adventures of his life, full of mystery, battles and incredible twists. official trailer