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Closed city-forming plant. Business owner — the oligarch Kalugin — bankrupts it to bargain with foreigners. Several thousand workers remain on the street without a livelihood. All humbly accept this fate, and only five desperate men decide to defend and take the owner hostage to demand money from him. The leader of the hard workers — Gray, who fought and wounded in the hot spot, together with his friends to enter into mortal combat with the henchmen of the oligarch Fog and his group of specialists for the life Kalugin. The outcome of the battle will decide who is right — rich or poor. Teaser

Photographer Susanna Frank arrives with model Doris from Stockholm to Gothenburg - ostensibly for a photo shoot, although much more interested in living here Mr. Henrik Lobelias, with whom she had not seen for several months. Going in the morning to walk, Doris reluctantly met near the beautiful Windows with a relatively older man who insists and buys her the dress, shoes and an expensive necklace... Excerpt: Excerpt album: theme Excerpt: in a candy store Excerpt: Susanna in the train Passage: lesson Excerpt Dior: Photocall

Travelling circus "Alberti" returns to the city after three years of bleak wandering. Rich nobody managed, salaries are not paid, in vans full of fleas, there is absolutely nothing ("Let's kill a bear"). The circus owner albert Johansson hopes that the local theater will help them at least with costumes, and rushed to see them abandoned and forgotten wife of the father sons. His mistress Anna, serving as a "Spanish rider", is afraid to be alone and amenable to persuasion dramatic artist Frans... Excerpt: suicide circus Excerpt: the fight in the circus Excerpt: clowns in the arena Excerpt: coin for monkeys Excerpt: "suicide" of actor Excerpt: put the tent Passage: the sad song of a Suta Excerpt: prologue the clown Excerpt: random man in the picture

Five women - four wives and the younger sister of one of them - waiting for their "boring men" that haven't seen for several months (the brothers Lobelias - owners of successful family businesses that are generations old). Those will come in about two hours - and it's time for the hidden stories. "In our personal lives there is full of depth and understanding" - sets the direction of Annette, not without sorrow sigh: "I Have one life, and I have to live it with the Field". Her daughters-in-law also have something to share. the Passage: a dance Passage: lift Excerpt: anesthesia Excerpt: the silent Paris Excerpt: shadows and cabaret Passage: Death and shadow Excerpt: in the pool

Peace is impossible without imagination and adventure. At least believe in this good-natured old man, the Aviator, next to which recently settled a very pedantic mother with his studious daughter. The girl's life is subject to rigorous curriculum, where time with friends, there is only the following summer. However, this carefully constructed plan falling apart at the seams when it bursts into a strange neighbor with his incredible stories about the Little Prince and the distant stars. It remains only to fix the plane, and go! So begins a great journey girls, full of danger, magic, humor, and true friendship. Trailer

Sobibor — Nazi concentration camp in Poland, one of the dozen Nazi death camps built specifically to exterminate Jews by the Germans from conquered countries. Was closed on the personal orders of Himmler's SS after it happened the most massive in the history of the death camps and the escape of prisoners, decided to resist the Nazi "order." The main purpose and organization of the uprising took over the Soviet prisoner of war, Lieutenant-caves, who arrived in Sobibor, together with a group of Jewish soldiers. According to the plan of the caves prisoners had secretly, one by one to eliminate the SS staff of the camp, and then taking possession of the weapons at the warehouse camp, kill guards. The plan was only partially successful — the rebels were able to...

Funny and charming Jacek (Mateus, Kostyukevich) loves heavy metal, his dog, and - most of all - his girlfriend, Dagmar (małgorzata Gorol) with which they are lit up every evening on the dance floor. Everything – his family, residents of a small town in southern Poland, buddies, diligent members of the Church perceive it as a funny freak. Only older sister (Agnieszka, Podsiadlik) without words, understands his brother and supports him in his quest to leave the beautiful Outback to the world. And while Jacek is working on the construction of the world's highest statue of Jesus Christ – local Church leaders want it excelled the famous figure of the Saviour with outstretched arms in Rio de Janeiro. After an accident at the construction site, which greatly...

Life of a civil engineer Vitaly Kaloeva stopped that very second, when the plane "Bashkir airlines", which flew his wife and children, collided over lake Constance with the transport plane. Not waiting families at the airport of Barcelona, Vitaly sent to the crash site and finds their bodies. The researcher loses all for which he lived. Now his once full of children's laughter house cemetery. Vitaly is looking for a Manager, the fault which killed his family, he wants to hear words of apology... Trailer

The Great Patriotic war, 1941. In the fighting on the Volokolamsk boundary of the tank of second Lieutenant Ivushkina destroys a tank company Hauptmann Klaus Jäger and "killed" himself. Two surviving tankers Ivushkin and the driver of vasilene be in German captivity, where they spend three long years. In the spring of 1944 the Wehrmacht command requests the tank ASU oberste Yager to lead the test site at Ohrdruf and turn it into a center of training of elite armored forces, using as targets captured on the front latest T-34. Here Yager and Ivushkin face a second time. Soviet tanker, despite the dissatisfaction of the comrades and the camp underground, suddenly agrees to lead a group of prisoners who are destined to become "cannon fodder" for captured T-34...

Professor of paleontology Jonas Taylor last elite pilot deep-sea submersibles, has for many years writes about the mega and lectures, trying to forget the unforgettable, tragically ended an expedition, which has convinced him that the primal beast exists in our days. At a secret dive in the deepest ocean canyon Taylor barely escaped from the jaws of a huge prehistoric monster, capable of lifting even the t-Rex. Taylor offered to do an even deeper dive. What he might find, ought to silence the skeptics, but when this finding will be raised from the seabed, the ocean tides will be blood red until the end of time. the international trailer

Class teacher-Con Mueller went to the class with the most difficult adolescents in Germany. Not a day goes by that these young offshoots of something not actually said. If not for the criminal history of the Prisoner, he would never with them, not be controlled. But this year promises to be special. On a nose final exams, and none of the students or in the tooth foot in the material. And all because eve talked to them school specialist guidance and finally beat off the guys hunting something to do. Will the Prisoners to help them find motivation, and to regain faith in themselves? official trailer

Five years, eight months, 12 days... and beyond. That's how much Debbie ocean (Sandra bullock), developed a plan for the greatest Heist of his life. She knows exactly what it will require is a team of the best in the business, starting with her longtime accomplice Lou Miller (cate Blanchett). Together they gather a team of unique specialists: jeweler Amit (Ceiling), pickpocket Constance (Akvafina), fencing stolen goods Tammy (Paulson), a hacker Nine (Rihanna) and fashion designer rose (Bonham Carter). Their goal is irresistible 150 million dollars in diamonds in the diamonds on the neck of the world famous actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), to which is riveted everyone's attention on the main event of the year – bale at the Metropolitan Museum. The plan...

Bertil "lucky" to the hysterical women: previously, he was with viola, who loved not him, but the deceased husband; now resting in Basel with Ruth, that had unconventional relations with a married Lieutenant Raul. Viola and Ruth are strangers to each other, but they have a common friend – Valborg; their intersecting, diverging history and are the basis of this complex picture. Excerpt: the suicide of viola Excerpt: two mirrors Passage: Ruth at the mirror Passage: a dance Passage: car door Excerpt: destroyed house Excerpt: the serpent Passage: shower

October the forty-first year. Thousands of German troops comes on the Kalinin (now Tver), to capturing it, opening a direct path to Moscow. On the protection of the city only two thousand persons without tanks and artillery. The only hope to delay the enemy — the trains of the fifth infantry division that must go through Kalinin station. But saboteurs will do everything to avoid this. The head of the Kalinin garrison, major Pavel Sysoev, struggling to keep order and peace, he falls under suspicion of involvement in the enemy's subversive group. Fichureo Video Trailer

Is the first documentary film Studio BAZELEVS, and it has everything that we love a great movie. The film masterfully conveys the atmosphere of the postwar era, when people are on 1/6 of the land lived the same problems, went to the demonstration, watching a captured American movie and believe that everything will soon be better. This is a very poetic movie, because his main character is a real artist. In the film raises important topics of growing up, discovering the world and others, hard work and vocation, forgiveness and repentance. They all served unobtrusively, with humor, and the tragedy of the proposed circumstances softens the love that permeates every character and every detail of this incredible story. "You know, mother, where I was" is a...