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Marcos and Ana lived happily together for 25 years, but when they are the only grown-up son goes to school in another country, they feel that their relationship is missing something important. Do they really still love each other, or between them, only affection? To understand their feelings, they decide to live separately. Parted on mutual consent. At first, the single life looks more interesting and exciting, but over time they begin to raise new questions. And what is love, what is the basis of devotion of two people? Each of them must make an important decision that will forever change their lives. official trailer

Each of us lives a superhero, you need only magic that he showed himself. Billy Batson must shout just one word — SHAZAM! — to be quick-witted fourteen-year-old boys to turn into quite a adult superhero Shazam, and all thanks to the ancient wizard. In his heart he remains a child, even in the adult mighty body, therefore, does as would any teenager who received super powers — is drawn to its fullest in this grown-up version of himself. And whether he knows how to fly? Did he have x-ray vision? If he can shoot lightning out of your hands? Can skip the quiz in social studies? Shazam checks limits with recklessness rambunctious child. But he will have to quickly gain control over their abilities to fight the deadly forces of evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. official...

4 Aug 1892 estate of a wealthy family Borden resounded with wild cries. The maid discovered the mutilated and bloody bodies of the family and his wife. Someone struck a couple of dozens of brutal axe blows. Traces of the robbery and the main suspect was the girl whose father and stepmother were killed with incredible cruelty. The investigation resulted in one of the most famous and incredible cases in history of American criminology, the legend of violence and revenge, the secret and forbidden passion. official trailer

Series based on the books by George Martin. The action takes place in a magical parallel world reminiscent of our middle Ages, on the continent of Westeros. The story centers on the conflict between the powerful Royal families, which led to a protracted war. Meanwhile, in the North of the continent, awakening the forgotten, became a legend of evil. Amidst the war and political confusion, only the brotherhood of the Night's Watch remains the only thing that can stem the tide of this horror. Dubbed a teaser for the eighth season | the Crypt of Winterfell

Antoine confirmed bachelor, seducer and lover of parties. He lives in a luxurious Parisian apartment with his friend Thomas. When he moved to Los Angeles, he finds Antoine new roommate to replace: "Jeanne, height 170 cm, blue eyes". Physical description looks very tempting, only Antoine could not assume that charismatic Joan do not come alone. It will be eight-year-old Theo and five-year Lou. Not going to be a father Antoine will have to experience all the "charms" of family life. official trailer

A Small family of poor Japanese worker lives almost exclusively retired grandmother, so some of my relatives sometimes steal in stores. One day, returning home after another steal, the head of the family picks up on the street a little girl. Wife meets discovery joyless, but still accepts the child. Modest financial position does not interfere with the close-knit family to live happily, but suddenly on the TV they see an ad about a missing girl and from that moment their lives begin a serious problem. official trailer

The Story begins with the mysterious disappearance of a private investigator - class Harry Goodman, to investigate which will his 21-year-old son Tim. Assistance in the investigation will provide the former partner of his father, detective Pikachu is hilarious, witty and charming detective who is a mystery even to himself. Discovering that they are in some fantastic way is able to communicate with each other, Tim and Pikachu together in an exciting investigation of this complicated story. In pursuit of evidence neon streets Raym city — a sprawling modern metropolis where humans and pokémon live side by side in the hyperrealistic world of action, they encounter a variety of pokémon and uncover a terrifying conspiracy, which is able to destroy this peaceful...

Marion — cheeky and free, she is over thirty, she is self-sufficient and not too picky in relationships. To meet guys on Tinder for her usual thing. Ben — a serious man, the word "routine" is new to him and he's not too experienced in terms of Dating on the Internet. Age, the city of Paris and the Tinder app in the phones — nothing to do between them. But there is Match, and these two fall for each other on the first date. Mad with spontaneous joy, they immediately decide to go on holiday together. In Bulgaria. Savages. As they soon find that their idea of a perfect vacation is, to put it mildly, are not the same? official trailer

One day a young Lucas learns that he is not quite human, and the unusual creation. What's there to embellish: it turns out that Lucas is a huge Monster. This news radically changes his life. Especially sad when he turns into a monster right at the party, which came to half the school. In search of their roots boy goes on an exciting and terrifying journey to monster Island. Adventure help Lucas realize that to be different is not scary. And find a new, unusual family. official trailer

Life of Adonis creed has become a series of compromises. While he is torn between duty and training for the next big fight, fate brings him a new mission impossible. Opponent is closely associated with the history of his family, which only raises the stakes before entering the ring. Rocky Balboa will always be on the side of creed, and together they go to battle with the ghosts of their common past, find out what is really worth fighting for, and realize that there is nothing more important than family. Need to get back to basics, to remember what made you a champion, and that no matter where you fled, you're not hiding. official trailer

Svyatoslav Ivanov is in love with Asya and decides to marry her. By education he is an artist and designer, and his father ASI — managing a large Russian Bank. Svyatoslav decides to start his own business to open a restaurant to bring ASI to the conditions of life to which she was accustomed. On the way the young hero suddenly rises a number of serious obstacles that threaten his life... He discovers that he has a secret enemy who wants to destroy his business, and himself. The young man resorted to the most extreme measures, gradually unraveling a chain of secret conspiracy... And at the end of history Svyatoslav still cannot find the answer, who was his enemy. Trailer

Yugoslavia. 1999. The Russian task force is ordered to take control of the Slatina airfield in Kosovo and hold it until the arrival of reinforcements. But this strategic site is extremely important Albanian field commander and NATO generals. The group is forced to accept an unequal battle with the terrorists. To the airfield rush Russian peacekeepers and NATO forces. The world is once again close to a major war. But the commander of the Taskforce Andrey Shatalov not about politics: at the airport, among the hostages his girlfriend Clear... Trailer # 2

24-year-old student Julia sits in an old camper "Mercedes 303" and goes through Europe to meet with her boyfriend Alex. Her accidental companion becomes Yang, a student-politician, dreams of finding in Spain of his father, whom he never saw. While outside the window are replaced by landscapes of Germany, Belgium, France and Portugal, the characters while away the time talking about everything. They argue, argue, argue and more attached to each other. New love is not in their plans, but how can you resist the feeling, if you are young and the world is amazingly beautiful. official trailer

Traveling around the world, Hermann Vaske 30 years spoke with key figures in our era scientists, musicians, artists and Directors. Being in different parts of the globe, he asked the question about the nature of creativity, those who managed not only to succeed in his field, but also to transform it. 101 interviewee shared with Vaske thoughts about creativity, including David Bowie, Jim Jarmusch, Stephen Hawking, Umberto Eco, David Lynch, Damien Hirst, Bjork, Marina Abramovic, the Dalai Lama, Quentin Tarantino, Nick cave, Slavoj Zizek and many other Directors, philosophers, musicians and artists, winners of the award "Oscar" and the Nobel prize, world stars of politics, business and science. official trailer

In a tiny Italian village Inviolata time has stopped in the literal sense of the word. Locals belong to a fabulous Marquise de Luna, who mercilessly uses them work. Everything changes during one of his visits the family of cartridges in Inviolate. A young aristocratic Tancredi makes friends with Lazarus — a beautiful and simple village boys. A fantastic collision of their relationship will completely disrupt the life of the villagers and will lead to an almost biblical Apocalypse of their world. official trailer