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On 14 September in a co-working center of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) "boiling Point" was held the lecture of Professor of neurological surgery and biomedical engineering from the University of southern California Charles Liu on the topic: "Rehabilitation through the possibilities of neuroscience. Potential invasive neural interfaces". Charles Liu told the audience about the complex experiment to implant in the human brain device to control the robotic arm. The revolutionary component and the secret of the success of scientists from the University of southern California is that in the previous experiments, the device was implanted in the motor cortex. Implantation in this area allowed to make only intermittent motion and created great...

Attention, flammable, traumatic. If Coke to napsylate liquid gas for lighters and flip the bottle, it will turn into a jet ROCKET ! But why is this happening? The secret is in the boiling point of the gas. Propane, butane, isobutane boil at a temperature lower than the air around us. Once liquefied, the gas enters a Coke it does not mingle with it, and floats on the surface. In contact with Coke, it goes into the gas phase, which forms the gas layer between the Coke and propane. Boiling of propane is slow, but if you turn the bottle, the liquid will mix and propane will evaporate instantly, an increase in volume is more than 500 times! In the bottle it creates a lot of pressure, which pushes the contents giving a powerful pulse jet.

When it is Physically Impossible to Wake up, when to climb, and you are not able to even razlejte eyes when they say "get Up, otherwise you'll be shot!", and you say "Shoot..." - know. Somewhere in the distant Siberia is a beast that really understands you.

Time: 00:18 "Zaporogian": "System analysis / thinking" in the twenty-first century; 04:20 Who has the moral right to conduct a Master class: 05:17 Five criteria of evaluation of intellectual / creative products; 08:30 a brief history of system analysis in Europe; 12:10 the research University Model; 13:20 Engineering education in Russia; 15:42 the Failure of religious promises and approaches; 20:20 Systematic bluff philosophers, logicians, psychologists and educators in the field of the theory and practice of creativity; 34:40 Example system tasks of albert Schweitzer; 36:18 Techniques of system analysis in the interpretation of I. L. Vikentieva: the work of the founder of scientific management, Frederick Taylor, and links...

Time: 00:20 VIDEOSAVER VIKENT.RU: STAGES / STAGE CREATIVE SOLUTIONS 05:25 Stages of intuitive decisions on Graham Wallace: 07:24 the Logic of Harisov Heinrich Saulovich Altshuller: free e-book on TRIZ (over 200,000 downloads): 09:421989 year: the Ten stages of the creative / creative solutions by I. L. Vicentiu; 24:21 Five levels of formulating and solving problems; 27:40 Conclusions and new creative / creative profession of the XXI century. Answers to questions from the Audience. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 1) HTTP://VIKENT.RU/ – the largest portal of Europe on the scientific study of creative individuals / groups. 2) 15 FREE...

Ryzhakov Anatoly Alexandrovich: allows for the study of a large volume of complex literature. the content of the Report: 00:20 Model justification intellectuals about the lack of creative results. 01:12 Myths about speed reading Creative Individuals. 02:25 Sporadic skill of speed reading with Creative Personalities and his production. 05:52 Staged reading skills. 08:25 Household approach to the choice of books. 09:23 approach to the selection of books Creative Individuals. 11:05 home motivation to read. 12:17 Creative motivation to read. 13:55 Household reading. 15:07 of Creative reading, focused on results. 17:28 the answer to the question: How to make creative index / Database? 20:30 the answer to the question: How to choose the "rich" ebook / How to work...

Guest program – winner of the prize of the President of the Russian Federation in the field of science and innovations for young scientists for the year 2010 "for the cycle of works in the field of physics of elementary particles and fundamental problems of the evolution of the Universe." Why the universe is expanding? What particle is dark matter and dark energy?

Interview with the winner of the presidential award in the field of science and innovations for young scientists 2009 for research to develop technologies for the production of biodegradable polymer bioplastia Catherine Shishatskiy. What is the fate of these technologies? Were they are today in medicine and find the response in industrial and commercial structures?

Initially, the plan Brian Chen, organizer of the event was to find the fallen camera with a phone attached to the device. But, as it turned out, maps zones of cellular communication used by the friends, was not quite accurate, and the design fell where there was simply no signal. In 2015, a tourist found the broken fragments of a camera, brought them to the office of the company AT&T, and there found that the surviving SIM card phone owned by Brian Chen. As a result, two years after the launch he got the record and the materials taken by the camera, and now video take off into the stratosphere and fall from a height of 30 km could see anyone.

1) Australian scientists jointly with the Spanish surgeons have added to the growing list of 3D-printed medical implants printed on 3D-printer titanium chest for 54-year-old cancer patient. 2) an Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero called future partner to conduct the world's first transplant of a human head. It will be a Chinese surgeon Shen Xiaoping (Ren Xiaoping) from Harbin Institute of medicine, which conducts experiments on transplanting the heads of mice. 3) recently held an experiment of the European space Agency, during which astronaut Andreas Mogensen on Board the International space station at an altitude of about 400 kilometers above the Earth, controlled the robot with a joystick and force feedback technology. 4) Beijing scientists have created an...

Daniel Kahneman is an Israeli-American psychologist, one of the founders of psychological economic theory and behavioral Finance, which combined Economics and cognitive science to explain the irrationality of man's relationship to risk in decision making and in managing their behaviour. The winner of the Nobel prize in Economics in 2002 "for the use of psychological methods in economic science, especially in the study of judgement and decision making under uncertainty" (with V. Smith), despite the fact that the research was conducted as a psychologist and not an economist.

"Monsters of the Universe" called quasars and active nuclei of distant galaxies, supermassive black holes, absorbing the substance. This is one of the most powerful from the energy point of view objects in the Universe whose luminosity outshines the total brightness of a billion stars. Why and how these “monsters” emit light? As quasars affect the galaxy and life? How do scientists use quasars to study the evolution of the Universe? About this and other facts about quasars you can learn from a lecture by Ilya Hrycyna, graduated from the physical faculty of southern Federal University, graduate student "the astronomical Institute of the max Planck Society".

Did you Know that the first smartphone with a touch screen went on sale in 1994? And that is one of the first smartphones can be disassembled into 2 parts and use the telephone and computer separately? Or that the smartphone appeared before the invention of the word "smartphone"? Represent one of the lecturers Omsk "Smoking room Gutenberg" - Cyril Leifer, developer, student of the 6th course in the Department of computer science State University. Three years ago, Cyril began to collect old smartphones, PDAs, and other handheld devices. Today he has a rather interesting collection of rarities. And now, having so many ancient gadgets, he can trace the history of their development. - The whole lecture in one sentence probably means: "Smartphones have come a...

Ilya Winstein - site administrator and group Vkontakte "Weather 45" - made in the Smoking room of Gutenberg in the Mound. From a lecture You will learn: - why and how is the weather forecast; - how it all works on the example site Gismeteo, Yandex.Weather, Foreca.

In the new issue of was something "news avatar-technology": 1) a Team of researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) successfully tested a bionic exoskeleton that does not require surgical intervention to integrate with the nervous system. Thanks to the exoskeleton completely paralyzed people were able to move. 2) the Company "Transmedics" has developed a system that is able to revive human organs removed from the body for transplantation. Even if a stopped heart hooked up to the system after 20 minutes, it can become clogged again. 3) engineers from the University of Toronto has developed a micro sensor, which is capable of 30 minutes to assess lungs intended for transplantation, and to determine, save that body someone's life or...