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The Story of Ivan Naumov about the alleged planning of the kidnapping of himself and of his family became popular in the vastness of Youtube. I recently watched this video and tell me about your opinion on the stories in the film and the evidence that leads Ivan Naumov. the Hearing apophenia in action

Lecture is given under the date of Birth of the newspaper "Troitsky variant - Science" on the Captivating Science Festival April 25, 2015. Lecturer - stern B. E., doctor of physics and mathematics. Sciences, leading researcher at RAS Institute for nuclear research, chief editor of the newspaper "Troitsky variant – science".

Risidore: Boris Yulin about socialism Audio version: About communism: More about communism: And about communism:

Mirin Dajo (Arnold Gerrit Henske) - Dutch designer, artist, who became famous due to the fact that pierced his body through and through by the swords and cingolani and he remained unharmed. Some believe its submission wonders, and by a superhuman. But is it really? Maybe it's just a gimmick?

Prize. Harry Houdini: 1 000 000 rubles to anyone who is the first to demonstrate paranormal abilities in properly designed experiments. Psychics are investigating on the topic of what Alexis or Kyshtym dwarf. Let us examine whether this was the test fair and how to see what's behind you without turning around, if you are not clairvoyant and psychic

Could the government be administered as the Internet, without permission and openly? Programmer and activist Jennifer Stick believes that it is, and what application created quickly and cheaply, are a powerful new way to connect citizens and their government and their neighbors.

#28 news Digest avatar technology from the Movement “Russia 2045” you will learn about developed at MIT anthropomorphic robot, which the operator can control using the suit-exoskeleton, while receiving feedback; about the program of training of students of Chinese military academies to control robots by thought; about a robot, capable of designing other robots taking into account the algorithms of natural selection. We will also tell about the interesting experiment with the DNA of the mouse and show the video to the work of the Central nervous system of Drosophila larvae. Watch the news, read the news, stay informed of the latest developments in science and technology! the Author and presenter: Maria Tuchina camera...

13 August Social movement "Russia 2045" organized a lecture of doctor of biological Sciences, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel Balaban about the neural and molecular mechanisms of memory. It is well known the quench phenomenon of memory that is observed during repeated reminder. But on the other hand, "Repetitio est mater studiorum" (repetition is the mother of learning). Question about the neural and molecular mechanisms of long-term memory storage (stability), the possibility of changing the memory when the reminder (plasticity) will be presented in lectures based on the latest data. When we remember an event, the memory of it getting worse or better? What is the material basis of memory? Is it possible to edit the memory? Is it...

Michael Gelfand is "About the benefits of GMOs and the damage to his opponents" 20.06.2015 Geek picnic (GEEK PICNIC). Bioinformatik, doctor of biology, member of the European Academy, Deputy Director of the Institute of information transmission problems. A. A. Kharkevich RAS, Professor of the faculty of bioengineering and bioinformatics, Moscow state University

In an interview recorded in 1995 for American television, Jacque fresco answers the questions: what is the main purpose of the Project? Can machines surpass its Creator? Who will replace computers? What happens in the field of photography and video? What's wrong with modern society? What are the benefits of a society that does not use money? How can a society function without money? How will our homes look like? Can man change his mind? To aspire to the Venus Project?

Today we are pleased to bring to your attention the 107th edition of #echointerface, which will talk on the topic of the most unusual plants in the world. Namely, we will talk about Russian "Academician Lomonosov", the Italian project Solar Wind, Sahara Forest Project and other. Pleasant viewing!

The Lecture is devoted to one of the most significant discoveries in neuroscience in recent years, the so-called mirror neurons. This discovery allowed the psychophysiology nearer to understanding how the huge number of psychophysiological phenomena and a number of mental disorders that used or tried to explain without recourse to physiology of the brain, or never explained. And all this to us, says Stanislav Kozlovsky - candidate of psychological Sciences, docent of the Department of psychophysiology, Lomonosov MSU, the Russian Wikipedia administrator - lectures on the MYSTERY of MIRROR NEURONS.

Boris M. Velichkovsky - Soviet, Russian and European psychologist. Doctor of psychological science,member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A specialist in the field of fundamental and applied studies of cognitive processes, one of the founders of the interdisciplinary cognitive studies in Russia and abroad.

Lecture delivered on 30 June 2015 in the framework of the events dedicated to the connection of Jupiter and Venus. the organizers of the event: Cultural-educational center "Arche" ( and the Faculty of physics and it, Moscow state pedagogical University. Lecturer - mute lighter Vladimir Georgievich, astronomer, candidate of Phys.-math. Sciences, associate Professor of the physical faculty of Moscow state University, senior researcher at the State astronomical Institute. Sternberg.

The Second video of the series "SCIENCE in a MINUTE" is devoted to Moore's Law. In 1975, one of the founders of Intel, Gordon Moore suggested that the number of transistors placed on a chip integrated circuit will double every 24 months. Later another employee of the same company "Intel" David house has adjusted the forecast: not 24, and every 18 months. But not so much the period as the principle of doubling. About him and tells Artyom Yurov, Vice-rector on scientific work of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University n.a.And.Kant.