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Egyptian civilization is considered one of the most, despite the UPS and downs in the process of its formation, it has left us with not only amazing, but also really luxurious heritage, has preserved for us many monuments, which have become true symbols of Egypt. The history of human civilization began in the 4th century BC, existing for thousands of years, it has a rich history and it's not just about Egypt, because there was also a lot of other civilizations, alas, almost none of them survived until our days, but nevertheless they were, and let the memory of them is stored now in the pages of history. But people never thought about how big is the significance of the heritage left behind by the ancestors and we are talking not only about cultural and...

Time is probably the most unique and, more importantly, irreplaceable resource, which has humanity. Rapidly running second flow smoothly into the days, weeks and years, creating our past, present and future. In this case, there is nothing more subjective way the concept of time, because every person perceives it differently: urban dwellers constantly turning over the leaves of the calendar, wondering its transience, and representatives of one of the "modern" tribes do live beyond time. About the unusual phenomenon and why the perception and sense of time may vary, tell the doctor of philosophical Sciences, candidate of historical Sciences Nadezhda Hegemone Bagdasar'yan and doctor of philosophical Sciences, candidate of psychological Sciences - Hakob...

Dmitry Groshev physics, Department of theoretical physics if KFU. Movies draw us black holes as mysterious monsters, devouring anything they can reach. Partly it is. But can black holes be useful? What remarkable properties they have? What might be lurking inside them? To shed light on these and many other questions about these amazing space objects will attempt a theoretical physicist Dmitry Groshev.

Watching the animals we admire their intelligence and unwittingly often wonder which of us is smarter? Because animals, like people, have their own language in which they communicate with their fellows and not so long ago scientists have proven that dolphins and is able to distinguish each other by their names... But many people continue to categorically state that the most intelligent creature on the planet – people. But is it really? By what criteria one can understand who is smarter: we or our smaller brethren? Than man is different from animals? To these and other questions are answered by the doctor of historical Sciences – Marina L. Butovskaya and doctor of biological Sciences – Mr Kiriyenko Popov.

The universe is everything that exists. From the smallest particles of dust and atoms to huge concentrations of matter and stellar worlds of star systems. The universe is evolving in our time - are born and stars die. The universe continues to expand. We know the structure of the Universe in a huge amount of space for the intersection where the light takes billions of years. But the inquisitive human thought seeks to penetrate further. What is beyond the observable area of the world? Infinite the universe by volume? And its extension - why did it begin and will it always be continued in the future? What is the origin of the "hidden" mass? And finally, how did intelligent life in the Universe? Do it somewhere else besides of our planet? Postgraduate...

Many people believe that basic science is nothing more than a way of satisfying personal curiosity at public expense. Why to Finance the construction of these your colliders, when in society a lot of problems? To reduce slackers! To disperse parasites! Let scientists better get their "efficiency". You do not want once again to do the calculations and prove otherwise? Which is extremely important to rely on basic science and this is a determining factor of development in General and development Economics in particular? Then let the Nile Degrass Tyson. He is angry with those who do not understand this, and quickly dot the "i", providing instructive historical examples.

Interviews with well-known theoretical physicist, which discusses the history of the development of ideas about the Universe and most disturbing the public ideas about Space. How it all began? Does it make sense to say "to", if we are talking about the Big Bang? How to show him the reality and what are the relevant observational data? Is space something or is it just a convenient concept? What is a Higgs field? On these and many other tricky questions in brilliant style meets Brian green.

#23 issue of the news Digest avatar technologies” from Social movement "Russia 2045" you will learn about the famous experiment neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, in which he managed to combine the brains of animals in a brain network for solving complex problems together, and about the Russian non-invasive neurointerface, allowing thoughts to control robotic prostheses. In this edition, also printed on a 3D printer robot frog, ultra-thin 7-nanometer chip from IBM and a new video about augmented reality headset.

40% of what is grown, people don't eat. Losses are on the whole chain of the process of growing. People throw away 1/3 of the food produced. They think that beautiful vegetables and fruits taste better. A lot of good products don't eat because of some minor defects. Such is the psychology of people. But not every Apple is perfectly red and round. Going to the store, the people reserve to themselves the threads are not eaten food. So the stores make products look beautiful. Supermarkets dictate the length, thickness, color, curves, and other parameters of food.

Relax, the humanity!, Lecturer: Nikolay Kukushkin, an hour and a half you will learn why humans are different from other mammals, and mammals from other animals, how it determines our thinking and reasoning – problems of humanity. Nick will talk about the nature of computation in the cortex and how these calculations different people over the centuries have clashed with each other, leading to hatred, wars and discrimination. At the end of the lecture you will understand why is actually all people are brothers, and why the next stage of human development is a global relaxation. the Lecture is accompanied by a discussion, where you will get the opportunity to ask Kukushkin any question. Next evening of universal unity picks up the pace and then gradually...

The Concept of fame has always been important for mankind. We need only recall the Greek myths, in which the main narrative is dedicated to the legendary generals and Gods. They seemed ideals and our ancestors sought to accomplish feats that though a little to be like their heroes. By the way, some people (or Vice versa in every way tried to avoid fame... they did Not consider their merits before the great society, and lived not to permanently remain in the memory of posterity, and for the betterment of society and its development. But centuries passed and the situation has changed beyond recognition. Today, the desire for popularity acquired scale of real disaster. After all, most members of our society this has become the main goal in life. From the point...

Vast expanses of our Universe since ancient times not give humanity peace. But only in the XIX century, the first "modern" telescopes, by which the dream of space exploration a reality. This event became the starting point for many astronomical discoveries. Since then, great strides scientists closer to unlocking the galactic mysteries. Recently, even the list of planets in the solar system had to be reduced. It turned out that accidentally wormed Pluto in this list. Only 20-30 years ago science was unknown, the frequency with which planets are formed. And today we can easily speculate about the occurrence of exoplanets and their number in cosmos. True to the question are we alone in the Universe, a definite answer is still no. But the search is still going...

Modern science emerged in the seventeenth century and, from the very beginning of its existence, scientists have directed their energies to the study of the laws, on which all the world. As a result, new methods of knowledge and scientific hypothesis got its own terminology. And this trend spread quickly into all the world dialects and became an integral part of it. But, despite the fact that it has always been considered a universal means of communication, the language of science is a totally different industry. Unpronounceable and do not always understand the terms found in scholarly works swiftly defeated mankind into two parts. Becoming conventional boundary separating science from society. But as a integral structure – this language should avoid...

In this video I will share the secret of how to get and use the leakage of atmospheric electricity. These experiments studied since the 19th century, but for some reason, the experiments were discontinued, possibly because of the use of radioactive elements. But nothing can stop us, we certainly won't put their health at risk, we will receive energy via accessible and available tools. For this I need: -Wire 2 mm in diameter and 180 meters long. -A pair of wires of different cross sections, 5 meters should be enough. -Homemade discharger. -Flyback transformer FA 110 LC (tube TV) is a Diode bridge with a capacitor.

One of the main fundamental properties of the functioning of natural systems and their development is cyclical. But do absolutely all events are in the power cycles? Take for example the history of our Universe... the accelerated expansion, compression to the point of singularity... and cotton, later called the Big Bang. Perhaps it's also just a cycle that will repeat itself after a certain time interval... And maybe dark matter will change their plans? Do past, present and future of the world is predetermined and is placed on a sheet of paper with formulas? This tells the doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Sergei G. Rubin and doctor of physical - mathematical Sciences – B. E. stern.