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On June 26 in the space Museum hosted a lecture by scientist-astrophysicist, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, leading researcher of the State astronomical Institute of the Sternberg Sergey Popov on "extrasolar planets: how they are born and evolve?". Listeners were told about how to appear and develop exoplanets and how they migrate in search of its orbit. The guests also got acquainted with the history of the Solar system and tried to look into her future. The event is timed to the Day of the asteroid (30 June) and was part of the "festival of asteroids" (25-28 June).

Media claim that the tourists managed to take a picture of a real UFO in the sky over the legendary Loch ness. But skeptics rush to debunk this misconception. And scientists have finally solved the mystery of the rarest natural phenomena such as sprites, which are often mistaken for alien spacecraft. Everything about this briefly - in the seventh edition of "the Skeptical digest.

In the new issue of "news Digest avatar technologies” from Social movement "Russia 2045" you will learn about experimental models fully artificial heart intended for transplantation to children and adolescents; about the new solution in the treatment of clogged arteries with the help of nanobots. You will see a hologram that can be safely touched; a robot that plays a major role in Opera; and the exoskeleton for carrying heavy loads, which will go on sale in September this year.

26 June 2015 Social movement "Russia 2045" organized a meeting with the publicist, TV presenter, a famous scholar Anatoly Wasserman, who spoke about his vision for the future after 30 years in the context of rapidly developing technologies. During the meeting were discussed the issues of: – a bright technological future with unmanned vehicles, robotic assistants, space travel and colonization of Mars? Or technology will destroy the Earth and destroy mankind? Will there be a bright future or we are waiting for the Dark ages? When finally genetic engineering and biotechnology will allow you to treat any illnesses? Reach the humanity in the near future such development of technologies that will be able to treat aging and overcome human mortality? – What will...

, a close connection of space with almost invisible micro-world is the most mysterious aspect of modern physics. Planets and even entire clusters of heavenly stars scattered over the vast expanse, like dust particles and elementary particles. It would seem that this is only a metaphorical relationship. But already in the first second of the Universe, all of its contents consisted of just the smallest particles – quarks. Incredibly, ephemeral building blocks of matter - the main building material of the universe. Only 6 types or flavors of quarks together to form atoms, molecules and other particles, and then the Macrocosm. The structure of the Universe, scientists were able to study in detail, but the basic grains substances is often a problem. Not so fast...

It would Seem that thanks to the color vision person are available in a complete palette of the world around us. And like scientists have long studied all the visual features and mechanisms, but in fact they are still fraught with many contradictions. However,like any complex and multilevel system. So, from the point of view of physics, the color does not exist. Everything we see is just the ability to distinguish between wave spectra of light reflected from various objects, and their temperature. Even the retina of our eye, which receives light waves, can never reflect the full color spectrum. And if to compare a person's vision with the possibility of colour vision in birds, we can and do consider myself color blind. Because birds see shades, eludes or...

The Electronic device is actively trying to replace the usual "analog" processes, including reading. The occurrence and mass distribution of e-books and special compact gadgets has become a real revolution in the world of literature. Now every day more and more often we hear the question: won't they disappear within a few years, paper books? Indeed, many experts believe that the future lies in electronic texts. Convincing arguments lead: "readers" much easier, in one small device can be placed into a library... and comprehensive digitization of literary texts, their translation into various electronic formats, clearly argues this version. But do not forget that in such a situation was previously. To recall a stormy public reaction to the advent of cinema...

What Orthodox Metropolitan said anyone unhappy with the lease of the Chinese land in the TRANS-Baikal territory? Who, in the opinion of the Georgian Patriarch, is to blame for the flooding of Tbilisi? Meanwhile the mayor of Kaliningrad found the answer to the question, why there are so often burning cars? Welcome to the ninth edition of "Atheist digest'.

People are the viruses that have infected the Earth and will destroy all the rest of its inhabitants. This opinion is shared by some entitled-minded citizens – and, it seems, the proportion of truths in their eyes. Scientists have found that in the XX century living creatures die at the same rate as during the Great Extinctions of the past, during one of which have disappeared, like dinosaurs.

What issues remain among physicists to the structure of the Standard model of fundamental interactions? Is there a single theory of everything? What is the main unsolved problem in fundamental physics? To these and other questions are answered doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Dmitry Kazakov.

Science journalist, science popularizer, novelist, winner of the "Enlightener" (2014). Asya talks about morality: given it to us over or we got it from our evolutionary ancestors, about whose morality above - atheists or believers, liberals or advocates of traditional values; about whether there is morality in animals and whether to morality something religion. The event was organized by the Initiative Group "Think!" which many will remember was held in November 2014 in Kazan discussion "Adam or APE: we whose children?". The meeting was held with a full house, in a hall has gathered more than 500 guests and more than 5,000 people from across the country watched a live stream. the New project "I and Others" will be the first event in a series of "Red Pill...

Eugene Timonov — biologist, writer, naturalist and author of the hugely popular video blog, "like All other animals". Eugene will talk about what is altruism or why we sometimes act to the detriment of themselves and for the benefit of others; why always waiting for the service in exchange for service and why we love "friends" and don't like "strangers". The event was organized by the Initiative Group "Think!" which many will remember was held in November 2014 in Kazan discussion "Adam or APE: we whose children?". The meeting was held with a full house, in a hall has gathered more than 500 guests and more than 5,000 people from across the country watched a live stream. New project "I and Others" will be the first event in a series of "Red Pill", is devoted...

Every year there are more and more new electronic devices. Smartphones, tablets, self-driving cars. Over the past 20 years, information technology has radically changed the world in which we live. As it happened? What will happen next? And what is the difference between programming the coffee maker and website? Victor Petrenko, freelancer, programmer, in the recent past technical Director and researcher of mechanics and mathematics SFU, will talk about information technologies and their impact on our lives from the position of the direct participant of the process. From research to commercial development.

Complex process of abiogenesis (the origin of life on Earth) is divided into two sections: the era of "hidden" and "manifest" of life. At the beginning of the second period occurred the most important event of the Cambrian explosion, which forever changed the evolutionary history. Cambrian can rightly be considered a time of origin and rapid flourishing of the modern fauna. Because then it "suddenly" appeared many types of animals that lightning entered the fossil record. Within only 3-5 million years (pretty insignificant time compared to the total duration of the evolution) of the world fauna changed drastically. This surge has been most accelerated the development of all living things, perfecting each "element" of a complex chain. Simple organisms...

In the new issue of "news Digest avatar technologies” from Social movement "Russia 2045": remote-controlled “power of thought” a mobile robot for paralyzed persons with disabilities; artificial nerve cell that can mimic nerve cells of humans and interact with them; the world's first robotic myoelectric prosthetic hand that was created especially for women and adolescents; the first thousand emotional robot Pepper was sold out in Japan in one minute; the world's first jet pack mass production of the Martin Jetpack will go on sale in 2016 for the price of 150 thousand dollars.