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The Big Bang Theory explains the relatively early stages of evolution of the Universe – as she is from a very hot, dense state has moved in a relatively cold, which is today. However, in the last 10 years, it became clear that this stage of evolution of the Universe – hot "soup" of particles, antiparticles, photons, quarks, was not the first that it existed quite different. And this is not speculation theorists and experimental observational fact resulting from cosmological observations. First of all, this so-called cosmic microwave background radiation. Says academician Rubakov.

To what extent was the compressed space of the Universe before the Big Bang? Is it possible somehow to repeat these experiments, by placing the Universe in a test tube"? Is it possible to create in a small area of space of conditions under which it will develop into a Universe such as ours? For the first time this issue was raised in the mid 80-ies of the last century. It arose in connection with the theory of inflation, which implies that a small region of space very quickly, explosively expands within seconds to enormous size, much larger than the visible part of the Universe. Then this question was answered in the negative. However, recently there are new theories that give hope to create "a rather exotic possibilities" in which the birth of the Universe...

Participants: 1 episode: Pavel Balaban,Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Philip Khaytovych, Sergey Savelyev, Vadim Ushakov. 2 series: Boris Velichkovsky, Vasily klucharev,Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Tatiana Stroganova, Pavel Balaban, Vadim Ushakov, Igor Utochkin, Vladimir Spiridonov.3 series: Konstantin Anokhin, Tatiana Chernigovskaya, Boris Velichkovsky, Tatiana Stroganova, Readmanga Potapov, Igor Utochkin, Vadim Ushakov. Alexander ya Kaplan - doctor of biological Sciences, psychophysiology, Professor of animal and human physiology, head of the laboratory of neurophysiology and neuro-computer interfaces, biological faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov.

How conservation laws are associated with symmetry? What are the groups of symmetries of the Standard model is based? What examples of broken symmetries exist in the physics of elementary particles? To these and other questions are answered doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Dmitry Kazakov.

Why in the relations between gods and men in Greek mythology is the envy? What place in the social life of men and gods is a hoax? As in Greek mythology presents a family? To these and other questions are answered doctor of philological Sciences, Hasan Huseynov.

What is the impact on critical theory has had the philosophy of Kant and Nietzsche? What are the conditions for the possibility of knowledge of the allocated marks? Why critical theory in Russia was perceived as a tool of exploitation, and in the West as an ideology of liberation? To these and other questions are answered PhD Arseniy Khitrov.

We All want to create a revolutionary product, to open a successful company, to write a bestselling book. And yet few actually can. Brazilian entrepreneur Belle walking debunk five plausible myths, believing in which, you never make the project of your dreams.

Summing up the results of last week and talk about significant events that have occurred in the field of robotics, artificial body and cybermedicine. In this release many robots - large and small, and not very useful. But all extremely interesting. See the 17th edition of the News Digest avatar technology.

The Roots of religion, its forms and types varying in different times of history around the world, with Marxist-Leninist positions disclosed in this scientific-atheistic Filmstrip. Relying purely on historical facts of Soviet and world science, revealed the real role of religion in society, its actual purpose. This Filmstrip will be useful to the modern advocates of the scientific worldview and atheism against religion imposed today.

The 95th anniversary of the adoption of the Decree on the separation of Church from state and school from Church, present voiced a slide of the development of mass atheism in the Soviet Union, the organizational forms of activity of the Soviet atheists, the main directions in their work. The material will be useful for anyone interested in the history of freethinking.

The legend of the unrealized future -- the first hour and a half e-Vladivostok Opera composer Victor Ergonova. The arrangements are done in the style of techno-pop, electro/synth-pop, late disco, new age, cosmic, electronics. Being a non-classical piece, Opera includes not only vocal arias and dialogues of the characters, but also of vocal and instrumental numbers. The plot is made in the alternative history genre and transports the listener to the USSR 2032. Opera touches upon the problems of artificial intelligence, automation of production, Marxist ideology, the problems of modern physics, the ratio of utopia and practice, the ratio of technical progress, human values, politics and ideology.

May 25, in the Central House of journalists held a regular production ProScience Theatre. With the theme of "Molecular evolution" was made by the biologist, Deputy Director of the Institute of information transmission problems, Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Gelfand. The scientist explained why the study of evolution is interesting, useful for the understanding of medical issues and why it has philosophical significance. The event was hosted by journalist Nikita Belogolovtsev

Ludwig Faddeev - theoretical physicist and mathematician, a specialist in mathematical physics, member of the USSR Academy of Sciences since 1976, and later of wounds. Professor of the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) state University since 1967, the Department of mathematics and mathematical physics, Department of physics. Academician-Secretary of the Department of mathematical Sciences of RAS, Director of the International mathematical Institute. L. Euler. The President of the International mathematical Union in 1987-1990

Incredibly entertaining film of the legendary Yann Arthus-Bertrand shows the viewer a true beauty and Majesty of planet Earth. The vast Okavango river and the mighty mount Kilimanjaro, the pristine landscapes of Iceland and the icy expanses of Antarctica - all of limitless palette of colors of the living world from the height of bird flight. This is our common home, which is just as amazing as vulnerable to destructive human activities. The devastating effects of industrial occupation, man-made disasters and military activities are inexorable damage to the planet, revealing to the viewer the real situation. The film is distributed free of charge. The owners of the rights to the film and its distribution (company PPR Group and EuropaCorp) also agreed not to...

Anokhin Konstantin Vladimirovich - Professor,neuroscientist, member of RAS and RAMS, Director of the laboratory of neurobiology of memory, Institute of normal physiology n. a. Anokhin Institute of medical Sciences and head of the Department of neuroscience at Kurchatov nbic Centre. Pavel Balaban - doctor of biology, corresponding member of RAS, Professor, head of laboratory of cellular neurobiology of learning, Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS, Director of Undip wounds. Olga Serebrovskaya - psychologist